Okay so it seems like people will call any mallet percussion instrument a xylophone and I’m here to teach you shit.

This is a xylophone. The wood part is thick and it’s high pitched.

This is a marimba. It’s huge and expensive. No like a small one costs over $4,000 (3186.20 euros). The key things are really long and thin.

Now do you see this beautiful instrument? This is called the vibraphone motherfuckers. Or just the vibes. Anyways it sounds amazing. I could marry the sound. Basically, it;s made of metal and you have a pedal to stop it from ringing too long.

This is the glockenphejksdfjkl. I have no idea how to spell it, so lets just call it the orchestral bells. If you hit this shit too loud it can burst your eardrums. 

These are a joke.

he’s the beauty; she’s the beast

so i’m sure the remake of a timeless classic that disney is about to roll out is going to be great and all

but here’s another way we could do things:

he’s the beauty

she’s the beast

for a movie who’s central theme is inner beauty, it doesn’t really do anything to support that, you know? so how about this: adam, our prince turned beast, isn’t an inhospitable monster. because this back story doesn’t make any sense – why is the young prince of this land alone, in a castle, only to be caught unaware by a witch?

so how about this – this is pseudo france, right, so these royals do what their real life counterparts did. they flee. the cruel, greedy king and queen flee and leave their young son behind with their staff. their son who is kind and soft hearted and totally unfit to rule any kingdom (never mind that they’re literally running away from their own people). not only that – they trade their son for their freedom, trade their kingdom for their freedom. to the witch.

so the witch comes, and she doesn’t disguise herself as a crone, goes to him looking as lovely and young as her magic keeps her. but our prince adam has a talent, one many cast-aside, neglected children have developed – the ability to see people for who they really are, and he knows this is no kind young woman in need of his help. he refuses to let her in – and there’s this little twist to the magic, that she can only enter the palace grounds and claim her prize if she’s welcomed in a as a guest, and he, the young master of this castle, won’t let her in.

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Adorable things we've learned from Paris' "Rolling Stone" interview

1) Michael teased her about a crush she had on a girl when she was young
2) I repeat, Michael accepted his daughter and her sexuality from the get go.
3) He frequently reminded her to be proud of her race and her blackness
4) Michael was a pretty strict parent (which we already knew but STILLL)
5) Prince and Paris know that Michael is and will always be their biological father
6) People tell Paris she’s so much like her dad it’s frightening
7) Paris has the same “weakness” as Michael- letting emotions cloud your judgement (according to Prince)
8) Prince and Paris believe their father was completely innocent
9) Michael used to cry to the kids at night because of how cruel the world was to him
10) While rehearsing for “THIS IS IT” Michael was so tired that Paris would encourage him to take a nap with her
11) Paris believes Michael was murdered
12) It took her until she was 10 to figure out that Michael couldn’t have a baby and so she had to have a mum
13) When she asked Michael who her mother was, Michael simply said “Debbie” (Goddamit Michael! How is she supposed to know who that is?!)
14) Paris was on the same antidepressants as Michael at one point
15) Paris explained that losing Michael was the worst thing possible so anything bad that has happened since has been nothing in comparison
16) She shrugged off just randomly finding a platinum album in the attic (I wish!)
17) Michael introduced her to tons of music, including classical and rap
18) Sometimes Michael would come into their home school lessons and when he did the kids knew they were done with school for the day
19) Michael read to them at night
20) When she was younger Paris used to think that all she ever needed was her dad and Disney channel
21) Paris has track marks from drug use, some of which, along with her self harm scars, are covered with tattoos
22) 11 of her 50+ tattooed are dedicated to Michael
23) Michael used to call her “Tinker Bell”
24) It took her years to figure out Michael had a name and wasn’t just called “Daddy” or “Dad”
25) Paris knew Michael loved Lisa Marie because apparently he looks “whipped” in the YANA music video
26) Michael taught her how to cook
27) Michael made amazing fried chicken (KFC?!)
28) Paris is scared for the coral reef
29) Paris only found out who her mom was after Michael died, because she looked it up on the Internet
30) Paris is a sweetheart who deserves the best of this world

Kitchen Favours - Part 2

You asked for a part two. I gave you a part two. Though its probably not as good as you wanted!
Prompt: After their moment in Pop’s kitchen, Jughead tries to confront Y/N about what happened. 
Warning: Smut reference.
Part One 

Originally posted by admireforever

The day after yours and Jughead’s heated moment you find yourself back at the scene of the crime. Back at Pop’s for yet another shift, one you were happy to work as it was one of the few where you didn’t have the dark haired devil that was Jughead Jones. A name that hadn’t released your lips since you moaned it in his ear just last night.
Oh, last night…
As soon as Pop’s entered the diner, you both fumbled trying to grab your shirts, sooth your hair before Pop’s saw the two kids he had known since they were children about to loose the last of their innocence on the kitchen counter of his own diner.

