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My future child: mom why is my cousin named Hermione?
Me: because your aunt loves Harry Potter
Future child: what about my name?
Me: enough questions Episode Six of The Get Down

Most of the fandom assuming Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth but the real question here is:

Is he?

Casual reminder that this is the FIRST TIME Isak has complimented Even on his physical features.

Imagine an Au where Sam wasn’t a goth girl and wasn’t friends with Danny and Tucker, but a rich girl who cares of what people think about her and is friends with Paulina.

This Au Sam lives as her parents’ puppet, Sam wants only to acceptance of her parent and become the prefect daughter they want her to be. Meaning wearing bright color clothing and hang out with people who have high standards such as Paulina and other popular kids. Although it doesn’t mean Sam is shallow or spoiled, she just trying to fit into society.

She still a very outspoken ultra-recyclo-vegetarian, bossy, passionate, strong-willed, and also good-hearted person. She isn’t spoiled, she never ever use her parents’ money nor ask for it. She actually work as a helper for a farm and animals shelter.

Sam secretly loves wearing black, listening to punk music, watching monsters movies, and reading ghost stories but hides it due to the fact her parents hate it and isn’t proper for a lady. She sometimes wish she could show her real self, which is why she’s jealous of Danny and Tucker, who openly express themselves and don’t care what others thinks.

Danny and Tucker thinks that Sam is another popular, shallow and spoiled kid. They were never friend not because they don’t like her but because Sam parents don’t want her socializing with the son of crazy ghost hunting parents. That doesn’t mean Danny isn’t the Ghost boy because Sam didn’t tell him to go exploring the ghost portal.

Sam thinks Ghost Danny really cool and admire even willing to ask his real name. She enjoys making logos for Danny Phantom and help him on ghost hunting since she’s a fan of ghost story. She feels like hangout with ghost Danny makes her feel she could be herself. She also the only one who puts the piece together and found out Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. Sam envy and wanting befriend (but can’t) human Danny while she wants to help and found out more about Ghost Danny.

Though several events Danny change his opinion about Sam and she wasn’t the mean girl all the rumors says about her, but she really nice and down to earth. There was even times where Sam helps a lot on their ghost hunts. After having Sam risk her life countless times, Danny slowly grows a crush on her and help her break free from her miss prefect daughter act. Also Tucker realize Sam isn’t a bad person.

I imagine that in episode Beauty Marked:

Sam really don’t want to be in the pageant but because her parents force her. Sam knowing Danny secret and tried to warn him about Dora being a ghost. Danny who still didn’t know Sam knows his secret and accidentally choose her. Sam still dressed like a goth princess and acting in a sloppy manner as a plan where Prince Aragon wouldn’t want to marry her anymore.

It was Sam first time wearing black and say “I actually really like the color black”

when Danny finally saving her he would stumbled his words proving he’s not the human Danny.
Sam: “thanks Danny Fenton”
Danny: “of course! W-wait I mean I Danny PHANTOM will save any civilian in need”

What do you guys think about my AU.


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Harry potters year have a school reunion. You show up with your husband Nevil. People use to pick on you (someone who was incredibly popular) for going out with Nevil (deemed as ugly and geeky) but then when you show up with a hunk beside you Ron just mutters “holy shit…” (let’s be honest future Nevil is a blessing to all<3)


“Bloody hell…” Ron mumbles to Hermione, his glass of champagne nearly slipping from his grasp and shattering on the floor. The music is loud and there are too many people to pin point who’s who exactly – reunions tend to be a bit all over the place once old pals have one too many drinks – but his wife hears him perfectly, and curiously turning her head to the side a brilliant smile blooms on her face and letting go of Ron’s hand she dashes to you.

Your hair is still a bit damp – it’s raining outside – and with Neville’s help you shake off your coat and before you can adjust to the bright lights and deafening music you jerk when two arms wrap around you and pull you into a tight hug. The batch of shabby untamed hair immediately sparks a smile and you hug back: it’s Hermione, the best friend you hadn’t seen in a long while due to lots of travelling.  She pulls back after a moment, “You look stunning!” She tries to shout over the music, but you only loosely hear her. You smile nonetheless and glance at your husband as you let Hermione go, his arm slipping around your waist and pulling you to his side. Hermione, only now noticing that you arrived with a partner, comes to stare as she wonders is this the same geeky boy from school everyone used to pick on. Noting her confused expression, you mouth ‘Neville!’.

“Oh!” She squeaks. The music lowers in volume and pleasant chatter greets your ears along with a quiet buzzing.

“No way! Is that (Name) (Lastname)?” One voice whispers harshly.

“Wait…is she with…–Is that Neville Longbottom?”

“No way! THAT Longbottom?”

“Well, this is uncomfortable.” Neville comments quietly as he watches more and more familiar face turn to eye the two of you. You lean in.

“And they used to call me popular.” You giggle, “Looks like all the spotlight tonight is on you, honey.”

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Report the Reposter!!!!

okay so a piece of art of mine from my art blog @prisma-that got reposted and I would appreciate it if you guys would report it.

Stolen art work can be found here

My original piece can be found here

They didn’t even bother to remove my signature from the piece so you can very clearly see it is my work.

I know that my art isn’t nearly as popular as my writing but I would appreciate it if you reported the stolen work because my art blog literally has only three followers and I doubt that that is enough reports to get the stolen art taken down.

Thanks for your help.

Edit: You can report the stolen work Here!

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you're the b/tch you could at least try to deal with these people politely

after 2 years of people trying to come at me trying to defend every single thing i say i’m kinda done ‘trying to deal with these people politely’ i shouldn’t have to be courteous to every single person who has another opinion they wanna drop in my inbox i’m sorry but being a constantly polite person online and getting tossed around hasn’t been something i’m willing to do since 2015. i agree i’m a bitch, but its not like these people are doing much better lmao

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Hello~ as a fellow artist, I want to ask, do you have any tips on how to get your art out there? Like how to get more popular? Did you get popular through the yoi cat au? Do you only use Tumblr or do you post everything you make on every social media you have? I love your art and ideas, btw

  • I post my art on tumblr, though I know artists who post on IG, twitter, or all three. 
  • I first gained recognition through Haikyuu!! comics I updated weekly.

To be honest, there’s no method to popularity, though I feel like luck, persistence, and kindness are large factors. Truthfully, I had a blog a few years ago that never received any sort of recognition. 

I’d recommend exploring what you want to see more of in fandom. I really appreciate the artists who bring AU’s, character explorations, and new designs. In Haikyuu!! I really valued @eicinic​ who brought amazingly rich au’s, and always presented herself as friendly person. In YOI, I love au’s like @beanpots day and night AU.

No matter what you post, it’s incredibly important to be kind to those who look up to you. We owe everything to the kind people who decide we are worth their time, and I think it’s important to reflect that in our interactions. 

um you guys enable and flatter “woke” whites because you fall for the pretty, clever, pseudo-intellectual posts they make and jokes they write and then you get shocked, hurt, and surprised when they turn out to be racist. i just want to say: get with the winning team and stop giving them a platform. a white is a white no matter how funny their absurdist or dadaist memes are or how 3edgy5me their radicalism is or how woke they seem compared to other whites, lol.