Headcanon 03

Setsuna is one of, if not the, most mentally stable soldier in the army alongside Azama. Sure, she seems very aloof and spacey, but that’s just her way of acknowledging that she really does not give a shit. She’s a grown woman and understands that there are things that are easier to let go than to hold onto. Which is also why she’s very spacey. She just does not care. 

I love looking at the stats on my Ao3 account, it makes me feel accomplished. Unfortunately my overall word count was too high. I made my friend promise that if my word count got novel-length she’d have to slap me. She has indeed slapped me. 190k words is more than some novels. But I like looking at the kudos and the bookmarks and the subscriptions. And I like that there are buttons for splitting the stats up by years, so I can look at just the stats from 2015 and the ones from 2016, but soon there will be a new button from 2017, and that page will be initially sad b/c I’ll have to rebuild my empire, my army, my hits and kudos and bookmarks. And I am but a small child with the constant desire to please and be validated for my work. But looking at my stats page makes me feel mucho loved. Mucho. That’s a lot. Because if I have to break out another language that means more than just the direct translation.


Based on Day 10 Zen’s call on Seven’s route

You most likely had to have gone through Zen’s route before getting to Seven’s. He doesn’t forget about you.


~I fixed it~