call the midwife series 3

Do you ever just get so attached to a couple in a series that YOU literally can’t stop thinking about them??

*walks past tree*

“Awww Hollstein would look so cute under that tree”

30 Days of Call the Midwife

Day 9: Worst Story 

Patrick, throughout the entirety of series 3

Patrick throughout all of series 3 will always be the worst™ story for me. I understand that the marriage was new for Patrick and Shelagh in series 3, but that doesn’t excuse Patrick being a downright ass. Shelagh put a lot on the line to marry him, and she did not deserve to be berated and talked down by her husband. Patrick didn’t treat her as an equal, and obviously the feminist in me was not okay with that, but also like Shelagh was trying her best to adjust to her new life and balance being a wife and stepmum. Ugh the way that he talks to her throughout this series just annoys me. Additionally, Shelagh was mourning the child she would never have, which I imagine is a pretty shitty thing to be dealing with, and Patrick tried to brush it off. Then, Patrick took parenting into his own hands, undermining Shelagh’s wishes. Like okay, I know this happens a lot with parenting, but STILL. Timothy may not be her blood relative, but her opinions are still valid. Shelagh was just trying to be the best stepmum she could, and Patrick did not respect that. Also, I WILL NEVER BE OKAY WITH A HUSBAND WHO WAGS HIS FINGER AT HIS WIFE. This is my most hated scene of all of Call the Midwife. I don’t care what you’re saying, no one deserves that, especially Shelagh. Also, Patrick made Shelagh feel badly about a lot of things that he was in the wrong for, and yet she still apologized, which is like one of my biggest pet peeves. And one last thing, I will never be okay with the fact that Patrick felt the need to tell her that “TB is a serious illness.” Like Patrick, SHE KNOWS. She was not only an extremely experienced nurse and midwife, but she also like, had the illness. I’m not even going to talk about the way he acted during the adoption process because that’s a story for another day. Okay this turned out be a rant and I didn’t plan that but yeah… Patrick, DO BETTER. 

SHRIXIE Concepts™

The babes @beatrix-franklin & @nurse-franklin and I were talking about ctm earlier (I know like of course) but specifically about the Shelagh-Trixie friendship we deserve **which Jenni officially named Shrixie so we’ve adopted it** and about scenarios we’d kill to have happen & I was told to post them on Tumblr so here goes nothing..

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Turnadette Tuesday

Turner Topics–Kisses and Hugs

Part 3–Support and Belonging

Here, for the next installment in my Kisses and Hugs series, we visit the 2013 Christmas special and a brief scene that communicates a lot in just a few seconds. Even though it’s short, this is an important scene, and it’s notable for a few different reasons. More thoughts follow:

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*mental image moment*

The Turners’ home on Shelagh’s first day as Patrick’s receptionist:

“Shelagh, darling?”

“In the kitchen! I’m just making a packed lunch for us.”

Patrick wanders in and peers over her shoulder. Before she can say anything he slides his hands round her waist and tugs her gently back towards him, causing her to emit a little squeak of surprise.


“Looks delicious.”

He bends down and starts nibbling her ear lobe. She instinctively arches her neck but utters a half-hearted protest:

“Patrick! You’ll make me late…”

“Tastes delicious too,” he murmurs, ignoring her objection and spinning her round so that he can move on to savouring her neck and jawline.

Her eyes slip closed and she lets out a little moan, a mixture of pleasure and frustration: “I can’t be late on my first day,” she repeats, more raggedly this time.


He pulls back and takes in her neat suit and elaborately plaited hair.

“I’ll drive quickly. You look wonderful.” Her eyes blink open and she smiles shyly, delighted at the compliment.

“Good enough to eat,” he whispers in a low voice before sweeping back in to claim an insistent kiss. Despite herself, she finds her hands reaching up to clasp behind his neck, her fingers rising to caress the soft downy hair at the nape of it.


They hurriedly step apart as Timothy bundles into the kitchen.

“Where’s my…..?” He stops and eyes them suspiciously. Shelagh is smoothing down her suit jacket and his father is seemingly engrossed by a lunch box on the counter.

Patrick turns and plasters on a smile. “Where’s what, Tim? Have you mislaid your school cap again?”

“Never mind,” the boy says, rolling his eyes and making his exit to look for said item in the hallway. Over his shoulder comes the comment:

“And Dad? You’re wearing too much lipstick again…”