Neither of you spoke a word to each other after that. The flirty jokes which had become common between the two of you halted in an almost un-natural manner, one you hoped Pop’s hadn’t picked up on. You left the diner the second your shift ended, not even saying goodbye to the boy who had waited behind just to keep you company. 

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I can’t help but think but Alexander be weak in the knees for Thomas’ southern charm.

(I’m a slut for canon era Jamilton but with more open values on LGBT people)

Hamilton getting fired up over one thing or another and all Thomas has to do is say Sugar/Darling/Honey and Hamilton shuts up and gives him the “in listening but I’m still mad so you better say the right shit in the next 10 seconds” look.

Thomas’ mannerism never fails to make Hamilton blush like pulling out his chair for him

Thomas getting mad (not at Hamilton for once) and gets that real thick kind of accent (depending where you’re from in Virginia) and Hamilton is g one

Hamilton being called his Northern Belle (opposed to Southern Belle)

Hamilton called Thomas his “beau” and not really understand it but says it anyway because it makes Thomas happy

Thomas asking George for his blessing because he’s the closet Hamilton has for a parental figure and goes through the whole “if you hurt a single hair on his head,,,”

h and KISSES

Hamilton slowly getting accustomed to not working on Sundays and having large Sunday dinners in the afternoon

Thomas flaunting around Hamilton at parties and to diplomats and to staring guests

Sunday carriage rides (this shit is real and y'all can fight me. Sunday drive is fucking brutal)

Hamilton using the word “ya’ll” by accident

Hamilton not understanding Ice Tea and being really offended when asked if he wanted a sip

Ok so I know not a lot of this is super southern but I’m from Virginia and let me tell you something. Sunday is like family day for some reason. You got the big family with the big meal with the car ride and church. SHIT is serious down here and I just want Hamilton to be both equally confused, aroused, and curious.

Adrien's role in Volpina: unpopular opinion

It’s been stewing in my mind for a while now, and I’ve been wondering why all the essays and articles and fanfic written about the episode never quite satisfied me.

This morning I realised how come that was. A lot of the things written were about Marinette
This one was one of those episodes where her defects really do come back to haunt her. What’s more, at the end she hasn’t even learned much: she still doesn’t listen to Chat and goes to hunt down Adrien despite his protests, just steamrolling his opinion on the matter.

But the thing that didn’t satisfy me most is that the fandom overlooked another guilty party in this episode who’s defects also were responsible for creating the akuma: Adrien.

Adrien really annoyed me in this episode. One thing is being innocent and sheltered. He cannot help that and he’s slowly overcoming it, I imagine, with experience and Nino’s help. But come ON you HAVE miraculous yourself!

Adrien knows very well that the first rule of owning a miraculous is telling no one; it’s practically the first thing out of Plagg’s mouth after ‘ca se mange?’, which in hindsight tells him it’s pretty important. This is something he should know intrinsically this late in the game - one assumes the timeline has ANY sense. And giving away your identity to someone you just met, especially not for a booty call, should have started ringing alarm bells in his head. Instead of looking stupefied, he should have started asking trick questions, looking suspicious, backing away. After all, they have no idea who Hawkmoth is, his gender and age. For all they know the giant face and voice on the Eiffel tower could have just been a giant illusion.

I wouldn’t have minded if he’d just been an innocent bystander, someone like Nathaniel or Theo who don’t know a first thing about the miraculous stones. But that’s not the case; he knows very well that Plagg hiding is half his existence and doesn’t get suspicious at all this girl is just telling a random stranger she has a miraculous? Because make no mistake, Lila just moved into their school, she’s a stranger.

And then later, he does it AGAIN. A girl who looks a lot like Lila shows up in the fox miraculous costume. The fox. Miraculous. Which Lila just claimed as her own. She shows up out of nowhere, starts bossing your usual team leader around - thus blowing a hole into your usual team dynamics which you suddenly seem to care nothing about - and you accept it without batting an eye. Moreover, you notice your team leader is annoyed, and instead of asking why, just sort of hint she’s being hostile to the new teammate who you’ve accepted beyond the very reasonable doubt you should have had.

