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Laundry Day

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 I let out a puff of air as I drop my giant bag of laundry on the ground.

This thing is fucking heavy!

I really shouldn’t wait so long to wash my clothes but I have my reasons; I live in a loft and there’s only one laundry mat in the building (for us young adults who don’t own a washer or dryer) so just about every time I go to do a load, there's a long ass line. Nobody has time for that. Also, I just got a new kitten a couple of weeks ago and I took him with me the last time I went so now he thinks that he’s supposed to follow me there. For example, tonight, he saw me grab my clothes and ran to the door to wait for me.

I wipe my sweaty palms off on my shirt and squat down to lift the bag again; the door is right there…I think I can make it lol. Just as I get a good grip on the bottom of it, my gray-haired kitten decides to hop on my lap, causing me to tumble and fall on my ass. “Ugh! Ozzie…really, dude?” I laugh before softly nudging him off of me.  

Just then, the black door labelled ‘LAUNDRY’ swings open when one of my neighbours walk out and for some reason, Ozzie takes it upon himself to run right in without me. I call his name but it’s too late, the entryway has closed behind him. I quickly run after him, dragging my one thousand pound bag along with me.

I push the door open. What I wasn’t expecting to find was a tall, brunette boy chasing my cat…now that I can get a better look, it appears that Ozzie has some type of fabric in his mouth. 

“Hey! Come here, little guy!” I hear the boy pant, still running all over the small room trying to get whatever my pet snatched from him. The boy finally has Ozzie cornered and he slowly approaches him, whispering “Okay kitty…can I have that back, please?” as if Cats understand/give two shits about the word, please. Ozzie manages to dash out between the guy’s legs and I can’t stop the laughter that pours out of me. Just about everyone else in here starts to cackle along with me and….I’m just now realizing it;s actually not too busy for once.

My kitten spots me across the room and trots over. I lean down, retrieving the red boxer briefs that now have a few holes in them from where it had been bitten. I wince, knowing that I’ll probably have to give this guy money to replace his underwear, depending on how much they really meant to him.

“Is he yours?” he chuckles, his voice still laced with fatigue. It doesn’t take long for me to notice how beautiful he is; His jaw looks like it was sculpted by god, himself and his smile?…Indescribable. I can’t make it obvious that I’m sitting here internally drooling so I nod and smirk, holding up his briefs “Is this yours?” I mimic his tone. He rolls his eyes and takes them from me, his face turning a bright rosy color. 

“the little stinker just went and stole it out of my basket” he snickers, bending down to boop Ozzie on the nose.

“I’ll buy you another pair, if you want” I sigh, pointing at the holes before glancing back up to his face to await his response. He tells me its no big deal and that he has other pairs with worse damage that he still wears. We laugh for a bit and talk more about how we both a have collection of old ratty clothing that we should have thrown away years ago. Even through all of this back and forth conversation, all I can focus on is how perfect he is.

After a minute or two, he mentions something about having to get the rest of his stuff out of the dryer. 

“Yeah..shit I almost forgot what I came here for” I joke before picking Ozzie up and beginning to drag my bag to the nearest washer. He offered to help but I politely declined.

“I mean you already saw my underwear, I might as well see yours” he winks. We hear a couple of ‘oooh's’ from the other college kids who were loading their clothes in or waiting around for their dryer’s timer to ring. We both laugh at the fact that these people thought he was being serious.

We say our goodbyes and I see him finish gathering his belongings before heading out. I shake my head at what just happened as I turn back to tend to my own business.

“Oh wait! What’s your name?” He calls out, struggling to hold the door open with his basket. 

“Y/n!” I shout back. He smiles.

“I’m Shawn. It was nice meeting you!” He lifts his knee to balance the basket so he can wave but he loses his hold and the entire basket topples over, the clothes sprawled out all over the ground and now covered in his liquid detergent. 

And as if it couldn’t get any more ironic, Ozzy jumps out of my arms, runs over to the pile, and snatches another pair of boxers. 

Minor Details (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which a walk with T’Challa makes you aware of some minor details that you missed.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,114

A/N: @the-loud-and-crazy-rabbit-pirate requested: I would like to suggest what happened after Jealousy; like Reader telling T'challa Bucky’s reaction (cause he did say he would like to know what happened with the little stunt they pulled)”. This takes place between “Jealousy” and “Knight in Shining Armor”.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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“T'Challa, I don’t think this is going to work out.”

“You’re not trying.”

“I am,” you say through gritted teeth, making T'Challa laugh. “I’m glad you think this is funny.”

“You’re cute when you’re frustrated, did you know that?” When all you do is fix him with a death glare, he puts his hands up. “Fine, fine. We can stop now.”

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ancient history meme | mythological figures 3/7

“So speaking he set his child again in the arms of his beloved
wife, who took him back again to her fragrant bosom
smiling in her tears; and her husband saw, and took pity upon her,
and stroked her with his hand, and called her by name and spoke to her:
“Poor Andromache! Why does your heart sorrow so much for me?”

- The Iliad by Homer

Back to the Future: Part 8

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: pregnancy, language, fluff, angst, angsty cliffhanger bc I’m a bitch. 

Back to the Future Masterlist


You were in the beginning of your second trimester now, about 15 weeks along, and your baby bump was small but becoming more noticeable with each passing day. Castiel was practically attached to you at the hip, his hand always on your tummy in some way. He was very protective, as always, but even more so as your baby continued to grow.

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5 Creatures from Nordic/Scandinavian Folklore (Norwegian Version)

**Keep in mind that the Norwegian version of these creatures are not necessarily the exact same as they would be in other Scandinavian or Nordic countries (and the Norwegian versions can also vary slightly depending on the area you’re in) . 



Creatures in Norwegian folklore are often referred to as Vetter, a word which has the same origin as the Old English wight. Vetter are usually categorized by their place of residence; havvette (ocean spirit), skogvette (forest spirit), landvette (land spirit), husvette (house spirit), and so on. They can also be categorized as either “en god vette” (a good spirit), or “en ond vette” (an evil spirit). 



