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Lust & Errors 04

Rated: M

Warning: Excessive graphic smut, age gap, marijuana usage.

SummaryStep brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: Hell has frozen over and the sun has rose in the west. Part 4 is here, and I have no explanation for the tremendously long wait. “✐” means flashback and two of them means end of flashback. 

Words: 23,982

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A long yawn escaped your lips in the middle of your explanation of a math problem. You covered your mouth as it gasped with the yawn and leaned back in the hard, wooden chair, desperately wishing it would somehow turn into your bed.

“Tired?” Jungkook asked, looking down at a piece of paper as he hurriedly wrote down what you assumed to be a note.

“A little.” You admitted with a sleepy drawl, too tired to hide the fact that you were tired and your eyes scanned over the page in the book you had been reading from, trying to find where you stopped.

When he was finished writing down his note, he glanced up at you expectantly, but once he noticed the sheer exhaustion painted plain as day on your face and weighing down your body, he sat up straight himself and cleared his throat. “We can stop, you know. If you’re tired.” His voice was a bit rushed and he sounded kind of guilty. “I-I’m sorry.” He chuckled, but it sounded forced and nervous.

It was odd to see Jeon Jungkook act nervous, when you were so used to cocky smirks and his overly confident attitude. But if there was one thing you noticed while tutoring him for the past two weeks, it was that tutoring him was a lot different than you had initially expected.

You had figured he was secretly some math genius and had only asked for your help in order to get into your pants. After all, it wasn’t exactly hard to tell that you were a virgin. And guy’s like Jeon Jungkook, loved girl’s like you.

Well, at least that’s what you thought.

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Touch-Starved IV

Here it is, the last part. Hope it’s satisfying ending. @fallingineternity

Part I Part II Part III

Anxiety paced.


He raked his fingers through his hair in agitation. He had to figure out what he was going to do and fast. The others would wake up soon. Anxiety had spent the entire night trying figure things out.

Part of him, a large part of him, just wanted to take it all at face value, let the others in the way they seemed to want him to. But as he had tossed and turned in the early hours of the morning, doubts had begun to creep into his mind, showing every way this could go wrong. There was a reason he hadn’t slept.

But despite his endlessly whirling thoughts, he had made it to sunrise without being one iota closer to actually making a decision. And once Morality called him down for breakfast, he’d have to.

Would he refuse to leave the room? Or would he go down? If he went down, what would he do? Would he ignore them? Would he let them in? He didn’t know!

Anxiety let out a muffled scream, his hands covering his mouth. He wished none of this had ever happened, then nothing would have changed. The others would have their own lives being their blissful happy selves, and he would be… alone. Like it should be.

He sunk to the ground, his arms wrapping around his knees. It hadn’t been that bad being alone. In fact, many times he preferred it. The others could be too loud and overwhelming at times. And he’d gotten good at keeping his own company. With the internet, it wasn’t like he ever ran out of things to do.

Sure, sometimes he had wished things could be a bit different, that his relationship with the others wasn’t so … strained. Usually when he caught glimpses of movie marathons he hadn’t been invited to, or heard the easy conversations over meals, the kind of conversations he’d never been able to manage.

And now they were caught at a crossroads between his sometimes wishes and reality. The others still didn’t like him, not really, but they were trying to connect with him, to open up. And the worst part was that he still didn’t understand why.

At first he’d thought it was pity, because that made sense. Oh, we learned something sad about poor little Anxiety, let’s all be nice to him, so we stop feeling guilty. And you know what, Anxiety could have handled that. Sure it would have hurt once things went back to normal, but he would have moved on eventually, and he would have learned from it.

But this wasn’t pity, he wasn’t sure what it was, but he knew it wasn’t just simple pity. Because Patton had cried over him, and had said all those things when he didn’t even know Anxiety was listening. Because he had never heard Roman talk to him while sounding that serious and earnest. Because Logan didn’t even really do emotions that much, so Anxiety wasn’t sure how he’d thought the other side would be motivated by pity in the first place!

And so it wasn’t- and he couldn’t- and they weren’t- and he just- and everything was-

He just wished he knew what they wanted.

Anxiety was still on the floor when he heard Morality calling everyone for breakfast. There was no more time to think.

He didn’t move though, just stared at the door. Did he even want to go down? No, not really.

But you do want answers, a voice murmured inside his mind, and you won’t get them by staying in here.

Anxiety hated that it was right.

He pulled himself up, taking a glance in the mirror to see how he looked. He winced, he looked like death warmed over. He grabbed his eyeshadow, smearing it on. It didn’t really help, but at least he could claim his zombie-like appearance was from the makeup.

Anxiety picked at his food. He’d tried to eat, but it turned out that the child of stress and sleep-deprivation was nausea. Eventually he gave up and carried his plate to the sink, scraping the food into the trash. When he came back to the dining room, Logic was there.

“Anxiety,” he said. “Are you alright?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Anxiety snapped back sarcastically.

“Well,” Logic said, one had going up to adjust his glasses. “You barely ate anything, your skin tone is even paler than normal, you seemed unfocused and disengaged the entire meal, your walk is currently awkward and halting, you-

“Alright, you can stop. I get it,” Anxiety cut him off.

Logic peered at him, concern peeking though.

