call me superstitious

Call me superstitious, but New Year’s Eve symbolises a lot for me. It’s about taking those you want around you for another year into the new year with you, and leaving behind those you wish to remain in the past. Midnight will either be ending the year how it started - with the one that you love, or it will be the moment you leave them in the past.
—  New Year’s Eve. // Chris Quinlan

Today in my gym class a bunch of girls in the locker room decided to do the Bloody Mary thing. I was in the middle of putting my pants on and they went up to the mirrors. I threw my pants on like a maniac and sprinted out the door before they could even say it once. Everyone was staring at me, but I was just like, “Nope nope nope. Not getting all murdered and crap today.” I felt like a twelve year old girl, but I mean, I’ve seen supernatural, you don’t mess with that kinda stuff. So yeah….