I have had this idea for a few days and I hope I don’t get on anyone’s nerves putting this forward. But can you imagine protecting the home front with the DC bombshells and getting shot while fighting. Blood loss almost kills you. But the danger is that there is no clean medical supplies or enough to stop your bleeding. The rest of your team tries to keep you awake, but with Nazis on your tail it seems like your going to become a fatality. Just as you start to black out from blood loss your team comes across a secured bunker a single man resides inside and hesitantly lets you all in. He quickly helps you onto a makeshift operating table because he has the medical expertise and equipment to save your life. You don’t see him very well before you callapse. You awake after a grueling night where your team isn’t sure your going to survive or not to the most brilliant pair of blue eyes. “I see your awake” and you mumble out “beautiful, beautiful eyes” baffled for a moment he simply scoffs and concludes your delirious from the surgery. All your friends gather around you and as the man is leaving you to be with them Harley thanks him using his last name “Thank you doctor Crane”. He looks back at you as your groggy eyes follow him out of the room.

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(AU! Leo the Prince and Raph the barbarian!) Raphael had been through quests with different people, and wherever he went, he ended up bringing disaster. He fought monsters, would acidentally kill the good guys now and then, and he got a bounty building on his head, when they entered a foreign kingdom, he was on his guard, extremely uptight, prepared to mess up all over again. He'd heard of the prince of these lands, but wasnt sure what of the many rumors to believe.

Prince Leonardo gazed down at his kingdom from his bedroom window. The world’s problems pressing onto him to the point he could possibly callapse. His kingdom was safe, but for how long? How can he keep the people he loved safe from the dangers of the world outside his kingdoms walls. He thought about this every morning and night, hardly getting any sleep from the anxiety and stress.

Turning away from the window, the prince made his way down to his castle doors to make his daily route around the village, just to be sure that the street violence was improving.

Good Girls: Ashton Irwin Smut!

You’ve been dating your boyfriend Ashton for about a year now and not once have you mentioned him to your family. I mean don’t get me wrong you considered it but…you knew they wouldn’t aprove. He was a bad boy with loads of tattoos and you were the ‘shy’ girl who always got straight A’s. You two couldn’t be more different from each other but I guess that’s what keeps you two together. You were in your room studying when you felt you cell phone buzz.It was a text from Ashton.“Babeeee I miss you so much…maybe you should come over;)”,“Ash I can’t finals start tommorrow”,Ashton never really understood why you had to study all the time. But you can’t afford to get any bad grades,especially not now. “Pleaseeee I promise you’ll be back by 8”
Maybe you should go. Maybe you should let off some steam before the finals. By now you knew the material by heart so why not. “Fine,but only because I love you” You got up to lock your door to make sure your parents wouldn’t be able to come in,then you changed out of your sweats into something  more comfortable but hot at the same time. After you were dressed you climbed out your window and walked to the corner where Ashton was parked. “You look hot”,was the first thing you said when you got in his car. He was blasting American Idiot by Green Day and you both sang along until you arrived at his house.
He was 19 so he already moved out of his parents house and invested into his own house. You thought it was pretty cool since you had a sense of privacy and you could just be alone and relax. You and Ashton both sat on the couch and cuddled for about an hour or so while watching True Life. “(Y/n) these people are crazy”,“Yeah but not as crazy as you Ash”,“what is that supposed to mean”,he said with a laugh,“I don’t know you tell me”,you said biting your lower lip. He slowly cupped you cheek with his right hand and moved his face closer to yours. You felt yourself shiver,praying that he didn’t notice you moved your face closer to his so that you lips were lightly grazing over his. “How about I’ll just show you”,he said before he smashed his lips into yours.
You felt his hands move lower and lower down your body and he finally made it to your waist as he started to unbutton your shorts. “You know your kinda lucky that you barely wore any clothes makes it a lot easier on my end.” Before you could answer he picked you up and took you into his room and lightly layed you on the bed. You started to kiss him again as he proceeded to take off your shorts.“Just tell me if you want me to stop”,he said as he placed his leg in between your thighs,while he still hovered over you. He slowly rubbed his index finger over your core. You slowly leaned your head back against the pillow when you felt his cold long fingers slip into you. He just let his finger sit there for a few seconds before he slowly began to pull it in and out. You moaned after every touch.He then stopped and slowly migrated his way slowly down your body leaving a trail of kisses down your lower abdomen,some leaving marks. He looked up at you for your approval and you shook your head 'yes’ in response. He slowly took off your black laced panties and you wrapped your fingers in his hair which made him moan. For some reason he loved when you did that.
“God your so wet”,you had no clue how to respond to his statement so you just said “I love you”,his smile lit up the room but his smile soon faded as he went back to what he was doing. You quickly arched your back after he started to make circles around your core with his tongue. And then you felt him stop. He climbed up towards you and positioned himself over your clit. “What’s wrong..why’d you stop”,you asked,“I just uh..”, You cut him off with a kiss and flipped him over so that you were on top. You slowly undid his pants while he took off his shirt leaving him in just his underwear,you began to kiss him again and he quickly flipped you over and rammed into you he quickly thrusted in and out of you. But then he slowed down and moved his hips in a circular motion. You then noticed that he gripped the headboard and he started to thrust even faster than before. You could feel the bed moving. “You feel so good (y/n)”,“shit Ash..oh god”,you later found yourself leaving scratches on Ashton’s back and hearing him grunt in pain. After you both reached your climax’s he callapsed on top of you and you slowly found yourselves falling asleep.
You soon woke up two ours later and it was already 8:30.“Shit Ashton wake up my parents are going to kill me”

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