Adrien was right there when Ladybug tears Lila a new one, and also deduced correctly that her lie about being a miraculous holder was just that. He put the entire team at risk by siding with the newcomer over his team leader seconds after meeting her, and he did this after he KNEW that Lila was upset and just lying about that very miraculous stone. I’m surprised that has not had lasting effects on Ladybug and Chat Noir’s team dynamics, because quite beyond Adrien knowing about Lila, which Ladybug has no way of knowing, one would think the boy constantly spouting love declarations would follow said love interest as a team leader over a newcomer they know exactly nothing about.

Of course, I’m not saying Adrien should be shamed or any sort of thing. But Marinette’s faults and defects in this episode have been picked apart and aired so often I’m just really surprising Adrien’s very sizable errors weren’t also pointed out. Mari’s errors were more of a reactive nature, where she was provoked and acted out of line. Adrien’s were more errors of omission, where he failed to do and see things he really aught to know better about at this point. But they are still mistakes he makes, and no one seems to want to speak of them.

Ten Years (Part 9)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,144 (minus the flashback)

Warnings: language!!, fluff, mentions of past cheating, confrontation, crying

A/N: Tags are closed. I wrote this so quickly because I got super motivated by all your messages. I think the angst is winding down. This is a turning point for reader, and I’m excited for her. Also, Bucky’s got a lotta ‘splainin’ to do!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 -

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Savior Ink

Every artist has their signature and hers, it’s cover-ups. Sometimes it’s to mask a now unwanted tat but her favorite is to cover a scar, or as she likes to explain to her clients, honor it. She gets a rush at taking something unwanted and turning into something to cherish.“ 

(Modern AU / Rated T / 3200 words / AO3

The heels of her boots are loud against the poured concrete floor of the hallway, the last quiet spot before reaching the constant swarm beyond the double swinging doors. Ten years in and she still quickens her pace to enter the one place she’s ever felt it in her heart to call home. The buzzing hits her like a lover’s embrace, melting the tension from her shoulders brought on by a restless night’s sleep.

Ruby’s client’s tongue is trapped between her red tipped fingers, slightly swollen from the shiny new  barbell piercing she’s securing with a sultry wink. Emma can practically feel the pheromones pulsing around the pair as the beautiful asian owner of said tongue blushes furiously as Ruby’s thumb brushes against her bottom lip. It doesn’t take a genius to know that Ruby will be offering to show this new client how to really make use of that piercing, with hands and tongue on demonstration devoid of any clothes.

Emma catches Belle’s eye from behind the counter and they share a knowing smile, both of them used to Ruby’s sexual adventures thanks to her love for giving the entire shop a very detailed play by play.

“Hey Ems, there’s coffee on your station.”

Ah, salvation. Belle is seriously the best, keeping this pack of lady tattoo artists organized and as drama free as possible, considering they’ve all gotten on the same damn cycle.

“What would I do without you?”

Belle just waves her off and goes back to adding to the schedule of appointments on the computer. There’s already three people waiting on the sunken leather couch in the front corner and Emma starts the process of getting her station set up for the day. Other than the appointment with Anton later on tonight to finally finish the intricate beanstalk tattoo on his back, she’s free for the rest of the day for walk-ins.

“I call dibs on stubbled and broody in the armchair, darling. He’s just this side of smarmy and I need the eye candy to help me wake up.”


Emma doesn’t even look up from her prep as Crue slinks by on wispy limbs towards her prey. Here’s hoping the guy wants a dog tattoo, cause that’s just about the only thing that woman is good at.

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Rant. Rant. Rant.

As much as I complain about consistency in this show the one area where A&E have truly stuck to their guns is insisting that a lifetime of struggle is the only way a female can be strong or that her main function is as a catalyst for the poor behavior of a man, sweeping crimes against the female characters under the rug, and retconning heroism for the undeserving.

The Wish Realm really served as a microcosm of all of these issues, all of them reflecting other more spread out examples in two hours of some of the most disgusting television I’ve ever seen.

First we have Emma, whose main lesson in this AU was apparently that her life experience of being repeatedly abandoned, left to her own devices, a life time of pain and hurt was the only thing that made her truly her. Without her Saviorness she was a vapid “singing princess” who sacrificed her entire kingdom to save the lives of her parents and it was only through the intense pain of their deaths that she “woke up” and found the strong woman within.

