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anonymous asked:

Second in command Swap AU where Mikoto gets Awashima and Reisi gets Kusanagi.

I’m just imagining Munakata and Kusanagi being epically passive-aggressive fake polite with each other the whole time, like the two of them are standing there in Munakata’s office smiling at each other and being polite, some poor hapless member comes in to deliver a report and then just turns and walks out because the atmosphere is too much. Kusanagi would probably not care for Munakata’s sitting and doing puzzles all the time, like he stops in to deliver some reports (on the plus side, Kusanagi would probably do just fine with most of Awashima’s duties, like I’m sure he could handle writing reports and such…actually he’d probably end up assisting Fushimi a bit and lightening his workload but probably be less effective when it comes to things like swordsmanship practice) and there’s Munakata doing a puzzle and just being like ‘thank you, Ksuanagi-shi,’ not even looking up. Kusanagi can’t help but make some comment about how the similarities between Kings, not actually saying that Munakata and his puzzles are doing about as much work as Mikoto and his sleeping couch but pretty well implying it. Munakata just smiles and his glasses shine as he states that he is quite busy in fact, as the work of a King is constant and unrelenting. Kusanagi’s all smiling as he’s like of course, I can see how constant and unrelenting something like this is. Also imagine Kusanagi being mildly disapproving of the way Munakata lets Fushimi overwork himself, like Fushimi’s up late doing some kind of paperwork and Kusanagi tries to get him to go to bed, Fushimi brushes him off because he intends to finish this before he goes to bed. Kusanagi walks into Munakata’s office to see him just like drinking tea and clipping his bonsai tree and is all annoyed that here Fushimi’s working himself to the bone and Munakata’s not doing anything, Munakata gives him this mysterious look and is like this is what Fushimi-kun prefers to do and I will not interfere in his own choice and Kusanagi’s smile gets really tight as he’s like oh is that what his King says.

Meanwhile at Homra poor Mikoto probably hasn’t had a nap in hours because Awashima won’t let him, like she’s constantly wondering what it is the Red King does exactly besides sleep in the bar. Hopefully all the Homra guys like anko because that’s all the food they’re getting for basically ever, Kamamoto tries to sneak and steal something else from the fridge only to find Awashima has filled it with anko and only anko. She keeps offering them all anko treats too with this kind but stern face and no one can turn her down, they have to choke down their anko sweets. It only gets worse when Totsuka shows up and decides that experimenting with anko cooking is going to be his new hobby, though Awashima probably takes one taste of his concoctions and then scolds him for wasting the flavor this way, offering all these suggestions for how he could improve it and making him go back to the kitchen to try again. Totsuka gives this sheepish laugh and tries again, wondering if he’s bitten off more than he can chew here. Though imagine Awashima being an unexpectedly good bartender, like she’s watched Kusanagi enough that she’s picked up a few things and she’s pouring drinks like a pro. She also gets along well with Anna and Awashima gets to be all big sisterly to her, maybe braiding her hair into a style similar to Awashima’s work style and putting a ribbon in and then buying Anna a cute stuffed animal and Anna’s so happy that Mikoto doesn’t even complain when Awashima makes him get up and try to be useful instead of napping like he prefers to do.