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The 1948 abduction that inspired Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita”

Florence “Sally” Horner was 11 years old when she stole a 5 cent notebook in her town of Camden, New Jersey after some friends dared her to. A fifty year old man with the name of Frank La Salle caught her stealing and posed as a FBI agent, but he let her go. However, as Sally was leaving school the next day, La Salle instructed the child to convince her mother that he was the father of some school friends and he would take them to a seashore vacation. But in reality he was going to abduct her and said he was going to take her to Atlantic City. 

During the 2 year long journey across the United States, La Salle molested and raped her and said if she did not comply, he would turn her in for stealing. He sent her to school, where he claimed to be Sally’s father. After she confided in a friend who he was, she managed to escape and was finally able to call her sister from San Jose, California in March 1950, telling her, “Send the FBI!”

Frank La Salle was convicted to 30 to 35 years in prison under the Mann Act. Florence Horner died in a tragic car accident in New Jersey on August 18th, 1952. She was 15 years old.


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A look at the playoff standings going into the All Star Break

After a crazy start to the year, the NHLnewsdesk news team will lay out the playoff picture going into the all star break. 

On the eastern side we have this:

As you can see, the top two teams in the atlantic are from states who don’t even have ice, (obvious foul play may be to blame) while detroit holds onto their tradition of making the playoffs so they can brag about their playoff record without actually doing anything in the playoffs. 

On the metro side we have the capitals running away with the eastern conference, making everybody else feel bad about themselves (what a dick move, Capitals). The Rangers, are right on their door step…15 points back and miles ahead of the third spot with a 3 point lead. 

The Wild card is the ECF matchup from a few years ago, which isn’t looking good for pittsburgh. but hockey in general isn’t looking good for pittsburgh. Boston on the other hand is doing better than expected this year, which is still pretty sad.

On the Western side we have:

Obviously in the central we see that Dallas has so much talent they’ve split into Dallas and Dallas two. Dallas two so far has played one more game than Dallas and has two more points thanks to it. Honestly i’m not sure how St Louis has a spot, kind of surprised to see that actually.

LA is managing to bully their way to the top of the pacific again, good for them, glad Lucic found his true calling. San Jose manages to be completely underwhelming again but also in a playoff spot. Arizona is just happy to be here.

In the wild card we have the Colorado Roy’s who would have a legit playoff spot if they were in the pacific, and the Nashville Irrelevant Country Singers are too excited for the all star game to worry about the playoffs right now.