calleza grill

imago at calleza grill

08 july 2011.

what i thought would end up as a date between me and bessie irish turned out to be a night of fun and of with bestest friendships. :)

the blurred ticket. 250 bucks at table no.8. yeba! we were sitted just infront of the stage. :)

early birds: jonah and me.

early birds: bessie irish and beki cea.

early birds arrived 830pm. way too early for the imago performance which is set at 1130pm. guess, we were A BIT  excited. nyahaha…we have to sit through 2sets each of two of calleza’s house bands.

jonah left early but she managed to stay way beyond her set time which was 845pm. guess she left round 10pm already. vincent and jomar were glad to fill the empty chairs. yay! keep it coming friendships. :)

love birds in red. premeditated?! nyahaha. kilig ka bessie irish, halata kaya! yikoi!

happy to be out of hospital work. \m/

me, beki cea and not so smiling nyomar. nyahaha.

PERYODIKO on stage.

my first to hear them ever play, not bad eh?! though the lead looks a bit like andrew E, dont you think?!

bessie lorenz arrived just in time before imago hits the stage. mabuhay! welcome back to pinas bez! glad to see you. :)

drumroll…… IMAGO! finally. yeah! they did a couple of their songs round almost 10 i think. my faves that was included in their playlist for the night were their rendition of SPOLARIUM, AKAP, and SUNDO.

bessie irish very much rejoicing in hearing her fave SUNDO song. :) 

our guest of honor : si friendship DORRIS! nyahaha. arrived super late coz of work but we were so glad to see her. too bad she wasn’t able to watch imago perform. after the imago performance we took the party next to jomar’s crib where the lovely noessa accomodated us very well. ;)

the not so drunk gang. :P

ang humahabol na si doc harvey “MR.CALORIES” suboc. nyahahaha.

happy times. though mostly it involves them making fun of ka-JUBAAN. GRRR.

bessie lorenz. nyomar. mr.calories. mommy dorris. vincent. bessie irish. beki cea.

wacky shot with the girls! :)

uber fun friendships and besties. till next. “sinusundo kita….sinusundooooooo…..” \m/ thank you imago for a wonderful rainy rockin night!