How Did That Happen? Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Arizona sat back in her chair and smiled as she watched her girlfriend thoroughly charm her parents.

After the awkwardness of the initial meeting, Arizona and Callie had dressed and joined Arizona’s parents for breakfast at the dining table.  Arizona’s mother had taken it upon herself to make breakfast while waiting for Arizona and Callie to return.

“So, Callie, how did Arizona convince you to put up with her?”  Arizona’s father asked with a huge smile.

“Dad!”  Arizona gasped as Callie smirked.

“While it may have taken me awhile to agree to the date, it had nothing to do with Arizona as a person.  I’m glad she wore me down because I would have missed out on spending time with a truly wonderful person.  Being with her is no hardship.”  Callie replied sincerely.

Arizona snapped her head in Callie’s direction, trying to formulate words after that sweet declaration.  But no words would come.

“That was lovely!  Arizona, you better not let this one go.”  Arizona’s mother instructed.

“I don’t intend to.”  Arizona admitted softly.  This time it was Callie’s turn to swing her head in Arizona’s direction.

“Good to know.  I don’t plan to let you go either.”  Callie acknowledged.

The two got lost in each other’s eyes until they heard a throat clearing at the other end of the table.

“Well, I have some things I have to do so I’m going to get out of your hair so you three can catch up.”  Callie said as she stood up from the table.

“Wait…you’re leaving?”  Arizona asked quickly.

“We can meet up for lunch or dinner.  I have a few errands I have to run.  You’ll barely have a chance to miss me.”  Callie replied as she grabbed her things and headed for the door.

“As soon as you’re out the door, I’ll miss you.”  Arizona confessed.

“You’re too sweet.  I’ll miss you too Beautiful.”  Callie admitted.

Callie quickly looked up at Arizona’s parents.

“It was nice meeting you.  I’ll see you later.”  She said as she sent a wave in their direction.

“It was wonderful meeting you.”  Arizona’s mother responded as her father nodded.

Arizona opened the door and followed Callie out.  She pulled Callie in for a passionate kiss.

“I can’t wait until dinner.  We better see you for lunch.”  Arizona grumbled.

“Your wish is my command.”  Callie said with a curtsy.  She grabbed Arizona’s hand and kissed it.  Then she grinned and walked towards the elevator.

“See you later.”  Arizona called out.

“Yes, you will.”  Callie answered back as she entered the elevator.

Arizona went back into her apartment with a huge smile on her face.

“I have to say Sweetie, I really like Callie.”  Arizona’s mother said when she saw her.

“I’m glad.”

“I can see she’s different and you’re different with her.”  Her mother continued.

“Different good or different bad?”  Arizona inquired.

“Good.  It’s very good.”  Her mother said softly.

Arizona sent a warm smile in her mother’s direction.

“I’m going to grab a few things and we can head out.  I’ll show you the sights and give you a tour of the hospital.”  Arizona indicated.

“Sounds good.”  Arizona’s father said from behind the newspaper he was reading.

“Oh Sweetie?  Based on what I saw when Callie first came out of the room, you’ve done quite well for yourself.”  Arizona’s mother teased with a mischievous glint in her eyes.  She heard her father snort behind the newspaper.

“Mom!”  Arizona admonished.

“What?  I’ve got eyes.”  Her mother said with a chuckle.  Her dad started laughing out loud.

Arizona shook her head and went to grab her stuff so they could start their sightseeing.

Arizona was happy by the time they got to the hospital.  It turned out Callie was called in so they would get to see her before lunch.

She had shown her parents around the hospital and in particular her floor.  Now they were looking at the surgical board to see what OR Callie was in.  They were going to get to see her lady in action.

She led her parents to the gallery and settled in.  It was rather quiet in there as it was a run of the mill hip replacement.

She was watching raptly and responding to any questions her parents had.

After about ten minutes Callie looked up and noticed them in the gallery.  She sent a wink in Arizona’s direction.  Arizona started blushing and noticed both her parents had turned to look at her after the wink.

“She’s very impressive.”  Her mother said softly.

“I know.”  Arizona replied proudly.

Her mother was silent for a moment.  Her father had gotten up to go grab a coffee from the vending machine.

“You love her don’t you?”  Her mother asked delicately.

Arizona whipped around to look at her mother.  Her mouth opened and closed a few times.