This is in contrast to Deckhand!Hook who via extremely similar circumstances was robbed of his major character traits, the bravery and determination that made him him, and was able to overcome that entirely on his own, without any terrible pain or sacrifice on his part, protecting a strange woman he was drawn to and her child was enough. But Emma had to actually witness the brutal murder of those she loved before she could undergo a similar transformation.

That’s just so…gross, to me? Firstly because there is nothing inherently wrong with being a “singing princess” yet there was nothing to indicate that she would have been strong and resilient regardless, only her experiences made her that way. So people who don’t know struggle can’t be strong? Girl’s who are more or less the real life version of the “singing princess” can’t rise to the occasion on their own merit when the situation calls for it? A man can be motivated by love to change and find his inner courage but a woman must always be motivated by pain? Sorry, I call foul.

Then there’s Belle, poor Pile of Bones!Belle who actually served more of a narrative function in the whole two hours than Killian did. Her entire purpose in that Wish Realm was to act as a reason for why Rumple would refuse to help Regina. Another in an unending line of women pointlessly killed to give a man motivation.

They could have kept her alive, could have made HER speak for herself, a wizened, tortured, hardened older version of Belle who asked Rumple not to help because of HER suffering, perhaps allowing Belle to finally have a spine and drop some truth bombs about Regina’s unrepentant treatment of her, but no way A&E would allow Rumple to be ordered around by a woman and unmanned in such a way and we certainly can’t talk about Regina’s crimes unless she’s having a crisis of confidence.

One the MOST consistent things about this show is the blatant disregard for crimes against female characters. Excepting Killian apologizing to Belle, and indicating he was trying to make it up to her, I can’t think of another time a man was held accountable for his actions against a female.

It’s not new, this has been going on for awhile. Arthur? Got a new kingdom, finally fulfilled his destiny for rifling through a few books and being a liability, but we never even HEARD from Guinevere again after her ENSLAVEMENT. She said goodbye and peaced out. Who knows what her mental condition is and she certainly never got to confront her husband for ENSLAVING HER.

Milah? Chucked into the River of Souls for daring to stand in Rumple’s way. Next episode Belle is saving his life and clutching at him. Everything cool here ya’ll. Never mentioned again. Will never BE mentioned again most like. Do the characters even know he did that? I can’t remember BECAUSE NO ONE CARED IF HE DID.

Neal and August send a pregnant Emma to jail?

Heroes! The biggest heroes there ever was.

August steals the money that might have prevented her from apparently continuing a life of crime, and he was just doing it for her own good!

Neal impregnated an underage girl and then has the audacity to be angry at her for not telling him, when it was HIM who made the decision to leave her. Well of course, that’s his right as a father!

Dude gets killed because of his own stupidity, but he’s celebrated and praised as a hero, a baby is even named for him! He contributed to what might be one of the darker periods of Emma’s life, the reason for her trust issues, but he’s just such a NORMAL guy you know? He gets a big ole portrait in the WishRealm and a heroes veneration because A&E just love their ordinary joe who is not at all a self insert and they are in no way threatened by the handsome, dashing, feminist pirate captain. No way. “Please ignore us making him look like a complete fool and doing what we can to marr his handsomeness (unsuccessfully), it has nothing to do with our own insecurities, we promise, we just thought it would be funny!”

And August, he might have been the brains behind the “Send Emma to Jail When Really Leaving Her Behind Would Be Enough” plan and he steals the money Neal left her, but hey he told her a story once and he believed in her a couple times so it’s cool, let’s never mention it again! Best friends forever!

SHE ACTUALLY THANKED HIM. That happened. The woman who was betrayed and sent to jail, who had to live with her pregnancy behind bars, who had to give up her baby because she had no way to support him because August STOLE HER MONEY, actually told that motherfucker Thank You.

That happened. But these struggles made her so STRONG you guys.

And let’s talk about Rumple who all of sudden is Team Hero again, trying to help his son. Not once does Belle turn to him and say “You know, if you hadn’t chased my pregnant ass around with scissors threatening to like, de-soul our baby, none of this would have happened?? He would have been fine? Maybe going on baby play dates with the other rapidly aged baby Robyn instead of rocking a terrible haircut and trying to kill the Savior.”

