this man is pretty much all i can draw right now, when i get back from hiatus i’m gonna spam up the tags

Zetsubou No Shima Moments

When it’s your first time playing Zetsubou No Shima:

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When you try to read the signs:

Your crazy friend who liked that map:

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When the thrasher eats you:

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When everyone else has buckets:

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What Zetsubou No Shima is about:

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No, seriously, what Zetsubou No Shima is about:

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Gorod Krovi Easter Egg cutscene ending 

so hey if you headcanon the NZ characters as straight that’s cool

if you headcanon them as gay that’s cool

of course there’s always the happy bisexual median as well

but the point is that headcanons are headcanons and we shouldn’t be fighting over them

let’s just love these zombie fighting losers together okay

COD Black Ops 3

Does anybody who follows me play, on xbox1? I hadn’t played anything for at least a year before this so I deleted most people off my friends list. Anybody want to play? If you play something else, I’d be open to suggestions. Message me and I can give you my gt or add you :D

If not, that’s cool too!

Gorod Krovi Moments

When the dragon is about to set the place you’re at on fire:

When it’s your first time riding the dragon:

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When you ride the dragon now:

When you get the Mark 3:

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When you hear Sophia for the first time:

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When you first watched the intro cutscene:

When someone asks you to explain what’s going on:

When the textures are still loading when you started the match:

When Doctor Monty introduces himself:

When you accidentally kill the zombie you’re holding:

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Do you ship O!Richtofen with Richtofen 1.0?

Naturally! Actually on that note, I was chatting with @aether-explorer (check them out plz very good richtofen blog, toss them an ask) earlier and they brought up a good point about ships. We have an entire canon multiverse to play with! Every ship ever is canon technically! Even oc ships.



The first video is up and its a simple multiplayer vid with Chodo and Chaos.