call of beauty

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imagine the esper squad calling out gross shit

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my crush is my girlfriend! she's so so so cute and beautiful and honestly so small that my head rests on hers when we hug and that i can pick her up all the time and she calls me beautiful n gorgeous all the time?? and she's so sweet and caring im just,, so dang happy i wish i could hang out with her everyday but i would never get my homework done if we did 😂

So cute 😁♥

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My gf is the best?? She's my first gf ever but I love her so much?? We were friends before dating (nice nice) and she just makes me so happy!! Cuddling with her?? NICE!! Kissing her?? NICE!! Being with her any time?? NICE!! When she calls me beautiful or hot?? WOW!! Her smile?? BEAUTIFUL!! Her arms?? GREAT!! Her laugh?? ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL!! Everything about her?? WONDERFUL BEYOND WORDS!!! I'm so glad she exists and that we love each other c':

this is SO CUTE omfg i’m so happy for both of u!!! this is so sweet and i love how much u love each other!!

Things Yves is unreasonably upset about:

  • Nick Valentine has a heart for a logo and he thinks only he’s allowed to have heart motifs.
  • That arms dealer with the terrible eye makeup.
  • His favorite tie went missing three years ago and he still can’t find it.
  • At a party decades ago, someone implied that his future husband was ugly and he couldn’t even defend his honor because they were in rival gangs at the time and dating in secret, and he couldn’t even kill her.
  • His inordinately dainty wrists are too small for pre-war men’s (and women’s) watches to fit properly.
  • One Jackie Grey still had one of his monogrammed handkerchiefs at his house in Quincy and now he’s never going to get it back because his house went up in smoke.
  • He got set up in a blind date once and was rejected because he’s short.
  • When he acquired decent glasses, he learned that most people can see individual leaves on trees and never bothered to tell him.
  • Someone called his cats beautiful but they didn’t compliment his hound.
  • A 12 year old called him old and he was so upset that he locked himself in his room for an entire weekend.
  • Vladimir made him perfect toast once and then Yves accidentally pierced the bread while spreading butter.
  • One of his employees (he calls him Pierre but that’s not his name) spilled some ink on his favorite pink shirt and he cried a little.  The only reason why he still has a job is that Yves thinks he looks exactly like his favorite pre-war pinup model.  Pierre does his best.
  • Travis Miles
  • Yves needs to keep his ghoulish skin well-moisturized to avoid damage to it but he hates touching lotion.
  • That time he wore a dove grey suit when going to stab someone and it wound up being stained forever.
  • A turkey chased him up a tree once.
  • His husband has been inside a functioning vault and he hasn’t.
  • His eyes are only mostly black instead of all the way black.
  • He wore a boater hat once and someone made fun of it, so he never wore it again, even though he thought it was a Look.
  • Kissing his husband from a standing position is awkward due to the height difference.
  • Someone owes him money but then Yves killed him, so now he’s never getting that money.

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Wait dude how is eos Dorian transphobic?? I mean I agree his character took a damn beating dragging manning down with his and I miss him but what he do

Dorian called Manon “the most beautiful woman” and she replied that she wasn’t a woman and then Dorian said that it “didn’t matter if she was a witch or a woman or whatever as long as the parts that mattered were there”

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He commented "perfect" on one of her pics a couple weeks ago but it wasn't clear if he was talking about her, the pic, the sunny day or all of the above lol. His comment also followed a bunch of comments from people calling her (and the pic) "beautiful", "pretty", "gorgeous", etc. so maybe he was just being childish and trying to outdo the other people lol.

Perhaps. Of course he likes her pics and everything, it just lacks depth.

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hey! how's the kit purrson fic doing? i think it's called the start of something beautiful, right? are you still working on it or have you set it aside?

Oh wow thanks!  I’m thrilled to hear that you’re still interested in the story! I would absolutely love to finish it.

That said, one thing about me is that I have inattentive ADHD, depression, and anxiety, so my brain is an absolute grab bag of “no motivation”, “terror about doing things” and “inability to get all my Cans pointed in one direction”. On any given day, I literally don’t know what I’ll be able to do when I wake up. 

So given that readers are often frustrated with the output of writers who are fairly happy with their process and output, I can only imagine how much more frustrating I am to follow, since I’m forever putting out fragments, half-finishing works, and only completing things at all through high amounts of terror and a great deal spent on cafes and cake.

So I’m sorry that I can’t be more specific. In the future I very well may write more of Start of Something Beautiful, especially since it’s a companion story to Leave Your Lovers Like Campsites. But as to when or how, I really can’t say. /o\

  • Quentin: wow the stars are beautiful tonight
  • Eliot: yeah they are
  • Quentin: you know who else is beautiful though?
  • Eliot: *blushes* who
  • Quentin: Fillory.
Me now because of Moana
  • me: *stands by the pool* "I've been standing at the edge of the water'Long as I can remember, never really knowing why..."
  • Paramedics: You do realize you ran off the board,slipped, belly-flopped so hard you became unconscious, and almost drowned right?
  • me: What can I say except you're welcome ;)