The Fosters Season 3 Episode 14 “Under Water” Promo 

Haters vs Reality

Brandon Fosters haters: God he’s so selfish

Brandon Foster: *give up a chance to get  a $5000 schoolarship in order to help Callie rescuing Jude*

Brandon Foster haters: he’s so selfish.

Brandon Foster: “I never realised until today that for us to be together you’d have to give up everything. And that’s not fair for me to ask”.

Brandon Foster haters: he’s so selfish

Brandon Foster: *take all the blame for the fake ids and the alchool in the homecoming dance*

Brandon Foster haters: he’s so selfish.

Brandon Foster: *pushes Callie away because he knows she needs a family. Try to keep her relationship with Lou discreet so Callie won’t be hurt*

Brandon Foster haters: he’s so selfish.

Brandon Foster: *Put his feelings away AGAIN so Callie can be adopted, even after they had sex*

Brandon Foster haters: he’s so selfish.

Brandon Foster: *Refuse to tell his moms about Juliard because he knows they can’t afford it, and even when they find out he tells them that they have another 4 kids to worry about, it’s not just about him*

Brandon Foster haters: he’s so selfish.

Brandon Foster: *Helps the guy he clearly doesn’t like and is trying to win over the girl he’s madly in love with*

So everytime you say Brandon Foster is selfish, you may have to check the facts.  Brandon Foster is the most selfless and kindness character in this show. Yes, he has flaws and made mistakes, but everybody does. 



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“So you slept with her?” Scott questioned Stiles, looking towards me in concern.   

“Um, w-well yeah, what’s the big deal anyway? She needed comfort, what else could I do?” Stiles stated, annoyed at Scott’s tone.   

“Well, if she needed comfort, it could’ve been done without the sex part.”   Stiles looks towards me and scoffs, taking a few steps closer. “What was that, (Y/N)?”   

“I think you heard me just fine. They are soooi many different ways to comfort someone like Malia, yet you chose to do her? You chose her for your first time?” I answer back, rolling my eyes.   

“It’s none of your business who and what I do wit-”   

“You hardly know the girl! I’m trying to loo-” I cry, but get interrupted by fuming boy in front of me.   

“Well don’t bother. My life, let alone my love life has nothing to do with you, so if you would kindly bud out that’d be fantastic, thanks.” Stiles spits at me.

Tears of frustration and sadness fill my eyes as I lower my head if defeat, quickly exiting the room, ignoring Scott’s calls. 


I shouldn’t have voiced anything to Stiles. 

I mean, he had a point. It’s HIS virginity, not mine, so why should I care so much? 

Maybe because I thought we had something special. 

My thoughts are interrupted the moment my phone starts to go off. 


I let it ring out, not wanting to talk to the boy, too embarrassed by what went down 3 days ago. 

 My phone rings again yet, I continue to let it ring out. 

 Maybe it’s better if I don’t get involved with Stiles and Malia. 

‘It’s better this way.' 

But is it really?

- Callie