“If you don’t wish to discuss the source of your ailment,” he said, one hand reaching out to rest on Anxiety’s shoulder, “We don’t have to. Perhaps I could help in some other way. I’ve been experimenting with teas recently. Some of them are very soothing.”

“You know you don’t have to this, right?” Anxiety blurted out, shrugging off Logic’s hand, finally fed up with everything. He was going to get some freaking answers.

Logic’s brow crinkled.

“Do what?” he said puzzled. “Offer to help? Provide tea? I’m afraid you’ll have to be more specific.”

“I’m talking about this whole caring bullshit,” Anxiety snarled. “And all the stupid touching. You know you don’t have to do it?”

“You’re saying we don’t have to care about you?” said a horrified voice behind Logic. It was Morality.

“Well, you don’t” Anxiety said.

“But of course we care” Morality said, now moving into Anxiety’s line of vision, looking distressed. Anxiety winced a bit internally. If there was one thing he regretted most about this whole situation, it was making Morality upset.

“I don’t see why,” he muttered, looking down to avoid seeing Morality’s face.

“Because you’re our family.”

Now Prince had gotten pulled in. Anxiety took a deep breath trying to stay calm. it wasn’t working.

“You keep saying that!” he blurted out, hands clenching into fists. He just wanted to answers.

“Because it’s true,” Prince was quick to reply.

“It didn’t use to be.”

Anxiety’s words hung in the air, the truth having been enough to shock everyone into silence. But it didn’t last.

“I- what,” Prince, stammered, sounding stunned.

“Anxiety, what do you mean by that,” Logic said slowly, his gaze sharp.

Anxiety clenched his jaw. Fuck it, might as well be honest. Maybe then things will start making sense again.

“I mean none of you used to care,” he began, keeping an eye on their reactions. "I was something you tolerated at best. And now you’re here talking about family and caring, and you really expect me to believe that? And I might not know what the hell all this is, because you all wouldn’t have gone this far for pity, but I know it isn’t real. So why? Just tell me why, and then I can leave, and we can forget this ever happened, and it will all end. We can go back to the way things were before”

“How can you- how can you say that?”

Prince was the one to break the silence.

Anxiety closed his eyes.

“Just give me a fucking answer, Princey,” he said wearily.

“We have,” Morality said, his voice thick. “We just didn’t say it soon enough.”

“Anxiety,” Logic cut in, his voice low but intense. “We don’t want things to go back to the way they were before. We were wrong before. We-we made a mistake, many mistakes.”

That was enough to make Anxiety reopen his eyes. Logic almost never admitted to making a mistake. He stared at the others, wary of what was happening, but unable to leave.

“We’re not lying, or acting out of pity,” Morality said, stepping closer. “You really are family, and you always have been. We were the ones that didn’t act like it. Not because we didn’t care, we did. But because we didn’t know how to approach you. But that’s not your fault, that’s on us.”

“Indeed,” Logic said. “We should have made the effort to connect with you, instead of expecting you to reach out when you needed it. We failed you.”

“I don’t expect you to forgive us,” Prince said. “Not after we made you feel so alone. But know we all are truly sorry, that I’m truly sorry. Because this is your answer, Anxiety. We’re doing it because we care, because we didn’t know how to show you before, but we never want you to feel otherwise again. We. Are. Family.”

Anxiety couldn’t breathe. This couldn’t be real.

“It is,” Logic replied gently. He’d said that out loud.

Family, family, family. The word echoed inside Anxiety’s mind, each time getting louder and louder. he could feel himself start to shake as, the beginnings of tears began to prick at his eyes.

It was then he felt a tentative hand on his shoulder. It was Patton. He began to slowly pull Anxiety closer to him, giving the other side time to pull away. But Anxiety didn’t. For once, he let himself lean into the touch until he was being hugged.

Anxiety shuddered. He could feel Patton’s arms around him, burning hot. But it didn’t hurt somehow. Instead he felt engulfed, the way he felt when he buried himself in blankets on bad days.

Another set of arms joined Patton’s, as Logan moved to Anxiety’s side, his arms settling on Anxiety’s shoulders. Then he felt a blaze of warmth at his back, as Roman joined in as well.

Caught between the three of them, every inch of his body lit up from the contact, Anxiety let out a shaky sigh. He wasn’t- It was still hard to believe them. But surrounded by them like this, enveloped by their concern and care, the idea that he was family didn’t seem so far-fetched after all.

Eventually, when the contact tipped from immense but good to overwhelming, Anxiety pulled back.The others let him without any fuss, stepping back, but still remaining close.

“Thanks,” he said, ducking his head. “For still trying, for not giving up on me.”

The three of them smiled at him.

“What else is family for.”

