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I was wondering - you've mentioned before that your blog isn't Moffat friendly, and I've seen a lot of DW fans that haven't liked him much. What are some examples of him writing sexist episodes/badly developed characters? Or do you have other issues with him? Sorry, I'm just curious as to how you feel (I'm just starting season 6 now, but I couldn't tell why he's so hated, although I wasn't really looking out for it)

*deep breath* Oh boy it’s been a LONG time since someone gave me permission to go on a Moffat rant.

I’m sure it goes without saying that this is going to be extremely anti Moffat. Avert your eyes.

There are a lot of reasons I don’t like Moffat, tbh. I’m going to start with the simplest one – you could drive a truck through some of the plot holes in his episodes. The most obvious one is The Angels Take Manhattan. Okay, fine. The Doctor couldn’t go back to that specific date to save Rory and Amy. Fine. Go to the day after. Or the day after that. Instead of, you know, leaving them trapped in the past.

“But Sam, they needed to leave!”

They’re are at least five ways it would have been better to write them off without leaving the question of “why can’t the Doctor just go to New Jersey and pay for them to take a taxi to him?”

Next – Moffat’s episodes are all flash, no substance. They are undeniably pretty – he reaps the benefits of four seasons of excellent writing and got a bigger budget than RTD in return. But the writing is shallow af and is almost impossible to get emotionally invested in. His Doctors are selfish children who mistake being rude assholes for being “edgy,” and his “emotional” scenes fall flat.

“But Sam he won awards for his writing!”

Yeah, well. Donald Trump is president. People make bad choices sometimes.

Now on to his sexism. I did a huge post about this a while back, which I’ll link at the end of this, but the tl;dr version is:

Moffat’s women have almost no character. I mean, okay, okay, okay, Clara was bossy, River was “strong,” Amy was sassy, whatever. But it’s so two-dimensional. When the characters were written by other people they were fantastic – one of my favorite Moffat-era eps is Vincent and the Doctor. Amy was fantastic in it. The writing was fantastic. Everything about it was fantastic. I cried. Unashamedly.

But the way Moffat set the characters up…they had no lives outside the Doctor. They weren’t characters, and their entire lives revolved around the Doctor.

“But Sam the show is called Doctor Who! What’s wrong with their lives revolving around him? RTD’s companions’ lives did too. And besides they did have lives!”

Rose, Martha, and Donna, all had characters outside of the Doctor. They had families, jobs (okay, Rose didn’t because the Doctor blew it up and Donna didn’t because life sucked but at one time they had jobs!). They had friends, and families, they had pasts that were completely separate from the Doctor.

Amy – met the Doctor when she was…I’m not quite sure tbh. Six? Seven? Young. Spent the rest of her life obsessed with him, to the point where it actually effected her quality of life (four therapists in ten (or so) years is a lot).

Clara – The impossible girl, born to save the Doctor. Her entire existence was solely for saving the Doctor.

River – *pause*; *deep breath* I will never stop being angry about the potential River had that was wasted. She was literally raised to be obsessed with and eventually kill the Doctor. She translated that obsession into “loving” him, and tied herself to him in a different way. She literally said once that she lived for the times when she could see the Doctor. That’s not normal. That’s not healthy. And don’t even get me started on their sham of a “marriage” (HIDE YOUR DAMAGE IS NOT THE SIGN OF A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP RIVER).

*grits teeth*; *moves on*

Moffat himself is a grade-A dick, which makes it pretty hard to watch his shows anyways. He’s been quoted as saying bisexuals are too busy having sex to watch his shows, that all bi people are just waiting for someone to make them straight, that asexuals are “boring” to write, he has literally insulted his wife before while she was pregnant (wondering when she would get back to her normal size), he renamed the Master as Missy because apparently Master is strictly a masculine term (never mind the sexual connotations that go with the term Mistress), the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

He queerbaits like nobody’s business – a perfect example being having Clara twice mention a relationship with a girl (once calling it “a phase”) but never showing it on screen, or having River reference relationships with girls but again never showing it on screen. And I know there’s a common misconception going around that Moffat created Jack Harkness so he can’t be homophobic, but…no, he didn’t create Jack. And yes, he is homophobic. He’s proven that multiple times.

