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Camp Camp Defense Squad

-Give me all the kids going to the same school, 2 if you want to.

-Give me the kids staying friends and helping each other.

-Max in the background, blackmailing and pranking kids that mess with the other campers. He only openly defends Neil.

-Nikki being very capable of protecting herself and her friends. Teeth and nails are great weapons.

-Neil giving out casual tutoring because he can’t stand seeing them fail over simple things.

-Nurf quitting his bullying ways, except when he finds out the campers are getting picked on.

-Ered being sure to stand by Preston’s side when he’s called gay for his love of theater. She also doesn’t let people attack Dolph either.

-Preston making cunning and snide insults that people don’t get until later.

-Harrison letting lose small but effective magic.

-Nerris defending Harrison, only when he’s not around though.

-Dolph and Space Kid being a huge supporters of all their friends.

this scene always makes me cackle- kaneki asking touka to teach him how to make coffee, touka still giving him hell for calling her a monster and teaching him wrong to get him in trouble, and then kaneki covering for her, touka absolutely not understanding how he can be so kind even when she’s intentionally trying to antagonise him

their faces when yoshimura berates him are PRICELESS

kaneki: (the fuck touka, you told me it would give an exciting flavour)
touka: (suck shit asswipe)

I swore to myself when I joined the Navy that there were a few things I wouldn’t tolerate: sexism, racism and hazing. 

You do have to be careful about it because you can’t have people hating you, and as a woman in the military that’s already fucking difficult because the men are looking for any way they can to call you weak and too emotional for the job (meanwhile, I saw two totally-not-emotional men literally get into a fight and strangle one another right in front of me in our workshop during deployment, but I’m too emotional…) You need the men in the shop to like you and respect you because you need them watching your back on the flight deck, or you could literally die.

So I was subtle but stubborn. My lead petty officer (my boss) liked to say “Earmuffs!” to me when he was about to say something he knew would offend me because I was a woman. The concept was I’d have to cover my ears with my hands so I couldn’t hear what he said. Real mature. 

I refused. I would just sit there and quietly shake my head. Other times the men would imply or outright SAY I should leave the workshop. Again, I refused quietly by remaining in my seat. They would NOT push me out of a space I had earned the right to be in as much as any of them. If they wanted to say something sexist, they could either say it in front of me (which inevitably ruined the joke and they’d laugh weakly and awkwardly) or THEY would leave.

So that was my subtle resistance. Refusing to leave, refusing to let the workshop be a space for sexism. 

jake mckenzie appreciation week 2017:

when: october 2 - october 8 (one whole week)

hosted by: me & angella (@jakeymckenzie​)

calling out to all of the jake stans out there!! so, either this week or in the upcoming weeks we are bound to get jake’s idol and an appreciation week for our favorite, snarky pilot is in order!! this appreciation week will celebrate our love for jake mckenzie!! 

who can join: anyone can!! if you like or love jake, then feel free to join in!!

day 1: favorite screen-cap(s)

day 2: favorite quote

day 3: favorite pairing (romantically)

day 4: favorite friendship

day 5: favorite scene/moment (this can be with mc or any other character!!)

day 6: favorite au (alternate-universe) - for example: jake as a student at hartfeld or jake having his name cleared so he can return to the states with mc.

day 7: edit/fan-art/fanfic day - you can create your own edit, art or fan fiction or upload your favorite ones with permission and credit of the artist/author.

note: be sure to tag both me AND angella in your posts because we want to see your contributions. also, be sure to use the tag ‘jakeweek’ in the top five tags so everyone can see your contributions and like + reblog them!! angella and i will be tracking the tag ‘jakeweek’ for the entire week.

both angella and i will both be contributing as well. we hope to see you guys participate and spread the love for jake!! if you have any questions, just comment on this post or send either angella or i a message via ask or dm!! we can’t wait to see your amazing contributions!!

stay tuned - angella and i will reblog this every once in a while so you guys are reminded!!