“Yes.”  Arizona whispered.

“If it’s any consolation, I could tell by the way she looks at you, she’s head over heels for you too.”  Her mother pointed out.

“It’s too soon to feel like this, isn’t it?”  Arizona questioned.

“Arizona, when it feels right, it feels right.  Who decides what’s too soon?  If you love her, you love her.  That’s just the way it is.”  Her mother stated sagely.

Arizona didn’t respond, but she had heard her.

After her surgery was completed, Callie was able to leave so they ended up taking her parents to a small café for lunch.

After lunch they had dropped her parents off at their hotel, planning to meet them for dinner the next night.

Arizona drove Callie to her place and walked her up to her apartment.

“So, I wasn’t expecting to meet the parents, but I really enjoyed today.  Your parents are great.”  Callie said when they reached her door.

“They think you’re pretty great too.”  Arizona replied as Callie opened the door to let them in.

“Are you sure?  I mean, they seemed to, but…”  Callie was interrupted by Arizona pressing her lips to hers.

“Callie, they loved you.  They love you as much as I d….thought they would.”  Arizona stumbled over her sentence.  No matter what her mother had said, while she knew she was in love with Callie, she thought it was too soon to say it.

Callie observed her for a moment, knowing that Arizona was going to say something else but deciding not to push the issue.  Arizona was relieved.

“So you want to watch some TV?”  Callie asked casually.

Arizona had been desperate to be alone with her girlfriend.  Now that they were sleeping together, she couldn’t get enough.  She most assuredly did not want to watch TV.

“No.”  Arizona responded quickly.

“How about a movie?”  Callie questioned.

Arizona looked at Callie as if she had grown another head.

“I don’t want to watch anything.”  Arizona refused.

“Listen to music?”  Callie spouted another idea.

“No.”  Another refusal.  It was at this point that Arizona noticed the teasing smirk on Callie’s face.

“Oh you brat!”  Arizona quickly pulled Callie to her for a blistering kiss.

“Oh!  That’s what you want to do.  I guess that’s okay with me.”  Callie said with a disinterested shrug.

Callie walked to her bedroom with Arizona staring after her, perplexed by Callie’s behaviour.

After a few minutes, Callie’s shirt came flying out of the room and landed at Arizona’s feet.

Callie stuck her head out the door.

“Coming?”  She husked.

“I will be soon.”  Arizona said as she ran to the bedroom and shut the door.


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Not So Fast Chapter 15

Disclaimer: See chapter 1.

Author’s Note: Posting a little later than usual, but better late than never.  Hope you like it!

Chapter 15

The next evening Arizona was wearing a hole in the carpet as she paced back and forth while she waited for Callie to arrive.  April had made herself scarce, so Arizona and Callie would have time to themselves to figure out what comes next.

Arizona had made dinner and tidied up, but now she was nervous and had no idea what to do with herself till Callie arrived.  She looked up at the clock and noted Callie should be there any minute.  She finally decided to sit down and watch some TV in order to settle her nerves.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door.  Arizona turned off the TV, stood up, straightened her clothes and headed to the door.

She opened the door and there stood an adorably nervous Callie, who was shifting from foot to foot.

“Hey.”  Arizona greeted with a soft smile.  She opened the door wider indicating with her head that Callie should come in.

“Hey.”  Callie replied as she entered.

They stood there staring at each other for a couple of seconds, when Arizona stepped forward and hugged Callie.  She pulled back slightly and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

She took Callie’s coat and then led her to the sofa.  Callie sat in a chair by the sofa; Arizona sat on the sofa.

They sat staring at each other for a minute when Arizona finally broke the silence.

“I don’t know where to start.”  She admitted sheepishly.

“Me neither.”  Callie responded honestly.

“I need… to know one thing before… we decide how to go forward.”  Arizona spoke haltingly.

Callie leaned forward and nodded her head signifying Arizona should continue.

“Have you forgiven me?  It was the thing you couldn’t get passed not so long ago.”  Arizona probed in trepidation.

“Honestly, I think if I ever think about it, it’s always going to hurt, but I’m not going to hold it against you and I’m not going to dwell on it.  I think what happened during that storm cost you a lot and you know it.  You’ve showed me lately that what you want is a life with me and Sofia.  I believe you’re not going to cheat again Arizona.  I wouldn’t be here right now if I still doubted you.”  Callie stated sincerely.

