i keep making older women friends in yoga and they are so great like today one of them started talking to me and she was talking about how much she liked the community in our studio and how she and some of the other women have a camaraderie and they watch out for like creepy guys and how they have spotted some of them and sometimes they coordinate and like surround the guy and they will just stare him down the entire class and she was like yeah you’ll know them but we also tell other women to stay away from those guys, because some men come here to you know look around and not do yoga and we come here to get away from that so we also report them to the teachers and they talk to them, and i was like women should stick together and she was like absolutely, and we do!

Of the Avari and Naming

Avari children do not have birth names. They are given little nicknames ( ie ‘little bunny’, ‘little leaf’ ) until their parents know them and their personalities a little better. Depending on the tribe, the naming period is between three months after birth to twelve years. Names are given in a ceremony, usually only attended by immediate family. It is a very private and personal affair to some. Yet depending on rank in the tribe, it can be made into a celebration of sorts for the whole tribe to share in and enjoy.

A child of mixed blood may have a birth name and a given name, depending on the cultures. These children are treated no different with their naming ceremonies, and the tribe will often refer to the child by their given name afterwards, rather than their birth name, unless the child has objections to it. In mixed children, it is considered an honor for them to translate their given names into the language they use most often ( if not Kwendi ), for it shows the tribe they value and appreciate the name given to them.

ask-hxh-komugi asked:

My dear uh.. -insert name here- would you kindly teach me--, or at least give me any tips on how to draw hands. It is absolutely impossible for me and I would be forever grateful of your help!

((You were probably talking to me, right?))

It’s my blog. Anyway, back to the point…?

((Right, right. … I have no tips to give anyone because I always just wing it.))

Hm… You observe your surroundings. ((true.)) Ok Komugi, you can observe. ((Like watch your hand move n’ stuff.)) And take mental notes of it’s anatomy. ((And draw them a lot?)) So practice makes perfect.

((Sorry we suck at art advice.))

My family is on fb expressing their distaste over the idea of gender neutral pronouns.

And they wonder why I spend all my time on tumblr instead of fb anymore…