Magisterium Day 2k17

For a date, why don’t we do Saturday, February 18? Thoughts? I think this will work because it will give everyone LOTS of time to prepare more works, and spread more awareness of the Magisterium books, which, I think, we all agree, is desperately needed.


If there’s no Stella Glow sequel, my friend’s and I are making our own  (ง •̀_•́)ง Link to fullbody

It takes place quite a few generations after the main Stella Glow storyline. Many witches have come and gone since then. Without a Conductor to tune the witches, the Time Witch Callia’s qualia has become corrupted and reverted back to it’s former state of serving Mother Qualia. Now she’s working to warp time and return the Mother Qualia to it’s old glory.

Aisha the Wind Witch, Maris the Water Witch, Lydian the Earth Witch, and Tomoko the Fire Witch + Priestess of Amatsu. All of which are scattered around the country of Regnant and needed to stop Callia. But what will they do without a Conductor?

magisterium shipping
  • callia: "No Thanks" - everyone
  • calron: the Purest, Best, Healthiest, Most Organic ship to Ever touch the ocean
  • callmara: The Most Likely Canon HetShip Since The Former Love Interest Is 6 Feet Under
  • tamaaron: "yes sir i'll bring her back before 9 :)"
  • telia: so good pure and organic.....also wlw are Really Fucking Underrepresented can we Please
  • jaaron: like.....literally They Punched Each Other In Bed thats all i gotta say about their relationship
  • jelia: mega side eye but well such is life for Side Characters
  • iron trio: pure! good! amazing! healthy! the best! all around! perfect! they all love each other! poly!!!!

I think to start off the new year, imma redesign callia and work on Vunairs plotline like I keep meaning to fucking do

But yeah!

Gonna have more troll shit on here!!!