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The Nightclub Experience

Summary: You find out that Steve and your crush Bucky have never been to a nightclub. You decide to fix this fact

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 4191

Warnings: reader gets roofied, bits of fluff, extroverted reader

A/N: Whoa, this one shot just kept going! It’s my longest one yet, lol. 

Please send requests, I’m sure people have better ideas than me :3

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You slam your palms into the table, surprising the Avengers you were talking to, a feat rarely achieved. “You guys have never been to a nightclub?” You ask, voice rising with disbelief along with your eyebrows.

“(Y/N), they’re ninety,” Nat pointed out from the couch, lazily spread across the furniture but attentively listening. “That does not excuse them,” You huff, rising from the table to cross your arms over your chest. Steve and Bucky glanced at each other worriedly.

As the extravert you were, it was hard to understand why Steve and Bucky weren’t taking advantage of the new era, trying all the fascinating new things that separated the 40s from the 2000s. You’d been to plenty of nightclubs and knew it was your solemn duty to have the boys experience it.

You weren’t related to the Avengers at all. You weren’t some mutant, or a night vigilante that lost their parents or gained special powers. You were the local café’s finest coffee brewer. Being a waitress and barista, you didn’t expect to become friends with the Avengers. And yet, here you were.

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kofisiriboe hi, humans.
happy september—it’s crazy to believe it’s fall already. fall has always been my favorite time of year. doesn’t matter if i’m in new york or los angeles, though, i’d probably prefer new york every time. it’s cuffing season and i ain’t got nobody to cuff. i was just in ny a week ago. i stayed w/ kiers. it was like old times, kinda. i played music too loud. she went to set. i got on her nerves. she burned some food. her condo was crazy. way doper then our spot back on arch drive. i’ve been back home for a wk or so, and the weather feels like louisiana. i missed ladera. i never knew how much i’d appreciate the little shit that use to annoy me so much. i never thought the little shit that annoyed me would help me survive one day—like simba shedding on my dark clothes, or my mom, subtly, psychoanalyzing me. my neighbor, steve, still calls oprah, o-frah winfrey; his buddy, craig, says i’m gonna win a grammy for my work as ralph-angel. i finally started cutting jump, y'all. we’re close to locking picture. i did it. i made my first fuck'n film. crazy. can’t wait to share. i can write for days, so.. (x)

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Prompt: The idea for the MCU came from somewhere. The Avengers do in fact exist, but there was only one character who wasn’t depicted correctly: The Winter Soldier. Everything, the story and all, was correct….except the gender. Yes, The Winter Soldier is a girl, and what happens when one day, Sebastian Stan meets what he thinks is a die-hard fan?

Warnings: none


(Y/n)—your name
(Y/n/n)—your nickname
(Y/o/n/n)—your other nickname


“I’m done signing autographs today. I’m gonna head to the hotel,” Sebastian told Chris, before waving to the rest of his friends and heading out. Shrugging his jacket on, he began walking down the street, since the hotel was conveniently a couple blocks away from the Comic Con building.

A couple steps out and he could feel a familiar feeling that someone was following him. He picked up his pace a little, only to hear the footsteps behind him pick up their pace as well. Just as he turned around, he could see a flash of silver in the moonlight and a knife being expertly thrown. Several groans were heard and all he could do was stand there, astonished at what he saw.

There was a metal arm, pummelling the man who was going to jump him. The gear resembled his costume greatly; the hair was wild and untamed. At any other situation, he’d be mildly uncomfortable to meet a fan dressed up like that, but right now, he wanted to hug him. Soon, the groaning ceased with a sickening snap of the neck, all while being dragged into the nearest alley, left there for the hungry dogs to ravage.

“Thank yo-” he stopped when his hero turned around, showing soft features made rough over time.  Stood before him was a girl in his costume (adjusted to her petite body) and a metal arm.

“Are you okay?” She asked him, sweeping off some of her untamed hair from her face.

“Y-Yeah.  Thank you, by the way. That was pretty sick. What’s your name?”

“(Y/n) but people call me (Y/n/n),” she smiled.

“I’m Sebastian, though, by the costume, I’m guessing you know,” he smirked.

“What costume?”

“The one you’re wearing. It’s just like Bucky’s. You must be a huge fan,” he commented, the knowledge of witnessing the life of a man being taken by her was thrown out the window.

“Yeah, buddy, sure,” she chuckled.  “Well, Seb, it’s been a pleasure, but I really must be going. You should get to your room. You need to look good for the Civil War premiere tomorrow.“  Flashing him a smile that was just as flirtatious as his, she disappeared into the night, leaving him to wonder just who she was.


“Did you guys hear? We get to meet the people we portray! We get to meet the real Avengers today at the premiere!” Scarlett announced to her fellow co-stars in the room.

“Does anyone know what they look like?“  Robert piped in.

“No one. We find out at the same time as the public. They kept away from all social media and they just isolated themselves from society. We only know their names. Although, we heard that Marvel had mistaken one of the characters: something with the fact that the movies don’t follow their appearance….but we don’t know who it is,” Scarlett clarified.

“Alright, then,” Chris began only to be interrupted by Anthony.

“Let’s crush this puppy!”

Sebastian just stood there, suddenly feeling excited that he’d meet the man he’s worked his butt off to do justice to. But he couldn’t help but wonder whose character was mistakenly interpreted.

As he walked through the red carpet in an all black suit, the thought of that fan he met yesterday (who did save his life) creeped its way into the front of his mind.

“Sebastian? Are you okay?” the interviewer asked him.

He had to find a way to cover up his mistake. “Is that Tom Holland? I can’t….I just can’t. I need security to keep that man away from me,” he spoke, causing the interviewer to laugh.

“It’s been a pleasure, Sebastian. Thank you!”

“No, thank you! I need to be headed to the stage now. We get to meet the real Avengers today….."  Sebastian hurriedly made his way to the back stage, eager to meet everyone.

"The man who plays the charming Bucky Barnes, Sebastian Stan!”

He walked out onto the stage, waving to the audience filled with die-hard fans. He finally made it to where he was supposed to be standing. So far, every Avenger looked quite similar to each actor. 

“Ready to meet your Winter Soldier match?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” he chuckled.

“I present to you, Sergeant Barnes, the real Winter Soldier!” The announcer yelled, allowing the fans to roar in excitement. He looks to where the Winter Soldier was supposed to come out. Instead he saw (Y/n), the girl who saved him in a sleek black dress with curled, brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and extremely high heels. Her metal arm had a red star painted on it, just like his, and she was walking to stand right next to him. The crowd had become extremely silent now, shocked that the Winter Soldier, the real one, was a beautiful woman.

“(Y/n/n)?! You’re me?” He asked, forgetting that everyone could hear him.

“Technically, you’re me…but yes. It’s nice to formally meet you.  I’m (Y/n) Barnes, but everyone calls me (Y/n/n) save for Steve, who calls me (Y/o/n/n).”

“I can’t believe it’s you,” he breathed out. She smiled in return and brought him into an unexpected hug.

“Thank you, Seb. You did me justice,” she chuckled in his ear.

“Thank you for saving my life,” he whispered to her in reply.

They looked at each other, finally hearing the chants from the audience. ‘Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!‘  “Well,” (Y/n) smirked, “let’s give the crowd what they want." 

"Let’s,” he smiled as he leaned in. And once their lips brushed, the crowd erupted into cheers.