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BMX Badass - Raywood

((A little thing for the lovely mehcoffee based around the Things To Do In GTA V - BMX Badass))

“Fuck you, Rye!“ 

“You fucking wish!" 

Due to the Fake AH Crew’s newest heist success, Geoff had decided it was time to let his boys have a bit of friendly competition since he thought their teamwork had gone on long enough. He had set up some floating platforms just offshore and put some BMXs on the beach. He called this exercise ‘BMX Badass’. It was simple enough: ride from one end to the other. Geoff sat in a boat beside the course, nearly falling out with laughter. This was the 5th time Michael had fallen in the water in as many minutes. Ryan was trying to find creative ways to cheat. Gavin kept falling off his bike and Jack was just getting angry. 

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