Their appearances and personality may vary, but a troll is usually a mix of dangerous and dumb, and traditionally lives in caves or inside the mountains, where they hoard gold and treasures. They’re often huge in size, hairy, with large noses and tails. Sometimes they have multiple heads, or trees growing on the edge of their noses. Troll despise gods and humans, and can easily smell the blood of a Christian. In some tales, they turn to stone when exposed to direct sunlight, and often go into hiding or home to the mountain once the sunrise arrives. They also have a tendency to “bergta” (lit. mountain-take), or in other words: spirit people away into the mountains, often beautiful and young girls.

*Fun fact: one of the Norwegian words for magic is “trolldom”, and wizards and witches can sometimes be called a “trollmann” (troll man) or “trollkvinne” (troll woman).



Huldra is a female skogvette (forest spirit)– though there is also a lesser known male version called Huldrekall. Huldra usually takes the form of a beautiful young girl with golden hair and a cow’s tail– and sometimes, if one is able to catch a glimpse of her from behind, one might be able to see that her back is hollow. It is said that huldrer were created when God came to Eve while she was giving her children a bath– however, as she did not have the time to wash them all before he arrived– she hid the dirty ones out of shame, to which God said “let all that is hidden, stay hidden”, dooming the dirty children to a life as a hulder. Huldra, while occasionally helpful to men working out in the forest, can also be very seductive, and if she’s able to get a normal man to marry her in a church, she will finally cease being a hulder. However, she will also turn into a very ugly, but kind-hearted, woman.



Draugen was originally any dead person haunting the living– though it later became common to think of him as the ghost of a fisherman who got lost at sea and had never been buried. He could often be seen sailing half a boat with ripped sails, sometimes rotting, headless (or with a head made out of seaweed) and carrying the stench of decay – a warning that whoever saw him were about to die or experience an accident. Draugen possesses the ability to change his weight and size at will, and occasionally devours the people he kills.   



A nisse is a husvette (house spirit), and usually lives inside a farm– and they guard said farm as long as they’re treated with respect. They’re usually tiny men with long beards, gray clothes and a red nisselue (nisse hat), quite similar to how the farmers were dressed in the olden days. Fjøsnissen (the farm nisse) often helped take care of the animals as long as the owner of the farm put a bowl of rice porridge out on Christmas Eve for him to eat. However, the nisse has a temper, so if the farmer forgot about the rice porridge, the nisse would often turn to mischief and shenanigans during the next year, or even kill one of the animals as revenge.



Nøkken is a vannvette (water spirit) that lives inside rivers, waters and ponds. He plays the fiddle so well that anyone who hears him play will mindlessly wander to his home, and drown. He is often invisible, though can sometimes take the form of a tree trunk floating in the water;; the seaweed and and glowing orbs surrounding the trunk often eerily similar to a floating face. He may also propose to teach someone how to play the fiddle as sweet as he can, if he gets three drops of blood in return. One of the ways to defend yourself from nøkken, is by spitting or throwing steel into the water– or simply by calling his name once you lay your eyes upon him, which might even be the death of him.


Subtext | Part ii | Jason Todd x Reader

Description: Why can’t the world see Jason Todd as you do; with his loving embrace and his random bursts of affection? The answer comes to you where every good thing in the world does… wrapped up in Jason Todd.

Words: 3077 (I tried to make this as long as the last one)

Notes: I love Jason so much. He’s so soft under that leather jacket, I just know it. Hope you enjoy! This is a pick-me-up for all Jason lovers. Lol PS, your friends in this story are basically going to be your universal group of buddies for all my other works, Marvel and DC. They’re my OCs that I think everyone will love. PURE FLUFF.

Characters: Jason Todd

Ships: Jason Todd x Reader

Tags: @jaybiird


Every time Jason’s shoulders slouch or his eyes fall too low, his entire body jolts up again. Every time he starts to question why he does this, he’s reminded of the smile that slips on your face when you see him. Every time a noise catches his attention, he hopes it’s you.

The moonlight shines through your window, casting squares of pale light along the wooden boards. Jason, sitting cross legged on the floor before the window leading to the fire-escape, finds himself focussing on the little things in your apartment to wake him. The steam from his coffee gently wafts into the air, and the particles caught within the gentle smoke dance under the beams. There’s little bits of ash freckling along the window sill from his cigarette. The map on your desk, the one that details the locations you’d go to if you ever ran away with him, flutters in the midnight wind.

Jason hears the Gotham Clock tower, and counts each of the chimes like one would count sheep. Twelve. He scolds himself yet again and takes another sip of coffee. But it doesn’t have enough caffeine for Jason Todd, and the sleep in his eyes continues to return every time he rubs it away. He can already hear you chiding him for staying up so late, but he has the perfect excuse,”You stay awake and wait for me.”

Then there it is. He’s surprised how silent you’ve become over time. The only indication of your presence is the shadow across the wall, and even that fades out of view as you move. And then there you are, with your eyes like home and your shoulders weighed by the world. You climb through the open window, muttering to yourself as you close it behind you.

Jason pulls off your mask and holds your back to his chest, fluidly kissing behind your ear.”Jason,” You murmur, voice overflowing with love and slight laughter,”What are you doing up, sweetheart?” You raise your hand to cup his face from in front of him, blinking over your shoulder at his tired expression. Jason can’t help but clutch you tighter, burrowing into your neck and curling you against him. There’s no other feeling in the world like it. You’re perfect for him, the slope of your back curving against the arch of his chest like two sweet, emotionally attached puzzle pieces.

“What do you think, dove?” Jason sasses softly, chuckling into your skin,”I was waiting for you.” He nearly moans out in relief as your fingers stretch back and card through his hair as far as you can reach. In contrast, you’ve barely touched him and yet he’s an intricate mess of knots, waiting for your nimble hands to untie him.

