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anonymous asked:

The job is not just about landing all of the "glamorous" critical calls that will make a cool story to tell your friends. people who call us arent educated the way we are-they may truly think something is wrong even if we know its nothing. Everyone deserves the same level of compassion. We are community servants and 99% of that means helping grandma back into bed when she falls in the middle of the night or transporting a nose bleed.

I am not a servant. I work for a private company. I don’t work for the town/state/government. I am an individual who does this job voluntarily and can leave voluntarily. I am more of a Mercenary.

I don’t mind “helping grandma back into bed” and have done this many times without even mentioning it on here(perhaps I, unlike you have no need for recognition. I do what I do because I want do, not because I have some desire for people to see me as a “good person”). 

What I do mind is people who call us fraudulently, waste both our resources, fire resources and police resources. Which all in turn leads to wasted tax money, higher insurance rates, and even worse people literally dying because our units are running BS calls for frequent fliers who have zero emergency issues and actually just want attention or pain meds.

The type of person who calls 911 for nosebleed isn’t a good person. These people treat us like shit and are generally rude. They may merely be stupid but there is also the chance that they are straight up evil. Some of these people know full well what they are doing when they call us on a weekly(or sometimes daily basis) and they deserve nothing but disdain.