Results of the 16th and Final Splatfest has concluded and drumroll… victory for team Marie. The result of the Splatfest Top 100 Players will be shared soon!

The final Splatfest may be officially over, but Callie and Marie have beaming smiles on their faces. Remember, exciting battles in Regular Battle, Ranked Battle, Squad Battle and Private Battle modes still continue!

As for us at the Squid Research Lab, we’ll continue our investigation and research, updating you with our findings about all the latest news around Inkopolis. Stay tuned and stay fresh!


Good job to Team Marie.

Well… this is the last time we’ll be seeing this sort of thing then isn’t it? Kind of bittersweet…  I don’t know if whoever’s reading this supported Callie more or Marie more, but I’ll at least remember how much fun I had supporting both in all the Splatfests… except for Snowman vs. Sandcastle, that one Splatfest was hell on earth and can rot there.

Quick doodle after the results of the final Splatfest! Sadly the EU dialogue wasn’t as sweet as NA’s, I really felt like I had to draw something after reading it. (also gg fellow Marie fans! we did it!!)

I think the SFs helped shape each Squid Sister’s personality, I honestly wasn’t too fussed about them beforehand but now I absolutely love them! It’s been a big journey seeing them develop.

SF may be over but let’s continue to support Splatoon!

Congrats to team Marie!
I really did enjoy the splatfests, even if I did get salty here and there, sad to see them go!
I chose team Callie, but i honestly love the both of the sisters! even if I’m not a fan of how their relationship is portrayed in NA
splatfests may be over, but I’m staying hopeful that Nintendo has more in store for us!
Happy splatting everyone!