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Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person, It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can.
أحياناً لا يمكنك أن تشرح ما تراه في شخصٍ ما، الأمر فقط يتعلق بالطريقة التي يأخذونك بها إلى مكانٍ آخر حيث لا يستطيع أي شخصٍ آخر فعل ذلك.

These pages serve a double purpose: they’re an entry in my commonplace book, as well as an informational slip I can print out to be sold along with my divination tea cups. That is, if I ever get my act together on those tea cups. Le heave, le sigh.

My hand-lettering/calligraphy is perceptibly improving, which means I might not need to perfect my handwriting fonts for the Omnomnomicon and Unholy Imbible (my cookbook projects– when completed i.e. never they shall form a rather punk rawk DIY skills trilogy with the commonplace book. Lul.) which is *great* because I’m really, really tired of trying to make my own fonts that look like the calligraphy tags at Fort Worden and failing. This sort of script would look way cool, even if it’s not quite illuminated manuscript material…hmmm.

Tasseomancy: An Unofficial Guide  

Fineline and calligraphy markers.

Pages by Gin Grímsdóttir, 2015. Please do not remove credit.

I wanted to do this Oath justice. It has gotten me through so much, and has shaped me so nicely, that I want to give it the best treatment I can, and give its author @dduane a piece of art that properly shows my thanks for all of her inspiration. I hope to ever improve. Thank you again.


// spent a few minutes studying urban politics st the library and the floors looked very nice with my outfit. it was generally a pretty productive day. i didn’t have writing & rhetoric lectures today so that was so nice.

// tools used: pilot g-2 pen 0.38mm, crayola supertip marker, tombow brush pen, and a sharpie pen