Please fire me. I work at a call center and at least once a day a customer will have a full conversation with me and when I tell them I can take there payment over the phone they start pressing buttons in my ear… Um, you have to READ your card numbers to me they don’t magically come through the phone.

Lie to my face after I worked there for a year and was a supervisor? Have fun losing your job.

Hey all! I used to work for a cable company in eastern Canada [rhymes with lifelink] I finished up with them on good terms about 2 years ago and called in due to some issues with my hardwired speed being 20mbps instead of the 50mbps I was paying for, I knew they could guarantee 80% hardwired as was the policy, this woman I got on the phone argues with me up and down [keep in mind I was a supervisor before I left] that they only guaranteed WIRELESS speeds! I told her she was an outright liar and needed to be retrained, went over company policy and what she was supposed to be doing step by step, eventually she put me on hold for 10 minutes after I requested a supervisor cause I was done dealing with her, she comes back and says “Are you ready to speak to me like an adult now Envory?” I was pretty ticked, went on facebook and contacted the 3 managers I knew from her callcenter and got them to listen in on the call and advised her of what I had just done, she started apologizing profusely and was almost in tears, found out later she got fired as she had been talked to numerous times about this and would not stop.

For all you call centre reps out there that do your job, you’re awesome, for those of you that are meh at it but still do it, keep it up, for those of you that blatantly lie to customers to get them off the phone quicker and make them call back to pester another rep, a sincere and heartfelt f*ck you. Remember some of us used to work for you and know higher ups in your company and will report you.

Have a nice day :)

Mi libro...

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Mi metto alla ricerca di un'offerta di lavoro.
Su internet trovo solo: callcenter, tecnocasa, callcenter, callcenter, callcenter, tecnocasa, callcenter, callcenter, callcenter, tecnocasa.
Spengo il pc e mi rimetto a giocare alla XboX, la mia vita da adulta frustrata può cominciare un altro giorno.

“While taking time off from college, I worked part-time as a call center representative at a shopping mall. I heard that call center representatives suffer from emotional labor, but I thought I would be okay. I am usually good at laughing it off even when people give insults. But it was a different story once I actually started the job. One time, a customer disliked the delivery company that was to deliver his purchases, so he suddenly began cussing me out. Listening to his abusive language over something that wasn’t my fault and in which I didn’t have any control over… my head just went completely blank.”

“휴학하면서 쇼핑몰에서 전화 상담원 알바를 했어요. 상담원은 감정 노동 때문에 힘들다고 하지만 저는 괜찮을 줄 알았어요. 제가 원래 남이 욕해도 그냥 웃으며 넘기는 스타일 이거든요. 그런데 막상 해보니까 그게 아니더라고요. 한번은 주문한 상품을 배송 할 택배 업체가 마음에 안 든다는 이유로 어떤 분이 저한테 다짜고짜 심한 욕을 하시는 거에요. 제가 잘못한 것도 없고 어쩔 수 있는 것도 아닌데 날라오는 그 욕들을 계속 들으니까… 그냥 멍 해지더라고요.”

o2 can do
  • o2: Guten Tag, sie haben eingewilligt, dass wir sie per Telefon auf neue Aktionen aufmerksam machen können.
  • Ich: Ja, kann sein.
  • o2: Möchten sie das in Zukunft auch noch so haben?
  • Ich: Nein, bitte nur per E-Mail.
  • o2: Ok, das habe ich notiert. Dann würde ich jetzt nochmal zur Validierung dieser Einwilligungserklärung die Bandaufnahme zum Mitschnitt starten. Sind sie einverstanden?
  • Ich: Ja.
  • o2: Sehr geehrter Kunde, sie willigen ein, dass wir sie in Zukunft telefonisch auf neue Aktionen aufmerksam machen dürfen und sie willigen ein, dass wir ihre Daten zu Werbezwecken weiter geben.
  • Ich: Nein, das habe ich nicht gesagt.
  • o2: Sie haben doch gerade eingewilligt!
  • Ich: Nein, ich sagte, dass sie mich nicht telefonisch nerven sollen.
  • o2: Aber sie haben doch eingewilligt.
  • Ich: Nein, ich sagte, dass sie mich nicht telefonisch nerven sollen. Außerdem habe ich schon gekündigt und werde garantiert nicht der Weitergabe meiner Daten zustimmen.
  • o2: Na dann hat das keinen Sinn. Wiederhören. *klick*