callie says this is not a dog

it’s just suspicious how dan and phil share their lives so much. look at each other like they’re in love. live together for 6 years. move into 3 houses together. have so many inside jokes. bicker over domestic shit. flirt all the time. have a channel a tour and two books together. know so many people ship them. go on family vacations together. hang out almost exclusively with couples. share their lives so much. are spoken of a single unit. depend on each other. get sad after being apart for a few days. don’t refute shippers anymore. celebrate birthdays and holidays together. get each other cute gifts that are actually meant for themselves. plan a future together with a dog and forever home. have done a lot of this stuff for like 8 years now. share their lives so much. and the only evidence they’re not in love is things they said a long time ago in large part in response to circumstance. it’s just suspicious.

what does it mean to be legally better? is the lesser item banned? or is it ok as long as you dont like it more than the other option? will you be arrested if you prefer cake over ice cream? cats over dogs? callie over marie?

is this why marie says this?

because actually wanting these things is illegal?

Asking Alexandria || Cuddles


After a long day in the studio, Denis came home irritated and exhausted. You were laying out on the couch, half-watching whatever was on the television, half scrolling through twitter on your phone. When you heard the front door of your flat open and close loudly, you immediately set your phone down and muted the tv.

“Denis? Is that you?” You called out into the silence. In response, Denis walked around the couch, sat down by your feet and sighed. “Tough day at the studio?”

“You could say that,” he muttered while he stared blankly at the tv. You smiled before sitting up and crossing your legs pretzel style under you.

“Wanna talk about it?” You questioned him. He turned his head to you and stared into your eyes. He looked visibly tired and like he was in need of a hug. So you decided to lean forward and put your head on his chest and curl your arms up into his chest. In response he wrapped his arms around you and put his hands in your hair. A content sigh left his mouth and a smile formed on your face. A hug always fixes a bad day, no matter what.


The sun was barely shining in through the sheer white drapes covering the window. It was nearing 630 in the morning which meant that Ben had to get up to head off to the studio for a long day of writing and recording. You never went with him because you didn’t necessarily understand all of the music stuff and sitting in a studio with at least five other people all day was not something you found fun, so instead you would stay home and relax. This morning though, your half-asleep brain decided that instead of letting Ben get up and leave, your body would curl into him and fall back asleep. With you head on his chest and your eyes closed, he wrapped his arms around your frame and he kissed your forehead. Maybe you will just keep him hostage today and stay in bed.


There was one thing you hated more than anything else in the world; James leaving for tour. You despised having to say goodbye for months on end and being alone in a big house with no one else but your guys dog Callie. 

It was growing closer to four in the afternoon, which meant James had about 16 hours before he had to leave for tour and you had to say goodbye again. The two of you were laying on your bed, him on his stomach, you on your side. Neither of you said anything, just laid there near each other. A sigh left your chest before you suddenly turned over and decided to cuddle with him before he had to leave. You didn’t have to say a word when you were facing him, he just lifted his arm and you curled into him. He may be leaving for a few months tomorrow morning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold onto him all night.


It was the week after Danny left the band and both you and Sam were still overly confused and upset over it. Danny was Sam’s bandmate and friend, but he was your friend as well and seeing his departure impacting the band in this way was exhausting and taking its toll. 

Late at night in bed was the only time recently that you and Sam could spend any sort of time together because he was off with his band during the day trying to figure things out and decide on the future of the band.The two of you were curled up into one another’s arms and each were running a thumb on the skin of the other person. Same kissed your forehead and swallowed. Not a word was being spoken, and that was okay because sometimes the silence was comforting.


It was a quiet night in London and that was okay with the two of you. Today was an off day from tour and you and Cam decided on staying in at the hotel to relax with one another. You had joined him on tour a few dates ago and hadn’t had a day or moment to relax with one another because at night the two of you were so tired that you both just fell asleep once you got to the bus and he was up and going early in the morning.