And that’s about all I have time for right now. I’ll link some of my other rants below for you to peruse. If you enjoy his Doctor Who, that’s perfectly fine, and I am under no misconceptions that I’m going to change your mind. These are just my opinions.

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Lack of emotional impact in Moffat writing

My BIG Moffat rant

Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds

Let me quote from my friend Shakespeare (LOL)

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O no; it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
  If this be error and upon me proved,
  I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

This week has seen a Clark whose love doesn’t alter. It was obviously a losing battle what with him fighting it all by himself. And he knows it too. Leah has long left the battlefield to attend to her own wounds. Here is a guy who knows that he’s going to lose in the end but still fights with every ounce of strength he has. So whatever little chance he can get to be with Leah, he grabs hold of - with both hands.

It’s heartbreaking and inspiring to see at the same time - seeing Clark wooing Tatang the old Filipino fashion. We’ve lost that haven’t we? Guys courting the girls’ family. Making an effort to get to know the family members. Providing service by doing household chores. You see married couple these days who are complete strangers to their in laws. I like what Tolayts said “Mas lalo nyo nga po syang dapat kilalanin kasi parte na sya ng pamilya nyo” The sad thing about the generation now is that most parents don’t have the luxury of time to get to know their kids. Their kids grow up, gets married, and have their own families and there’s no effort at all to get to know that extended branch of your family. OTWOL shows us that it shouldn’t be the case. I liked that Tatang Sol really wanted to know Clark. I loved that “kasal o hindi kasal, babawiin ko sya sa’yo” It shows us two guys who love the same girl but in totally different levels. Your father is always your first love. No other love can equate that. What you can have though, is a love that can somehow match, if not surpass the unconditional love a dad has for his daughter. And Clark was a perfect picture of that guy. It’s an ideal love; hence, my reference to Sonnet 116. A love that would not change no matter the circumstance. A love that will endure anything. A love that can stand the test of honest talks (inuman), perseverance (pag-iigib), simple joys (playtime with kids and videoke) and trust (jeepney ride - Tatang values his jeepney and Leah so much). A love that makes a man become the man he ought to be. You were given a glimpse of a guy who would literally do anything for the girl he loves. And who would take whatever chance he has to be with her - no matter how limiting it can be. It’s totally awe-inspiring but it’s also heartbreaking. Because it was all false hope. Clark is at the edge of the cliff, he’s trying to hold on; whereas Leah is all set to fall - trying to untangle her fingers from Clark’s grip - letting go.

I’ve read a lot of negative comments this week about Leah by the way. They keep saying Leah should stop being “pabebe” or “pakipot”. There’s even one comment that says something along the lines of “have you forgotten what you guys were doing in SanFo?all those kisses you shared?” And I have to ask, is that all there is to it for you? Is that really how you think of Leah’s predicament? That it’s too shallow? That she’s being too hard on Clark? I’d like you to take a step back, then try on Leah’s shoes for a moment. How do you think it will cost to learn that what you believed in your ENTIRE LIFE is nothing but a lie?

