call to cancel

worst thing to do to the signs

Aries: take advantage of them
Taurus: take their food without asking
Gemini: not pay them back
Cancer: not show appreciation for the things they do for you
Leo: tell them they’re wrong
Virgo: agree with something they strongly disagree with
Libra: try to interfere with their relationship
Scorpio: argue with them/call them names
Sagittarius: cancel plans on them last second
Capricorn: tell them who/who not to date
Aquarius: belittle them
Pisces: not do what they ask when they ask you to do it

Ps: try using your Mars Sign as well (it has to do with what makes you angry)

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why do you consider the cancellation super messy? like I'm sure it is, but spill the tea

Well for starters, I think Disney has known for a bit that they were going to cancel the show, but didn’t have the decency to call Jacobs until January 4th. They sat there watching all the fan campaigns to save the show, and then Disney posted GMW pics on their Instagram for the first time in months, probably already knowing they were going to cancel the show. They unnecessarily increased the fandom’s hope right before pulling the rug out from under them (most likely in an attempt to increase ratings). It’s just rubbing salt in the wound, and only makes the viewers think more negatively of them.

They also took down the Radio Disney poll of ‘What’s Your Favorite Disney Show’ (which GMW was winning w/ 86% of the votes, 645k votes total!), the morning of the day they called Jacobs to confirm cancellation. In retrospect, it makes them look super sketch.

Then there’s the actual cancellation announcement itself. Now obviously I don’t know for certain, but I have a strong feeling that Disney expected to let Jacobs know, and then release an official Disney press release about it (maybe even after WMG aired). I’m sure they expect upset fans, but I don’t think they expected quite the commotion that cancellation has actually caused.

Jacobs announcing the cancellation on Twitter at 10 PM EST on a weekday night definitely stood out as him beating Disney to the punch and getting the upper hand. 

I think this threw a big wrench in Disney’s plans. And honestly, it was pretty much a PR shit storm for DIsney after that. Like they couldn’t adjust to this curveball.

Rowan also dragged Disney on her IG post (”I will continue to fight to not be talked down to by the shows and books and movies that are aimed toward us. I am sorry that this channel is just not able to understand that”). Jacobs continued to throw shade at the cancellation decision by using Alanis Morisette “Ironic” lyrics after announcing GMW got nominated for two awards. Jacobs threw more subtle shade at Disney in his most recent tweet: “In these three shows, GMW and BMW all let you know what we’ve always tried to be”. Tried. To. Be. As if maybe they were limited by a certain network……

In response to Jacobs’ letting the cat out of the bag first, Disney’s PR IG posted an old S1 photo announcing the series finale and saying how proud they were of the show, which came across as half-assed and insincere.

Disney could’ve just shut their mouths after this point and wait for the storm to pass. But instead they added fuel to the fire and kept putting their foot in their mouth.

First, the official Disney Channel Twitter went and liked this tweet (and they never unliked it either):

Like??? You’re the network with the power who cancelled it? Wyd? 

Next, Disney posted a World Meets Girl photo on Twitter with the caption stating “This one is for the fans”. That post and caption was whatever (they still have to promote the remaining episodes).

But then they posted the same picture on IG but with a different caption and really put their foot in their mouth with the caption. “Without a doubt, #GirlMeetsWorld has some of the most amazing and passionate fans. We know it’s hard that there are only three episodes left, so tonight, this one is for you” Like jfc could that be any more bs and condescending. 

So when you add together Disney unnecessarily increasing fans’ hopes in December + Jacobs announcing cancellation first on Twitter + Jacobs and cast throwing shade at Disney via social network + multiple mainstream media outlets criticizing the cancellation + the current fandom campaign to Netflix/Hulu that’s actually gaining some traction + trending on Twitter twice last night + Disney not being able to stfu on social media with bs posts that everyone can see right through + WMG airing after Jacobs dropped the cancellation announcement and basically showing how important the show is……it’s one big PR mess for Disney Channel. 