The TV was playing some show quietly in the background while the two of you laid out on the bed. Ben and Denis decided to come hang out in the room with you, but you didn’t care. Cam was talking about something to do with the band while you laid on his chest, your fingers quietly walking down his wrist. Ben and Denis were in the room sure, but you didn’t mind because as long as you and Cam were together, nothing else mattered.

remember when dan was talking about getting a dog one day. and how getting a dog requires a forever home because renting = landlords = no dog. and how he started talking about how phil is obsessed with corgis. and got all smiley and bushy and fond. and then said “who knows maybe it’ll be an ugly mongrel we’ll adopt.” we. as in also phil. getting a dog. with dan. in the forever home they have to have to get a dog.

funny how dan wants a dog and a forever home with phil.

nowweareunstoppable  asked:

Hi! I love all your puppy updates and I've been perusing your crossbreeding tag. I was wondering if you were still going to try and breed Callista with a collie or if that's been put on hold because of the litter you've got now? It sounds like a really cool project.

that’s nice of you to say <3 thanks for asking! yes, especially now that i know she’s such a good mom! she really seems to love it. she’ll be having her eyes and hips OFA’d next time a health testing clinic is within driving distance.

Kai is everything i’m looking for in a dog and more. he’s a Siberian husky/Shetland sheepdog. i lucked out in that he can do the light farm work i wanted him to, but would like to tip the odds in my favor next time by pairing Callie with a farm-bred Scotch collie or a farm collie. possibly English shepherd, since i’ll be looking at individual traits and not so much specific breed. i’ll also be looking to buy a bitch of one of those breeds/types eventually, both for working purposes and to breed with Kai and outside studs.

i got another ask recently (not ignoring you anon!), so i have a post in the works outlining my project goals. Cal’s next litter will be the first step in a huge multi-gen undertaking. the post itself is… a little out of hand length-wise and i’m still working on it, lmao, but stay tuned.

this is a Noyal Team dog, smooth collie/Siberian husky, if anyone’s curious what the mix would look like. 

and a Sibe/rough collie

Name: callista-kylin

Nickname: callie by family, kyle by friends. i also respond to “you motherfucker”

Gender: cis girl she/her

Height: 5’7” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Star Sign: leo sun

Sexuality: gay as the dickens

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff!!

Favorite Animal: elephant?? idk i love all animals,,,,can i say dragon??

Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7

Dogs or Cats: i love both but maybe dogs a lil more

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: like 7 i’m ashamed

Dream Trip: not to be basic but paris,,

Dream Job: actress

When I Made This Account: june

Why I Made This Account: i was on tumblr before but deleted and also i’m gay and like musicals and had no friends irl lmao

Number of Followers: 958 somehow??

Reason for url: i lov my lesbians and i used to say “___ my ass” all the time therefore: eposettemyass

i’m supposed to tag 20 people but idk many people so i’m tagging everyone who wants to do it!

  • What She Says: I'm Fine
  • What She Means: Why was Callie on the Cat team and Marie on the Dog team? Callie's traits, both physical and in personality, both match up to a dog much more, with her floppy dog-ear-like tentacles and her energetic personality. Marie, meanwhile, practically IS a cat, having a face that totally reminds people of kittens, and her personality also matches up to a cat, with her underlying slyness. It really should have been reversed.

Kinser is a 1 ½ year old border collie/ blue heeler mix I rescued with my girlfriend about 9 months ago, he’s so smart and loves to go for rides and walks, in the summer he goes for 3-4 long walks every day! He is from Texas but New York I’d where he belongs now! He loves to do tricks for treats, and is just starting to get used to going in the water. (He was deathly afraid of water when we adopted him). His best friend is my parents 3 year old yellow lab/ German Shepard mix Callie and his favorite human is his momma, taylor! He goes nuts whenever someone says her name! He needs to learn to slow down when approaching other dogs, he means no harm but gets too excited and it usually starts a fight. It’s something we are working on! He is super fast and loves belly rubs! We love our boy, so happy HE rescued US!!

Anon Request 1: pt.2

A/N: I know what you’re thinking. “Sugar, this is so unlike you! Updating in a timely manner!”. 

Part 1

Callie sits on a park bench in front of the courthouse.

She looks out at the early morning street traffic, the bikers, the hustling pedestrians. It is a sunny day; sunny and happy and tinted with a warm summer orange. She is victorious, just as Michelle promised she would be.

But victory seems heavy now. Heavy and burdensome.

“Custody battles are always a little dirty, Dr. Torres.”

