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Happy Home

I’ve been doing some re-watching of earlier series of CtM and I think that this day is a pivotal one in Patrick and Shelagh’s relationship.

I hope you like it :)

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30 Days of Call the Midwife

Day Fifteen

Favourite Pyjamas - The Tardis of Nightwear (aka Shelagh’s Bri-nylon nightie)

Shelagh’s Bri-nylon nightie fits her perfectly in South Africa and yet it also fits her perfectly when she is 6-7 months pregnant in 6.5.

How is this possible?  Is there a spare foot of fabric hidden from view or is it like Dr Who’s Tardis where things are not what they appear to be.

Whatever the mystery of the Bri-nylon nightie, Shelagh looks amazing. 

Does Patrick like it?  - Absolutely.

Looks™ : Appreciation for Beatrix “Trixie” Franklin’s wardrobe in Call the Midwife - Series 4 || 1960 👠😍👗💁🏼✨

We’ve entered a new decade! We all know Trixie’s wardrobe has been a dream from the start, but from here on out she’s serving the best looks of her life & *I’m so jealous* (past looks™: series 1 | series 2 | series 3)

30 Days of Call the Midwife

Day Five

Favourite Series - Six

Last time I chose series 4 and although I still love it and of course series 2, I really liked series 6.

Series 6 seemed to me more current than previous series, maybe because its getting closer to my own era, closer but not yet!  It tackled issues that are still ongoing today, such as thalidomide, domestic violence, racism, FGM, mental health and disability rights.

On a more specific level, it had amazing moments for the Turners, with an entire series storyline for them.  Sister Mary Cynthia’s story was heartbreaking but beautifully portrayed and I am hopeful for her recovery at Northfield.  The return of the Mullucks family including the adorable Susan and the story of the beginning of the fight for answers and justice for the families.  It ended with a wedding and a ride on a carousel in the snow giving us a happier ending than CtM has seen for a few years.

I also love the new look title sequence with the colours and the new photos reflecting the changing face of the East End.  In homage to this amazing series, I have tweaked the colours on the photos I have used.  I hope you like them :)

Fanfic Friday: Adventures in Faerie, Chapter 4

Here we go! Thanks to @purple-roses-words-and-love for betaing.

Angela kept squeezing Timothy’s hand with such force that her nails left little half-moons of white that quickly became red on his skin.

“Calm down, Ange,” Timothy said, uncurling her fingers and rubbing the back of his hand.

“Don’t hurt your brother, Angela dearest,” her mother said from the front seat. She kissed Teddy’s chubby cheeks and smiled at him. The baby gurgled happily, a little bubble of drool forming at the corner of his mouth.

“I am so excited!” Angela almost screamed, clasping her hands and flopping down with a huge grin on her face.

“It is just a picnic,” Timothy said, placing his hands under her armpits and hoisting her up so she sat straight.

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