call on me*

  • *the lab*
  • Sherlock: *sulking*
  • Molly: *working* It's all in your head, you know.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* No. He's got it in for me.
  • Molly: *chuckles* He's a cat.
  • John: *confused* What's the matter?
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Oh, Sherlock's declared war on Toby. He thinks he hates him. I've told you not to antagonise him.
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* And I've told you, when we're in bed, the only pussy I want to see is the one beneath your nightie.
  • John: *mortified* I swear to GOD.
  • Sherlock: Swear all you like; won't stop being true.

“2017 has been a unique year so far. Luca Guadagnino’s masterpiece “Call Me By Your Name” stunned even the most optimistic Guadagnino fans when it premiered out of competition at Sundance in January. Frankly, this writer didn’t think the gay-themed coming of age drama could earn a Best Picture nomination until “Moonlight” won Best Picture a month later. Two years ago you couldn’t imagine “Call Me By Your Name” earning a nod no matter how many critics anointed it the “best film of the year.” Now? It has a legit shot to take the crown.”  Gregory Ellwood for The Playlist.   

update on my eel wizard (Eeli) DnD campaign: 

I got stuck under a dock after trying to find some secret eel facts, and since I couldn’t get back up to the dock myself, I just squatted on my tiny patch of sand and insulted everyone who walked above me until some soldiers came to try and get me out (spoiler: I insulted them as well) 

Good morning, everyone! ☀️❤️
Can I ask you a favour? Anons, mutuals, friends! I’d like to read a really good fan fiction, one that’d leave me completely and utterly satisfied and heart eyed, full heart and peaceful soul and everything! I’m just not skilled enough to properly navigate the immensity of our archives (thanks to the impressive amount of quality our authors spoil us with😍) and after a full day of fruitless research, I give up, as I just keep on messing up with tags and filters. I really like angst, as long as the eventual resolution is fulfilling and able to make up for all the previous pain and both harry and louis never stop being good people deeply in love with each other even trough difficulties (even if circumstances happen to keep them apart). Happy ending, obviously! Don’t care if it’s a classic or a new brilliant work!
Thank you so much, you’d be a blessing! xx

anonymous asked:

So I have a question I joined the army a few weeks ago so I've learned my way around and stuff and I you know started shipping the boys together cause I think it's cute and of course you know I watch the ship moments and read fanfictions about them but lately I've realized half of the army puts down people who ship them together my question is is it okay to ship them together? I don't go overboard of course and don't ranting on why it's real I just enjoy simple things sorry to bother you also :)

shipping isn’t that serious tbh. you watch cute moments and enjoy their interactions, it doesn’t have to be anything romantic or sexual.. it’s all for fun. like all i do is just admire their friendship?? but i guess people who look down on shippers take shipping more seriously than majority of us do lmao i don’t even want to know what they think we’re doing. i’ll just repeat what i’ve already said before:

i think shipping should be kept inside the fandom (no inappropriate comments anywhere the boys can see) but i personally see no problem in shipping people with good chemistry??? i think a lot of people will agree with me if i say that first and foremost we appreciate their friendship?? they make each other happy and it makes us happy it’s not like we’re forcing anything on them. we just imagine the possibilities. idk i think you should always keep in mind that they’re real people, be respectful and not take everything too seriously and it’ll be ok  

it’s very interesting to see the relationship between Jimmy and his dad, and Nacho and his dad. Jimmy never really liked how his dad was such a pushover because he didn’t want his dads niceness being taken advantage of so he wanted his dad to bend the rules a bit sometimes, while Nacho doesn’t want his dad to be near anything that would corrupt him and tries his best to keep his dad on a narrow path. I feel like Jimmy would never be able to tell his dad anything because he would want jimmy to do the good and right thing while Jimmy thought that that wasn’t how the world worked but while with Nacho and his father Nacho wants his dad to believe that he is living a perfect, simple life and that nothing bad will ever happen. Their fathers are the same but their sons have different perspectives on how their father should be

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Some shally arguments are like middle school arguments that are like, "You Bitch." "Did you call me a bitch? Well bitch is a dog, dogs bark, bark is on a tree, trees are apart of nature and nature is beautiful so thank you for calling me beautiful."

They try to pull that shit with me too.

Like, I did not give the sickest burns and most iconic replies back that this fandom has ever witnessed to be called a bitch.

It’s The Bitch™ to you ser