Callie thinks maybe there is no pride in conquering someone who loves you…someone who you love.

“We’re doing this for Sofia. We’re doing what is necessary.”

Callie curls her hands around the curve of her knees and breathes out heavily. She tries to replay Michelle’s voice in her head, tries to hear the woman’s words over and over and repurpose them into her own

“You have a right to be happy, Callie.”

“I have a right,” she repeats to herself with as much confidence as she can muster. But for some reason the words are not comforting, and instead, she feels herself sag with guilt. She sees a shadow pass over the patch of grass in front of her, and by the time she turns her head, Arizona is already taking residence at her side.

The blonde doesn’t say anything at first, just sucks in her cheeks before blowing out loud puff of air. Finally after a moment or so, she mutters rather quietly, “You let her say a lot of things about me, Calliope.”

Callie stares ahead at a woman passing with her dog. She cannot even look at her ex-wife. She is overcome with shame.

“Those things…do you really…do you think that about me?”

Callie almost crumbles at the vulnerability she hears in Arizona’s voice.

“No. Never,” she says. Simple and concise. But Arizona is not oblivious. She can hear the fierceness behind the words. The guilt. The apology. She senses Callie’s heartache even with the brunette’s head tilted down and her eyes covered by heavy lids.

She releases a quiet breath, taking in her ex-wife’s appearance. The woman’s cheeks are red and puffy, the way they always get when she’s about to cry. Arizona takes only a moment to think before reaching over and grabbing Callie’s hand. She turns her body slightly, so she is facing the other woman, her head dipping down a bit, so she can peer under the curtain of Callie’s hair.

“I don’t want to argue anymore, Calliope,” Arizona soothes, automatically rubbing gentle circles into the back of Callie’s hand. She watches as the woman’s shoulder slowly relax. “I love Sofia. And I love you. And I won’t do this anymore.”

Callie lets out something that sounds like a sniffle, but still doesn’t look at her ex-wife, choosing instead to set her gaze on their clasped hands.

“I love you too,” she says after a moment, all wet and quiet. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Finally her head lifts and their eyes lock. Arizona spots the small wet tear streaks running down Callie’s cheeks and instinctively reaches to wipe them away.

“Don’t cry. No more crying,” Arizona mutters absently, rubbing diligently at the other woman’s face. “I am pissed at you, but I can’t take you crying.”

Callie laughs a gargle-y, weak laugh before reaching up to touch at Arizona’s face. “You’re crying too.”

“I am?” Arizona’s brow furrows as she feels Callie’s thumb rub the wetness away from her skin. She is surprised that her body reacts even when her mind hasn’t. “Oh.” She comments shockedly when she sees a wet dot fall onto her slacks. “I guess, I am.”

They stay like that for a moment, looking at each other while rubbing away mostly dried tears.

“You’re Sofia’s mom,” Callie finally says when she feels her voice is done shaking. She stops wiping the other woman’s face and instead, cups her slender cheek firmly.

“You are her mom,” Callie repeats, enunciating every word fiercely. “We are her parents. Biology doesn’t matter. It never has or will because when she looks at you,” Callie pauses, tugging gently at Arizona’s face for emphasis, “When Sofia looks at you, she sees Mama.”

With those words, a new wave of tears begins rolling down the Arizona’s cheeks, and despite her best efforts, she is unable to stop them. Callie doesn’t even hesitate to pull the other woman into a tight hug.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers again, against Arizona’s hair.

Richard, Bailey, Michelle, Lucinda, and Penny are all watching the affair from the walkway foliage. At first, Lucinda was prepared to march over to Callie and give her a firm scolding (and Penny had been ready to comfort her conflicted girlfriend), but Richard had talked the two women into holding off. He believed this was something the ex-spouses needed to work out on their own.

Surprisingly, it seemed things were going well. They seemed to be talking to each other without yelling. Everyone though had slightly stiffened when they saw the two women cupping each other’s faces and sharing longing gazes. Penny had been put out slightly, wondering if it was the best choice to let Arizona do the comforting. After a few long minutes of watching them hug and talk and smile at each other, the redhead finally decided it was time to intervene (even though Richard strongly discouraged her from doing so).