There’s this childhood neighbor I grew up with. We used to be sort of friends. We felt a little envious of her - the life she leads. Her family’s well off, her parents provide her with everything she wants (take note: want, not need) She has a what you can call an “ideal family”. Her dad’s earning well and her mom’s a full time housewife and a mother. And she’s actually real close with her parents. Fourth year high school, she found out she’s adopted. She took it real hard. She left their house and tried looking for her real parents. She found her biological mom. Turns out, she used to be a maid in their house and her boyfriend got her pregnant but they can’t afford to have a baby due to lack of finances. Her biological dad left her mom, and they recently found out he’s dead. Her adoptive parents paid her real mom a large sum of money in exchange for her because they’re both incapable of reproducing. Let’s call this old friend Lost. So when Lost learned all the facts, she didn’t like it. She felt betrayed, and she felt cheap: like a sack of rice getting bartered to a few nickels. She literally lost her way: she cuts classes to go party, she’s done alcohol, drugs, orgies. Then she got pregnant and she went home. She left her son with her adoptive parents. She wasn’t even sure who the father was. A couple of months after, we learned that she’s pregnant again but she’s high on drugs all the time. She went to rehab and put her daughter up for adoption. Then she came back to town - a changed woman. About a year ago, she met a guy, they got married and she’s pregnant again. She tried to find the people who adopted her daughter, but they already left the country and there’s no way to contact them.

Okay, going back to Leah, that’s a totally different scenario. The only significant similarity? Lost and Leah? They both believed in a lie their entire life. And please, don’t start with “She doesn’t even know Nanang’s reasons. She should listen to Nanang first”. Really. You’re only saying that because you already know the plot behind Nanang’s lies. If you didn’t, trust me, you’d have the same issues as Leah. Can we even take note of the fact that this entire deal not only affected Leah, but Manang Tiffany as well? Tolayts was right there! He has his chance. Tiffany was already into him. That “Hindi ako yung taong mag-aasawa. Dahil yang pag-ibig na yan, hindi totoo yan!” If that doesn’t spell trauma for you, then I don’t know what does. Because I see Leah and I see a wounded soul. And she’s lost right now. Just when she’s starting to find herself - her new self, an identity apart from the Leah living behind Nanang’s shadow - here comes Clark. Imagine how hard it is for her to fight against her love for him and her principles. Because ultimately, if she chooses Clark, it would go against who she is as a person - someone who upholds her family and dignity over anything. The struggle to NOT BE the person you hate? That’s real hard you know. Because consciously or unconsciously, there’s always going to be instances where you can’t deny the power of nurture versus nature.

I love that OTWOL in Manila actually mirrors OTWOL in San Francisco. Have you noticed it right along with me? Let me round it up for you. 

First, Leah and Clark almost bumping into each other on that corner of the street (cue Geary street and Montgomery street here please)

Second, Tatang Sol remarking “Maryosep! May galit ka ba sa damit?” (the first time Leah walked in on Clark bare chested while she’s sipping juice “Juskolord! May mga tao talagang galit sa damit no?”)

Third, drunk Clark making the moves on Leah (Leah trying to get Clark to kiss her when she got drunk on a wedding party)

Fourth, Clark trying to talk to Leah about Nanang (Leah even cooking for Clark to get him to talk about his dad only to get him be like “bad vibes naman oh”)

Fifth, Clark and Leah singing videoke (OFW Kapamilya Day song performance)

Most powerful parallel for me though is that Manila gets to see a playful and bubbly Clark while Leah gets all moody on us. San Francisco showed us the exact opposite: Clark was the grumpy one; Leah’s the ball of positive energy. These two lines really spell out the obvious change:

“Namiss ko kayong dalawa. Pero mas namiss kita”

“It feels like forever since I’ve seen you smile”

I miss the old Leah. I wonder how long this indecisiveness is going to take. Actually no, she’s not indecisive because she’s already decided to let go of Clark. What baffles the mind is how long she can keep herself from realizing that there’s no stopping the inevitable.