“there isn’t anyone i’d rather survive this with”

darling i think the day
i realized i’d fallen for you
was mid hypothetical day dream–
not roses, not paris in spring,
nothing sweet, no birds to sing
but: if your plane crashed
on a mysterious island
who do you want there with you?

in a zombie apocalypse,
who’s at your right hand?
if the world falls,
who’s your first call?
not because you love them–
though you love them–
but because this
is your best last stand
because if you want to live–
and you want to live–
you’ll best survive
if they are the heart of your plan

maybe it’s not romantic, love–
the blood, the gore, the tears,
the post traumatic stress disorder
that never gets to be “post” for us

but god you with a machete, dear

i’d curl up in an abandoned shed with you,
snuggle beneath our ratty tarp
and listen to the rain
and the evil beasts shuffling
through the wet leaves
you be the shotgun,
i’ll be the getaway train
you be the safe haven,
i’ll be the strain gauge, babe

life is one long fight
and you know it better than most
got a rope, a first aid kit, a light
be one half of my double team
you go high and i’ll go low
the world goes out in a scream,
in my dreams, all forded streams,
barbed wire and canned beans

and you remain
the bravest place
i’ve ever seen

—  ejl.

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astle is picking up feminine products for Alexis or Martha (depending upon what age you want him to be) when some teenage boys start teasing him about it. Kate overhears and decides to pretend she is his girlfriend, kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for holding her stuff. (Not myn)

A/N: I get the impression that this was potentially meant as an AU meeting idea, but I hope this is still acceptable!

Set post 3x12, ‘Poof! You’re Dead”.


After their comfort food truck dinner, the urge to extend the evening, to refrain from telling her good night is almost visceral, desperate, and the excuse to remain with her awhile longer presents itself in the form of a text message from his daughter.

“Hey, do you mind if we stop by the drugstore on the way to my place, Alexis just texted me and wants me to pick something up for her,” Castle asks as they slide into her cruiser, internally delighted when Beckett nods her assent without hesitation. 

“Sure, is there a particular store she prefers?”

“Nah, anything on the way will work,” he assures her, buckling up while she starts the engine. 

They alternate between small talk and comfortable silence through the drive that takes longer than it should due to traffic, everything about this evening with her a comfort, and that single, dramatized word from his mother flashes through his mind.

He never would have thought something so simple could hold the magic he’d been looking for. 

Kate comes into the store with him, but they part ways for a bit while he wanders towards hygiene, striding towards the feminine products with familiar ease, glancing back to the text from Alexis on his phone to ensure he buys the right brand.

He hears the snicker of voices when he plucks the box of tampons from the shelf, catches sight of the two teenage boys peering at him from the other end of the aisle, cracking up as he snags another box to keep in stock. It doesn’t bother him, never has, but he does roll his eyes at the immaturity. 

“Hey, man, are you sure you got the right box?” one of them calls out. 

“Yeah, sure your girl doesn’t need the supers?” the other teases, but Castle merely nods. 

“I’m good, thanks.”

“You might want to take some of those mini diaper things too, the ones with the wings,” the first chuckles.

“You know, I might. I hear they’d be crucial for bandaging wounds in a zombie apocalypse,” Castle muses, his late nights of binging doomsday prepping shows coming in handy, but the two boys only laugh harder at him. 

“This dude’s pathetic,” he catches one of them get out through his amusement, and the words don’t hurt him - as if he’s going to care what some uneducated, fifteen year olds who spend their free time in a drug store think - but the memories of his own grade school years, before he figured out his niche as the class clown, it elicits are less than appreciated.

Rick checks his phone one more time, texts Alexis to be sure she doesn’t need anything else before he goes to find Beckett and check out, but he pauses at the touch of a hand to his shoulder just as he’s about to press ‘send’.

“Hey, babe,” Beckett hums at his side, her other arm twining through his and the scent of her perfume infiltrating his senses. 

Castle’s eyebrow arches, but it’s nothing compared to the spike of his heart rate when she leans into his side, plants a chaste kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks for holding my stuff,” she murmurs, snagging the boxes of tampons, dropping them into the small basket she’s acquired. 

He doesn’t spare a glance in their direction, but he notices the boys at the other end of the aisle have gone quiet, and he understands.

Beckett must have overheard and now she’s teaching them a lesson.

Castle plays along with the arm he wraps around her shoulders. “Anytime.”

She smirks and tugs him out of the aisle, but keeps her arm linked through his even once he’s withdrawn his and they’re out of their audience’s sight.

“My hero,” he chuckles, relishing in the soft sound of her laughter so close to his ear.

“I hate kids like that,” she mutters, curling her fingers in the crook of his elbow. “You’re a great example of how men should act when it comes to periods.”

Castle straightens his shoulders and puffs out his chest with pride. “The perks of being a single father raising a teenage daughter.”

“Alexis is a lucky girl,” she concedes, releasing him once they reach the register. 

“I used to do the same for my mother,” he shrugs as the employee scans his items. “People just like to make a big deal out of nothing.”

He stretches past her for the candy on display before he has to swipe his card, tosses her favorite brand of chocolate into his bag of purchases, and pays for the items.

Kate hums, the smile on her face soft but illuminating her face as they walk away from the counter, and he tries not to falter as her arm slips through his once more. The warmth of her side brushing his penetrates his coat as they step out into the night, his stride slow to prolong the moment, heating his skin, his soul. 

“Any girl would be lucky to have you then.”