“Hey,” she smiled, walking over to the park bench. The two women looked up surprised as if they’d forgotten other people were involved in this mess as well. “Are you okay?” She asked softly to her girlfriend whose eyes were still tinged with red.

“I’m,” Callie glances back at Arizona, smiling when she catches the blonde’s blue eyes. “I’m better. We’re better,” she finishes.

Penny looks between the two women, feeling awkwardly intrusive. “Good…are we going back into the court or—“

“Oh god no,” Callie interrupts, her eyes sparkling with relief. Penny watches as the same happiness is reflected in Arizona’s eyes. “We’ve talked,” Callie looks back up to Penny, the happiness dimming a bit. “We think it’ll be better for us and for Sof if I just…” Callie looks back at Arizona, needing some reassurance. “If I just stay.” She finishes.


“They say a dog gives unconditional love…Sure, we can do that. After all, we’ve got plenty of practice…not only loving people, but loving each other for 10 whole years! We’ve taken nicely to crate training, walk nicely on leash, and we’re even housetrained. We’ll love taking easy strolls around the block, or lounging in the backyard while you garden…nothing too wild and crazy, just some quality time with the ones we love.”

Movie Night Part 2

Here is part 2! I got it done early, so i figured i would post it tonight. for those that missed it, here is Part 1


“Alright, she is on her way to get dinner.” Lena says, hanging up the phone. “Lets get ready for movie night. Everyone get their pjs on. Jude, set the table. Mariana and Callie, start putting the salad together.  I will go and find a movie to watch.” Lena gave the kids their marching orders, and they all complied.  

Callie and Mariana were busy peeling and chopping up carrots and tomatoes when there was a knock at the door.

“Oooh, that must be Connor.” Mariana says, shooting a smirk over to Jude, raising her eyebrows for emphasis. His face blushing in response.

“You are just jealous because my boyfriend is here.” He responds quickly, and sticks his tongue out at her. A smile quickly following, and he heads over to the door.

Callie bursts out into laughter, dropping the carrot she was peeling.  "That’s my little brother, so full of sass.“

"I hate that he is right.” Mariana says. “They ARE adorable together.” she quickly adds.

Jude gets to the door and opens it quickly. Standing there is his wet dog of a boyfriend, holding his umbrella.  "Its wet outside. But thankfully I had my umbrella.“ He says, holding his now closed umbrella. His umbrella did nothing to help, Connor was soaked. Jude laughs loudly, and pulls Connor in for a hug.

"Wow, you are wet.” Jude says breaking the hug, and stepping back. Jude could feel his clothes were damp now. “Umbrellas work better when open you know.”

“Very funny” Connor says. Quickly kissing Jude on his cheek.

“Ooooh!” Callie and Mariana call out. Both of them peaking around the corner.

Jude looks back at them, he wants to be mad at them. But they are just joking around. So he blushes instead.

“Jealous?” Connor asks. Dramatically hugging Jude.

“Obviously.” Jude calls out from the stranglehold of a hug that Connor is giving.

Lena walks by and notices the boys. “Wow, Connor, you are soaked!” she stops just before getting into the kitchen.  "Jude grab a towel for him. Connor, i am sure Jesus left some clothes behind, go find something the change into. We will throw your wet stuff into the dryer.“

"Thanks!” Connor replies.

Jude and Connor make their way upstairs. Jude into the bathroom to find a towel, Connor into Jude’s room for some dry clothes.

Connor finds replacement clothes quickly, this wasn’t the first time he borrowed from Jesus.  He doesn’t notice Jude standing in the doorway with the towel when he starts pulling is soaked t-shirt off. He struggles for a moment, but the wet material finally  peels off, and he gets it off his body. He looks over to the doorway where Jude is standing. A fresh towel thrown over his shoulder.

“Yes?” Connor asks.

Jude says nothing for a moment, he finally shakes the cobwebs from his brain and smiles. “I brought you a towel.” He says quietly.

“Were you just checking me out?” Connor points to himself, a cocky smile settles on his face.

“No!” Jude answers quickly. “Maybe… Shut up!” both of the boys laugh. Jude turning a deeper shade of red with each passing second. He walks in, handing the towel over to Connor.  

