call you my baby

just,, jim and spock after a dangerous mission, the enterprise finally out of the planets orbit, and theyre both so tired but still anxious about losing each other so as soon as they get into their room jim holds out his arms to spock and says “come here baby” and spock falls into him and they just hold each other for a while, jim murmuring “i know” as spock buries his face in jims neck, until the tension melts out of their shoulders and theyre reassured that the other is there and safe

andrew and nicky bond over clothes alright
  • more specifically: neil’s clothes
  • even more specifically: buying clothes for neil
  • bc the both hate neil’s non-existing wardrobe
  • andrew rather secretly so but when nicky asks if he can get a ride to the mall to get him some stuff bc fuck if he has to see that shirt one more time, andrew just does it and even gets out of the car to lead the way in
  • nicky doesnt dare pick another store than the ones andrew strolls into
  • but oh does he pick clothes
  • pants, shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, chinos, shorts, gloves, even some decent socks
  • nicky buys some underwear too but not when andrew is with him because nicky is very specific about what pretty boy neil should be wearing but he doesnt think andrew would approve of him picking them out
  • he approves the other things tho
  • they develop a System™
  • bored, slightly raised eyebrows, a no
  • but a shrug Nicky definitely takes as a yes
  • so he picks out stuff he thinks neil might actually put on without being forced
  • and things that he himself think are way too boring but he needs andrew’s approval so he doesnt think hot pink dress vests with poka dots will suffice just yet
  • not even colour
  • so nicky doesnt even try with those
  • orange is fine, its given but other than that, neil gets a lot of black and gray
  • rarely white, but sometimes
  • but then one day
  • one day
  • nicky pulls up a cobalt blue shirt with a print on the front, just for fun and he gets a shrug
  • a shrug at a cloured shirt and nicky almost shits his pants because maybe that means he can finally get some interesting things for neil
  • it turns out, andrew approves on a lot of colours and nicky kicks himself for being so stupid that he never even tried to get neil some of these before
  • so he tries a couple of flannels
  • no problem
  • so nicky goes bold
  • he starts with leather pants
  • shrug
  • fuck
  • off he goes, with a lavender pullover with yellow cuffs, a piratey silk shirt, a turquoise velvet jacket, prints, prints, prints, colours, colours, colours
  • and there’s so many shrugs
  • nicky’s in heaven
  • (neil freaks out when he opens his wardrobe)
  • (bc he’s still not used to draw attention to himself)
  • (but andrew seems to like it when he’s wearing the things he’s bought, so neil just goes with it)
  • (nicky gets super many followers on ig bc he uploads outfit pics of neil all the time and nowadays that boy is clothed awesomely if nicky can say so himself)
  • they dont schedule shopping sprees really
  • they just do it
  • and as time passes, because lets face it, neil will never learn how to shop and doesnt understand why anyone likes it, andrew becomes slightly more involved in the actual shopping
  • he’ll say “in green” when nicky picks a blue sweater
  • and then that one time he’ll thumb at a tee with a small fox print
  • not taking it with him bc nicky ruins it by saying it’s a nice one
  • but nicky sees their laundry bag one night
  • and if thats not two of those fox prints shirts (one a size or two smaller than the other) he’ll eat his left toe and delete his instagram
  • (and we all know that will never happen)

What I want from this season of Call the Midwife is basically the whole of Nonnatus shielding Patsy and Delia from Sister Ursula, keeping her from finding out about them.

Sister MJ dropping things to get Ursula to turn towards her, giving Patsy and Delia enough time to jump apart.

Trixie trying to engage Ursula in a conversation about fashion so Patsy and Delia can stop being cute on the couch.

Phyllis calling Ursula for help with the rolodex so Patsy can sneak back to her own room.

Just the whole of Nonnatus House protecting my angels from an evil nun. Because everyone knows about Patsy and Delia and they are just too polite to tell them

I got an angry text from a girl I sort of know that said “by the way I really don’t fucking appreciate you calling my baby a peanut” and I was just like “grace your child is literally a peanut” and she came to my house and broke my windows




“YES SHOVE THAT FINGER INSIDE ME (after I flipped him off)”


“COME ON I GAVE YOU MY NUMBER (he didn’t I would’ve burned it)”

“GOD YOUR VOICE IS SO HOT *moves hand between his legs like he’s jacking off*”


i love daryl could “sense” who was richard talking about like it’s a damn romance novel but i love even more that one of the things that makes daryl realize it’s carol it’s richard saying that the woman will be fine cause she has more balls than the two of them. daryl was literally like:

“more balls than me? sigh, reminds me of my carol. i miss her. there is no one like her”

All the bachelors pet names dialogues!

My obsession with this game knows no limit, so I went and married all of the boys at least seven times each just to see all of their dialogues–this was a lot more work than I imagined… I didn’t see their regular name option because that’d be too work for such a boring outcome.

You can click on their name to see all of the nicknames, or just click on them individually.

♥ Dylas:

BabyBig DBro DylasDallyDarlingHorsieMr. DylasSweetie

Dylas calling you:

BabeDear FreyHoneyMasterMy WomanPrincess FreyQueenSisYoung Lady

♥ Leon:

DarlingLeoLeo-LeoLoveMasterMr. LeonSir Leon

Leon calling you:

BabyLi’l FreyLoveMasterMy LadyPrincess FreySweetieYou

♥ Doug:

BabyDarlingDouggieFreshLoveMasterMr. DougSir Doug

Doug calling you:

Dear FreyHoneyLi’l FreyLoveWittle FreyPrincessPrincess FreyQueen

♥ Vishnal:

BabyDarlingLoveMr. VishnalSir VishnalSweetieVinVinny

Vishnal calling you:

BabyHoneyLi’l FreyMadamMasterMaster FreyPrincess

♥ Kiel:

DarlingHoneyKi-KiLi’l KielLoveMr. KielPuppy

Kiel calling you:

BabyHoneyMasterMy LadyPrincessSweetieSugar

♥ Arthur:

ArtDarlingHoneyLoveMr. ArthurPrinceSir Arthur

Arthur calling you:

BabyHoney/SweetieMasterMy LadyPrincess FreyYou

And there you have it! 

Doug’s the only one who won’t call you Master and I think that’s insulting.