callidora malfoy


Iola : I’m going to marry a muggle.

Elladora : Hoe don’t do it.

Isla: marries a muggle man named Bob.

Phineas Nigellus: Oh my god.


Cedrella: I am marrying Septimus 

Charis and Callidora: Septimus…. Malfoy?

Cedrella: Weasley

Charis: Hoe don’t do it.

Cedrella: Marries Septimus, has three sons, one of which is Arthur Weasley, has seven grandchildren that all fought in the Second Wizarding War, the youngest grandson is one third of the Golden Trio. 

Callidora: Oh my god.


Andromeda: I’m marrying Ted.

Bellatrix: Who?

Andromeda: Edward Tonks, he is a muggle-born wizard

Narcissa: …..

Bellatrix: HOE DON’T DO IT!

Andromeda: marries Ted, has a kickass daughter named Nymphadora Tonks who became an auror and joined the Order of the Phoenix, married marauder Remus Lupin.

Narcissa: Oh my god.