Baby, I’m Trying

For @mckinnon-and-black-forever

A/N: Merry Christmas Lizzy! Hope you enjoy. As requested, a modern single parent AU.

Rating: T

Word count: 2,316


She ought to know by now not to try to surprise James.

When they were twelve, she’d jumped out of a cupboard, intent on frightening James to get him back for unraveling the hem of her friend’s already threadbare uniform. He’d been so startled that he’d slammed the cupboard shut and Lily ended up with a bloody nose.

On his eighteenth birthday, she’d made the mistake of trying to throw him a party without telling him. She had half their year assembled in his house when he called to cancel their afternoon plans because his mother was taking him to Belgium.

Over the years, it’s become clear that James is far better at providing surprises than receiving them.

It’s probably foolish of her to think that this time will be different. But she’s just gotten home after studying in France during her summer and fall terms, and the only person that Lily wants to see is James Potter. They wrote letters, certainly, and talked on the phone, but it doesn’t compare to seeing him gaze at her with a warm smile or a smarmy grin from right in front of her face. He’d joked about her meeting someone while in France, but part of her thinks it was true, because she’s never been so eager to come home in her life.

And she’s missed him, missed all her boys really. So she stands outside James’s and Sirius’s flat, knocking on their door with a grin on her face.

Sirius pulls open the door, wearing what looks like a bib and holding a plush toy in his hands. “Moony, if that’s you, you better have brought nappies - Evans!” His face breaks out into a broad grin.

Careful to avoid the mess on his bib, Lily steps into Sirius’s arms. “I’m back,” she says. “Dare I ask about the nappies?”

The smile on Sirius’s face dims. “Maybe I should let James explain.”

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#229: Morning Cuddles


“Being in love with you is what it makes life worth waking up to. After the cuddles of course.” 

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”I’d definitely like mornings better if they always started with you.” His eyes were closed and curls sticking to his pillow, his voice raspy from the sleep. “Should I call in and cancel recording sessions today?” He questioned and squeezed one eye open to look down at you nuzzling your face against his warm chest. “No, you’re almost done and it’s only for a few hours.” You yawned silently and smiled up at him, feeling how the sun was warm against your bare shoulders. “But I’m so comfortable.” He whined and dragged out the last vowels, pulling you closer if it was even possible. Legs were tangled, your cheek was pressed against his chest and his fingers were lightly caressing around your shoulder blades. “Just a few more minutes. I need it to make the day better.” He whispered into your neck and gave you a lingering morning kiss.


“For how long have you been up?” You hummed against his neck and fluttered your eyes open to look at him. You were sure he had been aware for a while because the TV had been on and playing out mornings shows. He looked down at you with the remote still in his hand, a hint of blush on his cheeks. “Did I wake you up? I tried to turn the volume down.” “No, it’s fine.” You mumbled and wrapped your arms around you, shutting your eyes once again. It was a little bit too early after all. “I just didn’t want to watch TV in the living room, couldn’t miss out the best cuddles of the day.” He leaned down to grab you by the hips when seeing you smile in affection and pulled you on top of his chest to continue watching TV and having you close as possible.  


“You smell.” A huge grin came to his face by your comment, arms tightening around you and he moved his leg so it was resting between yours. “Always nice waking up to a lovely compliment from you.” Turning around by his words your eyes met his sleepy ones, noses bumping together and smiles embracing your faces. “But it’s true.” You giggled, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was so warm and the sheets were so soft you would have gagged by his smell. “And you know what?” He grinned mysteriously and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I don’t plan on taking a shower because this cuddle is too good to leave without enjoying it.” He removed a piece of hair away from your forehead and gave you another kiss to the forehead. Everything else could wait because this was right where he wanted to be right now.


