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Face First - Finn Bálor

Request: Are you still doing the baby series? If so you should do a little imagine where Finn is home alone with Ava and he turns around for once second and she slips and falls (she’s like maybe 6 months or so) and he calls Y/N freaking out and all hysterical and you try to calm him down. Idk I think Finn in freak out daddy mode would be cute 😘

A/N: The baby series shall not end! I even plan to extend this while Ava gets older. Bigger milestones such as first day of school, first boyfriend.. Ooh, that’s gonna be a good one. Talk about Finn being SUPER protective. ;) bUT I LOVE THIS IDEA YOU SUGGESTED OMG.

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“We’ll be fine, love! Don’t worry about a thing.” Finn assured you as he placed a wet kiss against Ava’s face, watching as she busted out into a rage of giggles. You smiled at the two of them, obsessed with just how cute they were. You reached over and kissed Ava before switching over to pressing your lips against Finn’s. “Call me if you need anything.” You reminded him, poking his chest with your index finger. He smirked, nodding his head. “First on the list.” 

You smiled and nodded your head before turning around and exiting out of the door. Finn and Ava watched you out of the window, watching as your car backed out of the driveway. Finn’s eyes focused on his daughter as she looked back at him, a big smile plastered on her face.

“Aren’t you just the cutest?” He cooed. She only smiled bigger. Finn walked over to the middle of the floor where you had Ava’s setup. He placed her down onto the ground, watching as she started crawling towards a toy that caught her attention. Smirking to himself, Finn sighed and went into the kitchen to grab something, being sure to lock the baby gate. 

You insisted on getting Ava to walk by eight months, maybe earlier. She had developed faster than the doctor’s even expected. You practiced crawling with her and Finn helped her out with the standing portion. So far, she easily grasped both concepts within weeks.

Finn’s phone went off, signaling he had a text. He glanced back into the living room where Ava was, noticing how she had pulled up and was overlooking the coffee table which faced the window leading to the front yard.

Sami had texted him, asking what he was doing. In response, Finn let his friend know that he was home alone with Ava while you were at a training session in the gym.

Not even turned around for a minute, he heard a crash, and a scream. Finn’s phone was immediately dropped onto the floor as he scrambled into the living room to see Ava toppled over onto the floor face first. “Oh my God,” He started whispering, quickly reaching down to pick the Ava up.

He had no earthly idea if she hit her head on the corner, just fell down or what. Either way, he was at a hysterical point. He had never witnessed her fall and cry this hard before until she was practically holding her breath. “(Y/N),” He exclaimed, racing into the kitchen to grab his phone he dropped into the floor. Thankfully no damage was done to the device. He scrolled through his contacts, searching frantically for your name.

Finn dialed your number, still with a screaming Ava in his grasp. Seconds later, you answered. “Finn, I’ve only been gone fifteen minutes.” You chuckled, but once you heard Ava’s cries on the other end, your heart sank. “Babe, what happened?”

“Uh,” Finn wasn’t able to process his own thoughts. “A-Ava fell down. I turned my back for one second and she fell! I walked into the living room and s-she was face first. Oh my God, I’m a horrible father. How could I be so stupid?! What if she hit her head?! What if,” - “Finn!” You exclaimed, hearing how shaky his voice was. He stopped talking and listened.

“She’s a baby, darling. She’s going to fall down. Check her body to see if there’s any blood or marks. Where was she standing?” You couldn’t help but chuckle softly. 

“Coffee table.” Finn responded.

“She couldn’t have hit the corners because I baby-proofed those when she started standing up.” You assured him. “But check her while I’m on the phone.” You breathed out. Bayley was beside you, overhearing the conversation while trying so hard to hold back the fits of laughter when Finn started freaking out.

Finn looked over Ava’s arms, legs, back, and torso perfectly, not seeing a single trace of blood, bruise, but she did have a mark on her face.

“She has a red mark on her face.” Finn announced.

“You said she fell face first?” You questioned. “She probably rubbed her face against the carpet when she fell. Things like this happen, Finn. Does she act fine now?”