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So I've been wondering something, when do you think is the exact moment that Ichigo started to fall in love with Orihime? People say Ichigo already had a crush on her when he saved her from her brother and others say it's during SS arc when she cried for him from how relieved she was that he was okay, I personally think it was during SS arc that his crush developed but what about him falling in love with her? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, also you are amazing and I love your blog~

Thank you, sorry for the late reply :)

I think Ichigo already had a crush on Orihime before the story began—which I don’t think is too bold to say, considering Kubo clearly had plans for an Ichigo/Orihime romance in the pilot chapter he had previously written. And as we now know, he decided on the endgame pairings/the final chapter of bleach after writing chapter 1, and then Orihime and her feelings for Ichigo were immediately introduced in chapter 2.

And then, in the following chapter (3), Ichigo’s feelings for Orihime are hinted at as well. He laments that he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of her. He comments on how she has a knack for getting hurt ‘every day!’ (because he’s been paying attention to her every day). He completely fusses over her injuries, insists that she go to the hospital, and then calls after her and tries to walk her home, watching as she walks away and admitting that he ‘wears himself out worrying about her/wondering if she’s really alright.’

Remember that at this point, he’s still sporting his ‘idgaf about anything’ attitude, and yet he’s all up in arms over this girl? That’s a lot of attention and emphasis to be put on someone who is supposed to just be a ‘friend of a friend,’ Ichigo. 

Interestingly, I think his crush on her started to deepen around the exact same time that I believe Orihime’s feelings for him started to deepen: towards the end of the SS arc.

Ichigo singles Orihime out from the rest to ask if she’s okay. And in turn, seeing that he’s okay makes her realize just how worried she’s been about him this entire time, and the overwhelming relief she’s experiencing now is enough to bring her to tears. This isn’t just high school anymore; what they’ve been through is life or death. What she feels is no longer just a crush; she’s falling in love with him.

Ichigo is surprised at first to see her become so emotional, but he doesn’t mind it. It doesn’t bother him in the slightest that she’s the only one crying for him, that she feels SO much for him it’s brought her to tears. He likes it. You can see it in the way his eyes completely melt and soften from one panel to the next. And I think this moment—realizing that he has someone in Orihime who cares about him that much, and having her worry over him like this, tears in her eyes and her heart on her sleeve—I think this is when Ichigo’s feelings started to deepen past a crush as well. Because he’s falling in love with her heart.

The following arc is when they really started to fall for each other—and hard. Ichigo apparently isn’t able to hide his feelings for Orihime as effectively as he used to; he’s now teased about her twice in the span of a week (from Shinji and then his family). The plot deepened with the arrancar arc, and so did their feelings. Orihime is attacked and bloodied by Yammy, but yet the first thing she does is ask if Ichigo is okay. Ichigo fails to protect her and gets down on his knees at her bedside to apologize, spends the next few days beating himself up over it. They both had to watch each other get hurt, and the depression and helplessness they felt when they thought they couldn’t protect each other took a heavy toll on them both. Ichigo makes his vow to protect her, and Orihime makes her love confession for him. 

I think seeing each other in so much danger or pain is what made them realize just how desperately they wanted to protect each other. I think that’s what made them fall so hard for each other in this arc; Ichigo realizing that he never wants to lose Orihime, and that nightmare becoming a reality when she’s abducted. He walks around like a lifeless zombie when she’s gone. 

By the time he’s battling Grimmjow while Orihime watches, terrified, from a pillar, and in the words of Nel, “Ichigo dove towards Ulquiorra after hearing him say your name…Ichigo is using that power for you. He’s fighting in his blood-splattered body, all for you.” That’s when you know.

By the time Orihime is calling out to him, telling him he can leave her behind just as long as he doesn’t get hurt anymore, and he’s staring up at her like he’s seeing the sun for the first time before he smiles and says, “sorry Grimmjow, looks like I’m not allowed to take any more damage than this.” That’s when you know.

And sure enough, when it’s all over:

Yep, they’re in love with each other.

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Tobirama, Kakashi, and Hidan headcanons for their reactions of their s/o asking to go in a shared onsen with them ot to take a bath together and how they act during. I know Hidan is hard for you so I won't be mad if there isnt as much!

All of these are kind of short my bad


•Tobirama isn’t a fan of onsens because he considers them more of an unnecessary recreation rather than a fun way to relax, but if his s/o beseeches him, he’ll give in

•His s/o shouldn’t expect him to get all cute and cuddly though. He probably stays on his own side, just looking miserable. He honestly doesn’t like how hot it gets in onsens. It makes him uncomfortable. He’ll want to get out after like, five minutes

•The fun part is washing each other off afterward. He’s all grumpy about it, claiming that he can wash himself, but if his s/o insists, he sits down on the stool and is super stiff the entire time. He feels uncomfortable. Even when they take regular baths together, he doesn’t like them washing him. It’s just like?? Stop rubbing me so hard? And dON’T GO NEAR MY THIGHS STOP


•Well first off, if his s/o hasn’t seen him without his mask yet, he’s probably suspicious. He knows this little trip to the onsen is probably just their way of getting him to take off the mask. Very sly.

•But he plays along. His s/o would be waiting in the pool, eager for him to come out because yay!! They finally get to see his face! But he comes out with a towel wrapped around his lower face, like a scarf. Mission failed

•He’ll act like nothing is wrong tbh. He teases them if they try to pry. Like “What’s wrong, ______? Why are you pouting?”

