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Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person, It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can.
أحياناً لا يمكنك أن تشرح ما تراه في شخصٍ ما، الأمر فقط يتعلق بالطريقة التي يأخذونك بها إلى مكانٍ آخر حيث لا يستطيع أي شخصٍ آخر فعل ذلك.

// spent a few minutes studying urban politics st the library and the floors looked very nice with my outfit. it was generally a pretty productive day. i didn’t have writing & rhetoric lectures today so that was so nice.

// tools used: pilot g-2 pen 0.38mm, crayola supertip marker, tombow brush pen, and a sharpie pen

A ship of words, 1866

A talisman is essentially a magical object that has the power to bring good luck or avert bad fortune to the wearer.

And what is more lucky than the names of the Archangels? In this Malay talisman their names have been written in the form of a nineteenth-century steam-ship, complete with smoke billowing from its chimney. 

The image was created in 1866 in Indonesia which until 1945 had been a Dutch colony (hence the Dutch flag flying from the mast). 

(MS. Arab. e.58)

“I hold onto this jagged quill, and drip the crimson words of grief.”

-DY // thirteen words for thirteen reasons I miss you // the brokenhearted quill


05.14.17 // I did a giant diagram for my history class. I did it very large because I wanted to study all the World War II just with the diagram. I’m prepared for the test. (︶ω︶)

“that’s only because you never have anything in your wallet,” nina shot back.



facts are for the unimaginative,” jesper said with a dismissive wave.

- six of crows (2015) by leigh bardugo


Miniature Hand Lettered Quotes by Dexa Muamar

Indonesian artist Dexa Muamar composes exquisitely detailed calligraphy creations, which pay homage to familiar inspirational quotes full of wisdom. The typeface of each piece is ornate, elegant, yet charming. Written with pencil, each illustration is a miniature composition with a huge message.