“I should warn you, I have a boyfriend.  And he might get jealous if you keep checking me out.” Connor explains, through his smile. He takes the towel from Jude and drops his wet shirt on the floor. He starts to dry his hair and back, Jude still looking on.

“Your boyfriend, is he a nice guy?” Jude asks.

“He is the best.  One of the kindest people you will ever meet.  Even better looking than me.” Connor says as he finishes drying the top of his body and quickly slips the towel over Jude’s head to his neck.  Jude was caught by surprise but smiled. “And for some reason, he still likes me after i put him through hell for a while.”

Jude couldn’t speak. He only puts his hands on top of Connor’s, and squeezes tight.

“Your boyfriend must be a lucky guy.” Jude says in almost a whisper.  

“He might be, but nowhere near as lucky as i am.”

Connor leans in for a kiss. The moment their lips touch a voice calls out from downstairs.  "Will you two stop making out? Mom just called, she is on her way back!“ It was Callie, laughter was in her voice the whole time.

The boys smile through their kiss. "I’m going to pick on her so much with her next boyfriend.” Jude says.


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That’s right. It’s nearly 5am here. I’m casually being assualted by fluff on all sides. I’ve had a fantastic day. Here’s a summary.

“Previously on Grey’s Anatomy”

YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS, sweet baby cheeses, YES. Every week please!

Meredith and…

- Jo: Finally, finally, finally Jo stood up to her boyfriend’s person. Jo is literally Derek in the Twisted Sisters storyline and I really feel for her. I get that Meredith is protecting Alex and that Alex feels the need to show his loyalty to her in return, but it was all getting a little unhealthy. However much I would like Jo to not give a shit about Meredith’s opinion on Jolex’s relationship, I actually think “I am rooting for you to stick” meant the world to her and so that whole scene made me really love both characters.

- Will Thorpe: So, I shipped Merder since day one. But I’m not against Meredith dating again. I know the hardest of the hardcore Merder shippers are literally lighting a fire up their own arseholes about the whole situation (”It’s not even been one season yet”… yeah but in their world it’s been about 2 years by now!) but I think Ellen is playing the role so sweetly and subtly… charming and respectful. But I’m not sure about Willl Thorpe- I don’t trust a man with a jaw that chiselled. I’d rather Riggs!

- Callie and Maggie: Lol. That’s mainly all I have to say. Callie saying “hot” was perfect. Callie and Maggie innuendo-ing the shit out of “ringer” and “vibrate” made me laugh. Out loud.


See this brick Jackson? You do? Oh ok, cool… could you just close your eyes for two seconds? No silly, I promise I won’t throw it at your face. Yes, no, really, I won’t throw it at your face… (It’s at this point in our back and forth that I obviously throw a brick in Jackson’s face for fucking dating the minute after the ink is dry on his divorce.)


“We all hear the dogs, right?” Poor baby is reduced in this show to saying funny one-liners. Legit writers- either give her a storyline or give her a hospital in a foreign country to run. She deserves better. Poor baby.

Alex Karev

Alex and April. I sometimes forget they once kissed. Pah! Anyway, he was great with April, and I love team peds basically ganging up on her. Arizona totally jumped the gun in spilling the beans to Jackson, dick move, but they both clearly have her back and just want the best.


OK, I really enjoyed him being Chief again. Cos let’s face it, that’s what he was today. He was being wise and good and clever and making EVERYONE around him be better at their jobs. Good job Webber… sorry, I mean chief.


All the patients were AMAZING this week. I loved the quads storyline- although the amount they went on about tax made me think of my own which is a bit soul-destroying! I loved the old rich dude and LOVED Rita Moreno! So good, so so good.

Ben and Bailey

Desperately trying to summon up the will to care to be honest…

Amelia and…

Private Practice: For some reason, I saw more PP Amelia in tonight’s episode than I’ve ever seen on Greys. It was SO refreshing. And I have a feeling it had a LOT to do with… 

Riggs: I enjoyed these two WORRYING amounts. I see a lot of chemistry there and I almost died when he called her “Shep”. Amelia has been a tag along in friendship groups since she arrived in Seattle and I seriously hope they make a little side clique, cos they’d blatantly be the cool kids, let’s be honest.