•He enjoys his time in the onsen though. Kakashi doesn’t get to relax very often (despite what the lackadaisical demeanor might suggest) and relaxing with his s/o is even better. He pulls up next to them and lies back with an arm behind their shoulders


•Hidan doesn’t like onsens. All he does is complain. “It’s too hot!” “I’m not getting in!” (Does hot water bother zombies?) 

•Honestly, if you want him to get in, you have to call him a pussy. Just do it. That’ll piss him off and he’ll get in out of spite. Using spite is the easiest way to sway Hidan tbh

•He sinks down into the water until you can only see his eyes, looking as feverish and angry as ever. He’s a grump. He’s just trying to show you that he can handle it, but he’s still not happy about it

•Can zombies feel relaxing sensations too??? I don’t know??? If they can, Hidan finds that the onsen is actually pleasant. He can withstand the heat anyway, he just complains for good measure. He’ll still be in the pool when his s/o wants to get out because they’re overheated. He’ll tease them about it too, “Who’s the pussy now?!”

I can’t believe what happened at bali airport today. First someone leaks the gate and time of iKON’s arrival, then I-iKONICs mob the boys and shove their phone’s into their faces and scream into their ears, it legit looked like a fucking zombie apocalypse, then they try to play innocent by blaming it on another boygroups fandom when other fans called them out, like you sure all of those crazy ass people were not iKONICs but fans from another boygroup? You see tons of videos of I-iKONICs with the caption ‘I finally saw them’ or ‘I’m so happy’ and videos of them calling the boys names, even wearing iKON shirts, yet you want to blame another fandom for this mess? I’m so sorry the boys had to go through this shit. Yunhyeong and donghyuk looked so angry, chanwoo looked scared hiding behind Hanbin, Jinhwan and Bobby looked super uncomfortable, and June and Hanbin tried to keep a forced smile so no one gets angry. Yet you see people calling donghyuk arrogant for wanting to leave that mess quickly. I’m sorry to all I-iKONICs who weren’t there and now have to live with the fact that iKON will always remember the trip to Bali as a huge mess. Everyone who recorded those videos and shoved their phones into the boys faces should be ashamed of themselves. You guys should know that they have this kind of mess already in Korea and China and don’t need more of it. This is not about fans loving their idols, it’s about attacking them at the airport all for a video or a selfie or whatever. It’s disrespectful and you hurt their privacy on so many levels. I hope you learned from today.

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Hi, I was wondering which diaboy Mukami and/or Sakami would be a good partner during the zombie apocalypse? Like in the Last of Us?

I put them in order!~ From the most useful to the least :3c

♥Reiji: I think he’d be an excellent partner. Reiji would be careful with everything, like making sure you both don’t waste the ammo on pointless stuff; or trying to save food so you don’t have to go out too frequently. He’d administer the resources quite well… Enough to make other survivors envious. Also, he’d know how to heal injuries. 

♥Ruki: He would make really good choices regarding to survival. For example, he’d get a silenced pistol and only use it if he really needs to; and you both wouldn’t be staying in a place unless he knows it’s safe. But he’d be kinda cruel towards the other survivors because he wouldn’t trust them.

♥Yuma: He might not be a genius, but he’s really helpful if we talk about building up defenses. Barricading doors and windows would be easy for him and having him around means you have a safe place to stay for a long time. He’s a good fighter too, because he knows how to defend himself with melee weapons if he runs out of ammo. 

♥Subaru: He’s good enough to put up a good fight. Maybe he wouldn’t care about saving ammo, but at least he has a nice aim. He’s actually pretty good at being aware of his surroundings, and you can trust him to take care of you if you need to sleep a little bit. Subaru always make sure you both have everything you need before entering in a suspicious place.

♥Laito: He wouldn’t be that good fighting, but he’d know how to pick a lock. That way, you both would be able to get food, ammo, guns and even improvised armors easily. He could also steal from other survivors, but that would make you two be in danger of getting killed.

♥Ayato: He wouldn’t be that clever taking decisions, but I think he’d be sharp enough to survive. Boy is just very impulsive and that could be something really bad if things don’t go the way he wants them to. For example, trying to prove you that he can kill a whole group of zombies by himself.

♥Kanato: Remember the guy in the movies who gets nervous and starts shooting randomly? Yeah, he’s a walking waste of ammo. He’d always try to shoot down groups of zombies but he wouldn’t even aim properly. He could even accidentally shoot you. And that’s bad too, because all the noise he’d make would call out the attention from other zombies.

♥Shu: I really have my doubts with him. He’s pretty brilliant, but I don’t think he’d survive if he keeps that attitude of laying down and sleeping wherever he sees fit. I mean, there are times when you two will need to run away from the zombies, and you can’t just stay in only one place forever.

Another one who would waste the ammo and eat all the FOOD, too. If he’s feeling hungry, he’d eat everything he has and on top of that, he’d tell you to share yours. And he wouldn’t mind leaving you behind if he needs to save himself.

♥Azusa: Simply, no. You’d have to take care of him as if he was a little kid, because he’d sometimes get the sudden curiosity about how painful would it be being bitten by zombies. He wouldn’t even defend himself that much when a group of zombies is getting close. Problem is, if he gets slightly bitten, he’d become dangerous to have around.

