call of duty origins

the signs as stupid things i've done

aries: licked a chili bc i thought ‘it can’t be that hot’

taurus: stepped into an ankle deep puddle outside of the bus doors even though the bus driver warned me about it

gemini: bought my roommate cereal as a present but then hid it before she got home bc i was mad at her

cancer: made up a story about a man with a toy poodle trying to win a dog show and made myself cry

leo: been drunk and naked in a hot tub and yelled “daddy put some wood into our fire box” to a dad of some guy whose house we were at

virgo: spent the bus ride to the cruise telling everyone how they shouldn’t put their magnetic cabin key cards next to their phone bc it will erase them, then gotten to the boat and accidentally erased my own key card within 15 minutes

libra: hit a tree with a stick, making the stick break in half and the piece fly towards my face, giving me the only black eye of my life

scorpio: peed in a bush in front of a fancy hotel in a city centre, put my pants back on and walked to the street, noticed that there’s something in my underpants, put my hand into my underpants right there in the middle of the street and pulled out a handful of pine needles

sagittarius: cut a hole into my eyelid when i was trying to trim my false lashes while they were already attached

capricorn: bought a train ticket for the wrong month bc I was buying them two months in advance

aquarius: named a character ‘augustin rivers’ after reading the fault in our stars and thought it was very clever and original

pisces: googled for call of duty and typed in cod and just gotten pics of fish


The Origins Crew as children - as seen in Revelations.

(Top Left) Edward Richtofen

(Top Right) “Tank” Dempsey

(Bottom Left) Nikolai Belinski

(Bottom Right) Takeo Masaki

- images courtesy of the COD wiki.

0uimonami  asked:

In COD WW2 there are calling cards which are pride flags and I am so happy!

Yeah!! Here is a pic I took earlier for those who have not seen it yet :’^)