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Hey man, have you ever had to deal with conservative relatives? I tried being open about your "good cops" explanation video with some and only got nasty arguments. With agreeing to everything you said in it; do others still hate you for it?

Lol, yo my whole family is conservatives. It’s the strangest thing. I callem Coonservatives. I am literally the only person in my entire family with the same views as me. It’s awful. My brother and cousins will say some stuff that’s problematic af i’ll call them out all the time to try to help them open their mind…but My parents say problematic shit. All the time. Sometimes i call them out. Most Times i’m not tryna be homeless….i got allergies…Picking battles is the hardest thing to do. Like if they ask for opinion i’ll let them know how i feel. If they don’t, i’m walking away.