“For how long have you been like this?” He questioned confused but didn’t remove the curtain to the bunk, deciding to stand outside of it. Ashton sighed softly and rolled his eyes by his words, removing the curtain slightly to show the two of you almost hidden below your sheets. “It’s almost 1 P.M?” Luke probably assumed that it would have some sort of affection but it didn’t. Ashton only rolled his eyes again and closed to curtain to pull you even closer if it was possible. “He doesn’t understand the importance of this, he will once he gets an actual girlfriend.” “I heard that.” Luke faintly yelled back and you giggled softly into Ashton’s chest by the stupidity of teasing each other. There was no doubt that you would be leaving this bed now, morning cuddles had turned into noon, evening and sooner than later also night.

Can you not

So instead of asking a produce employee the price of organic tomatoes this lady comes up to me while I’m working self check out and wants to know, so she types in the code and I told her it will only say the price if the item is weighed so she grabs a water bottle and weighs it and it shows the price, then she condescendingly rubs my back (sooooo not okay!!!!!!!!) and goes “see that wasn’t so hard” and then walks out. I had to call a lead clerk to cancel the transaction because our machines won’t take off an item if it’s the only one and customers are just so dumb. There was definitely signs and there’s always at least two employees stocking in produce until like 9pm

Space Mom

Summery: Stiles and the Pack have a special Memorial Movie marathon in memory of Space Mom

Requested by @animeelover1

As soon as you opened Tumblr you and saw the posts you knew Stiles would be hit pretty hard by the news. You quickly called Lydia and cancelled your day with her, asking her to arrange some things for you.

You hurried to Stiles house and found him teary eyed sat on the foot of his bed, snuffling softly. You threw your arms around him and he buried his face into your jumper, sighing when your hands carded through his hair.

“She…” He started but trailed off and you nodded.

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Conflicted (Part 2, SMUT)

[ previously on Conflicted ] [ from the start ]

A/N: Didn’t expect this to get such awesome feedback! The people have spoken, so here’s Part 2! Thank you :D

Character: Niall

Warning(s): SMUT. SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT. Did I mention smut?

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Supercorp: Ink

Kara hadn’t expected this.  When Jess had called her to cancel their lunch plans she had sounded somewhat unsure so Kara had opted to bring lunch to Lena, figuring she wouldn’t eat otherwise.  

It’s a medium sized room, with a whiteboard along one wall and a drafting table against a wall of windows.  In the middle of everything is reams and reams of paper pulled from a butchers roll in the corner, covered in blue and black ink designs.  At the center of everything sits Lena, her fingers stained in black and blue, her forearms smeared from where she was thinking too fast.  

“Everything okay?” asks Kara carefully as she watches Lena making notes.  

“Trying to reengineer one of my mother’s inventions for the DEO…” mutters Lena as she nibbles at the end of her pen.  

“I….um… I brought food…. Jess seemed worried about you.  Said you’d been here all morning”

“Well, I have a lot to make up for, don’t I?  Always cleaning up the Luthor mess aren’t I?”  Kara doesn’t have time to wonder what she means before Lena is sketching again.  

“It’ll take more than a rename and gala this time” mutters Lena.  Kara just watches as Lena turns out design over design each more incredible than the last but none up to Lena’s liking apparently.  

Kara wonders who gets to see this side of Lena.  Who gets to see past the galas and fashion and manners and see this side of her who spews out ideas right along with the best in her company.  It’s only when Kara gets up because she has to leave (Snapper will have her head for being gone this long) that Lena seems to realize that she’s there.  

“Kara?  When did you get here?”  Kara just stares at the adorable engineer.  

“About an hour ago.  I brought you a burger from your favorite place.  I’ll see you later, okay?” she says going in for a hug.  Instead Lena kisses her cheek.  

“Mmm.  Okay, thank you, love” she mutters, already back deep in thought.  