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Dating Jack Headcanons

  • Being the only person to call him “ramen noodles” or “noodles” without him getting mad
  • Sassing each other on a daily basis
  • Stealing his hoodies and only giving them back when they stop smelling like him
  • Playing with his hair while he lays on across your lap when he’s sleepy
  • Him kissing all over your face for no reason
  • Holding hands 24/7
  • Bear hugs, sweater paws and movie dates in the winter
  • Beach dates in the summer
  • Jack spoiling you with stuff you don’t need while he’s on tour because “I saw this and it reminded me of you”
  • Pick up line wars
  • Him making you blush no matter how long you’d been together
  • Tracing his freckles while he giggles 
  • Bringing his smile out of him more
  • Accidentally staying up until dawn texting or facetiming each other
  • Not an obnoxious amount, but a lot of PDA because the world needs to know that he’s yours
  • “Can you sing me to sleep?”
  • And he would 
  • Hearing his morning voice
  • Him cuddling into you and not letting you get out of bed
  • “Five more minutes”
  • He’d try to make you breakfast but you’d end up going out for food instead
  • Hugs from behind, with his chin on your shoulder while he kisses your cheek
  • Letting him use you as a pillow because that boy is always tired
  • Him letting you be his personal koala and cuddling into him in return
  • A thousand compliments a day
  • Him wearing his glasses around you a little more than he usually would
  • Being the cutest couple in the world because that boy is a fluffy teddy bear on the inside


Oh hey! It’s the picnic basket/blanket girl again with an update to yesterday’s test files.

I’ve been discussing with @the77sim3 how to fix this turd that EA calls a picnic blanket. So…..after going in and out of the game probably 20 times and screaming in frustration. I think I finally figured out what the hell the game is trying to do by coloring it yellow. I also found my original works file from 2014. Yes, I’ve been trying to get this to work since then. Anyways……if you look in the mesh tab in TSRW and open the materials section and look at the diffuse, that image file turns yellow when I changed the mask file for some unknown reason. I tried everything me and 77 could think of in s3pe and was about to give up when I just made the mask file blank.

Now for the stuff that still doesn’t work. 

You can’t change the original preset fabric to anything other than what is in texture tweakers! You can only change the color. So I made it blue. Why I have that extra pink option, I don’t know. I didn’t enable it in Texture Tweakers so who knows. 

I still need testers for the blanket. 


Please delete your cache if you test the file. And this time the file is for all the blankets including the BuyDebug Public PicnicBlanket. Same instructions for recoloring both you have to go into build/buy mod to recolor the blanket. Have fun testing and let me know if you come across any weirdness. Thank you so much!

@acquiresimoleons, @desiree-uk, @davidmont


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dinolad  asked:

Hi Sport Im a trans man who just started T about a month ago I know it takes a while to show but im impacent I have size DDD breast so they still show when I bind Its hard to present as a boy My coworkers call me by my perfered name but the clients dont know that Im a boy and its kind of scary going to the bathroom, i can't wear my binder every day bc of back pain Im worried that I will look odd when I start to look like a guy and still have visable breast

I understand how difficult it is for you. It’s never a good feeling to get misgendered by random people, even if your coworkers are getting it right. In your situation, I believe it would be a good idea to wear pronoun pins at work, if you feel safe doing so, and if they’re okay to wear on your uniform. After that, if your supervisors are aware of your situation, you should be able to use the men’s bathrooms. A lot of the time, it’s scary to use your preferred bathroom in public if you don’t feel like you’re passing, but if you’re in uniform at work, you should be able to avoid getting questioned.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, look into the Frog Bra from Title Nine. Unfortunately, it’s always going to be hard to fully bind when you have a large chest. I wish it were different too. But there are things you can do to at least feel a little more comfortable. The Frog Bra, while not as flattening as a binder, does compress your chest, and being a type of sports bra, it’s perfectly safe to work out and be on your feet in. I highly recommend that for days you can’t wear your binder.

I hope this helps! 💙

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y'know that one post where it's like *best friend calls me and asks abt what color my dress is for prom so he can get a matching tie and i asked "since when were we goin to prom and he's all like "fuck i forgot"*? how about that but with josuke bc i can totally see that happening with him, sweet precious babby (please and thank you, i need more josuke fluff in my lif e)

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anonymous asked:

So, the problem is that I have very intrusive thoughts (is that what you call them?) and i have always had them. When i recently got into paganism and heathenry, I have had some pretty horrible thoughts. I don't do it on purpose, I try to not think but that just makes it worse. Some of the intrusive thoughts were about some of the gods, such as Freyja, Loki, Odin, Thor... I don't know if this could get me in trouble, and i really hope not. could i screw up everything because of these thoughts?

Hi Nonny,

As you know, humans are quite capable of understanding that our intrusive thoughts aren’t really “us.” They’re just what our brain involuntarily spits out at us. It’s how we react to them that really matters and defines us as a person.

And if we as humans are capable of grasping this, it’s kind of a given that gods, with their greater wisdom and experience, are capable too. The gods understand that your intrusive thoughts aren’t a deliberate insult or reflective of your actual beliefs. And they don’t look down on people for having disabilities they can’t control. A number of our gods, including Odin, are portrayed as disabled themselves!

