call you tomorrow *kisses her and leaves*

Leonard McCoy: Reuniting When He Starts Shore Leave Headcanons.

Requested by someone, can’t remember who.

  • It doesn’t matter who is with him as soon as he see you standing in front of him for the first time in months he will pull you close and kiss you like there is no tomorrow. 
  • Literally you too just stood there locking lips for 5 minutes once, it wasn’t until Jim broke you two apart telling you how awkward it was to watch you too that you finally stopped. 
  • After your reunion kiss (the first of many) the next thing on his agenda is to have a lengthy video call with Joanna, telling her about his journey and how excited he is to be seeing her in person later in his leave.
  • The sounds out of his mouth when he eats his favourite meal that you cooked from scratch should be illegal. He has had nothing but replicator food for so long that he almost forgot how wonderful real food was. 
  • After you eat the two of you snuggle up on the sofa, talking about what what you both had been doing while apart and how much you missed each other while separated.
  • When Bones sees that you’ve fallen asleep when he dragged on with one of his stories he picks you up bridal style and takes you to bed. He never lets go of you once throughout the night, as after so long away he finally has you in front of him and he no longer has to rely on his memories to remember how you felt in his arms.. 

The packed suitcase was placed by the front door.

Tom: “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Dawn: “Yes. It will only be for a bit, just to give us time to breathe and deal with what has just occurred.”

Tom: “Then you’ll come home?”

She kissed his cheek.

Dawn: “Yes, Thomas. Then I’ll come home. I just can’t be around her is all.”

Tom: “I’ll deal with it, she needs professional help I think.”

Dawn: “Maybe?”

Silence hung in the air.

Tom: “Aright, well, I called my driver, he’ll take you to Ruairidh’s for the night and onto Newcrest tomorrow. I don’t want you driving while you’re all worked up.”

Dawn: “Thank you.”

Dawn gave him a shy smile before leaving the house. Tom immediately went up to his bed, he couldn’t face Clara tonight. Willow was in, she could deal with the children.