Nope, Rumple gets a clean slate. All is forgiven! A reconciliation is imminent, they are working together for their son. Babies forgive all manner of abuse apparently. Let’s stay together for the children. Hand holding and the desperate bond of parenthood apparently trump endangering the child’s life in the first place.


Belle x Reader #1

Prompt: Having had had a rather huge crush on Belle for a while now, you often visit the library just to see her.

Originally posted by despairingfever

You grabbed a dusty book off a random shelf, peering around to make sure you had not lost your sights on the beautiful brunette sitting on one of the only two tables in the small book room.

Indeed, Belle was still sitting there, right where she had been for the past few hours, eagerly engrossed in a, rather thick book.

You furrowed your brows and glanced down at the book in your hands. How did she do it? How could she stand sitting there for count less hours with a smile on her face?

You had tried, for several months now, to read and learn so you could have something to approach Belle about to no avail. Of course, Belle is extremely intelligent… s'why she’s such an odd ball of a lady around here…

You hadn’t noticed the brunette get up from the desk as you turned your book this way and that, trying to find a way to understand the mysterious language written in its pages.

You heard a soft giggle behind you and your turned around abruptly, your heart fluttering and beating against your chest as your eyes met amused chocolate ones.

“Oh- uh, hello, Madam Belle,” you greeted, waving awkwardly.

Bloody hell. That was embarrassing. Way to go, [Y/n].

Your blood froze and your brain short circuited when she smiled at you shyly. “Pardon me if it is not my place to ask but, do you need help with something?” She asked kindly.

You raised a brow, scratching the back of your head in a very un-ladylike way. “Oh- er, uh… um… why do you ask?”

Belle giggled and shook her head, her eyes dancing with mirth. Gods, she’s adorable.

She motioned toward the book in your hand, “You seem to be struggling with something involving your book,” she explained.

“Er, yeah. About that… I’ve been having a bit of a problem…” You lied, your cheeks glowing under her undivided attention.

Belle placed her book on top of the counter and moved closer to you, her brows furrowing in concern. “What’s wrong?”

“Uhhhh… I can’t read,” you blurted nervously.

Your cheeks flamed and you looked down at the carpeted floor, wishing the ground could swallow you whole.

“Oh! Don’t be ashamed! I could help you if you want,” she replied excitedly at once. Finally another adult to speak with who won’t see me as odd, she thought to herself.

You knew that she typically taught children to read, specifically young girls since they were the ones who were never allowed to go to school, but somehow the thought of spending so much time with Belle despite having had been wanting to approach her since forever now seemed terrifying.

Apparently you stayed silent for a bit too long.

Belle’s face fell at your prolonged quiteness. “It’s alright if you don’t want to,” she mumbled quietly, wringing her hands together uncharacteristically.

You felt your heart clench at the barely concealed disappointment in her tone.

“N- no!-”

“No?” Belle asked, her face falling even more.

“Ms.Belle that’s not what I meant. I meant ‘no’ is in 'no, I do want you to teach me’. Only if you’re up to it of course, I mean… I’d understand if you were too busy or- well, I am a woman. I might no be able to learn-”

“[Y/n]!” Belle gasped, sounding scandalized.

You looked at her in alarm. “Wha- I mean yes?”

“You can learn to read and write just as any man can!”

“Thank you, but really think it just might take too long-”

“Nonsense!” She said passionately. “You can learn easily if you just put your mind to it, and I’ll prove it to you! I’ll teach you, [Y/n]!” Belle grinned brightly, grabbing your hand and pulling you toward one of the tables before you could respond.

You gaped, surprised at the sudden turn of events and the fuzzy feeling that went through your arm at her touch and sat down wearily next to her.

You watched in rapt fascination as Belle recited every single word from the page without even pausing to study it.

You were leaning against the desk, your head in your hand which was propped up on your elbow. Your eyes glistened as you watched adoringly the way puffy pink lips moved over each syllable and your body shivered in response to her smooth voice.

You were just staring at her freckles, a light dusting on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose when you felt her tapping your shoulder gently.

You shook yourself from your daze and looked at her apologetically. She merely shook her head in amusement and gave you a knowing smile before repeating her question.

“I said 'What letter is this?’” She pointed at a small phrase at the top of the page and looked up at you encouragingly. You blinked, and leaned over the book to look at the weird shape.

“Uh… is it a… a… 'c’?” You asked, feeling dumb.