“Jason,” You coo. Twisting in his arms so you’re face-to-face (more like nose-to-nose with how close you are), you trace the purple underneath his eyes with your thumb,”You were working on your bike all day today. You need to sleep, don’t wait for me.” Your brows are drawn together in a mix between concern and just… how can you not be flattered? This boy does so many little things for you…

“You wait for me when I go out on patrol.” Whispers Jason, strong arms binding you to his chest. You cup his face, grinning at your sweet Robin,”That’s because I love you.” You laugh. Jason slowly pulls at your utility belt,”Then why do you think I do it, dove?” Jason chuckles the rhetorical question.

You sigh that dreamy sigh of yours, stuttering Jason’s heart so much it hurts. You slouch against him as he unclothes you for bed, revealing your bra and shorts to him. Your costume falls to the floor and Jason kisses down your chest, between the valley of your breasts and to your navel, eyes never leaving yours. There’s no sexual intent, just love within his gaze. You card your fingers through his hair, mirroring his soft smile.

“C’mon, babe, let’s get you to bed,” Jason whispers against the skin of your hip. He rises, wrapping his arm around your waist. You giggle as he kisses your shoulder,” Jason, let’s get you to bed.” You carry each other into the bedroom, and you slip out of your bra and into one of Jason’s shirts.

You fall on top of the Red Hood with a muffled groan, making Jason laugh. The earth shakes with the sound, his nose scrunching cutely and his eyes closing shut. It’s better than your favorite song and more beautiful than anything you’ve ever heard. It’s classical music and rain, getting lost in a book’s story, a warm blanket on cold nights, it’s Jason Todd. And to you, that means it’s everything.

You gently straddle his waist, gazing down at his arm laid over his brow and his lips chapped and soft. He licks them innocently, throat bobbing as he swallows. His brow furrows. Jason isn’t nervous, he’s in awe, and it’s so strong he’s almost pissed. Pissed at himself for waiting so long for saying those two words,”Kiss me.” Jason whispers.

Cupping his face is a luxury within itself. His eyes flutter shut and his lips part in preparation. Feeling the curves and edges of Jason’s face is a whole other thing, too. You could write books about that pretty face. Leaning down, you meet your lips with his, and his reaction is instantaneous.

Jason palms your back, smoothing his hand down your spine and arching your stomach against his. It’s a well-practiced dance, a slow song without a beat. He groans into your mouth, licking your upper lip and pressing deeper. You look like a mess, with your hair wind-spun and your torso bruising. And Jason is a mess, with the circles under his eyes when love won’t let him sleep. It makes sense.

He rolls you over, collapsing onto your being with a content smile and his nose grazing the crook of your shoulder. You wrap your arms around his neck, eyes fluttering closed. Jason pulls the blanket over you and settles his ear onto your chest, falling asleep to the sound of your heartbeat.

Jason shoots up sharply, his hand beneath the pillow retracting and the gun aimed at the shadow on the wall. As his breath heaves he’s realized that it’s not who he thinks it is, but the vase balanced on your dresser. Either way, the weapon doesn’t lower and his heart beat doesn’t lessen. That is, until your hand falls down his forearm and gently cups his wrist.

He nearly cries out when you take it from him and set it aside.”It’s okay, Jason,” You coo, gently settling him back down again. Burning light flashes behind his eyes, form aching with the reflections of a pain felt long ago. Your hand falls to his chest, sliding down to press him into your arms. Your chest rises and falls with his heavy breathing. The bedding isn’t flaming wreckage of a warehouse, the pillows aren’t ash that his head rests upon, and you aren’t crying and calling his name and palming his chest desperately. He’s not dead.

You stroke his face, whispering reassurances and holding his head to your chest,”I’m right here, Jay. It’s okay. You’re safe.” You promise, brushing the strands of white clinging to his sweat-clammed brow. You kiss his skin over and over again, all along his face. Lips fall over his closed eyes, over his nose and cheekbones, over his temple and at the corner of his mouth.

He whimpers something that sounds like “I’m sorry” into your palm as it cups his cheek, kissing the tips of your fingers as they pass over his lips. Your hold him a little tighter, shaking your head near desperately,”Don’t you dare apologize, Jason. I’m glad I’m awake, I’m glad you’re safe, I’m overjoyed you’re okay.” The memories flood back to you, causing your lip to quiver and your embrace to lock,”Don’t apologize, my sweet Robin.” You nearly weep.

The silence is deafening, and every creak in the apartment makes you both squeeze closer. You close your eyes and enjoy the feel of his body against yours, the coarse skin of his scars and the ripples in his torso. Jason presses his fingers into your tired muscles and rubs his thumb over a bullet wound on your hip. Methodically, you smooth his hair back and strain sweet-nothings into the deep locks.

It takes what feels like hours for his heartbeat to slow, for your movements to grow weaker and for his caresses to slip from scared to soft. And yet every time he closes his eyes he feels himself fading away, drifting to a place further from consciousness than sleep. Your words turn from reassurances of your love and his safety to humming and then choked lyrics of any song you could think of. Jason doesn’t recognize any of the words, but the sound of your voice and your touch is returning him to pleasant dreams. So when your voice falters and dies, he shakes his head.

“Keep singing, dove.” Is the first words he says, followed by a strained and begging,”Please.”

So your song grows loud enough for him to fall asleep to, slow enough to be a lullaby. Your make Jason fall in love with himself, because he must be worth something if your affections are so strong toward him. As your voice drifts him comfortably into rest, he’s astounded by how sharp the transition is. He awoke from a nightmare to a real-life dream. Who weeps when he does, who sings him to sleep after a nightmare, who whispers her love for him like a mantra; you do, his Y/N. His best girl. His dove.