Ava had stopped crying, but her eyes were puffy and she heaved slightly in between breaths. “S-She’s fine.” He said, staring at his daughter who leaned her head against his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, but that was cute and hilarious at the same time.” You busted out laughing, Bayley joining you. “Love, it’s not funny!” Finn hissed in annoyance. You smirked through the phone, shaking your head.

“I’m glad you did call me. Some father’s wouldn’t even give a phone call to their wives.”

“I feel like an idiot now, (Y/N).” Finn grumbled. You shook your head, smiling. “I’ll be home in a little while. If she falls again, don’t worry. She’s not going to get hurt. Just a scrape or two, but that comes with their constant wandering.” You breathed out.

I Can't Believe We're Actually Doing This

could you do a Johnnie Guilbert imagine that’s super adorable? Because I’m pretty sure it’d brighten my day , this weeks been bad xx

A/N: Aww. <3 I’m sorry your week has been rough. Just know if you ever need someone to talk to, the ask on my personal is always open.

I only very recently got into Johnnie’s videos, so I don’t know a lot about him, so I don’t think it’s very good… but I hope this at least makes you smile. <3

Also it’s only half the boyfriend tag questions because all the rest are hard to do in an imagine format.

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this…” Johnnie mumbled under his breath, shaking his head at the camera.

The two of you were sat on your living room sofa, you practically sitting on Johnnie’s lap as he played with your hair.

“Come on!” You pouted, “It’ll be romantic!”

Johnnie rolled his eyes, “Literally every single youtube couple does this! It’s not romantic, it’s cheesy!”

You pushed Johnnie’s shoulder, laughing and pushing him into the couch behind you two. “Hey guys!” You said to the camera; “Johnnie and I are finally doing the boyfriend tag!”

“Noooo…” Johnnie whined.

“Yes,” You chuckled. “It’s happening. Whether you want it to or not.”

“No!” He whined again, chuckling to himself.

You turned back to him, pecking his lips slightly; “The fans wanted to see it, please, can you do it? For me?” You tried to give him the best puppy-dog eyes you could manage.

Johnnie sighed, “You know I can’t say no to that face.”

You grinned at him and gave him a look to say “I win.”

He looked at the camera. “So yes, Y/N and I are finally doing the much-requested boyfriend tag!”

You and Johnnie had been dating for seven months now; and ever since the moment you moved in together, the two of you had been doing videos with each other. Typically they were random, random little vlogs, challenges, covers, all sorts of things… but above all, the most requested video was, of course, the infamous boyfriend tag.

“Okay!” You smiled, kissing his cheek. You shuffled on his lap to get comfortable, “Where did we meet?”

“We met at Warped Tour, actually.”

You nodded, looking back at Johnnie. “Yeah, we met at the youtube booth. I saw you and I was like "omfg it’s Johnnie Guilbert.” and then we started talking and kinda just hit it off instantly.“

Johnnie nodded, "When was our first date?”

“There’s two answers here,” You explained.

“Our first date was a few nights later over Skype; I skyped you when I got back to the hotel and we talked all evening. Our first real date, however, was a month later when I came and visited you. We went to some Italian place, and both of us ordered lasagna. You were wearing a really gorgeous navy blue dress and you did your hair up all nice.”

You smiled to yourself, Johnnie didn’t often show it in videos, but he often remembered little details about your relationship. It was one of things you loved most about him.

“I wanted to impress you!”

He chuckled, “It worked. Because I asked you to be my girlfriend that night.”

You felt the blush form on your cheeks. “And I thought you were crazy, because we lived so far away from each other.”

“But still you said yes…?” Johnnie smiled, kissing you gently.

You pulled away from the kiss, blushing like mad; “What was your first impression of me?”

“Honest to god,” Johnnie paused; “I thought you were the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I still think that.”

This is why you liked doing cheesy videos with him, because he was one of the most romantic guys on this entire planet.

“Aww,” You kissed him, “And I thought you were the most handsome, funny, incredible boy I’ve ever known.”

Johnnie chuckled, moving on to the next question; “When did you meet my family?” He turned back to you. “I met your family when I first visited you. You invited them over for dinner.”

You nodded, rubbing your fingers along his back. “And I met yours about a week or so after we moved in together.”

