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04.10.17 // hello!1!! first day back from spring break and it’s been pretty gud tbh. these are some pictures of a mind map i did for history and to help prep for a test :))


andreil lil red riding hood au where neil befriends a golden wolf with sweets

i’m running with the wolves tonight

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Frisks hips are so. Amazing. I wanna say delicious but that may be a bit creepy. But just. Her hips and, y'know, DAT ASS! YOU'RE SO GOOD AT DRAWING CURVES I WANNA CRY HAPPY TEARS

that’s what you get for taking your hot gf for granted red .


My father built Voltron, but he knew Zarkon was a better leader in battle, so he became Voltron’s right hand. Lance, when you accepted Keith as the new leader of Voltron, it proved that you value a strong team over your own need for glory, just like my father. 

really really bad highly cursed au where every epsilon ai calls epsilon dad:

  • delta does it probably mockingly? but it’s hard to tell with that deadpan
  • theta does it fully unironically and epsilon cries
  • gamma would just “Father” “do nOT”
  • eta and iota do it like ‘ugh sure whatever, dad”
  • omega either flat out would not, or he would but in the ‘this isn’t a phase dad this is who i really am’ ‘never call me that again’ way
  • sigma did it once to fuck with him and epsilon had a heart attack. sigma isnt allowed to talk anymore.

Pokedex Holders Bio: Blue The Evolver

I just finished “call me beep me” and it’s honestly really great?? Like 80% of the story is in a texting format, yet the use of grammar & punctuation is a lot better than other fics I’ve read. mind the times thy’d buttdial/text in an incoherent matter lmao  And the vocab is spot-on??? And the depiction of characters and scenarios and all that jazz?? I’m definitely in love. 10/10 fic

  • Kolivan: Look, Keith. I respect this whole special agent situation you’ve got going on, but this problem right here needs someone with…
  • Keith: [Transforms to his Galra form]
  • Kolivan: …Purple skin and sick ass armor.
  • Keith: Call me the Red Paladin of Voltron.
  • Lance: I think you’ll find that Keith’s a lot more than just a pretty face.


“The toughest most valuable lesson I ever learned was focus on the job in front of you..whatever the outcome here, you are strong enough to fight this”. 

Soon I’ll be taking a tumblr hiatus for a few months to focus on under the cut is a truly indulgent post of me waxing lyrical on how much I heart the Wolfe..some of it is speculative because I imagine I’ll be offline throughout her “exit arc” and so I won’t get a chance to freak out and fangirl with you all in real time…  SEE BELOW  BUT ONLY IF YOU WANNA…

Oh god lord, Berenice bloody Wolfe.  I vaguely remember deciding to watch Holby City for Jemma Redgrave way back when it was announced she was going to play Bernie and I’m not one bit sorry I did. I love Bernie Wolfe, have done since day 1 and even through radio silence-gate and severe lack of screen time-gate. She’s fantastic and completely fearless in matters of work/ war/ stressful situations and all that big macho army medic stuff. But in matters of the heart Bernie Wolfe is really rather fragile, completely uncertain and rather scared to destroy the things she holds so dear. I imagine she’s lost an awful lot of relationships throughout her life to a fear, or a reluctance, to express just how deeply she feels things and how much she cares. She’s always been entirely brilliant as a surgeon and leader, shown herself to be a great team member and friend, and a source of strength for others when they’re feeling the very worst a person can feel. That good old British reserve is steeped so deep within how she approaches and reacts to every situation..she’s always a pillar of strength, but never stoic. She never wavers in the face of others expressing extreme outbursts of emotion despite that being a world away from how she expresses herself..she gives them time and whatever it is they need from her at that moment. 