Instead of answering Belle simply gave you a charming smile (it nearly made you collapse because it was so beautiful) and nodded, sliding her finger under the next letter.

“Er… is that a…,” you scrunched up your nose in concentration and Belle bit her lip, trying to mask the look of pure fondness that flickered across her face at your expression with indifference.

You stayed silent for a moment, not noticing her struggling to keep a straight face and looked up at her, nearly catching her off guard. “Is it an 'a’?”

This time Belle did answer, and her voice wavered slightly but she composed herself quickly. “I- uh… yes! That’s right, [Y/n]! See? I told you you could learn.”

You grinned proudly and went ahead to guess the next word. “Is this one a ’t’?”

“Yes! Now what’s the whole word?”

“C-A-T… is it… is it… 'cat’?” You wondered, squinting slightly.

The young woman smiled gleefully and pat your arm gently. “You’re doing wonderful.”

You shuffled your shoes lightly against the ground as you waited for Belle to finish locking up the library behind you. She’s so beautiful.

She slinked up next to you and, when she praised you once more, you turned away so that she wouldn’t see the blush rising up to your face.

You offered to walk her home as the streets were becoming darker with each passing moment and after all, it was really no bother to you at all.

She took your arm gratefully and the two of you walked down the cobblestone path down to her home in comfortable silence. She didn’t seen at all nervous to be seen walking so intimately with a woman and that gave you a small bout of hope to ask her out.

You stopped outside her small yard and turned to look down at her. She was already looking up at you and your cheeks glowed under her attention. So did hers but you didn’t notice as you dragged your eyes away from hers and looked at your hands.

“Madam Belle?” You asked quietly.

Belle hummed, studying the way you fiddled with your fingers anxiously.

“W-would it be too much trouble- er, that is to say… would you fancy going out with me some time for some pastries and a cup of tea? I know you don’t want money so, would you allow me to treat you to something in thanks for you teaching me to read?” You inquired, not meeting her eyes.

Belle bit her lip and felt her insides melt. She knew you were asking her out, she’d read more than enough romance books to know that you were making an advance on her but, strangely enough, she found herself not minding at all. You were being shy and adorable and polite and not forcing her to do anything she didn’t want to, not like someone else did. She found herself answering honestly before she could help it.

“I wouldn’t mind at all,” she responded softly, a hand tilting your chin gently to face her.

She placed a kiss on your cheek and turned rapidly, walking up the steps to her door as you stood there dumbfounded.

“[Y/n]?” She snapped her fingers as if she had forgotten something and you snapped up, “Yes, Madam Belle?”

“There’s no need for formalities. Just call me Belle.” She turned around and pushed her door open. You nodded lightly, sounding out her name under your breath.

“Goodnight, [Y/n],” called Belle, glad that you couldn’t see the tinge on her cheeks as she shut the door with a click.

“Goodnight!” You called, but she was gone.

You were glad she had gone inside because the next thing you did would have been far too embarrassing for her to witness. You whooped loudly, again in such an un lady-like manner, and did a slight jig, sending you uncharacteristically into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

On the other side of the door Belle looked around her small home and, seeing she was alone, slid down and giggled into her hands, her fingers doing a poor job of preventing her lips from curling into a simper.

A/n: Here you go guys! The awaited first live action! Belle oneshot! @pleasemakeitgayer @dunkinhoenuts @thewinterscallison 💕

A/n/n: How was this? Yay or nay? I wasn’t sure how to approach this one shot and I hope I didn’t mess up on Belle’s personality too much. It was a bit complicated to write her as she’s not a character I’m completely used to writing about and more often than not I found myself backspacing from ‘Hermione’ 😂 If this isn’t too bad I just might give her a go and take more requests for her. Also this is the first love action!Belle x fem!reader oneshot (on ANY social platform 😱 that’s kinda cool) so I didn’t really have anything to look at or anything to read as an example or just to get a feel of this character so… ya know, sorry if it sucks. Please give me tips or correct me on anything I did wrong! That way if you want to see more of her I know how to write her correctly. Constructive criticism is very much welcome and very much needed, thank you all💖

Did another one! :D It was much harder to do, and I also realized that Ariel has a HUGE head (so Flounder looks enormous beside Belle). I also experimented with the water shadow thingy things (what are they even called?!). 

Aurora as a mermaid


belle x adam modern au 3/?

