pros & cons of 24


  • when you finish it, nothing will ever upset you again
  • t o n y a l m e i d a ’ s a c c e n t
  • millions of characters to get attached to
  • hot people everywhere
  • strong female characters everywhere
  • jack/nina interaction
  • awesome presidents (… apart from one)
  • acquire the skill of being able to scream the theme tune
  • always being able to count seconds in your head by visualising the clock


  • kim bauer
  • kimberly fucking bauer
  • never being able to look at an alarm clock without bursting into tears
  • your favourite character will die in some way. i promise.
  • losing sleep because just one more episode
  • 24
on the topic of not-so-obvious obvious observations

Listen I know everyone has this figured out but because I like making it clearer for us who are a lil slow to the game

I’m not 


The caller

Is Orion

But I’m saying

It’s Orion.

Just thought you should know.

i’m 10,000% sure this has already been discussed but i am so on board with this ‘she’s my collar’ having been written b 2-d about murdoc and his’ relationship just with the pronouns switched to female ones to try and hide it, but imo murdoc’s not that daft and knows the song is about their relationship but couldn’t part with such a good track and begrudgingly allowed it be put on humanz. and here is a dumb analyzation of that —

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