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descend fully into cubicle hell imagine with me viktor pulling yuuri out of a meeting he doesn't want or need to be in by asking the person running it what *viktor* can do to help *that person* get their job done properly


Whenever I read any installment of Cubical Gods, all I can think about is the obviously deleted scene where Yuuri is doing that thing he sometimes does after hours which is Hide From His Priorities Under His Desk and and he’s considering whether he should actually cry or just kind of let Existential Dread consume him for the next half hour while he sits in complete stillness and stares at the dust under his power strip.

And Viktor takes a wander by and pokes his head underneath the desk and is like “YUURI! :D” 

And Yuuri is startled and also kind of wants Viktor not to see him like this so his body’s reactions kind of go in ten directions at once and he ends up KICKING HIS DESK CHAIR INTO VIKTOR’S GUT while shrieking “I’M FINE!”

“Oh,” Viktor wheezes, and sits down on the floor. He crawls partially under the desk with him. “That’s good. Okay, let’s just–hey, let’s sit here for a few minutes and not move.”

“I was already doing that,” Yuuri hisses, and pulls his knees up to his chest to make more room for Viktor. He tugs him under the desk with him like they’re in the zombie apocalypse and Viktor has been wounded and Yuuri has found them a hideout in the sewers.

Viktor glances around under the desk and says, “I love what you’ve done with the place” and Yuuri pulls out a box of Sadness Twinkies and tells Viktor he can have one if he doesn’t, just doesn’t.

There is a security camera that gets a really good shot of Viktor Nikiforov’s legs sticking out from under Yuuri’s desk for the next twenty minutes and the next day they get called into Celestino’s office.

“Do I even want to know what you two were doing under Katsuki’s desk at one in the morning last night?” he asks them, rubbing his eyebrows.

“Eating Twinkies!” Viktor chirps.

The sound Celestino makes can be heard throughout the floor and Yuuri shrinks to two inches in height and tries to disappear into the pile of the carpet.

anonymous asked:

Why are you re-writing all your Kurtbastian stuff for Klaine? That seems kind of cheap to me xD

Hey, nonnie :) I’m sorry that you think so, but you’re overlooking a few things. I am not re-writing ALL of my stories. I am re-writing a select few, and for a couple of reasons. One, they are all AU (supernatural AU’s mostly), and ones that really didn’t get much in the way of love. I have discovered that, in the Kurtbastian fandom, you guys only want to read one thing - ACITW or anything remotely close. If we have Kurt, Seb, and Blaine in high school, with Kurt picking Seb over Blaine after a slow burn, you guys read it, regardless of if the grammar sucks or not. Everything else you pretty much thumb your nose at. The Klaine fandom, however, eats up AUs. I wish I’d known that earlier. I may not have devoted so much time to fics for a fandom that wouldn’t read them. (Mind you, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Some of my Kurtbastian readers are super lovely, read everything, and send me tons of love. But that’s really about seven people, tbh). Also, I’m not re-writing fics that were so thoroughly Kurtbastian that it’s OOC or heartbreaking to read them as Klaine. These were sort of ambiguous. Plus, the originals aren’t coming down. If you really liked my Zombie AU written for Kurtbastian, it’s still there. Go read it. And comment on it. And reblog it. Because if you want to call me cheap for re-writing them, then you should do all those things to show me how much you value them. Plus, I had ideas that I know some of my Klaine readers would love, but just can’t stomach reading them as Kurtbastian. And guess what? I want my fics read. I have over 500. It’s sad to put that much work into a fandom for the same amount of notes and reads as some more popular fandom writers get for their eight big fics. I mean, just because I re-write them for Klaine, that doesn’t mean people are going to flock to them. There’s one writer in fandom now who can sneeze in a post and it gets 300 notes in an hour. I spent over six months writing my last Dalton Boy chapter, and it got five reviews. So don’t you dare try and tell me what I can and can’t do, or call me cheap (WTF!). I’ll pull everything down if I want and re-write it all for Voltron. Don’t test me xD

Aberford: 50's housewives and zombies in one awesome video game

Here’s a few more details about what we’re planning for Aberford, based on questions I’ve gotten:

  • The main campaign will focus around the immediate fight for survival of the main four characters, as well as their battle to find the source of and stop the zombie attacks.
  • Along the way, the details and underlying problems of their marriages and lives will be revealed and put to test. In the midst of the zombie chaos, some very personal and profound tragedies will come to light.
  • Each character will have some weapons that are her own, as well as a few options that are shared across the four.
  • Each woman will have slightly different statistics for speed, strength, etc., giving you four different fighting styles to master.
  • Each of the women will have multiple unlockable textures for her dress. Depending on how well we fund, they may have multiple outfits as well (so reblog and spread the word).
  • We’re also planning a freeplay mode, but we haven’t decided if we want to create challenges for you, or let you make your own, or both (so if you’ve got an opinion, let us know).
  • Along the way, the women will not only fight the zombies, but also the uninfected men who are “trying to protect them” from harm.