When his breathing subsides to a regulated pattern, when his touch loosens and when his expression becomes gentle, you stop singing. Curling into his embrace, you admire his sleeping face. Why can’t the world see Jason Todd the way you see him? You ask yourself this question dozens of times, but the answer finally comes to you in this moment; the world would fall in love with him as you have, and he would be taken from you. So you hold Jason as close as you can without waking him, press yourself into his hold and kiss the scar closest to your lips.

“I love you, Jason Todd.”

Although he’s asleep, his lips quirk into a smile.


Jason enters the coffee shop with quick feet and long strides. He pauses at the doorway, searching through the booths and tables in search of your familiar H/C locks. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he checks his phone again; maybe he got the address wrong? He said you were with friends, and wanted to introduce him. You tried to separate your civilian life and your hero life, and that ends with not going out in public with Jason often. But then again, he does the same thing. You aren’t bullet proof, and a lot of his enemies have guns.

“Hey, Tia. You’ve been whining about not having a boyfriend, so look at the cutie by the door.” Your best friend, Leto, nods to the entrance. Tia looks up hopefully, and her face brightens as she settles her chin into her hand,”He is cute. Look at that hair.” She grins. Cal speaks up from your left, nodding her head in approval and scattering her dark hair,”I could grate cheese on that jawline.” She sighs, looking behind you at this mystery man.

“Oh, no.” Leto frowns as she observes him,”He’s a total bad-boy. I was wrong, this one isn’t your type, T.” Leto crosses her arms and looks away from the suitor and back to her drink. Cal stirs her own with a finger, biting her lip,”But dude! Look at him, he’s every girl’s type. Even our beloved Bookworm’s.” Cal laughs, gesturing to you playfully.

They admire the boy, chittering about his “best attributes”. Leto moves a piece of her short, blonde hair out of her face,”That’s true… he looks really muscular, too. Like Superman muscular.” She comments. Despite her strong dislike of the “bad-boy” types, her honey-colored eyes say otherwise when it comes to this man.

“I feel like I’ve seen him before,” Tia says thoughtfully. The man looks around the area, checking his phone.”Maybe on TV or in the street.” She shrugs. Tia glances at Cal, playing with her beautiful dark hands on the table’s sleek surface.”Those are gun-hands. I bet he’s a police officer.” Cal inspected him with her eyes… thoroughly.

“I bet you $20 you can’t get his number!” Leto says instantly, always up for a bet. You roll your eyes at your best friend, returning your gaze to your page without glancing at this apparent sex god. Cal can’t decline a challenge, so she flicks out her leather jacket’s collar and puffs of her chest, smirking to herself,”Fine. But I’m taking that twenty and riding off into the sunset on that boy’s motorcycle.”

“How do you know he drives one?” Tia asks around her straw. Cal narrows her eyes at the man and smirks,”He’s got grease on his fingers, and the handles have dug grooves into his palms. I’m a detective, of course I know he rides a motorcycle.”

You pull your nose from your book to view the man—after all, no one is good enough for your best friend, and you need to judge him—and grin. Cal catches your expression and pointedly looks to Leto and Tia,”See, even Y/N. But I’m afraid I called dibs, sweetheart.” She smirks. Keeping your eyes on Jason, you shake your head. Tia and Leto nearly spit out their drinks when you start to bookmark your page.

”Sorry ladies, this one’s mine.” You pat Cal’s arm, and their jaws drop. Their whispers buzz suddenly like wasps, and before you’re out of earshot, you hear Leto gasp,”But Y/N would never approach a guy like that! She’s… she’s shy!” Tia clutches her heart and wipes an invisible tear from her cheek,”My baby’s all grown up.”

Jason hears your giggles and turns, grinning stupidly in love,”There’s my best girl.” He opens his arms. Your walk turns into a jog and that into a sprint, and eyes fall to you as you race past tables. Jason catches you as you jump into him, embracing you tightly and sweetly. You melt into him like caramel on a hot surface, and Jason apparently finds you sweet enough to kiss. He cups your cheeks and pulls you in for a chaste peck, licking his lips as he pulls away,”Hey, beautiful.” Jason settles your sneakers onto the ground, strong arms wound around your waist.

“Hey, handsome.” Your thumb caresses his cheekbone,”I missed you.” You smile. In fear of making anyone uncomfortable with your affections, you distance yourself from Jason and nod to your friend’s table,”Come sit?” You suggest. Jason tosses his arm over your shoulder, reminiscent of when you were young, and walks with you to the table. He whispers in your ear,”I missed you too, dove.” You smile at him with a flustered expression and deeply red cheeks.

“These are your friends?” Jason guesses once you come to your table. You shake your head jokingly and sarcastically inform him,”No, these are just some homeless people who decided to follow me in here.” You smirk. Jason chuckles, pulling up a seat from the nearby table. He straddles it comfortably, voice deep and tone roughly attractive as always.

“Guys, this is Jason.” You introduce proudly. A genuine smile flutters across his face; you’re proud of him. So proud you want to flaunt him. Him. You grin at their shocked expressions,”My boyfriend.”

“How much did she pay you?” Cal questions, possibly serious and hopefully joking. Her hands are poised on the table like she’s interrogating him. Jason leans back in his seat, unintimidated (which is hard to be in Cal’s presence) and if anything, sexy. Easily, he shakes his head,”Nothin’.”

Tia looks at you, whispering loud enough for everyone to hear, including Jason,”You’ve been holding out on us!” She cries. You blush, sinking down into your seat,” Sorry.” You smile at them awkwardly, and Cal slouches her shoulders disappointedly. Leto folds her hands, facial expression falling into that of a businesswoman making a deal for her company. You swallow thickly, you know that look.

”How long have you know Y/N?” Leto inquiries.

“Since I was thirteen.” Jason answers.

“Do you love her?” Leto gets right to the point.

Jason’s eyebrows perk intently, and he makes something between a smolder and the look of a Disney prince,”More than breathing.” He gushes gently. You blush from both embarrassment and flattery; Jason says that all the time, specifically whenever you ask the same question, but hearing him tell someone else makes it seem more lovey-dovey than originally thought.