Blake: Everyone called this. Of course Penny was going to be amazing at neuro. It’s Shonda’s predictable “ironic” sense of twisted humour. I really enjoyed the surgery scene, very well acted. I’m gonna miss the Neuro Nerd team a lot though.

Owen: When your OTP is quite literally PUPPY LOVE you know you’re onto a winner. I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of their scenes together. The fact that they just sat on a gurney and TALKED made me so fucking super happy. They talked and actually connected. And then he stood up and they HELD HANDS and just walked through the corridors HOLDING HANDS. And then she said she doesn’t like surprises (like @superheroshepherdess always writes). And then they ROLLED AROUND IN PUPPIES. THEY WERE LITERALLY ROLLING AROUND IN THEIR OWN FLUFF. And then THEY MADE OUT. I quite honestly died and went to heaven. So thanks Omelia… thanks for that.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some MAJOR plot-twisting storyline but quite frankly by the end of the episode my mind was only on one thing: Omelia and their future puppy kingdom.

anonymous asked:

also another significance of 28:06:42:12, is that if you add up all the numbers it makes 88 and the film was set in 1988. ^^

“The movie takes place in 1988. Frank tells Donnie the world will end in 28 days, 06 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. If you add these numbers, the sum is 88. When Samantha asks when she can have kids, Donnie says: "Not until 8th grade.” Donnie mentions to his therapist that his dog Callie died when he was eight. (He is later seen holding a stuffed toy dog in her office.) Donnie jokes about the Back to the Future DeLorean which had a speed of 88 MPH. According to the television reporter, the fire at Jim Cunningham’s house was extinguished “sometime after 8:00 last night.” The red-eye flight that almost crashes is Flight 2806 which boards at Gate 42 at 12 AM. The climax of Donnie Darko occurs one week before the 1988 US presidential election, when George Bush won on November 8, 1988 11/08/88. The movie was shot (for a budget of less than US$5 million) in 28 days. There are 28 scenes in the director’s cut of this film.“

Harvard (finale)

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7 ~ Part 8 ~ Part 9 ~ Part 10 ~ Part 11

Last part guys!

[ “I have to ask though… Do you think he’s only saying I love you to convince you nothing happened with Lara last week?” ]

We all know at least one “nothing but trouble” girl. They’re the girls who are vindictive and unhappy at the world. The ones that want drama and thrive from it. The ones that run away from stability and nomality because if they have those things then what are they? They’re average. Ordinary. Just one of the crowd. So they find other “nothing but trouble” girls and form a group- “the wrong crowd”. This “wrong crowd” then make it their duty to create shit-storms and lure traps for “good as gold” girls to fall into.

I used to think I was that crowd and that girl. Thankfully, studying, real friendships and falling in love, has made me realise I am not. I just want happy. I want stable and normal. I don’t want the drama- I don’t ask for it and I don’t thrive off it.

Do I think Lara is one of those girls? My answer before last week would have been no. I would have said that Lara is madly and deeply in love with Owen, has an eating disorder that makes her a little bit crazy, and is a victim of her circumstances. She’s innocent.

Last week however, she turned the tables. She told Owen’s housemate, Milo, (who told Callie and Meredith, who told Arizona and Alex, who told me) that since Lara and Owen’s break-up in Easter, they had had sex. “A few times actually,” Ari had said when relaying the gossip. My mind jumped to that night back in May when she had knocked on his door at about 3 or 4 in the morning. What if I hadn’t been there trying to pull an all-nighter?

The day Arizona told me this rumour, Owen had met me at the student union for lunch. He had noticed something was up and I confronted him with it straight away. We argued in front of half the students in the building as I picked apart every aspect of his story and power-walked my way outside.

“How the hell can I trust you Owen?!” I shout. “You cheated on your girlfriend with me, and now it makes sense that you can easily play us off one another… so why not cheat on me with her… She’s right there after all, just next door. You’re a cheat. Once a cheat, always a cheat,” I accuse directly in his face, turning on my heel and storming away from him. We’re walking down the main hill on campus which leads to the science buildings, including the lab. “Do not follow me Owen.”

“Lara is lying Amelia!” he insists for the third time, running to stand in front of me and block my path. “Don’t you get what she’s trying to do?”

