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Robert Capa

Robert Capa is my favorite photographer. If you don’t know about him, do yourself a favor and read “Slightly Out of Focus.”

His photographs, though only 11 survived due to a horrible mistake in a London lab, are the reason you have indelible images of D-Day etched in your psyche.

When he was young, he witnessed the rise of Hitler and fled to Paris. He became one of the most famous war photographers of World War II.

About that war.

We fought Nazis. Over 400,000 United States soldiers gave their lives in that war.

Over 60 million people were killed during that war. 

Chances are you have, or had, some family member who fought in that war.

And now in 2017 we have neofascists in our current administration. They may not call themselves Nazis, but do not be fooled by new labels.  

These men guide the president’s thoughts. They craft his statements, so as not to offend the base. These are dangerous men.

After yesterday, this is now clearly on display.

I urge you to call your Representatives and the White House and demand that these neofascists who have the president’s ear be removed from the administration.


Stephen Miller. Steve Bannon. Sebastian Gorka. All need to be fired tomorrow.

The White House number is 202 456-1111.

The Capitol switchboard is 202 224-3121.

Please,  this nation fought this enemy once before.  Now they are here.

Call now.  It’s a start.

Spread the word.