She hums, impressed with his answer.”What’s your favorite thing about her? Physical or mental?”

This time you look at him skeptically. Jason was a flirt, and you could hear the answer forming in his mind, and it wasn’t exactly appropriate for your friends to hear. Jason cocked his head and gazed at your face, blinking slowly. You could see the laughter drifting and bobbing in his eyes.” She’s quick-witted, can keep up with me. A hell of a lot smarter than my dumbass.”

Cal slouches further in her seat, throwing her hands in the air,”Dammit, Y/N! Why do you always get the perfect ones!” She cries. You laugh, rolling your eyes. Jason groans as his phone goes off. He checks the text message and huffs,” Dick and Bruce need my help. Sorry to cut this short, but I’m glad I got to see you, doll.” Jason smiles.

You kiss his cheek,”Go kick ass, baby.” Jason chuckles, and with a wink and a wave to your company, he’s out the door. The girls watch him go, and their heads swivel to you sharply when he’s completely out of sight. Tentatively, Leto drums her fingers on the table,”So…?”

Cal speaks up,”Is he good in bed?” Tia practically shoves Cal out of the way so her question is answered first,”Does he have an eight-pack?”

Shaking your head at their boy-craziness, you sigh exasperatedly. Regardless, you find yourself biting your lip and nodding at your companions,”Yeah.” You blush. They hoot loudly in response, deepening your blush.

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Y'know this is seriously the dark side to the next generation. -

The fact that Naruto really isn’t the Hokage, the father, or the husband he wanted to be. -

He barely does anything as hokage. He hasn’t changed anything for the better and hasn’t done anything he promised he would.

His own children don’t even know him, he is barely home and all they really care is for his attention. He avoids them, because he never wanted the burden at such a young age. So he drinks himself away.

His wife…oh, his wife. the women he married. He barely knows. He can’t remember the last time he actually looked at her without some sort of distaste. The one person he wanted most wasn’t with him. She was alone in a house raising a child by herself.

It’s as if life played a cruel trick and he would soon wake from this hellish night, but alas the drinking pursued into the dawn.

He was rather keen of this scotch as it had become his favorite past time to forget what he had failed to do.

If he believed in himself maybe he could have the courage to confront her, but no. Not after all she has gone through. Especially with his bastard of a friend if you can call it that.

He left her…all alone.

That son of a bitch…he took everything.

Everything Naruto wanted. The one joy in his life, the gleaming star in the northern heavens that called upon his name. That gave the breath in his chest as it beats. Because of her, he was here, alive yet not living. A former shell of his being, a constant reminder of what he was.
Only to be pushed back by the cold liquid that coarse through his veins as if infecting the mind and deluding the senses. Life trickles down his lip, he lay resting to live another hellish morrow.

you are in my dream, you are a pipe dream

pairing: alfokiran
note: set after chapter 10. the last part got me shook
additional note: tagging @sexysilverstrider because!!! shes the one who encouraged me to write this hahaha

The last thing he captured in his eyes was her figure, small hand reaching out for his before a flash of light struck between them, effectively rendering him unable to see anything and at the same separating the two of them. He found himself shouting her name, and he could faintly hear her call his name back. When he opened his eyes after the light dissipated, there was only a tall gate with no door, the sky of Askr beyond it; a scenery he had seen far too often. However, the one he called for, the one he wanted to see the most was nowhere to be found.

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wjishing-jimin  asked:

hi !can i request the drabbles? no.46,jimin x reader😊

46; at home massages // jimin x reader

46/75; ceo!au; ceo!jimin x uni student!reader
jimin x reader // PG-15 // 1567
“Let’s go to bed together.”

a/n: HELLO TO THE FIRST EVER REQUEST I RECEIVED. OMG IT’S BEEN EIGHT MONTHS. @rebelliousjvmin​ I’m so sorry if this is super late, like you probably even won’t be interested anymore, but I wanted to make sure I had a really good one for you because! You’re! A! First! But, yes, this is for you, I hope you like CEO!aus, bb. Have fun~

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the signs as Harry Kim quotes
  • Aries: In other words, you've never seen anything like it. Oh, I promise not to tell the junior officers!
  • Taurus: That's why I'm volunteering my good buddy Tom here to go with me.
  • Gemini: Every time I break a rule, I feel like my skull's gonna decompress.
  • Cancer: Why does everyone say "relax" when they're about to do something terrible?
  • Leo: I get claustrophobic in escape pods.
  • Virgo: I better get to the bridge. You never know when Ensign Kim'll be called upon to take command again.
  • Libra: Hi. My name's Harry read-me-like-a-book Kim.
  • Scorpio: I can't think of any place I'd rather be, or any people I'd rather be with.
  • Sagittarius: I don't need anyone to choose my friends for me.
  • Capricorn: Can't you see she's feeling vulnerable, and here you are, going on about severed nerves and major surgery?
  • Aquarius: They're prison rations! My uniform probably tastes better.
  • Pisces: Bad day at the office?
Damian Wayne: Over-Protective

Imagine having a sibling like relationship with Jason Todd and having met members of his family before but when you meet Robin you both instantly hit it off, much to Jason’s dismay.