It’s okay to avoid praying on bad mental health days if the pain and worry the thoughts cause outweigh the benefits of practicing. But it’s also totally fine to just tune out the thoughts as best you can and push through if that’s what you’d rather do. Again, the gods will understand and most likely appreciate the effort. Mental illness making you ritually impure was never a thing in historical Heathenry and has no reason to be a thing now, even if some big name Heathens try to borrow concepts from other religions and make it so.

- Mod E

My husband and I are dating another woman, but I'm feeling left out

I am new to the poly life and I am trying to get adjusted but it isn’t working. My husband and I are dating his ex-wife, we both love her but I feel as though I am being left out. He calls me to talk to her instead of calling her, when we share a bed I always end up sleeping it the guest bed or on the couch, and I feel as if he doesn’t want or need me anymore because he has her again. I love them both but I don’t know how to talk to them about what I am feeling without hurting them or losing them

What you’ve laid out here is a really good start for knowing how to talk to them. Sit down with your husband and let him know that parts of this arrangement aren’t working for you right now. Tell him specifically that you don’t like when he calls you to get through to her, or when you end up feeling unwelcome in the shared bed. There may be some simple fixes here, like him not treating you as a go-between, you two setting aside date nights or private time for the two of you, and a better way to manage bed-sharing that ensures everyone is included.

Keep in mind that not all “messages received” are “messages sent” - it may not be true that he doesn’t want or need you anymore. He may just be experiencing NRE, or he may think that you prefer sleeping on your own, or he may just not have thought through his behaviors and how they’re impacting you. So make sure not to bring this up in an accusatory way - more informational, just “hey, FYI, this bothers me - can we come up with a way to resolve it?”

Not that long ago, I said my sister dislikes shipping and anything that has to do with that, and that that the reason is why I created this account so I can write about Jikook, but since a few days I kinda get the vibe that she started to ship Sope/Yoonseok.

Like, She got happy when Yoongi called Hobi his prince in BV, liking a lot of related tweets, and two days ago I send her this pic.

And she send me like hundreds of hearts emojis…

My conclusion is, my sister that hated shipping, started to ship Sope.

Congrats fellow sope shipper, you earned another low-key shipper \°3°/

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lmao could we pls get a 93 w blasty mcsplode where the reader just gets into petty fights w bakugou when he's being annoying. nothing romantic just like the reader isn't afraid to call him out in an equally hilarious manner as he his temper (if that even makes sense lol)


I hope that you don’t mind but I wrote reader more conniving and witty than sassy. I hope that’s okay? It’s just what flowed when I was writing. Let me know what you think anon 

and before anyone says it, yes i kept thinking of Lana and Archer

i sorry

93 from here


Bakugou Katsuki 

He honestly couldn’t believe what he was hearing. They weren’t really going to pull this shit in between classes, were they? But there they were. Blabbing their mouth off with Deku and not giving a damn about it. They know how angry that shit head makes him. Sure since their fight things were a little more civil, and All Might and Aizawa really were keeping a close eye on them. But this was totally out of line. He would expect this shit from Jogger suit guy, maybe even Hair for Brains, but not his s/o.

“I know!”

“The combo move you taught to Iida-kun really showed in the-”

“80% improvement in his speed and coordination with tight turns, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t work but-”

“Hey, bro you paid attention in physics and hero co-op and it shows!” his s/o was almost being as talkative as Deku. And Bakugou had just blown up his text book. He wanted to scream at them but fights with them always feel too personal to do in front of other people. 

“Dude, are you okay?” Kirishima put his hand on Bakugou’s shoulder.

“You really don’t look it.” Denki was keeping a safe distance. 

Bakugou was so angry he couldn’t speak. Just as he was about to grab his s/o by the collar and drag them out of the classroom to fight Midnight-sensei walked in. 

“Alright kiddos! Take your seats and let’s get into the nitty gritty of international heroics!” Bakugou sat down and made eye contact with his s/o, sending them a mental note that let them know that they were going to fight as soon as the lunch period starts. 

Class was almost tolerable but Bakugou could tell that his focus was off. He just felt like his s/o wasn’t taking his feeling into account, and didn’t even ask him if he was okay with them teaming up with Deku for the operations group assignment. He seriously thought that they would be there for him. The real challenge was going to be telling this to them without seeming weak and needy(boi plz)

When the ping pong signalled that class was over, Bakugou walked over to his s/o, trying his best to steel himself from the snarky remark that he could just tell that they were going to make. 

“Let’s go have lunch.”

“Oh, I made us lunch,” they said with a smirk, “why don’t we just have lunch here?”

“Since when do you make anything? And you’re usually racing Hair for Brains to the line at LunchRush,” he was already mad at them and they clearly could tell that the two of them needed to clear some things up, “why the sudden change?” 