Johnnie smiled to himself, “I kept telling them about this amazing girl I was in love with and they really wanted to meet you.”

“Weird habit of each other?” You asked the next question.

Johnnie laughed, he had an interesting habit.

“Johnnie likes to get naked; a lot.”

There was a blush on Johnnie’s cheeks now too, “I just know I have a beautiful body; and it needs to be seen by the world.” He grabbed your hand, “You, my dear, swear like crazy.”

“I do not!” You protested.

“Yeah, you do. As soon as this camera’s off, you’re swearing like a sailor.”

You rolled your eyes at him, “How long have we been together?”

Johnnie shuffled from underneath you, squeezing your hand while he answered. “Eight months in a week,”

You smiled at him and squeezed his hand back. “Yep.”

“Do we have any traditions with each other?” He questioned.

You thought about your answer for a moment, there were a few answers you could give, but you decided to give only your favorite, “Once a week; when it gets dark out, we got outside and look at the stars while listening to music. You’ll always hold my hand and tell me how beautiful I am, sometimes we’ll even slow dance under the stars.”

Johnnie glanced at you, giving you a look of pure love. “That’s always a highlight of my week.” He kissed your forehead.

“What’s an animal that resembles one another?” You asked, scanning Johnnie from head to toe. “I’d say you’re like a little monkey. Crazy, playful and cute.”

Johnnie laughed at that, “I guess we’re both monkeys then,” He hugged you from behind.

“I guess so,” You laughed back. “What was our first roadtrip?”

“We’re planning to go to Mexico together.” Johnnie responded.

“First thing you noticed about me?” You asked next. “For me, it was your hair.”

“I didn’t just notice one thing when I met you,” He paused. “I noticed everything at once; and then it was like, "Holy shit, this is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I need to get her number.”

“Aww,” You pecked his lips again.

“What pisses me off?” Johnnie asked.

“It really makes us both mad when people are assholes to each other for no reason.”

Johnnie nodded, playing with your fingers while holding your hand; “I just don’t believe in intolerance. People should just be nice to one another.”

You nodded, “Completely agree.”

“Favorite physical feature about each other?”

You thought for a moment, “Either your lip piercing or your hair.”

“What can I say?” Johnnie smirked. “I’m a beautiful bitch.”

You laughed, “As for you,” He continued. “I think my favorite feature is your beautiful smile…”

“What are 3 things I am good at?” You asked him. “You answer first.”

“You’re good at…” He had to think about what to say. There were so many things you were good at. “I can’t pick just three… goddammit…”

“Same, there’s lots of things you’re good at.”

“Should we just move on?”

You nodded in response.

“What do we argue about the most?” He asked.

“Usually stupid little things that make no sense to argue about.”

Johnnie nodded, “Pretty much.” He laughed, reading the next question; “Do I have PMS?”

You nodded towards the camera, “Johnnie has bad PMS. He’s just constantly bitching about everything.”

Johnnie gave you a playful shove, causing you to laugh. “That’s not true! Tell them that’s not true!”

You laughed back at him, “No, I’m just kidding. He’s a sweetheart.”

“Who wears the pants in the relationship?” Johnnie read out. “Uh…” He chuckled. “I don’t think either of us do.”

“I’d agree with you there,” You nodded. “I think we have a very laidback relationship. No one’s really in control.”

“Do I have any weird obsessions?” Johnnie moved on. He gave you a little look, “Obsessions, no. Fetishes, yes.”

You laughed, “Let’s just skip past this question.” You read the final one, “Do we have any nicknames for each other?”

Johnnie wrapped his arms around your head in a headlock, smirking to himself. “You don’t really call me anything. But sometimes I like to call you my little baby bear.”

“Still the cutest nickname I’ve ever been called,” You paused. “And that was the boyfriend tag!” You smiled, trapped in Johnnie’s headlock. “That wasn’t that bad, was it?” You looked up at him.

“No,” He smiled back. “It was worse.”

You giggled to yourself and kissed him, “You lying little shit; I love you so much,”

He chuckled back, kissing you in response. “And I you,”

Call me weird, but I really don't like fanon Finland.