Warnings: Swearing


It was unexpected bumping into Red Hood and trying to help him out a little since he’d saved your life. Considering you were only young and so willing to repay your debt he taught you some useful skills and found you to be entertaining company, especially after being brought back from the dead himself. It was nice to have someone so fun and carefree around and after running into him a few times he decided to keep an out for you, plus you learnt a few things from him.
It took you some time for a proper friendship to develop, but as a young child you soon realised something.
“You care about me.” You smiled up at the vigilante across from you.
No, I don’t.” Red Hood breathed, waiting by his motorcycle to drop you home since you’d decided to sneak out in search of adventure again.
“Yes you do, or else why would you be teaching me all this.” You justified proudly.
“I knew it! Thanks Jay!” Your joyful grin returning upon hearing no response from the vigilante and you were quick to wrap your arms around his waist in gratitude.
“Whatever kid, let’s go.” Jason replied nonchalantly, awkwardly patting your back signalling that you can let go now. You both hopped onto his motorcycle ready to go home.
“Hey - helmet now!” Red Hood ordered, noticing your lack of safety gear.
“You big softie.” You muttered under your breath, but apparently he heard you.
“What was that?!”
“You total badass.” Was your instant correction, voice raising an octave this time.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” The vigilante responded, his tone holding a hint of amusement.

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Imagine - Dwalin embarrassed about having a crush.

Dwalin was acting strange and you weren’t sure why. You had tried to speak to him about it but all your attempts had been in vain because he refused to speak to you about anything going on in his mind. In fact, it seemed like he was deliberately trying to avoid looking at you and you could assume it was because he had gone back to his hatred of you. You’d thought after everything, he would have shown you more kindness, after all the countless times you’d proved yourself to be a valued part of the company, but he seemed to revert back to how he was when you first met him. Well, maybe not exactly the same, but he definitely was acting strange around you. 

At first, you decided to ignore it, thinking that whatever was going on, he’d eventually go back to his usual self. The self that treated you with kindness and showed you respect, not avoided your eye and barely spoke to you unless he had no choice. 

However, it was becoming increasingly clear to you that he wasn’t going to get over it and it started to frustrate you. You weren’t sure why it frustrated you so much that he was barely able to look at you and when he did, he wasn’t sure what to say. All you knew was that you hated it and wanted things to go back to normal because you had recently realised your feelings for the stubborn dwarf and having him acting oddly around you wasn’t doing anything for your confidence. 

Eventually, you decided to confront him. 

“Dwalin!” You called his name, walking over in determination. 

Upon hearing your voice, he turned his head to face you and you could have sworn you saw a hint of a blush spreading across his cheeks. It was gone as quick as it had arrived though so you were brushed it off as a trick of the light because there was no way Dwalin would ever blush. It just didn’t seem possible. 

He had been speaking to Thorin when you approached him and when you came to a stop in front of him, arms crossed over your chest, Thorin quickly excused himself but not before shooting an amused look towards his friend. 

Honestly, that only confused you even further.

“I want to know what’s going on and I want to know now.” You stated, staring at Dwalin through narrowed eyes. “You’ve been acting strange and I’m sick of trying to figure it out so just tell me.” 

“There’s nothing going on, lassie.” He chuckled nervously, glancing around as though trying to figure out a way to escape this conversation. 

“I don’t believe you.” You replied, shaking you head. “You can barely bloody look at me half the time and when you do, you barely speak either! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you had feelings for me and were acting like a nervous wreck because of it!” 

The thought had never actually crossed your mind until that moment, the words falling from your lips faster than you could comprehend. The thought that Dwalin could possibly like you, after the strange behaviour he had shown, just didn’t seem like a possibility. Yet, the more you dwelled upon the words you’d spoke, the more you wondered if perhaps you were right. 

Dwalin, however, said nothing but there was no mistaking the blush that suddenly appeared. 

He was embarrassed.

What the hell? Could you be right? You asked yourself as you cocked your head to one side, staring at him in confusion. 

“Dwalin?” You pressed, hoping to actually get something out of him other than silence. It wouldn’t be much of a conversation and you certainly wouldn’t get anywhere unless he started speaking, after all. “What’s going on?” 

“What if you were right?” He mumbled so quietly that you only just managed to catch it. He wasn’t looking at you now, eyes fixated on the ground as he rubbed the back of his head nervously. 

It was the first time you had ever seen him in such a state; it was a pleasant change from the stubborn, hard ass dwarf you knew. You couldn’t deny you took pleasure in the fact you were able to make him so nervous, a smile forming on your lips at the thought.

“What did you just say?” You asked, knowing full well what he’d said but wanting him to repeat it anyway. Your heart was beating faster in your chest, hammering against your rib cage but you didn’t want to do something you’d later regret if you turned out to be wrong. You had to be absolutely certain before you did anything.

“What if you were… right?” He asked slowly, finally tearing his gaze from the ground to meet your own. As you stared into his eyes, you saw the anxiousness, the embarrassment and something else that you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Whatever it was, it sent shivers down your spine. 

“Right about what?” 

He glared. “You know what.” 

“Maybe,” A smirk played on your lips. “I’d still like to hear you say it.” 

“Why? Do you enjoy seeing me this way?!” He asked, voice raising slightly. You figured that it was the only way for him to feel better about the situation he had found himself in, almost like a defence mechanism so you didn’t raise to it. 

Instead, you smiled. 

“I just want to know what’s going on,” Your voice softened, your dropped your arms by your side but a second later, they were reaching for his. Gripping his hands in yours, you watched him carefully, only to see that he was staring at your interlocked fingers. “I don’t get why you can’t just talk to me. You used to be able to.” 

Sensing the sadness in your voice, he shot you a small smile. “I know I can, lassie, I know. It’s just not… something I’m used to, you could say.” 

“What isn’t?” 

“These feelings you stir up in me,” He finally confessed to what had been bothering him, what had been embarrassing him and you couldn’t be happier. Although the thought hadn’t crossed your mind until a moment ago, you were more than pleased to hear that you were right. Hearing that you were able to get him to feel something towards you made you happier than you could ever recall being. “They’re stronger than ever… what are you doing to me?” 

“I’m not doing anything but you’re not the only one with feelings, you know?” His eyes shot up to stare into yours, clearly taken aback so you continued speaking. “I thought you were starting to hate me or something, Dwalin and it was driving me crazy because I like you so damn much.” 

Eyes wide, jaw dropped, he didn’t look anything like the warrior you knew him to be. You had never seen him in such a state because nothing ever seemed to take him by surprise, he was always ready for anything. The thought had clearly never occurred to him either that you could return his feelings. 

