on calling people “kafir”

“In the hadith Ibn Umar related that the Holy Prophet said: If a Muslim calls another kafir, then if he is a kafir let it be so; otherwise, he [the caller] is himself a kafir.“ (Abu Dawud, Book of Sunna, edition published by Quran Mahal, Karachi, vol. iii, p. 484)”

“"Withhold [your tongues] from those who say `There is no god but Allah’ — do not call them kafir. Whoever calls a reciter of `There is no god but Allah’ as a kafir, is nearer to being a kafir himself.” (Tabarani, reported from Ibn Umar)”

“"Nothing expels a man from faith except the denial of that by which he entered into it [i.e. the Kalima].“ (Majma` az-Zawa'id, vol. i, p. 43)”


so i suggest u all to start calming down with throwing this word around like you are allah’s specially appointed kafir-detecting agent on this planet. u literally have no authority to expel someone from islam. it reflects badly on u and on ur deen and according to the quran it makes u more of a kafir than anyone u might have called that. are u allah swt to judge who has a place in islam and who doesn’t??? a good first step would be to start minding ur own business inshallah someday you will find enough strength within your heart to do that.

Tonight in “What the fuck does Lansquenet DO anyway?”

Four nerds went into Wanderer’s Palace and violently murdered dozens of tonberries in search of ancient artifacts, powerful magicks, and a way to sate Reretha’s lust for aether.

Okay, but imagine this: Steve and Tony name their first child James.

However, they don’t tell anyone if it’s after uncle Bucky or after uncle Rhodey, just “Let the kid decide when he is older.” After which they sit back, all smugly and shit, and watch a war for the ages unravel.

A war consisting of always-available babysitters, thoughtful presents, and endless affection for their son as the two men try to out-uncle each other.