Protected (Part 4)

summary: reader witnesses something horrible and somehow Bucky ends up being her bodyguard

warnings: (a tiny bit of) some good ol’ sexual tension

word count: 1304

a/n: I would’ve written sooner but The Walking Dead has me a MESS but anyway Buckyyyy *insert here’s johnny gif* tags are at the end! let me know if I missed anyone!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Sitting at the lobby I was doubting myself and the decision to come here. I was going to call Steve again and cancel our little meet up today, but since seeing the new last night and finding out that another woman has been murdered in the same style and fairly close to my apartment I decided it was just best to hear what he thinks about all this. 

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Little Red (Raph x Reader)

Something was wrong. You didn’t know exactly what it was but when you called Raph eariler, he didn’t pick up, but Mikey did. He sounded very stressed and nervous as he talked to you.

“(Y/N)! Why are you calling Raph?” Mikey greeted you over the phone.

“Uh, because Raph is my best friend and we talk on the phone every night I’m not over there?” you raised an eyebrow. The turtles knew about this daily routine, and also found out about your crush on Raph because of this when Mikey whined about how unfair it was that you talked to Raph everyday and not the rest of them. You sheepishly told him that you had a huge crush on Raph.

“Well, the call has to be cancelled- NO RAPH DON’T TOUCH THAT WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU!” Mikey shrieked as a loud crash sounded in the background.

“Mikey, what’s going on?!” you heard Donnie scream and a voice that sounded like a younger version of Raph shouting.

“Uh, nothing… Anyways, I gotta go, (Y/N)! See you later!” Mikey then hung up. You frowned and instantly left your house, but not before your mom made you go back to your room and grab a jacket. Then you went down to the sewers and made your way to the lair.

“Hey guys, I decided to come over! Surprise!” you shouted out into the lair.

“(Y/N) WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Mikey ran out of the dojo and up to you, turning you around and pushing you out of the lair.

“Hey! What’s going on?! Where are the others?!” you braced yourself against the turnstiles and refused to move.

“Leo went out, Donnie is in his lab, and Raph is busy! We can’t hang out now, sorry!” Mikey tried to push you out. You kicked your foot back and hit his shin, not hard enough to hurt him, only to make him step away from you. Turning around, you marched towards the dojo.

You threw the door open and you didn’t know what to expect. Donnie was trying to hold down what appeared to be a child version of Raphael. You put your hand to your face and gave out an exasperated sigh.

“Do I want to know how Raph got turned into a small child?” you raised an eyebrow at Donnie.

“We had an incident with the Kraang. They blasted him with this machine and he kinda turned into a little kid,” Donnie stood up.

“Okay then… that’s strange. Where’s Leo?” you walked into the dojo. Raph sat up with his arms crossed and a large frown on his face.

“He went after the Kraang to try and get the machine and see if I’ll be able to reverse the affects and turn him back to normal,” the turtle explained.

“We didn’t mean to turn your boyfriend into a kid…” Mikey came up behind you.

You blushed and spun around, “He’s not my boyfriend!”

“Anyways, (Y/N), could you maybe watch Raph while Mikey and I take a break? We’ve been up since yesterday and we’re really tired,” Donnie walked over, giving you a sheepish smile.

“Sure,” you shrugged. You really saw no problem with it. Even though he was a kid at the moment, you two were still best friends.

“Thanks, (Y/N)!” Donnie grinned.

“You’re the best!” Mikey threw his arms around you. You rolled your eyes playfully and patted his head.

“Okay, go get some rest you dorks,” Donnie and Mikey left the dojo and you turned to face Raph and you wanted to squeal over how adorable he looked.

You made your way towards Raph and sat in front of him, “Hey, kiddo.”

“Don’t call me that,” Raph growled slightly and looked away from you.

“Sorry. Well, do you want to do something?”


“Really?” you raised an eyebrow at the turtle tot. He had quite an attitude.