When Belle finds evidence that shows she was murdered, not ill, when she died she takes it upon herself to catch the killer herself. A few years later she finds herself as the newest CIA recruit, assigned to one of the most famous agents, Adam. A high profile thief turned agent when Adam was only 20 years old, he’s the best in the business. Except when it comes to working with people. He might be a genius when it comes to taking them out and predicting a suspect’s next move, but everyone knows he works alone. Adam is very firm about working alone, especially when there’s no one who wants to work with him anyway. But when Adam fails on an important issue due to his own emotions, the bosses decide to partner him up with Belle in hopes of creating a balanced team. Belle is pretty sure she wouldn’t call their team ‘balanced’. Belle works behind the scenes as Adam works out in the field, but their differences become clear when Adam doesn’t trust Belle and ends up nearly dead in an attempt to cover for Belle. Things change after Belle saves him. Adam and Belle finally learn to trust each other, and Adam even helps Belle in her mission to find her mother’s murderer.

Feautring Lumiere and Plumette as the CIA power couple, Cogsworth as the seasoned and strict but loveable agent, Mrs, Potts as the motherly receptionist who always has a cup of tea ready, Gaston as an ex-navy who seems to have it out for Adam, and Lefou as Gaston’s partner who is probably doing all of the work and taking none of the credit.

Steve R. X Black!Reader Headcanons

-you being wary of him because hes from the 1940s
-expecting him to be racist
-hes not
-at least in the ways you would expect but he used to say ‘blacks’ and other things he didnt consider racist but was mildly racist
-but you have helped him learn how things are now
-steve was actually very into activism (specifically for black people) back in the 1940s
-you were surprised to hear him say that he was
-however annoying it is at first his fascination with your hair has become endearing
-you know he doesnt mean it in the way white high school girls did
-the media (trumpsters specifically) did not like the fact that Captain America was dating a black woman
-steve gives no fucks in fact he had a press conference saying he supported black lives matter and that trump was a fucking shitty ass president and all that
-and while with some issues you had (as a black woman) he didnt understand or wasnt able to empathize with he tried his best to just be silent and listen to you and learn from your experiences
-anyway enough of the wokeness
-Steve: wokest white man alive
-wash day
-Wash Day
-he is so helpful really trying (and failing)to help you
-but its the thought that counts (you just with he thought not to get the comb knotted in your hair)
-him meeting your family
-'What the fuck’ the thought going through your familys minds as they stare up at this huge white man who punched a nazi
-him eating something spicy one of your relatives made and him actually crying
- 'why is it so hot honey, it hurts!’
-'its called a bell pepper you had one bit babe’
-'we didnt have these back in the old days, my nose is running, my ears are popped, my tongue is tingling….WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!’
Steve says all this with a lisp seeing as his tongue is numb
-you have this whole conversation in your grandmas bathroom seeing as steve was embarrassed that he started crying in front of all your aunties
-all your kid cousins love him (read: climbing him)
-steve is lit bro
-your family growing to love him
-steve asking your mom (or dad or both or grandma or grandpa or all) for their blessing to propose to you
-'it would be swell if yall could give me your blessing i love your daughter very much’
-'what kinda white nonsense is this’
-jumping the broom at yalls wedding
-sam wilson and bucky barnes being steves best men
-bucky crying at the wedding
-twerking at the wedding
-sam and bucky making out in the corner
-you being happy with steve rogers for the rest of yalls life
- 'why would you give me this on our weddibg day my tongue hurrrrts’
-'dont be such a pussy its fuckin cayene pepper’

Hope you liked this! I felt inspired by yall sending me positive messages i really do appreciate it!❤❤

Work on Me

Pairing: Dave Lizewski  (Kickass) x Reader
Summary: You and Dave get assigned a project to work on together for class and one day you come over to work on the assignment, and you walk in on him shirtless which leads to sexy time ;))
Warning: sexual tension, sexual thoughts, lots of smut
A/N: My brother and I had a Kickass marathon the other night so I just started writing this and it turned smutty adkslfm I know how crazy me writing smut while thinking about Aaron Taylor Johnson woah very unpredictable

but seriously if you like Aaron in any of his movies just read this, even if you haven’t seen kickass. P.S. This is almost 4k words because I got carried away! Yikes Im sorry! No im not

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[While looking for Adam in a crowded area]

Belle: *sighs* Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Belle: Ahem…


[From somewhere in the crowd]

Adam: thE F#CK DID YOU JuSt SAY?!?!

Belle: There he is.

Think of this post as an alternate version of this one.