call of duty cosplay

Noctis: Are you cosplaying as Spiderman?

Prompto: When duty calls, Spidey Prom’s here to answer the call!

Noct: That’s not-

Prom: DUTY CALLS, NOCT! Duty calls~

Noct: Um…okay, whatever.

Prom: At least I’m in the Halloween spirit! You’re just the same, old I only wear black Prince of Lucis.

Noct: *lifts hood* Master of Masters…

Prom: *gasp* So cool! Where’s Ignis and Gladio?

Noct: You mean Woody and Buzz?

Gladio: We are never letting you pick our costumes again.

Ignis: Howdy~


I finally got my pictures from AnimeFest in March back and I’m so happy how well the turned out. Our action shots are sooo good. The first three are my absolute favorite!

Myself as Ultimis Richtofen, my girlfriend @tehray as Samantha, pictures taken by our friend Elizabeth Monti (sadly she doesn’t have a blog or I’d tag her :/ she obviously does really good work!)