call the dr

I drank a knock off version of dr pepper called dr becker and honestly the aftertaste was like I had inhaled the smoke of a thousand burning sugarcane plants who had been watered with cherry coke for seven years and seek nothing but to wreak vengeance on my mouth for daring to partake of their forbidden remains

Fell’s the favorite!

This sorta cheered up Fell a bit. Mostly because it was a chance to spite Dr. Gaster. 

I was kinda surprised that Fell won! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love him to death, it’s just that I thought Swap would win. I knew Dr. Gaster would be left in the dust. Like, geez, I’m impressed that he even got 1 vote. He’s hated by all the Gasters and he’s really not a very likable person. I still like him though. 

i started the whole “eel” thing as kinda a joke and ended up actually liking that as a name? but eel isn’t a fkn name and it sounds like im not taking this whole thing seriously SO i figured that because i live near a place called “Ely” (pronounced like eely) and spent quite a lot of time there as a kid AND also it’s not that far from my original name i thought i’d maybe give it a try? im still totally down with being called eel (this sounds so dumb im sorry) but i thought i’d try for Ely because it’s…more of an actual name. buuuuut i like both names equally!!

also i’ll probably still respond to “ellie” just bc that’s what you guys know me as and i don’t HATE it, i just thought i’d try something new

tl;dr call me ely!!!



I might make more of these icons of the other characters

Feel free to use as icon etc. with credit!

<p>Dr T is done! And I’m pleased as punch with it.
Annnnnnd, here is the video to go with it 😊.
Make sure to take a look <\p>
<p>I think I’m going to wait to upload to Twitter though, save it for the weekend I’ll be in England as I won’t have any drawing time really while I’m there.<\p>

<p>Speaking of being in England, if there’s anyone across the pond that maybe would be interested in getting tattooed by me while I’m there (April 5-12) I’d love to do it (legit, if anyone ever would let me do a Call the Midwife sleeve on them, I’d do it for free). Let me know, because I can bring my equipment with me.


Here are some Ki-Bo transparents!!

This is my first time making transparent sprites, I think they look good!
God I love Ki-Bo so much, I just had to do his cute sprites, I’ll probably do more tomorrow.

[Please do not post them to the Danganronpa Wikia. I will post them myself. If you want to use them, go ahead, but please don’t claim that you made them yourself.]


Both of these pictures are of Thor. Really.

Neil Gaiman was 6 years old when he first met the Norse god Thor — although he wasn’t the red-bearded hammer-slinger of legend. “Marvel. Marvel’s Thor came first,” he says. “I was reading the reprints of Marvel’s Thor in an English comic called Fantastic. … Dr. Don Blake found this stick in a cave, banged it down and transformed into Thor, and the stick transformed into the hammer.” Gaiman says he spent a lot of his first decade looking for likely sticks, “just on the off chance that they might the Thor stick, and might transform into a mighty hammer. But none of them ever did.”

And I GOT TO TALK TO HIM ABOUT HIS NEW BOOK NORSE MYTHOLOGY, WHOOOO!! (And I didn’t even fangirl too much.)

Check out our conversation here!

– Petra