“You like me?” He asked, pointing at himself as if needing the reassurance. 

You nodded, feeling shy all a sudden. There was something incredibly vulnerable about admitting your feelings, even when they were returned. 

“Thorin was right.” He then spoke, his voice lowering. 

“Wait, Thorin knows?” You had never told him of your feelings towards Dwalin and hoped you hadn’t been too obvious because that would have been embarrassing, especially if Fili and Kili knew because they’d never let you hear the end of it.

Dwalin nodded but didn’t elaborate, choosing to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you towards him. You stumbled at the force behind his action, crashing against his chest but his strong arms around you waist kept you upright. 

“Sorry.” You mumbled, cheeks burning in embarrassment as you chanced a look at him. 

He had a soft smile on his face but when he suddenly started leaning in towards you, you knew exactly what was about to happen. Your eyes closed automatically and your body practically melted against him the second you felt his lips on yours. 

Now, nothing could have prepared you for that but you kissed him harder, all your pent up frustration seeping through the kiss as well as the amount of love you felt for him. Feeling him smile through the kiss, you knew he understood. 

So when you pulled away and looked into his eyes, you couldn’t help what you said next.

“If you dare try avoid me after this, I will kill you.” 

Dwalin laughed, a loud laugh that caused the company to face you, wondering what was going on. You ignored them though, watching Dwalin laugh with a smile because you rarely got to see him laugh. He was also so tough, so stubborn and so set in his ways that you never thought you’d see him like this. 

“Avoiding you is the last thing I want to do now.” He then said but before you could say anything in response, his lips descended down on yours and all thoughts were forgotten. 


AN: I’m sorry for the delay, I got distracted by Supernatural! I’m not sure that I like this one though and I’ll probably edit it when I have the chance but let me know what you think anyway! 

A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty-Three

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding, and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature.

NOTE: Naming ceremony – In Viking culture, nine nights after birth, the child had to be recognised by the father of the household. He placed the child on his knee while sitting in the high seat. Water was sprinkled on the child; it was named and thus admitted into the family.

Nearly four weeks later, word was sent to Loki and Maebh, that Sif had birthed another son safely. Thor had asked that they join him and his family for a meal to celebrate. Loki explained to Maebh that it was customary that nine days after an infant is born, there is a naming ceremony held in its honour. As the new child was hardly a day old, this was merely to be a family celebration.

Both Loki and Maebh worked around the farm and house to prepare for the evening. Loki had insisted that Maebh not work as hard due to her condition, but she was adamant that she would decide what it was she could and could not do for herself. Due to her vicious temper at the broaching of the subject, Loki had agreed somewhat sheepishly, however, with each passing week, Maebh had to admit to herself she was not as capable as she was used to being.

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words: 1.3k
genre: fluff
pairing: jimin / reader
summary: i really like mornings with you, even though it’s two in the afternoon

There can only be one word to describe this feeling of your arms wrapped around his waist: home.

Waking up at noon with the sunlight filtering through the curtains, the both of you placing sloppy kisses on the other’s cheeks before indulging in one that would easily become frisky and lustful. The both of you would pull away to gasp for air, and he would rest his forehead against yours as you giggle when his hands accidentally — the asshole claims it’s an accident all the time— squeeze your ticklish spot.

The corners of his eyes crinkle and a series of giggles escapes his lips when you squeal, pulling away from his touch. You’d slap his arm playfully as he whines and clings onto your legs tightly, occasionally peppering your thighs and knees with kisses, bringing about a fit of giggles.

Sauntering into the kitchen with your arms linked, Jimin pecks your forehead, cheeks and nose before pecking your lips. As he turns to make your morning coffee — well, more like afternoon coffee — you wrap your arms around his waist, resting your head against his back and hum a soft tune.

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Perfect (Oneshot)

Okay, so I made this before the second season was released, so it’s obviously not accurate at all. But it was something I imagined at the time and I really wanted to write it. I just wasn’t sure if I should post it at all. It’s the story that goes with these two pictures:

Perfect. This was the impression Lance always had when he saw Keith. He didn’t want to admit it, he wasn’t even sure of it himself. But whenever he saw him at the Garrison, when he saw how he kept his good grades so effortlessly, he couldn’t help but admiring him. Whenever he heard his fellow classmates talking about him, saying how amazing he was, he couldn’t help but being jealous of him. Whenever he was compared to him, he couldn’t help but hate him. He was better in everything. No matter what he did, he always made it look so easy. While Lance spend a lot of his nights studying, worried if he might pass the next exam, Keith kept his cool demeanor. He never looked like he had any problems. In Lances eyes, he looked arrogant and distant. It made him want to just push him off his high horse. He didn’t want to admit that whenever he saw him, he saw a person he wanted to be. To him, Keith was perfection. But that wasn’t true.

It was shortly after the paladins had been separated after escaping from Zarkons main fleet. Everybody was scattered across the universe with no idea how to get back. Those who could drifted around space, trying to find the others. Those who couldn’t were left no choice but to wait where they had crashed. Keith was one of them. His lion was severely damaged after the fight with Zarkon and it would probably take a long time until he would be able to take flight again. Lance found it weird that he was thinking of him now. He wasn’t the only one he hadn’t found yet after all. Actually, he didn’t find anyone. He was just flying from galaxy to galaxy, only landing somewhere when he needed to rest, always hoping the sensor build in his lion picked up a signal of his friends.
Where was he? Was he save? Was he hurt? Did he eat enough?
The blue paladins thoughts spiraled between questions like these. Knowing Keith, he was probably alright. After all, he lived a year in a desert. He’d be able to survive on his own. On an unknown planet. In the middle of a war. Somewhere in the endless space of the universe. Where it might take them weeks, months, years to find him. If he was even alive.
The boy shook his head trying to get rid of that thought. He would definitely be alive. He had to. He had to. He had to.