I’ll call that good for now. Keep the question and feedback coming, and as always, thank you for the reblogs. The more people we get supporting this game, the better we can make it for you.

hi @ ghostkin and vampirekin friends

sdfghjk i just wanted to share with u guys two bands that i think fit in rly well with stuff i dont know how to word this but 

ghostkin ***************

  • a band called “oh!hello” 

i’ll show u some examples of their songs abt being a ghost?? dfghj there are a lot i’ll just do 2

blood and guts (sort of quiet, calm)

  • “i’ve got blood and guts, i’m just bones and dust (dust). i know you’re scared to love a ghost boy who doesn’t know he’s dead.”

ghost party (bouncy, super fun idk i like this a lot)

  • “i’ll cook you a romantic dinner by candle-light. the wolves are watching us tonight! do you think i’m spooky?”

vampirekin ***************

  • a band called “say hi to your mom”

aaaand i’ll u another 2 examples from the band 

these fangs (fun, idk just good, kinda romantic)

  • “most days these fangs are inside someone. so you cant see them when, when i smile at you. and i dont mind if you wanna hide your fangs too”

blah blah blah (quieter, also romantic, rly good [im gonna animate this one])

  • “if you want i’ll give you eternal life. well not so much life but have you ever seen a good zombie movie? well like that but, you’ll be smarter and you’ll stay 23. and i am gonna drink your blood.”

aha!! ok done i hope that was nice sdfghjk please reblog this it took me ages to type 

Beyblade Gothic

You have bought your first Beyblade. The next day, a kindly-looking old man knocks on your door. “You must compete,” he says. All the Beybladers you meet say the same thing happened to them. Everyone must compete.

You see nothing. The children are screaming at their Beyblades. The dish crumbles. You hear a roar. Still, you see nothing.

The announcers list Kai Hiwatari as a member of a different team every day. No one comments on it. What team did he originally belong to? No one seems to remember.

Your Beyblade looks different. Other bladers claim that a person called ‘The Chief’ upgraded it for you. You don’t recall the weight of the Beyblade ever leaving your pocket. You feel uneasy, but you must smile gratefully.  

The Sacred Spirits are always kept locked away. Who locked them away? What did they know that we don’t? The Saint Shields know the answer. You don’t want to know.

Every year, the members of a team called the Bladebreakers suddenly transform slightly. Hair and eyes change colour. Their body mass shifts. After the change, no one can remember what they used to look like.

There is a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie, and a mummy. This is normal. They disappear. This is also normal.

You hear about a kid named Antonio who lives in the forest. He’s always in the forest. Constantly training. He never leaves the forest. He keeps training.

You’ve noticed there are fewer and fewer adults on the streets. All the remaining adults are old men. The very few adult women you see are scientists. Where did all the other adults go?

Children command the elements through vicious creatures. Spinning tops destroy entire buildings. No one thinks of putting a stop to it. The old men encourage it. The crowds cheer whenever a child is beaten down.

You hear a new MingMing song on the radio. You already have it saved to your computer. The date stamp is from 3 months ago. You don’t remember downloading it.

A man shows up claiming to be Takao’s brother. Takao has never mentioned a brother. He’s never mentioned a mother, either. Where is his father now? Why does his grandfather insist that Takao learn to use a sword?

Kai Hiwatari keeps appearing on top of high buildings. He just stands there. No one saw him climb up. No one see’s him climb down.

Two disembodied voices enthusiastically discuss the match. A series of Beyblade matches are going on simultaneously in different rooms. No matter which match you visit, those voices are there.

You are walking down the street when you spot one of F Dynasty in the distance performing in costume. Is it Raul or Julia? Neither, they whisper. Both, they whisper. Somehow you can hear them clearly.  

You are Beyblading in America. Suddenly, you are in Europe. Then Russia. It takes little time, or no time at all, to get there. You’ve lost track of time. Apparently this tournament has been going on for weeks, but it only feels like a few hours.

You see a boy with red hair. You are told that boy is from 'the Abbey’. You have no recollection of 'the Abbey’. You feel cold. The boy has a gun. They all have guns.

Crusher Moses tattoo’s change place everyday. He’s crying. He’s always crying.

You hear rumours that Robert Jurgens has set traps around his castle. Guillotines. He is disappointed when people escape. He invites you to his castle.

You look at the audience. You see familiar faces. You realize it’s always the same people, the same audience. They smile at you. Their expressions never change.



She would find it so cute, She would love it until they bite her to hard then she would grab their arm and bite them just as hard back. But if they bite her softly she might just laugh at them or act like she doesn’t even feel it.


She would be so dramatic about it. She would pretend that it hurt even if you don’t even bite yet, if she knew it was coming she would scream. At the end she would laugh about it and give them a cute kiss.


Sometimes Momo will just let it slide and act like nothing happens, but other time Momo’s confident side will come out. “Oh, I know you like the taste of me, but around now isn’t the time.” She would say winking at them.


She wouldn’t know how to deal with it so she would just be cute around them and say random things. When she starts to get to use to it she would just flirt and kiss them unless they are in front of people then she would blush hopping no one saw them.


She is one to playfully bite people herself, so she wouldn’t even mind it. She would even bite them back and just laugh about it.


She wouldn’t want her girlfriend know that getting bite for some reason would turn her on a little. She would just smile at them and kiss their cheek acting like it wasn’t a big deal but for real it was big deal to her.


She would just joke about it. “So, why didn’t you tell me you are hungry? You don’t have to eat me, you zombie.”


