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Re your tags on the Turing post: he was a cryptographer in WWII and broke the Germans' 'unbreakable' Enigma code. He was also queer, and was prosecuted for it after WWII. He accepted a sentence of 'chemical castration' (lifetime of oestrogen injections) instead of prison, but 2 years into the sentence killed himself with cyanide (which may have been painted on an apple: the Apple logo has been called a reference to this, but wasn't intended to be). Definitely a misunderstood genius. :(

… yeah I do know all of this!  I just wrote my tags poorly oh well.  Good summary to share for everyone though (that’s why I’m publishing).  ALSO TURING MACHINES.  He was a cryptographer yes yes yes but the way he broke the German codes was by inventing things whose implications went far beyond that….

What I meant was just that I don’t know how much of the ~misunderstood genius~ trope was a reality, besides the persecution for being queer, which is a tragedy but not exactly what I think of as the ~trope?  e.g. was his work or way of doing it also misunderstood.  Cause I’m interested in how invention works and is portrayed, that’s all….

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1) FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE NOTICING EMMA’S PANTS. 2) I think Santana meant Rachel’s golden star stickers? 3) why are we both still awake at 4am?

1. To me, this relates to “Ever After,” which IS a Cinderella story but one with a very independent and strong-willed Cinderella. Sort of like Emma! 2. Yes, the gold star stickers make sense, but that in itself is pretty child-like thing. 3. My excuse is that it just takes a long time to write up 80+ more or less interesting observations/thoughts about 5x10. What’s yours? ;) januarium replied to your post:Glee 5x10, “Trio”

Lots of interesting observations! Re: 30. Santana paid Elliott to read lines with her, she said so before Gloria. Thanks for the post.

Oh, thanks, I had missed that she was paying him for it. Glad you liked my huge list of random things! callie-quite-contrary replied to your post:Glee 5x10, “Trio”

It was Kurt who said ‘HA!’ after the ‘best gay’ line. :) Also, every time Sam made a comment about Tina’s boons & she reacted positively, she then also eyerolled at Blaine, which is interesting.

I suspected it was Kurt but wasn’t entirely sure, so thanks for confirming my suspicion (also, good for him for finally realizing (and finding a way to express) that he actually doesn’t like being viewed as someone’s “best gay” all that much).

I’m still not sure what to make of all the boobs comments. On one hand, I do find it hilarious how eagerly Tina plays along with the super-obvious objectification (because, hey, for some of us that thing IS sexy as long as we consent). On the other hand, the whole thing does play into the “ick” reaction some gay men apparently have about female bodies and female sexuality (I hear it mostly about vulvas and not about boobs, though) and I can’t help finding that (cis)sexist and entirely unfunny. On the third hand (hey, it’s trio week!), I am highly amused by the whole “heterosexuality is disgusting and artificial” thread that runs through 5x10 (and has appeared before, too). And then there’s the destabilizing factor of Blaine’s suggestion that Tina and Sam “fondle each other’s boobs” a few minutes after Sam has just worn a Cheerio uniform with a skirt… It’s complicated (and I like my Glee that way)!

In that context, Tina eyerolling at Blaine because of his “ew, boobs” reaction could be read as an odd moment of “heterosexual bonding” that is played as if heterosexuality is not actually the norm. And perhaps it really is not, at least not in this episode…? (I need to think about this some more.)

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I am so sorry this has been so hard and about the lack of emotional care you’ve received, and the lack of privacy, and empathy, and I’m also so sorry I wasn’t able to finish reading it, it’s left me feeling quite upset but I’m thinking of you *hugs*

*Hugs you back* Please don’t feel bad about not reading all of my hospital woes? Because this is why I put stuff like that on the internet: there’s usually someone around who CAN deal/read/reply, so it gets distributed round a bit and doesn’t rest on the same two or three pairs of shoulders all the time. So, I’m officially declaring this to be Not Your Turn To Deal. :) And I’m still grateful for your message.

Also: *hugs back* into-the-weeds, callie-quite-contrary, and robinalaska.