We know the trauma unit is going..and I just hope that there is someone there for her, to return that favour, and I hope she feels safe enough to really allow herself the time to grieve for all the things she’s lost and all the things she’s been whatever way she chooses. I’m not just talking about crying or shouting out rage in the face of Nina and Guy those fucking snAKES . I know some fans have long thought “something HAS to give, she has to break down”, but it isn’t like that for everyone. Yes loss and hurt is sometimes a roaring and screeching thing, tangible and on the surface for all to see..but sometimes for others it’s silent, never outwardly expressed but it is ever present. I just want Bernie to feel safe enough to express herself when she’s upset or angry in whichever way works best for her. Obviously this all depends if holby city have actually taken the time to treat her like a fully-realised person, a character within her own right, but let’s face it they’ve probably taken the trauma unit away from her and then provided little to no follow up.. but in the face of optimism I just deeply hope that holby city have at least written something to show those emotional complexities before she leaves (because we know Jemma is doing theatre so there’s only a matter of time). So if the trauma unit being taken away is the beginning of the end for Bernie Wolfe (pre Jemma’s play..I’m not saying she’ll never be back but as of yet..we don’t have a lot to go on).. I just hope Jemma Redgrave is given ample time to really shine, because she’s a bloody fantastic actress and she plays Bernie so beautifully. Bernie Wolfe entered holby as an already very complexed character but there is still so much untouched potential because holby city have rarely focused on her long enough since Life in the Freezer to provide us with more insight. I just hope Holby city have done her justice in her last few episodes if they are to be her last on the show because if they haven’t it’s a disservice not only to the actor but to the character who’s made a massive impact on the show within such a short space of time. If she does return and there’s to be more Bernie Wolfe in the future then I hope the show’s writing is more reminiscent of the days before Kiev, where they actually cared about their characters. S19 has not been a good year imo, for any of the characters because the writing just hasn’t been that good. 

Long like really long story short, watching Bernie Wolfe has been a riot and something I’ll relive for as long as the youtube’s exist..praise jesus for Nat’s Playlist and if I was laid out on the table, I’d want her to be the one standing over me- and I don’t just mean that in the smutty way, but in the fictional surgeon way. For me there’s no-one better than Bernie Wolfe. The BMAM/ the precious pupper/ the woman that invented legs. I more than like her. 

Sorry this all seems a tad previous, she hasn’t left yet and to be honest she might even still be on the show when I come back to tumblr LOLS, but I’m guessing she won’t be and so preemptively wanted to share some feels. I’m gutted it won’t be in real time and that I’ll miss all the bantz and gifs etc. Being part of this fandom has been SO MUCH FUN omg it’s been brilliant and for the sake of actually focusing on my job and eeek personal life for the next few months, I’m tapping out. I’ll be back and I hope you have continue to have loads of fun, I’m looking forward to seeing all the quality content when I’m back :)

oops edited to add ~ I’ve been given an amazing opportunity with my work and I’m going to Holland tomorrow for placement wheee hence my “I better bloody focus and get off my blog” decision hah! I’m tremendously excited but also shitting a brick™ goes nothing,

Thanks for getting this far if you’re still reading!!

Laura X

yeol’s hair masterpost

because his hair is life – and i just felt like doing one of these as i have too many images to use for this, may as well use them

red hair

+ undercut

feat. undressing because why tf not 

long hair

because it was majestic af

this picture does things to me

not 100% long but bangs

black hair

it just suits him and makes him look mature


lowkey reminding me of kurose riku *ehem*

pink hair

he looks cute af; not as cute as baekkie tho

feat. adams apple


that stare

sadly no gifs ;;

brown hair; different hues

not so innocent little yeol

platinum / silver hair

guys, guys. dont we all love silver/platinum/gray haired yeol.

hes daddy af

feat. daddy hands 

fuck yes

feat. baby b

spare me

(dark) gray hair

yes yes yes yes yes

yes daddy


call me daddy


banana hair

loved it.


so this concludes this huge af masterpost; im tempted to do baek next but ill have make some preparations ;)

all images used belong to their rightful owners.

have a good one.

– annie