Arizona looked at Callie and realized she meant every word she said.

“Thank you so much.”  Arizona felt as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

“Arizona listen.  If we are going to do this then we can’t hold on to resentments from the past.  I forgive you and I hope you’ve forgiven me.  We can’t let the anger from the past affect the future we want to build.”  Callie said with resolve.

Arizona nodded her head in agreement.

“Now, I think we should take things slowly.  For all intents and purposes, we are divorced.  So, this is a new beginning.  We start dating again and just go from there.”  Callie proposed.

“You want to date?”  Arizona asked uncertainly.

“Arizona, last time we just jumped right back into living together.  We didn’t do anything to fix our problems and we ended up splitting.  We need to do this properly this time.  We can’t keep skipping steps.  It’s not fair to us and it’s not fair to our daughter.”  Callie explained.

“We’re just dating each other, right?  Nobody else?”  Arizona questioned.  She didn’t want to date anyone else and she hoped Callie felt the same.

“Of course.  There would be little point to this if we were seeing other people.”  Callie responded.

“I just…”  Arizona faded out unsure if she should continue.

“Arizona, if there is one thing I’ve learned from our relationship, it’s that we have to be open and honest with each other.  We can’t hold back what we’re feeling because when that happens, it comes out in the worst ways.  Please tell me what you’re thinking.”  Callie pleaded.

Arizona looked up at Callie with sadness in her eyes.

“I really wanted to come home.”  She confessed as a tear slid down her face.

Callie quickly scooted over to the sofa and pulled Arizona into her arms.

“I want that too.  So much.  I just think we need to do this right.”  Callie murmured into Arizona’s hair.

“I love you Callie.  If you want to take this slowly then let’s take this slowly.”  Arizona said quietly.

“Don’t do this just for me.  This has to be something we both agree with.”  Callie countered.

“It’s just…we’ve been apart for so long and to come back together slowly seems so counterproductive.”   Arizona replied dejectedly.

Callie reached out and slowly pulled Arizona’s face towards her so that they were looking at each other.

“I want forever with you Arizona.  I don’t want to rush this because I don’t think this works if we avoid steps.  We keep doing that and it never works.  Don’t you agree?”  Callie inquired gently.

Arizona stared at Callie for a moment before she nodded.

“I want forever too.  I don’t want to cut corners any more.  I want this to be the last time we get back together, because we’re never going to break up again.”  Arizona replied passionately.

The breathtaking grin she received from Callie caused Arizona to lean in.  She pressed her lips against Callie and pushed her down on to the sofa.  She was completely caught off guard when Callie pulled back after a moment.

“Going slow also means no sex right now.”  Callie said slowly.

Arizona looked at her in confusion when she looked down and noticed she had unbuttoned a few buttons on Callie’s shirt.

She stood up and helped Callie up.

“Good call.”  Arizona responded unsteadily.  Callie’s kisses would always have an effect on her.

Callie buttoned up her shirt and then looked at Arizona with a small smile.

“Maybe we should have some dinner now?”  Callie suggested.

“Another good call.”  Arizona gestured for Callie to follow her to the table.

Having got the hard stuff out of the way for now, they sat down to a lovely dinner unencumbered by the weight of figuring out what came next.
12 Ways 'Grey's Anatomy' Will Be Different in Season 12

Shonda Rhimes as well as stars Ellen Pompeo, Caterina Scorsone and Kelly McCreary talk with THR about what to expect.

1. It will be lighter. 
2. Awkward living arrangements. 
3. Callie and Arizona will both have new love interests.
4. Callie’s bisexuality will be further explored. 
5. Arizona is going to find herself again.
6. Another time jump.
7. Could Meredith find love again? 
8. Maggie’s focus is on her “chosen” family. 
9. Amelia is “single, not dead.”
10. Amelia is going to redefine herself. 
11. Everyone will experience a “redefinition and renaissance"—& there’s actual laughter. 
12. New sets.

Grey's Anatomy
  • me:it kills me and makes me cry every episode and it hurts so much like both physically and emotionally and the ships never last so that sucks too and everybody dies NOT EVEN DEREK FREAKIN SHEPHERD WAS SAFE and it makes me an emotional wreck oh and did i mention the show kills me inside it's just so horrible and painful...
  • me:10/10 would recommend