Repeating those words like a mantra, Lance kept flying aimlessly until he heard an alarm ringing through the cockpit. The sudden noise startled him and he quickly turned his lion around to search for its source, until he finally realized the alarm came from his lion itself. Realizing that, he opened the screen of his radar and kept staring at it.
Red. His lion picked up Reds signal.
Unconsciously the corners of his mouth moved up and he let himself sink into his seat with the most relieved sigh he had in ages. Only then did he realize his heart was beating fast at finally finding one of his team alive. Or at least the whereabouts of one of the lions.
The paladin quickly cut off his thoughts before they trailed off somewhere he definitely didn’t want them to be and headed into the direction the radar was showing him.
The planet wasn’t that far away, it was still in the same solar system as Lance. He entered the planets atmosphere and lowered the speed of his lion so that he could scan the surface for any traces of the red lion. The planet was completely covered in sand and rocks. There didn’t seem to be any water around. Or any sign of life. The boy swallowed at the thought of how someone could survive in a place like this. Just as he wanted to speed up his eyes caught a glimpse of shining metal. He quickly turned around to take a closer look and let out a breathy laugh when he saw a red metallic paw stick out behind one of the many mountains. Without hesitation, he flew into its direction and landed right in front of the red lion. It was stretched out like a sleeping cat instead of sitting upright with a barrier around it like the lions are supposed to be, but it didn’t seem too damaged. It’s mouth was open, which must have meant that Keith was at least able to get out.
Once his lions paws touched the ground, Lance practically jumped out and started to call Keith’s name. But nothing came back. The paladin went closer to the lion, checking it’s mouth and calling his name again. No answer. He started to worry that he might have left his lion alone.
Lance waited a few more seconds before he decided to go around the lion to see if the red paladin was hiding somewhere in the shadow of the mountain. Several meters and a few more calls later, he saw a figure leaning against a rock with his legs hold closely to his chest, face buried between them, right next to the robots hind leg. He recognized him right away thanks to the white uniform sticking out from the shadows. It was Keith.
With a big smile on his face he ran towards him, throwing his helmet away and calling out to him again. Upon hearing his name, Keith pulled his legs closer to him. This wasn’t the reaction Lance hoped to see. He realized that something was off and his smile and the enthusiasm in his voice turned into genuine worry.

“Keith? Hey, what’s wrong? Not happy to see me?”
He tried to crack a small joke, but it didn’t work. His steps became slower until he was standing right in front of his fellow paladin.
“Go away.”
His voice was muffled, but Lance could hear the tremble in his voice. He ignored his words and crouched in front of him.
“What? Keith, are you okay?”
“I said go away!”
Just as he wanted to reach out to him, Keith slapped his hand away with enough force to make Lance tumble backwards. The blue paladin was ready to yell at him, but his words were stuck in his throat when he saw his friends exposed face.

The first thing he noticed were his eyes. Gleaming yellow and wide with fear. They were swollen and he could see small tears running down purple cheeks. Then the ears. Trembling wolf-like ears where small human ears were supposed to be.
And there were fangs. Almost adorably tiny, but still sharp.
The creature in front of him was not a human anymore, it was a galra.
Several seconds went by in which the paladin had to take another look, just to be sure the heat wasn’t playing tricks on him.

It definitely was Keith. Besides the inhuman features, he still had the same face. The same small nose, the same almond-shaped eyes, the same stupid mullet that looked good only on him. Seeing him curled up like this, trying to hide himself from the world made Lances gut twist and there was only one question on his mind now. What in the world has happened to him?
The paladin slowly went back on his knees and moved his hand forward to touch him, to make sure that what he saw was real. But before he could even reach his cheek, Keith slapped his hand away and tried to yell at him.
“Don’t! Just…go away, leave me!”
It was a pathetic excuse of a shout. His voice was cracking and barely recognizable from his usually confident voice. Never has he seen his sworn rival in a state like this. So vulnerable, so fragile, so weak. His heart pounded in his chest painfully and he felt tears welling up in his eyes. He moved his hand forward again and expected another defensive move, but he was too weak to resist Lance anymore. His hand cupped the red paladins gently and he felt soft fur on the edges of his jawline, just below his ears. Without giving it a second thought, he pulled his friend closer to him, earning him a surprised gasp from his friend, and wrapped his arms around him tightly. It took a few seconds until Keith finally returned the hug and cried into the crook of Lance’s neck.
“Look at what I have become.” he said between his sobs. “I’m a monster!”
The blue paladin shook his head in response.
“That’s not true, Keith. That’s not true. Look at me.”
He pulled away from their embrace and held his face with both of his hands close to him, forcing the paladin to look at him. He tried to keep his voice gentle and steady.
“You’re still Keith. No matter what you are. You’re still a valuable part of this team. You’re still the pilot of the red lion. You’re still my rival. I don’t care if you’re human, galra or whatever.”
He pressed his forehead against Keith’s and lowered his voice, speaking in a tone he never thought he would use for his rival.

“You’re still a precious friend to me.”

A few more seconds passed in which Keith realized that, despite of what he was now, Lance would always be there for him and his sobs became louder, his tears streaming down his cheeks again. The blue paladin wrapped his arms around the others neck and pulled him back into a tight hug. They stayed like this until Keith’s voice became hoarse.

That’s right. He was still the same. Whenever he saw how gracefully he was able to pilot his lion, he couldn’t help but admire him. Whenever he saw him fighting off enemies, protecting his allies without regards to his own health, he couldn’t help but wanting to be like him. Whenever he saw his bright smile, his fluid movements, him, he couldn’t help but seeing someone perfect. He knew he wasn’t. Nobody was perfect, Keith was no exception. The person he has always looked up to was now in his arms, crying his heart out, broken and weak.
And yet, despite – or maybe because of – these flaws, Lance couldn’t help but see Keith as someone perfect.