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Roman Cavalry Sports Helmet Mask, 2nd-3rd Century AD

A sheet bronze face-plate from a cavalry sports helmet (Russel-Robinson Type E) with repoussé detailing to the hair and coif, brow-band of square panels with ovoid centers, raised herringbone eyebrows and eyelashes; openwork eyes each with central ring, pierced nostrils and mouth; hole to each side of the chin.

The face-plate resembles a mask from the Straubing Hoard. The features have an ‘Eastern’ appearance enhanced by the construction of the eye-rings. 'Cavalry Sports’ helmets are a class of ornate, embossed headgear used in parades, military exercises and on the battlefield. According to Arrian of Nicomedia, a Roman provincial governor and a close friend of Hadrian, face mask helmets were used in cavalry parades and sporting mock battles called hippika gymnasia. 

Parades or tournaments played an important part in maintaining unit morale and fighting effectiveness. They took place on a parade ground situated outside a fort and involved the cavalry practicing maneuvering and the handling of weapons such as javelins and spears. Parades would have taken place at several times in the year, especially at religious festivals and on days marking the birth, and accession to the throne, of the Emperor.  Hippika gymnasia were colorful tournaments among the elite cavalry of the army, the alae. Both men and horses wore elaborate suites of equipment on these occasions, often in the guise of Greeks and Amazons. Calvary helmets were made from a variety of metals and alloys, often from gold-colored alloys or iron covered with tin. They were decorated with embossed reliefs and engravings depicting the war god Mars and other divine and semi-divine figures associated with the military.

the straight people who whined about gay people making fun of them on tumblr back in 2011 call themselves queer now and make out with their opposite sex partners during the pride parade (but call it gay because they’re both wearing eyeliner)

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I don't know if you answered this before, if so, point me in the right direction. What do you think of pride parades? As a bisexual woman I'm absolutely disgusted by what they get away with. I think of it as another way of showing everyone their level of degradation, and forcing other people to accept their 'lifestyle'. I don't need to constantly shout how bi I am or force others to validate it to know that I'm bi and that can't be changed. Thoughts?

I don’t mind pride parades as a concept, and understand why they happen but I agree that they get away with too much shit. I’ve said before (I’ll try to find the post and link it later, when I’m on desktop) that the best way to make people think that you’re normal, and not some sexual deviant because of your sexuality is to just be normal, and not go around screaming about how much you love dick because you’re so fucking g a y and special, and basically fucking in the streets. And people are afraid to call them out on it because they immediately get labelled a homophobe for saying that your sex life should stay in your house, not in the middle of a city. If you want people to see you as normal act fucking normal.

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What do the UT skelebros think about their UF and HT counterparts?


—- When it comes to the Underfell bros:

How is Red supposed to be him?  For one, Red calls UF!Papyrus boss, which is weird enough, but he also actually seems afraid of him.  Speaking of which, that Edgelord calling himself Papyrus and parading around, being a complete ruthless jerk, really bothers him.  Not to mention, their relationship is weird to Sans.  When he found out the collar Red wears was given to him by his “boss”, he couldn’t help but be appalled.  He’s perceptive enough to realize that despite the fact that Edge verbally abuses Red, the two do really care about one another, but it still just feels.. wrong.  

Not to mention, Red’s pretty much a pervert when Edge isn’t around, and that makes Sans feel uneasy because it kindasortahitsclosetohome.  

—- When it comes to the Horrortale bros:

Okay, so Sans is trying to act calm, but seeing the two of them REALLY FREAKS HIM OUT HOLY CRAP ON A STICK, THAT’S HIM.  That’s not some alternate version of him.  Nope, this is a possible timeline!  This is what could happen if Frisk decides to RESET and Undyne becomes ruler.  Hell, this is what HAS HAPPENED, obviously, and Sans does not want to become this.  

