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//PSA: there’s a temporary exhibition (June 22 - Sep 24) called TRANS* in Madrid at the Museum de América that focuses on “transsexuality from different perspectives - anthropological, historical and artistic”.
It’s absolutely worth a visit! If you have the chance go check it out!//

[picture credit: exhibition booklet; based on a transgender figure from Moche (Peru), 100-750AD]


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Netflix’s ‘Legend Quest’ is enjoyable for adults and reminds Latino kids that they matter

  • The first animated Netflix original series produced in Latin America is coming to the streaming service Feb. 24.  It’s called Legend Quest (Las Leyendas in Spanish) and it’s not just for kids. 
  • The show deftly weaves Mexican history and folklore with humor and a distinctly spooky touch à la Scooby Doo.
  • Legend Quest revolves around Leo San Juan, a teenage boy who lives in 19th-century Mexico. But Leo isn’t just any teen boy. He has the power to communicate with the supernatural. That ability means Leo gets drawn into all sorts of adventures, whether he likes it or not.
  • The adventures pick up when Leo’s hometown disappears into another dimension. 
  • On that day, Leo teams up with the loopy conquistador Don Andrés, the tech-savvy Teodora, the fantastical creature Alebrije and Finado and Moribunda, two calaveras, or Mexican sugar candy skulls.
  • Together, the troop must put an end to the evil antics of Quetzalcóatl, the feathered serpent god of Mesoamerican lore. Read more

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dating jasper hale would include...

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hanging onto his every word because you adored his subtle, but sometimes thick, southern drawl.
him enunciating his words to make it sound thicker  
you are insanely infatuated with him
he loves every second of it, wearing a small smirk all the while
his nose buried in your hair; he loves breathing in your scent
his head on your chest; the sound of your heart beating comforts him like none other
your fingers raking through his long locks
listening to him open up about his past as a soldier
feeling your heart ache at the pain behind his topaz eyes
you being a bit uneducated about history (and rather uninterested)
he begins to call you ‘little girl’ at your lack of knowledge & experience in life
the pet name sticks much to your dismay
“i am not a little girl, jasper!”
“march 5th, 1770. what historical event was that, my love?”
“jasper, you’re a dick.”
“such a dirty mouth for such a little girl.”
nearly puking your guts out when the time came to meet his family
him having to calm you down with his power a lot
dancing around his bedroom to very old records he owns
he teaches you to dance since he’s an excellent dancer
you’re incredibly clumsy, especially around jasper
he thinks it’s highly amusing & only embarrasses you more when he gracefully catches you or swiftly retrieves something you dropped
— him catching you off guard a lot
he likes to dip you nearly to the floor & kiss you unexpectedly
it never gets old & it makes you feel cherished each time he does it
catching alice gazing at the two of you, smiling as she sees visions of the future
when he proposes, alice sees the vision & spoils it as she’s horrible at keeping secrets
cheesy, lame vampire jokes
“i heard being a vampire really sucks.” 
“you’re horrible at jokes, little girl.”
but he actually is quite fond of them since they make you laugh
teasing him about sparkling in the sun
“shine bright like a diamond, jas!”
those remarks often end up with you trying to outrun him, but obviously failing
him watching you sleep; he loves seeing you look so peaceful
he calls you darlin’ 24/7
you love it because his accent grows thicker
— he’s a huge sap
him handling you with impeccable care, as if you’re made of glass

ok idk how i’ve never really noticed or cared about jasper in the twilight series and i’m so pissed at myself because he’s actually so great and attractive
Betsy DeVos Is Confirmed As Education Secretary, Thanks To An Unprecedented Tie-Breaking Vote
The Senate voted 50-50 on Trump's controversial pick to head the Department of Education, forcing Vice President Mike Pence to cast a historic vote to break the tie.
By Molly Hensley-Clancy

WASHINGTON — The Senate confirmed Betsy DeVos as education secretary by a razor-thin margin Tuesday, with Vice President Mike Pence casting an unprecedented vote to break a 50-50 tie on a cabinet nomination. It is also the first time in history that an education secretary has ever been confirmed without bipartisan support.

No Democrats voted for DeVos’s nomination, and two Republicans crossed party lines to oppose her, saying they believed she was too inexperienced and narrowly focused on school choice issues like charter schools and vouchers to adequately support public schools.

But a frantic effort by Democrats — including a deluge of phone calls from constituents and 24 straight hours of anti-DeVos speeches on the Senate floor — failed to convince a third Republican to jump ship and kill the nomination. That left Pence with the deciding vote, the first time in Congressional history that a vice president has broken a tie on a cabinet nominee.
Got A Melancholic Temperament (that's what they said to me)
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

A new meta with a strange ability has public opinion divided on whether she’s a menace or a miracle-worker. The jury’s still out on the matter when the Snart siblings get caught in her crosshairs.

