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do you think billy might be in the 5x20 flashbacks?

No, I don’t. Certainly not in person (as Tyler Ritter hasn’t been filming, far as I know) and I doubt in mention either. If I had to guess, I’d say the flashbacks occur prior to Felicity meeting Billy. In fact, the flashbacks might be showing us why she started to date him… what made her decide to try to move on. At least, that’s what I hope we see. 

What I’m expecting to see is truly Olicity focused, no time for extras. 😉


I’ll see your “Callie is dead” theory and raise you my “Callie leaves Inkopolis out of shame, wanders into Octo Valley somehow and due to the power vacuum caused by Octavio’s absence eventually becomes a maniacal bloodthirsty dictator” AU

(I kinda wanna continue this as a full comic now…)

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day's over, but I bet roxy and callie insisted on sending some kind of gift for them. You know callie would be all into the romance and find it cute that rose and kanaya are celebrating half a human year cause they love each other so much

wlw solidarity

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Love how you drew Callie. Love your artstyle a lot in fact. Also thank you for all those slimey fabulous Fabas images you've made thus far. Always get a happy feelin seeing him


I love Faba and I need more lewds of him so I can have a good fapa