I mean, we’ve been given such a beautiful, adorable and feminine character and we’ve pushed masculinity onto him. Finland is a fragile and sensitive character, who enjoys the cute things in life. Don’t get me wrong, he can be strong and badass when he wants to, but it’s not his dominant trait and he’d rather celebrate Christmas than fight someone. He’s not a gun maniac, he’s not a manly man with a baby face, and he’s not a death-metal obsessed anarchist. He’s squishy and bubbly, obsessed with Christmas and owns the cutest dog ever (and gave her a, *ahem* adorable name).

So no, in short, I don’t believe we should erase the fact that a man can be sensitive and cute. We can have manly men of course, but it shouldn’t be a standard. The enforcement of gender roles shouldn’t be so cemented, and we should take pride in such a adorably squishy character and appreciate him.

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So you guys accept crossover ships? Nice. Please consider Hinata and Nagisa from Free!.

listen, listen

It seems that my favorites type of characters is pure sunshine boys so this is gonna be right up my alley

  • Imagine the two them running around in a sunflower field, laughing and having a good time with each other. Hinata is so loud when he runs, so he never manages to catch Nagisa.
  • Nagisa on the other hand, can be so sneaky and quiet, and he excels at surprising Hinata from behind, tackling him to the ground until they’re a tangled mess.
  • THE TWO OF THEM GIVING THE SOFTEST SWEETEST CUTEST KISSES. Imagine Nagisa cupping Hinata’s neck and giving him a kiss on his forehead. He’d smile cheekily and then kiss his nose as well
  • Nagisa teaching Hinata how to swim the breast stroke, and Hinata going like, your kick is like BWAH you’re so fast!!
  • Nagisa freaking the f out when he sees Hinata jump, he does the same thing as when he saw Rei pole vault for the first time. He’s intrigued, mesmerised, and proceeds to slap Rei on his shoulder going like, “Did you see that did you see that. He was flying, Rei-chan, wasn’t that beautiful??”
    • Rei remarks with his thumb and index finger on his chin, “the height that he’s jumping at is certainly above average, especially without the help of a pole or anything. His form is also quite elegant, although I must admit that his setter’s grace is even more appealing to m–”
    • “But he was flying, Rei-chan,” Nagisa repeated, “It’s like your butterfly stroke but out of water!”
  • AAHH imagine the two of exercising together trying to build stronger leg muscles!!
  • Nagisa visits Miyagi for the first time, and he immediately drags Hinata, who goes along excitedly, into all different kinds of adventures, which includes finding the best snack/food shops in the area
  • Hinata really encouraging Nagisa to communicate with his parents more. He’s really open with his family, his parents and Natsu know all about his volleyball obsession and he thinks Nagisa should do the same. He tells him that he’s got to be all GWAH I like swimming!!! Let me swim!!!! Nagisa blinks, then laughs.
  • Nagisa trying to help Hinata study history and he comes up with cool codenames or just different ways to help Hinata memorize historical figures and events.
  • The two of the talking about their genius friend and their dumb antics hehe
  • Nagisa will totally call Hinata, “Shou-chan” and it’ll be the cutest thing EVER

(Also, this reminded me of a thing @themorninglark wrote some time ago called “the great chase scene”!!)


So for Easter, my boyfriend got me this stuffed chicken. There is a huge story on why he chose a chicken instead of a rabbit like is traditional. You see, my boyfriend has always been obsessed over chickens. He owns multiple ones, and he names them and loves them with all his heart. Honestly it is the cutest thing when I see him talk to them in his baby voice or to cuddle with them or kiss them. He loves his chickens more than he loves me or anything. Everyone knows this, and everyone jokes about it with him. I do too, because I find it adorable and funny. All my friends call him the chicken man. He thought that getting me this stuffed chicken would make me think of him more than anything else, because whenever I see a chicken or anything chicken related I think of him. I thought this was so thoughtful, because he wants me to think of him whenever he sees this chicken, or any chicken. It means so much to me as well, since I can cuddle with it every night and think of him. My friends say he should get me stuff like jewelry or something, but I would much rather have this because it has a backstory and a meaning behind it. It is such a perfect gift and I love it so much.