Or: Leonard and Lisa end up temporarily de-aged. It’ll wear off, but in the meantime, Team Flash has to figure out what the heck to do with them and how to keep them safe. Inviting them to live at the West house seems like a natural, if terrible, solution.

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25 Sexual Terms You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

1. Pearl Necklace 🔁

When a guy ejaculates sperm on a woman’s neck, it is called giving a ‘pearl necklace’.

2. Barebacking ⬅

Having sex without any condoms is called barebacking.

3. Furball ♋

When a guy goes down on a bushy girl and her pubic hair get stuck in his mouth, it is known as a furball.

4. Golden Shower 💦

This term is used for urinating on someone (with their consent of course).

5. Rimming 👅

Performing oral sex on someone’s anus is called Rimming. ATM is another term for it (Ass to Mouth).

6. Bangover 💥

Who said only alcohol gives you hangover? That exhausted feeling after a night of wild sex is called bangover!

7. Hotdog In A Hallway 🍩

This term is used for a woman’s vagina that is too wide to for a man’s penis.

8. Bear Claw 👄

A vagina with really big lips (labia) is called a bear claw.

9. Menthol ♌

The act of performing oral sex on someone while eating mint is called a menthol.

10. High Dive 🏂

The act of pulling out the penis from inside a vagina and pushing it back in, in a single push is called high diving.

11. Edgeplay 💣

Edgeplay refers to risky and dangerous sexual behavior.

12. Felching ♉

The act of ejaculating inside someone’s anus and licking or sucking the semen out is called felching.

13. Corkscrew 🔀

When you twist your wrist as you move your fingers in and out of a woman’s vagina, it is called a corkscrew.

14. Queening 🚼

When a woman sits on a man’s face to let him perform cunnilingus on her, it is called queening.

15. Snowballing ♑

Exchanging body fluids with your partners using your mouth is what snowballing really means.

16. Shrimping 💅🏼

The act of sucking your partners toes is called shrimping.

17. Splosh 🍦

Splosh is a sexual activity that involves the use of any food item that is gooey.

18. Frottage ♒

Rubbing against someone’s genitals while being completely clothed is called frottage.

19. Dirty Sanchez 🍌

When the guy rubs his penis on a girl’s lips after having anal sex.

20. Bukkake 🚿

It is the act of a lot of men ejaculating on a woman’s face at the same time.

21. Smegma 💧

The whitish substance that gets accumulated on the male genitals if they aren’t cleaned regularly is called smegma.

22. Queef 💨

A vaginal fart is known as a queef.

23. Pony Play 🏇🏽

An act of BDSM where one of the partners is made to behave like an animal is called pony play.

24. Pudendum 🌸

The external genitals of a woman are called pudendum, i.e., the vulva.

25. Creampie ♈

The act of ejaculating inside a vagina or anus is called a creampie.

Adorable things we've learned from Paris' "Rolling Stone" interview

1) Michael teased her about a crush she had on a girl when she was young
2) I repeat, Michael accepted his daughter and her sexuality from the get go.
3) He frequently reminded her to be proud of her race and her blackness
4) Michael was a pretty strict parent (which we already knew but STILLL)
5) Prince and Paris know that Michael is and will always be their biological father
6) People tell Paris she’s so much like her dad it’s frightening
7) Paris has the same “weakness” as Michael- letting emotions cloud your judgement (according to Prince)
8) Prince and Paris believe their father was completely innocent
9) Michael used to cry to the kids at night because of how cruel the world was to him
10) While rehearsing for “THIS IS IT” Michael was so tired that Paris would encourage him to take a nap with her
11) Paris believes Michael was murdered
12) It took her until she was 10 to figure out that Michael couldn’t have a baby and so she had to have a mum
13) When she asked Michael who her mother was, Michael simply said “Debbie” (Goddamit Michael! How is she supposed to know who that is?!)
14) Paris was on the same antidepressants as Michael at one point
15) Paris explained that losing Michael was the worst thing possible so anything bad that has happened since has been nothing in comparison
16) She shrugged off just randomly finding a platinum album in the attic (I wish!)
17) Michael introduced her to tons of music, including classical and rap
18) Sometimes Michael would come into their home school lessons and when he did the kids knew they were done with school for the day
19) Michael read to them at night
20) When she was younger Paris used to think that all she ever needed was her dad and Disney channel
21) Paris has track marks from drug use, some of which, along with her self harm scars, are covered with tattoos
22) 11 of her 50+ tattooed are dedicated to Michael
23) Michael used to call her “Tinker Bell”
24) It took her years to figure out Michael had a name and wasn’t just called “Daddy” or “Dad”
25) Paris knew Michael loved Lisa Marie because apparently he looks “whipped” in the YANA music video
26) Michael taught her how to cook
27) Michael made amazing fried chicken (KFC?!)
28) Paris is scared for the coral reef
29) Paris only found out who her mom was after Michael died, because she looked it up on the Internet
30) Paris is a sweetheart who deserves the best of this world

