You with me? 

don’t shit on people for not being grateful to square for these survey update options. Just because square ‘didn’t have to’ doesn’t excuse them from running around with 10 years of game development and putting out a game with a massive amount of plot holes. 

people don’t have to mindlessly appreciate the source content without criticism.

all that we could lose

tell me a secret

she says it from under a blanket and he isn’t sure he heard her right, because she is his biggest secret (she has always been, since he was eleven and she was a red haired angel on a train) and there isn’t much else to tell. finally he points at a scar on his elbow and tells her the story of jumping off the refrigerator as a kid, sure he could fly. her face appears over the top of the blanket, hair in her eyes, and she informs him that he is a dork of the utmost calibre and then they’re both laughing.

tell me a secret

she nudges his arm and whispers it, in a room full of people a sentence meant only for him. he didn’t know this game would come back, tries in vain to find a way to tell her what he’s thinking (he loves her, loves her more than the sky and the stars and the sun). but it takes too long and she elbows him in the ribs and he admits that he shaved his legs once to see how it would feel. then her hand is on his leg and she’s frowning and telling him that he didn’t do a very good job, and right in the middle of the great hall his head floats up to the ceiling and into outer space.

tell me a secret

she says it from behind her notes and it sounds like an order, though he doesn’t really mind, he’s been hoping she’d ask again. he opens his mouth and almost says it, almost tells her how much she means to him (more than the universe, lily, more than every breath) but the common room is full and he doesn’t want her to think it’s another joke, not this thing that matters the most to him. so he describes the feeling when he first got to hogwarts, the feeling of intense belonging, so much that his heart hurt. and she snorts, waving the pile of assignments, saying that her heart certainly hurt - but he can see in her eyes that she knows what he means, maybe even more than he does. 

tell me a secret

they’re queuing up to get back on the train, go home for the summer and reckon one part of life with another. she kicks him in the shin before she says it, just to get his attention, but the professors are all looming and he can’t answer until they’ve all been checked in. the empty compartment is not where he had planned to declare his love, but empty was good (anything in front of people would be too much; there was nobody he cared to impress other than her) and he wasn’t going to declare love anyway, or at least not in the way he’d already done so many times. so she looked up expectantly and he tells her, with no preamble, how he would willingly die, with no hesitation, for the people he loves. she doesn’t have to ask if that includes her, but she does anyway, and his slow nod is everything in the world to her, everything.

james potter would offer his life for lily evans, and someday he will have to.