You know what’s funny though? I look at Leah’s predicament and I can’t help but compare it to Kidney Failure. It’s like she has a family history of Kidney Failure. Each member who died of it tried dialysis but they only got worse. At their later stage of kidney failure, they were all lucky to be subjected to kidney transplants but they all ended up rejecting the kidneys. And here she is diagnosed with an early stage of Kidney Failure and by some miracle, a healthy kidney appears and all she needs to do is say yes to the transplant, or she can start dialysis. And believe me when I say that Kidney Failure’s worse than Cancer. There’s a very slim chance of your body accepting the donor’s kidney. And dialysis is not a cure. With cancer, you can go through chemotherapy - early stages of cancer has seen the cells completely disappear with chemo alone; or you can just take out the affected area and surrounding organs (provided it’s not a vital part like your heart or brain). With Kidney Failure? Only Kidney Transplant gives you the chance to survive, and it’s a battle within. Your body system might reject the kidney and it’s all back to zero chance of survival for you. So if you can’t take the risk of getting a transplant, you might as well start the countdown; the clock’s ticking and it’s faster than you think - Tick - Tock - Tick - Tock!


Kudos time! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the genius in Juan Miguel Severo? Were his poems specifically made for OTWOL Because it’s all too apt! I loved that last line best “Kapag sinabi kong mahal kita, ang ibig kong sabihin masaya ako dahil mahal, gaano man kahaba ang araw uuwi ako sa’yo”

Do we even have to praise James and Nadine’s ability to give us that giddy-butterflies-in-our-stomachs-screech-worthy “kilig” feel? Because I think its already a given. There’s just no denying the magic that this pair has. What was that in a Youtube video comment? ‘The sexual tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife’ 

I’d give this week to the great Mr. Joel Torre. There’s just no denying that he’s a force to reckon with. When he cried, I cried with him. I felt like I’m in the zone and I disappointed my parents. His line “Ano ba'ko dito? Adorno? Walang halaga sa inyo ang opinyon ko? Tatang nyo'ko!” - that took me back to the time when I’ve given my mom utter disappointment. And his facial expression’s so on point! He doesn’t even have to say anything. You can see the hesitant approval in his eyes whenever Clark does something that meets his standards. You can see the silent resignation in him when he looked at Clark and Leah playing with the kids and realized that he has lost a part of his daughter - that she’s all grown up and she’s a part of Clark now. 

My favorite scene this week is surprisingly not an “almost” moment. Actually I have two favorites. Simply because it shows us the clear description of where our two characters stand. First is when Clark asked Leah to wear her ring again. 

“Leah you’re my wife and I love you You can’t blame me for wanting to see you. Leah I’m here for you Kung matatakot ka, matatakot kang kasama ako. Kung mahihirapan ka, mahihirapan kang kasama ako. Sayo pa rin ako”

Second, is when Leah and Clark had ‘the talk’ in the truck.

“Sa tingin ko, hindi muna tayo dapat nagkita. Hindi ka na dapat pumunta dito. Lalo lang tayong mahihirapan nyan“

That’s as clear as day - what each character’s fighting for. But can we blame them? 

By the way, two of my predictions for this week came true: Lola Pachang will spill the beans, and Jigs will save up in order to purchase his own ticket home. 

As for the preview: well, hello expectations! We meet again. To be honest, I’m actually looking forward for that to happen. Leah still rejecting the “kidney transplant” LOL. But I liked that Clark line “Mahal nga kita eh!” It’s as if love is the answer to every thing they’re facing in the world -  his love is. It brings me back to that William Shakespeare sonnet once again…after all, who doesn’t want that kind of great unchanging love?

One Piece 832 - Review/Thoughts

This weeks chapter was great! And I was right with my prediction of Sanji showing up in this chapter (because 832)! ;) No, but joking aside, I am so excited about the Sanji/Vinsmoke stuff we got.

Super fanservice with Nami… Also, a special movie Gold colorspread next week, or did I get that wrong? Meh, let’s get to the good stuff!