  • Disney: might cancel gmw
  • Gmw Fandom: makes twitter campaign's about renewing gmw and saving the show trending multiple times
  • Disney: uses gmw fandom for publicity by posting about gmw on their social medias to bait us with hope even though they intend to cancel the show
  • Gmw Fandom: fills comment section up with the save gmw campaign
  • Disney: calls MJ and tells him about the cancelation and plan to tell everyone in possibly a few days...
  • MJ: beats them to the news and alerts everyone immediately the show is over while dissing Disney
  • Gmw fandom: starts arranging a Netflix campaign and start to call them that night
  • Disney: posts a half assed goodbye to gmw announcement on instagram
  • Gmw fandom: fills up the comment section telling Disney how exactly stupid they are for canceling their best show
  • Rowan Blanchard: the star of gmw disses Disney in her rant/goodbye about the show angering Rowan supporters
  • Disney: the next day they accidently like a tweet saying that Disney are idiots
  • Gmw: literally gets nominated for two awards
  • Gmw fandom: now expanding to Hulu
  • Gmw fandom: live chatting and calling Netflix 24/7 to the point where they make a tweet about it and get two articles written about the campaign
  • Disney: posts a picture of gmw reminding everyone the show has been canceled
  • MJ: is a genius and the picture that Disney posted is from World Meets Girl which is an one hour special that literally shows just how STUPID Disney is for cancelling gmw and Disney is airing it on their own channel
  • Gmw fandom: continues campaign
  • YouTubers: start making videos about the news and Netflix alerting the YouTube fandom about what's going on
  • The Writers: show that they are all for gmw changing networks and support the campaign without even saying it.
  • Netflix: has been getting requests all around the world and the representatives think we might actually have a real shot at this
  • Disney: tries to post something
  • Gmw fandom: floods them in all social media begging them to hand over gmw rights
  • I'm crying
  • @netflix @hulu plz save this show
Teen Wolf Imagine Prompts

1. “please back away.” “no I know you won’t hurt me.”

2.“don’t go I can’t be alone.”

3.“It’s not your fault.”

4. “being with you shouldn’t be this hard.”

5.“they can’t hurt you anymore.”

6.“did it hurt?” “what when I fell from heaven?” “no when you fell for me.”

7.“I heard you’re a player, so lets play a game.”

8.“please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”

9.“why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM!”

10.“so why did you punch him again?”

11.“I can’t escape this now, not  unless you show me how.”

12.“I had to lose my way to ultimately know what path to take.”

13.“you’re a survivor, it’s written all over your body.”

14.“I will love you unconditionally.”

15.“if you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.”

16.“I’m either going out for ice cream or to commit a heinous crime, I’ll decide in the car.”

17.“this plan of yours is going to get us killed! oh who am I kidding, i’m in!”

18.“what’s our exit strategy?” “our what?” “oh god, this is how I die.” “please like i’d ever let that happen.”

19.“it’s gotta get easier and easier, somehow just not today.”

20.“you haven’t experienced loss like I have.”

21.“all of my mistakes, have finally led up to this moment of truth.”

22.“the sun hasn’t even come up yet and you want me to do what now?”

23.“that feeling, the one you’re feeling right now, it’s called regret.”

24.“it’s nice to see someone appreciates my humor!”

25.“honestly, the worse thing you can do is stare.”

26.“somehow you don’t even have to open your mouth to make my head hurt.”

27.“you just give the impression that you want to murder everyone you look at.” “well I don’t want to murder you.”

28.“I could never hurt you because you never gave me the power to.”

29.“the problem is, if I kiss you, I don’t know that i’d be able to stop.”

30.“isn’t it lonely keeping everything bottled up like that?”

31.“sometimes i’m not angry, i’m hurt, and there is a big difference.”

32.“I never stood a chance did I?” “that’s the sad part, you did at one time.”

33.“do you have any idea what you’ve just done?” “well would it be any fun if I did?”

34.“look at you sacrificing yourself for others. I was starting to think you didn’t have a heart.”

35.“that was a sad attempt at an apology.” “well I’ve never actually apologized to someone before.” “Never?” “I guess you could say you changed me.”

36.“you know normal people don’t have this many weapons in their basement.” “i’ll have you know all of these knives saved my life at one point.” “oh yeah what about that gun over there?” “that’s just for decoration.”

37.“just let yourself be selfish for one night would you?”

38.“wow that was deep, like deeper than the pacific.”

39.“these walls have fallen before, what makes you think they haven’t learned from it.”

40.“it’s your choice, you can continue with your worthless life, or become someone who matters.”

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