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As originally designed in Metal Gear Online, the cardboard box isn’t supposed to be a weapon. It’s a disguise to fool NPC guards hot on your trail. In online play, it shouldn’t be of much use: other humans are perfectly capable of filling your cardboard box full of lead. Even worse, the box doesn’t let you attack anyone, except for a mostly harmless tackle. But as YouTuber TheRob5896 found, tackling with the box on is far easier than tackling without it, and in the right circumstances – say, when someone is on top of a high tower that can only be accessed by ladder – that makes the box an impossibly frustrating weapon.

Once in position, all he has to do is wait: As soon as enemies reach the top of the ladder, the box’s enhanced tackle sends them screaming to a horrible death before they have the chance to attack. This would be incredibly annoying if it didn’t look so damn ridiculous.

Wrecking players armed with devastating firepower by running into them with your recycling is possibly the most satisfying thing this side of popping bubble wrap.

The 5 Most Hilariously Creative Video Game Trolls


The Origins Crew as children - as seen in Revelations.

(Top Left) Edward Richtofen

(Top Right) “Tank” Dempsey

(Bottom Left) Nikolai Belinski

(Bottom Right) Takeo Masaki

- images courtesy of the COD wiki.


“The siren has not sounded in many months. I am… confused, by the changing world around me. I look at my hands, and they are not the hands I remember. The wrinkles, stains and liver spots that textured my skin have disappeared, as though time itself was unraveling against its natural order. Is this the end, or a new beginning?” - Dr. Ludvig Maxis

Itty Bitty Dragons

The day Gorod Krovi came out I sketched the guys with tiny dragons and I finally finished it *fist pumps*

Not my best but I didn’t want to leave it sitting on my desktop forever so


Griffincastle did something similar recently too that’s absolutely fantastic go check it out!

Zombies Fact #20

In Origins, the Elemental Staffs are named after deities of the following mythologies:

The Staff of Lightning (Kimat’s Bite) is named after Kimat, the dog of the Tinguian God, Kadaklan.
The Staff of Fire (Kagutsuchi’s Blood) is named after the Japanese God of Fire, Kagutsuchi.
The Staff of Ice (Ull’s Arrow) is named after Ull, a Norse God commonly associated with winter.
The Staff of Wind (Boreas’ Fury) is named after Boreas, the Greek God of the North Wind.
Sekhmet’s Vigor (the end part of the staff used to revive players) is named after Sekhmet, the Egyptian warrior Goddess of healing.

- fact courtesy of the COD wiki.