dear all of my followers;

let me start off by saying, happy new year! i hope that you all make wonderful new year resolutions, and stick to them! i hope that y'all start out with a clean slate, and make decisions that can better your life, and make you smile.

second of all; you guys have no idea how much you guys have helped me accomplish these past few months. ever since august 15th i’ve made such a connection and bond with you guys. especially my poreofamily. all of you guys have made it possible to look past the hate that i get, and smile. even though i get angry sometimes, just always know that i love all of you. poreoticsinspired has taught me how to be a better person - and not to be so doubtful all the time, and to try new things. every time i log on, i can’t help but smile whenever i see those blue little notifications that pop up whenever you guys like, reblog, and follow me.

this year is probably one to remember. i’ve made amazing memories, and lasting friendships. i’ve found out who my real friends were, and to put school and family first. i found out my priorities. and some of the people that i’ve met on tumblr have made a lasting in impact. like fuckyeahdumboporeotics, poreoticsnews, poreo-swagg, poreotictictic, poreoticsfever, and callierodrigo are some of my closest friends, and the most amazing people that i’ve ever talked to. they all inspire me to do good in this world, and to make others smile. i know that poreotics brings us all together, and it can never tear us apart. i know that i can trust those people with my secrets, and count on them to cheer me up. i just wanted to say that i love you guys with all of my heart. i don’t know what i would do without you guys in my life. you’ve stuck with me through some of the roughest times, and also helped me create some of the best times. thank you for everything you’ve ever helped with me with, and for being true friends. no one can ever replace you guys.

happy new years everyone! stay safe, and make smart decisions. don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember to do you. if you want something, go out and do it. don’t live your life full of regrets. go out get inspired. hell, be inspiring! just remeber that you are beautiful no matter your ethnicity, height, shape, or size. you are you. and there’s no one in this world that’s exactly like you. and if you’re ever down and out, and on the edge; there’s always people to talk to. me being one of them. i know what it’s like to be alone. and it’s not fun, so don’t bottle it all up. keep your chin up, because things will most definitely get better if you just put your mind in a positive place.

with love,
maddie aka poreoticsinspired<3

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Tumblr Crushes as of 12/22/13

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7. aotaro
8. chanbaekies
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