“Oh,” they began opening the lunch boxes, “I just thought it would be good for you to socialize.”

“Since when are you my fucking mom?” 

“Since when do you think that you get to decide everything that I do?”

At that point, the wise thing for their classmates to do would’ve been to give them privacy. None of them did that, they were more than ready to see the real inner workings of the relationship that had been baffling them for months. 

“Well someone has to because clearly you never know how to do anything right!”

“Huh, last time I checked you were the one who keeps asking for help cleaning up messes that could’ve easily been avoided if you had JUST CONTROLLED YOUR GOD DAMN TEMPER.”

“Maybe you two should try talking about how you feel-”

“Yeah, maybe we should Midoriya-kun,” his s/o drew out each syllable of that name. 


“Yeah just keep pretending like you don’t care about him. WHEN CLEARLY YOU DO.”


“I’m sorry,” the room dropped ten degrees, and Todoroki wasn’t even there, “what was that?”

“Oh come on, __________,” Bakugou was going to regret this, he just didn’t know it yet, “you’re training to become a hero but you still act like A KID.”

“Y’know,” They closed up their lunch boxes, stood up, and got right in Bakugou’‘s face, “it’s a real shame that no one ever asks for your opinion Katsuki, because clearly it’s the one thing that will always keep you from becoming number one.”

And then they clocked him in the jaw and knocked him out. He woke up about ten minutes later, and didn’t really remember why he was mad in the first place. 


Sorry if I went a bit over board. I don’t picture this relationship being like this all the time, I was just wondering what a fight between Bakugou and his s/o would be like and it fell somewhere Lana and Archer and Lily and Marshal. 

Let me know what you think

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my friends, we’re close i guess and there’s this one friend that keeps calling me names. and at first it was funny but now it just gets worse. i don’t like it. but i don’t know what to do. she takes pictures of me when i don’t want her too, she keeps saying “ew” when she sees me, and calls me names i don’t like, and she’s even gotten my other friends into it too. they keep saying “you let it happen so u can’t complain” but when i tell her or any of them to stop, they don’t and i don’t know. 1/?

i keep telling myself the way she treats me isn’t right. but even now, as i write this, all i want to do is defend her. say that she’s just being a friend. and that we’re close enough for her to say this to me so i know she’s joking. and i mean she’s tells me every now and then that she does it out of love and that she doesn’t really mean it, and i tell myself that too. but it doesn’t seem like that anymore. and idk what to do. i feel like it is my fault and that i could make her stop 2/?

and that i can go up to her and tell her hey i don’t like when u do this, but i’ve done it once and she didn’t listen so idk anymore. i just, i really don’t like what she does to me, and as the days go one it just gets worse to the point i don’t want to talk to her at all some days. we don’t even have the normal conversations like we used too it’s just her insulting em all the time and me pretending to seem like everything is fine. i don’t know what to do.

I finally made it to a computer! I’m going to place a cut because you’re going a very honest response and it may be triggering for some.

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Imagine Crowley just got done killing some demons and you call him cause you have cramps and want some cuddles

“Darling I’m in a bit of a bloody sticky situation,” the demon huffed, blood surely getting on his phone now, he’d have to clean it.

“Oh what a coincidence, so am I” you grumbled,  that’s when the King knew, and sighed softly. 

“Warm  baked cookies or ice cream?”

“Ice cream please,"You sniffled cutesy over the phone, "and fluffy blanket from the kings bed~" 

He chuckled softly,"You got it kitten, I’ll be over in five.”

“Are you gonna make me feel better,  my king?”

“‘lll make it all better, I promise, My Queen." 

rex-sidereus  asked:

least favorite trope: when a female protagonist is defined through the activities of other [male] characters in the title: the painter's daughter, a girl of the willow clan, dragonborn's mistress

The Traitor’s Daughter

I am not my mother.” She’d said it a hundred, a thousand times. Sometimes lightly, with a little laugh - “Yes, I could betray you - but I am not my mother.” Sometimes she added “I should get one of those birds from the Terrie Islands to repeat it - how many repetitions will it take for you to believe me?” Sometimes, as when she had faced the tribunal, she said it with vehemence; sometimes quietly, or with resignation.

The court reabsorbed her. She was no longer excluded from invitations; people called at her home again; the Queen even granted her a portion of her mother’s lands again. 

And all the time, despite the scrutiny of society and the judges, she waited, and took letters from the King of Orvis’s spies, and bided her time. 

It was true. She was not her mother. She was worse. 

