call the midwife season


We are leaping into grief as if we had embraced it as a form of recreation. We are not what we have lost. We are not what has been taken from us. You are all too willing to embrace the void. If you do not cherish what remains you will all become as nothing. You will be nothing. We are not broken. We are each as whole as we will ever be again. And in the end when we cease to be we will all become memories.

  • This post is about lesbians on call the midwife. It is not about shows in which there is not a Canon gay couple and it's at best queerbaiting and at worse fetishation by the straight fandom. Suck my dick.
  • <p> <b>Straight couple together one season:</b> engaged<p/><b>Gay couple together four seasons:</b> still waiting for a kiss<p/></p>

wow! can you believe i drew this all the way back in may??? so much has happened since this blog was in its prime! i went to LA. i got a girlfriend. i lost friends, i made friends. i found new things to love. i became a much happier person. 

i’ll miss them. it feels like only yesterday i was awake at 5am just to watch the series 6 finale. what was your favorite moment between them?