SPOILERS for chapter 832 - “Germa Kingdom“ It’s a long one!! ;)

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Emma/Regina: It’s complicated! ;)

Howdy all :) 

I was informed I/we “were tagged” by birdsofasweaterflocktogether (apparently that’s important? ;) to shine further light on Emma’s tattoo.  It’s fascinating though, isn’t it?   That is one of those mythologies, long time planned, that I dare say the show will reveal (the meaning of) when the time is right…?! Don’t think it is really adding anything (given people have already made the connection with Emma’s flower matching Charming and the Castle Knight’s crest), but for the sake of the exercise…:)

Given Emma’s flower tattoo matches the castle knight patches along with a Chimera (matching Charming’s crest), I think it’s likely that Emma’s flower tat is the African Violet Chimeras…Of course the Chimera in Greek mythology is a monster that breathes fire and has A LION’S HEAD/goat’s body/snake’s tail…So once again, instead of the ‘literal’ interpretation of “the Lion tattoo” that RH wears (being ‘A Lion’), likely it’s a more convoluted mythological reference (that as seems to marvellously always be the case with the symbolism, points to a mysterious –seemingly to them, intangible and elusive and yet ‘destined’ — connection between Emma and Regina and when you put it in context with all the other symbolism/clues pointing to false-view of self, deception and trickery of hearts, obscured perceptions, living under the effects of ‘TL’s curse’,  all the while battling with inner ‘demons’, ties in pretty well to the whole ‘Fairytale lesson learning journey’ thing to me).   

Just to add a little further re the deleted scene from Whiteout (I was going to get into this with a more in depth analysis of that specific ep, but it ties in poignantly with 4x05 :) with MM/Snow and Regina as also symbolic of True Love (Snow: The Symbol of), in darkness (the blackout and Emma stuck and frozen) reaching out/asking Regina for ‘help’, but Regina (feeling too hurt and bitter) refusing to help (“so can you fix it?…Sorry. I’m out of the leadership business”), attempting to wipe her hands of any responsibility to those she (through her false perceptions of “being a villain”) views as her enemies (that destroy her chance of “happiness”).  Then in 4.05, we saw Regina basically doing the same thing in pushing Emma away: “What’s the point? You never would have believed me. I know you too well Swan. Stop trying to get me to forgive you because it’ll never happen” (once again, see: The Cricket Game!)  …Only, in the end we have some kind of break through: “See!  That’s a start.”….:) 

But now about this last episode…

Methinks this was a very special episode. Personally, I LOVED it!  In so many ways :) …and I thought the best course of action, was just let it sit and not engage in discussions, TBH :-P 

Alright. I’ll attempt something that may be relatable…but, really folks, PLEASE don’t allow whatever negative crap seize you before you have allowed yourself to enjoy the wonderful of this episode, because IMHO, if you cannot just  feel this one, then holly hell, I don’t know WHAT it’s going to take—you’re missing the beauty that is there and the journey! 

My thoughts on the run :)

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Something to say..

