callie x erica

Am I the only one who is glad that Alex Danvers is not having the stereotypical gay panic like in most shows?

Like I know it can happen in real life, but it’s nice to see her recognize the feelings she’s having for Maggie and she just kind of rolls with it.

When Maggie grabs her hand, she looks so excited and happy, and even goes to the precinct to see Maggie and ask her out.

My poor little gay heart needed this.

I remember when I was a teen and Callie x Erica happened on Grey’s Anatomy, and I was so excited, but the gay panic part turned me off and then they ended in heartbreak.

It’s nice now to see a character have a positive reaction to realizing that they were queer because it gives me hope that one day we can get to that point in real life.  I remember from age 12-14 feeling weird and like a freak for suddenly noticing women in a different light and becoming so focused on them, and when I finally figured it out I was terrified to tell anyone and stayed in the closet for like 3 years.

But this, this gives me so much hope.  I’m not too happy about the Maggie gf storyline, but we all know that storyline will end up.