“Move Owen!” I warn.

“She’s actually managing to pull it off as well…” He ignores me and when I try to move to the left he blocks that path too. “She knows you were there that night, in my room. She watched you leave the front door. She is spreading a rumour that she knows will get back to you! She made sure of it. She knows how Milo is a huge gossip, she knows he knows Callie, and she definitely knows how protective our friends are over you. Please…”

“What?” I angrily spit. “Please what Owen?”

“Please don’t let this be over before it’s even really begun, just because of Lara…”

I pause. Everything he is saying makes sense, but I’m frowning because the guard dogs around my heart are barking loudly to protect me from how deeply in love I am with this man. What if he did sleep with her?

“You have to trust me,” he says. I look into his eyes, his eyebrows curved upwards in the middle, begging for me to believe him. The faint worry line I noticed weeks ago is currently deep and established in his forehead. He looks panicked, fear in his entire demeanour at the thought of losing me.

So, this week my answer is now yes, Lara is one of those “nothing but trouble” girls. I’m choosing to trust Owen. I’m choosing to believe that she is that vindictive, and is creating a shit-storm in hopes of our new budding relationship to come crashing to an end. Well, much to Lara’s annoyance, it hasn’t. If anything, we’re now even closer than before the vicious rumour, and- as I’ve just told Arizona- tonight, Owen told me that he loved me.

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You know what's awesome, tho? Knowing our ship is gong to get back together, knowing it's endgame, knowing it's a crucial part of the Green Arrow's journey and a vital part of the story they're still telling, even into Season 5 and maybe beyond. Like, remember when we were dying because maybe his eyes lingered on her for a second longer than they should have and OMG did he just look down at her lips and then back up again!?

Bless you, nonny. This is absolutely true. It’s been true for years now and getting to watch this development has been an utter gift. Felicity Smoak is vital to this show, to Oliver, to the Green Arrow, to this whole universe that these showrunners have created. Their relationship is a lightning rod. 

I do remember what it was like when all we had were those looks. That was all we had

Not gonna lie. Those days were slightly (and when I say slight I mean totally) tortuous, but they were also gold.  If we get a callback to some of that? I might just die of happiness. (and then UST)

AND YES, I totally noticed EVERY time he looked down at her lips. Oliver, you dog. 😈

Marie just keeps getting saltier as she looses Splatfests.

When she lost Rollercoasters vs Waterslides, she was basically like “Aww.  Oh well.”

Then she lost Marshmallows vs Hot Dogs and she was like “What the heck.”

When she lost Art vs Science, she basically says “No fair, my team wasn’t focusing on winning!”

Then she lost Cars vs Planes and she basically said “Impossible I demand a recount.”

And now she’s lost Pirates vs Ninjas and she goes “FUCKING CHEATERS.”

I didn’t get to see how Callie responded to losing Autobots vs Decepticons, but she took the loss in Cats vs Dogs in stride.  She was disappointed but she didn’t scream and yell like Marie seems to be doing more of with each Splatfest.


“But why? When it works so well?” She continued her pout and looked up at Callie again, intensifying her puppy dog eyes. “You’re going to look hot and sexy!”

“Seriously!? Stop with the eyes! You know how hard it is for me to say no to them!” Factor in the pout and Callie was done for. “I think you’re just saying that so I’ll put it on.”

Donnie Darko (2001)

The movie takes place in 1988. Frank tells Donnie the world will end in 28 days, 06 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. If you add these numbers, the sum is 88. When Samantha asks when she can have kids, Donnie says: “Not until 8th grade.” Donnie mentions to his therapist that his dog Callie died when he was eight. (He is later seen holding a stuffed toy dog in her office.) Donnie jokes about the Back to the Future (1985) DeLorean which had a speed of 88 MPH. According to the television reporter, the fire at Jim Cunningham’s house was extinguished “sometime after 8:00 last night.” The red-eye flight that almost crashes is Flight 2806 which boards at Gate 42 at 12 AM. The climax of Donnie Darko occurs one week before the 1988 US presidential election, when George Bush won on November 8, 1988 [11/08/88]. The movie was shot (for a budget of less than US$5 million) in 28 days. There are 28 scenes in the director’s cut of this film.