This version of him still makes puns, but they’re so much darker.  He’s obviously lost whatever shred of HoPe he had left, which he thought was impossible.  Then there’s the head wound, the memory loss, the complete instability.  The worst thing is that he sees so much of himself in this insane version of him that he knows without a doubt this is him.  He could be this so easily.  And he eats humans both because of the shortage of food and to spite “Undick”?  And so does Papyrus??  

Speaking of Papyrus…

*don’t think about it, don’t think about it.

Sans can’t even look at the incredibly-tall version of his brother.  He.. he just can’t.  It’s obvious that Papyrus has been used as Undyne’s punching bag, and that fact fills him with so much rage that it’s all he can do not to go to HIS timeline’s Undyne and Blast her to hell and back.  


—- When it comes to the Underfell bros:

There’s a timeline where he becomes Captain of the Royal Guard?!  Despite how terrifying Edge looks, Papyrus wants to know all the details!  Does he shower in kisses every morning?  Is he the most popular monster in the Underground?  How many humans has he captured?  He’s interested in his puzzles (“TRAPS!  THEY’RE TRAPS, NOT BABYBONES PUZZLES!”) and feels like Edge still has a good heart, even if he’s crude.  Papyrus actually understands that in the world that the UF bros come from, this version of himself is really just looking out for Sans.  That’s what the collar is about.  Of course, Papyrus doesn’t agree with that, but he can understand that and believe that they’re doing what’s best for them.  

But when it comes to Red, he’s appalled by his humor, and the fact that he seems nervous around his “boss” really unsettles him.  He ends up treating his own brother nicer for a couple of weeks after meeting these two.  He even represses a few groans at Sans’s terrible puns.

—- When it comes to the Horrortale bros:

Papyrus is going to have nightmares.  The HT version of himself towers over him and talks a lot about his spaghetti having a special ingredient.  HT!Sans makes a few jokes (“you could say pap’s spaghetti really has the human touch”) that go over his head.  It’s difficult for him to look at either brother.. Seeing Sans with that giant crack in his skull makes him feel sick, and he can tell that HT!Papyrus has taken quite a beating to his face.  It seems like this version of him is the Captain of the Royal Guard, too, which he thought would be exciting, but.. HT!Papyrus admits that he wants OUT.  Instead of lamenting his woes, however, HT!Paps invites Papyrus to check out his puzzle plans, but.. instead of coming up with original puzzles like he always has, he seems to be copying something he saw on TV.  Both bros have had head trauma, which causes them to be a little.. off.  And HT!Sans’s humor is way dryer than his own brother’s.

Papyrus’s only solace is that these two still seem to have a kind, loving relationship despite all the hardships they’ve endeared.  

For weeks after meeting them, Papyrus asks Sans to sleep in his room with the hallway light on.  

hi friends! dunno who still follows me on here but it’s been like years since i’ve uploaded anything. i figured i should get back on the tumblr game and put my art here when i make it. here’s a piece i did for autodesk a while back called bubblegum parade

We never know when she’s in town. She just kinda comes and goes, and no one really notices. But this time, it’s like the fucking Macy’s thanksgiving day parade.
—  A friend in Nashville, regarding Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

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just wondering (and i feel like i can't ask my german teacher this at school lol) how would you say "pan(sexual) pride day" in german? i would guess that pansexual doesn't really translate so it would just be pansexual but with a german accent, but do you have like a set phrase for "pride day"? thanks <3 i've been loving your FAPuary art btw

Hello there,

And you’re guessing right. Pan is Pan. there is no real translation for that. As for the rest of it. it stays the same. German is full of anglicisms. So it would in fact still be “Pan(sexual) pride day”. *shrugs*  ^^
Some things might have different names like the usual “Gay Pride” or “Pride Parade” is called “Christopher Street Day” (CSD) here, but as you can see it still uses the anglicism for day.

hope i could help.  ^^

I’m still in denial over my chem breaking up. I firmly believe they’ll be back next year with an album called ‘Black parade 2, electric boogaloo’ and will feature Gee with electric blue hair.