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Does NO ONE think it's weird that Yolanda is so conveniently pretty much back too normal in time for her book to be written and released? She still hasn't found a cure to this uncurable disease?? Her uncurable children are fine too? She's doing interview after interview and every single time the comments are just "oh poor Yolanda, what a fighter, such a doting mother who raised her children so well, so sweet and humble" Doesn't people think at all? Ughh. Bellas character makes so much sense.

Doesn’t it? The more time Bella gets in the public eye the more I realize she’s just like her mom and seeing them around one another all the time lately makes me wanna die. Like I despise Yolanda, I think she’s a terrible mom and an obnoxious as fuck human overall.

Anyways, I hate when she calls Lyme uncurable because it fucking is. Liek the reason I’m so fucking sus with them to begin with is because I had Lyme when I was younger and literally you take the antibiotic and move on. It’s as uncurable as the common cold and it’s not deadly. And she (they) don’t have Lyme they have Chronic Lyme and that’s literally made up homeopathic bullshit. There’s no testing, no standard symptoms, no CDC recognition, no real treatments, no proof of having Lyme even needed –anyone can walk in and get. Ya’ll are giving her sympathy for literally having every day aches and pains that she exaggerates for attention and acts like is the end of the world and has proven straight up lied about.

I’m glad they’re shutting the Lyme stuff down. The more they can make it a non issue in their lives and stop talking about it the better because they’re not entirely D-list anymore and they’re gonna get caught. Yolanda has been on peoples radar since she started with all this. And it’s just annoying. I’m tired of every interview and defense comment about Bella being how she’s so brave and works so hard and excuse after excuse with this bullshit as if she’s doing any great work or had any level of a struggle story. She’s a spoiled rich girl who literally has the world handed to her but still needs everyone to feel sorry for her and it’s become like an overwhelmingly unignorable part of her personality.

xsvanjasx  asked:

Baby, I love your Blog so much and I care about everything you post. Hell I'd even read your grocery list. I appreciate you and everything ypu do so much.

Oh man why are you so damn nice ? <3 Thank you very much, it’s beyond appreciated…I’m very touched.

Also, here’s my grocery list : 

1. Coffee. 
2. More coffee (just in case). 
3. Coffee (to stash it in a safe place for emergencies). 
4. Souls. 
5. A nice new Ouija board to be able to call my demon friends without any interferences (it’s annoying when I get only a word out of two you know ?). 
6. Notebooks I’ll probably never use. Always more notebooks. 
7. Disgusting decaffeinated coffee (to give to the people who dare to come bother me in MY house).
8. Soul extractor (you can find that in any decent BMM (stands for : “Black Magic Market”), it’s very useful in my line of work). 
9. Baguette. 
10. Cheese to go with the baguette (I mean…I’m French, gotta leave up to those stereotypes you know ?). 
11. There is no eleven. Eleven is in the upside down anyway. Can’t be on my grocery list. 

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Okay but Keith being jelly that Red called for Lance when he had to basically die to get her to open up for him is amazing

Keith @ Red : Oh , so I had to almost DIE for you to accept me - the RED paladin, your designated paladin, the RED lion- but he didnt even think of you!? Wow, real nice, Red. I see how it is. Well, you know what, Red !?

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Will u be streaming season 4 premier?

No, and here’s why.

I’ve been personally attacked by hate from an area of this fandom. I’ve been called horrible name, false things have been said about me, my fic writing has been ridiculed, and I have lost friends.

I have no idea how far this span of hate goes and I don’t want to allow someone who does think this things about me to be true to come and enjoy my live stream.

Yes, this is probably petty, but when you been bullied by a group and don’t know how far things are going because you block anyone you think might be involved, you get to a point where you don’t want to do things for the fandom.

Streaming the show live was a very significant thing I did. It was a positive thing and I loved doing it, but you can’t keep having people shit on you and not do one thing about it.

Not streaming the show for the whole fandom is what I’ve decided to do to counteract this hate towards me and help me feel better.

I’m sorry to those that follow this blog for the live stream, but there are people in the fandom that have pushed me to the point where I’m not comfortable doing it unless I know everyone there.

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Does non verbalness/semi verbalness or the getting their part ever start off as my throat is really sore from talking today? I have a talking quota (I guess you could call it, i don't really know??) and sometimes it's extensive + sometimes not but when I begin to get close to the limit my voice gets hoarse and quiet + my thirst gets sore. Idk I just wanted to see if it was just me :)

We usually describe semi-verbalness as “I could talk if I HAD to, but I don’t wanna/it’s really hard right now” and nonverbalness as “I just can’t talk right now”.

So yes, sure, that sounds like semi-verbalness !

- Sister Cat