okay so everyone has heard about the Rolling Stones article, everyone has heard what the boys have to say and, whether bits were left out or not, they have behaved disgustingly. By this I don’t mean the fact that they’ve slept with girls, that’s their business and, to be honest, good on them if they’re getting some. I mean they way they spoke, it is NOT ok to talk about these girls like they are objects and to talk about them in the way they did, there is no excuse for talking about girls like they’re toys and basically saying that they took advantage of the fact that the fans would sleep with them. These girls probably feel really vulnerable and stupid right now, they’re not stupid in any way and yes, they would’ve wanted to do whatever they liked with the boys but this fact does not, and will never, make it okay for them to be spoken about in that way and I really would’ve hoped that the boys know that. Another point to this article seems to be the way we, as fans, are spoken about. This part breaks my heart the most because we’re meant to be a family, we’re called the 5sos fam because we’re meant to be more than just fans, we’re meant to be different and support each other. I think it’s wrong that 90% of the fam have been disregarded as obsessed teenage girls, implying that we are shallow, don’t care about that music and that the boys would rather have a different fanbase (at the point I would like to remind the boys that we got you to this point and we haven’t given up on you so show us some fucking respect because we’ve helped you as much as you’ve helped us). This dislike of female fans brings me onto a much bigger topic of feminism. But how could music and feminism be related??? Let me explain. In this day and age, nearly 2016, bands and boybands are mocked and dismissed for having a fanbase that is a majority of females. This is so ingrained in modern culture that even the bands themselves would rather have males fans than female ones. Why are men still taken more seriously, still more respected and approved of than women? It takes the approval of men for society, for the press, for the band themselves to think they’ve proved themselves and people need to see how wrong that is. Women and girls are still being told that their opinion is not as important as a man’s and that they are shallow and could only possibly like a band featuring guys if they’re good looking. But it’s not true. Every single person in the fam is here for the music, admittedly some more than others but there wouldn’t even be fans if there wasn’t music. People need to wake up and realise that nothing, absolutely nothing, should have to be approved of by a guy to matter and to be a proper thing, who’d have thought that girls actually matter just as much, that their opinions are just as important and should be taken just as seriously. These matters are called equality (gasp) and that means that every single person should be equal, it’s called feminism (double gasp). What people don’t realise is that, feminism is needed even in music because, if it wasn’t needed, we wouldn’t have a journalist and four men in a band, who are respected by millions, who have saved lives and inspired people, disregarding the importance and the quality of their largely female fanbase. Aside from this pressing topic, the whole article reveals/portrays the boys as fame hungry individuals who neither care about the fans they have nor what they have to do to gain more fame. There’s no doubt that the interview obviously hasn’t shown the boys up in a good light, however this also does reflect themselves as real people. It leads me to wonder whether this is the most honest they’ve been in the past few years, we’ve always seen them as caring and lovely, open-minded and respectful but maybe that’s not who they are anymore. It genuinely upsets me that, even after all this time they don’t seem to realise that what they say affects the fans and that, the 5sos fam is mainly young women, their fans are conscientious and they do the right thing. We’ve defended them at every opportunity, spent our time on them and, money aside, we’ve given them our hearts and our trust to create a safe place for us all to be. The fam includes people who are different to other people, those with mental illnesses, physical difficulties and everything in between. A while ago, Michael became our advocate for this when he opened up to us and I would’ve hoped that the article addressed this more than it did because it’s important; rather than saying how much they effectively disliked (for want of a better explanation) the fans they have compared to what they would consider a better group of people, the could’ve talked about the fact that they’ve changed millions of people’s lives. I’ll leave on this, one of my friends said, we’re family, not fans, because family help each other and we stick together, that’s why we’re different, that’s why they’re different. She’s right, I had problems in the past that I’m still dealing with but without the band I’d be in a much worse position, it’s the same for so many people. I struggle to cope with the fact that the same band who have been a part of the butterfly project, something that’s helped me over the past couple of years, is the same band who was in this article. People need to wake up because it’s not  okay what they said and it never will be, no matter how out of context some of those things are inexcusable and, as a family, we need to show them that. To use their own lyrics ironically, carry on, out last the ignorance. And I hope with everything in me that this is going to get better.                                                                                                                                 OMG SLAY ABBY!!! Lol bet you didn’t know there were two of us. I’d just like to add that the way they talk about sex is vile. It’s the twenty fucking first century and there shouldn’t be a stigma around talking about sex. But that doesn’t mean that you can start bragging or degrading the people you’ve slept with. Obviously I’m not naive and I know they sleep with girls and honestly I don’t care. But as someone that’s made mistakes sexually and been made to feel like trash after I think the way they speak about it is disgusting. If I see one more fan say ’ oh but they got to fuck 5sos’. When they agreed (and I hope they both gave consent or else that’s a whole different matter) they didn’t expect to be spoken about publicly in an article. The fact they think just because they are famous they can talk about it like that be proud about it is wrong. The fact that they think they believe we are the naive as to stand by them after they said stuff like that even more shocking. In all honestly the saddest part about is this is clearly who they really are. I feel like the last few years have been a joke and they are all laughing at us. When I joined the fam they were 4 boys who put their music and fans first. It’s a sad day to see such caring boys turn into fame hungry assholes.