She would think that her girlfriend was so cute when they bite her. She would give them kisses all over their face calling them cute.


She would smile and kiss them not knowing what else to do. Sometimes she might bite back but she wouldn’t do it much.


“Why survive at all if you want to be is sad, angry and hurting?”

81-year-old Eva Kor is an extraordinary woman. She not only survived the hell we know as Auschwitz, but she also found in her an unimaginable amount of forgiveness for one of her tormentors in the camp: A murderer called Oskar Groening who was responsible for over 300,000 deaths. When she was 10, Eva and her twin sister fell victim to notorious ‘Angel of Death’ Josef Mengele. He performed painful experiments on the sisters, and injected them with chemicals to turn them into zombies. Eva vividly remembers that, once, Doctor Mengele stood over her caged bed and announced that she had two weeks to live after injecting a mysterious substance into her bloodstream. He was wrong however, and Eva grew up to controversially forgive the Nazis. The above photo shows Eva embracing 94-year-old Groening in court. She said he was immensely compassionate and had tears in his eyes, thanking her forgiveness. The decision to forgive such a callous killer has caused uproar in the Jewish community, particularly with other Holocaust survivors. Eva feels triumphant though, and wants others to follow suit and to spread forgiveness.

rizarora  asked:

Okay so I'm trying to do a zombie au and... idk if I should call them anything else or just stick with Zombie?

Hey there! Sticking with zombie is completely fine, but I’ve found that more prevalent or iconic series have used nicknames. Here are some examples:




Or, if you’re looking for a more literal or serious term:

•The Undead

•The Infected

•The Turned

There’s plenty of nicknames already out there, or if you want you could make one up. I’ve noticed there’s a pattern of taking either a verb or adjective and just adding “The _______” or “_______-ers” (i.e ‘Eaters’ or ‘The Rotten’) Hope this helps!

-Mod Jamie

Jealous: Sodapop imagine

Sodapop has never seen someone so perfect. Everything about her was so captivating. The way her smile made you smile. Her loud laugh that could bring you back to life. The dimples that rose on her cheeks. How her hips seemed to hypnotized him in their swaying nature. Just everything.

He loved her, he knew that for sure. Every time he would see her his heart hurt from her perfection. She was so different from any other girl he had ever met. She read more books than he could ever count and her view on life was just so intoxicating. Sodapop could stay there all day and just listen to whatever she has to say. Whatever it was, from her life, to the vase knowledge she holds or whatever the color of the sky is.

The only problem was her boyfriend. He wanted her to be happy, that’s all he wanted but that Soc was nothing but trouble. Soda feared for him to use and hurt her. He wouldn’t be able to see her sad or even shed a tear over that self absorbed tool.

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A Kiss For The Saviour_ El Diablo x Reader Drabble

Anon bunny asked: Imagine the reader kisses El Diablo after he saves her from several of Enchantresses minions, and he doesn’t know how to react to it… (Cause he thinks he isn’t good for anyone right now)

Jenn’s note: Can I just say how much I appreciated the proper grammar and spelling in your ask? Like wow.

Word Count: 398


Warnings: Suicide Squad Spoilers.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters or the gif

Originally posted by willparry

“So you and Diablo, huh?”

“Harley, you don’t shut your mouth, I’ll break it.” You growled.

“Okay, okay. Geez, it was just a question.” She said, strutting away in those god awful heels of hers. You sighed as soon as the gunfire broke the relative silence.

“Let’s get this show on the road.”

Okay, getting slaughtered by a bunch of magic zombies wasn’t really how you wanted to go. So when several of them grabbed you and tried to do just that, you were not happy. You weren’t usually this helpless, but there was a lot of them.

“A little help here?” you called out, grunting as one of them punched your stomach. After a few painful seconds of nothing there was a bright tower of fire just missing your nose.

“Watch your back.” Diablo scolded.

“I’m not very good at that, good thing you’re there to watch it for me.” You laughed, standing on your toes to kiss his cheek. “So thanks.” He froze, watching you saunter away. 

“Diablo, get your head in the game!” Rick yelled

~Back at Belle Reve~

“I still can’t believe Waller agreed to this.” Lawton scoffed, looking at all the surviving team members.

“Yeah, well, just be glad she did after that stunt Craziness pulled.” Digger said, sipping a Fosters he had probably bribed a guard to get. 

And you were glad. Glad that Waller had permitted Task Force-X to come together even when there wasn’t a mission. After all, it was important that a team like yours got along. The only downfall was the hundred or so prison guards standing by, one even had a fire hose.

“Well I’m just glad pretty much everyone made it out alive.” you said, playfully punching Diablo’s shoulder. The others chatted among themselves so you turned to back to the pyrokenetic. “Not that I don’t appreciate the whole sacrificing yourself for the lives of the team, but don’t pull a stunt like that ever again you hear me?”

“Yeah, sure Pollito.” He replied.

“I mean it Chato. You think I would kiss any member of the team? I like you, so stop this martyrdom-repenting crap.”

“You shouldn’t like me, Y/N. I’m a monster, a murderer.” He said not looking in your direction. “I killed everyone close to me. I don’t deserve-”

You cut him off by pressing a quick kiss to his lips. “Shut up.”