“Okay then,” you leaned your chin on the palm of your hand and looked around the dojo. You really had no clue on how to take care of children, and to be honest, the task sort of scared you. What if you messed up? What if something happened to little Raph and you couldn’t help him? You tried to ignore these thoughts, and a distraction thankfully came up. A loud rumbling noise came from in front of you and the tot jumped and wrapped his arms quickly around his stomach.

“Are you hungry?” Raph nodded his head to answer your question. You stood up and held out your hand. Raph hesitated for a moment and took your hand. The two of you made your way to the kitchen and you looked for something easy to make.

“Mikey ate all the pizza,” Raph stated quietly. His voice was so shy and quiet as a child.

“Oh, okay,” you walked past the fridge and opened some cabinets. You found a bag of ramen and reached for it, “Want some ramen?”

“Okay,” Raph looked up at you and his stomach rumbled again. He looked down in embarrassment and you couldn’t help but smile. You couldn’t help but imagine teenage Raph with that look of embarrassment. Shaking your head, you made your way to the stove and began to make the ramen. Raph held onto your leg the whole time, making you feel rather honored that he seemed to trust you as a child.

It didn’t take you long to finish the ramen and you dished it out into two bowls, one for Raph, and one for you. You and Raph made your way out to the living room and sat on the couch.

“Do you want to watch TV?” you looked over. He was already eating, and you had to stop yourself from laughing when he turned around with noodles hanging out of his mouth and nodded. Again, you imagined teenage Raph doing that, and how cute it would have been. You turned the TV, shaking the thoughts from your head again.

After a couple hours of watching TV, you laid down on the couch only to have Raph crawl over and lay down with his head on your shoulder and his arm draped over your side. You giggled as you shortly heard soft snoring, and knew Raphael was out for the night.

“Will he remember this?” you gently untied his mask and took it off, letting it fall to the floor beside the couch.

Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn’t. Who knew?

With these thoughts about your normal, teenage Raphael running through your mind, you fell asleep with happy thoughts.


The next morning you felt something heavy on top of your chest and shoulder. You cracked your eye open slightly and blushed furiously as you were greeted to the sight of Raphael, back to normal in his teenage form. His face was buried in the crook of your neck and his arms wrapped around you tightly.

You wanted to wake him up, yet you didn’t want to, fearing he would jump away from you as soon as he realized he was cuddling you. You wanted to be in his arms, it made you feel safe and warm.

However the moment died as Mikey walked into the room and shouted, “GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!”

Raph let out a groan of annoyance and began to move his head up. You blushed as he lifted himself up on top of you. His eyes opened slightly, but widened as soon as he saw you.

“O-Oh man, sorry, (Y/N)!” Raph got up quickly, much to your disappointment.

“It’s fine,” you looked away as you sat up, “Glad to see your back to normal.”

“Yeah, it’s good to be my handsome self again,” Raph joked, trying to lighten the rather tense mood.

“Don’t be to full of yourself!” you giggled and gave him a gentle push. Raph smiled at you and put an arm around you.

“Thanks for taking care of me, (Y/N),” Raph suddenly grabbed your chin and turned your head to face him and pressed his lips quickly to yours. He got up and walked away, leaving you to turn as red as the mask by your foot.

Imagine Dating Hank Voight

For anon:  Hi can you do an imagine where the reader is dating Hank Voight from Chicago Pd please, thank ypu

Yay, my first CPD Imagine! Hope you like it. 

You weren’t angry. You knew what you’d signed up for, dating a sergeant of the Chicago Police Department. You knew that his job was demanding. So when you got the call, cancelling your dinner plans for the third time in a row, you weren’t surprised. But it didn’t mean you weren’t disappointed.

“It’s just been a busy week,” Hank said with a heavy voice. “I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

“It’s okay, Hank, I understand,” you said, but you couldn’t hide the disappointment in your voice. You had a feeling he wanted to say more, but several voices calling his name on the other end of the line had grabbed his attention.

“I’ll call you tonight,” he promised before immediately hanging up his phone.

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