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Title: Consequences

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x Reader x Ed Nygma

Summary: Ed told you there would be consequences. He didn’t mention exactly what they were though. (Shout out to @ruffles-the-fluffalo for requesting this glorious idea)

Warnings: I have a thing with calling Ed ‘Sir’ and ‘Mr. Nygma’ so sue me. I also really love when he talks dirty apparently. And Zsasz calling Reader ‘kitten’. All kinks ahoy, matey. There’s biting, blood (mentioned), hair pulling, slapping, anal sex, blowjobs. Everything is consensual though. Mostly. There’s literally no fluff in this at all. Just really rough fucking.

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     When you agreed to work for Oswald Cobblepot you had no idea that also meant you would be working for Ed Nygma. And with Victor Zsasz. You’d heard so many stories of those three men. So many terrifying, awful stories. If you’re being perfectly honest with yourself- and anyone really- that’s why you accepted the offer so quickly. That part of a person’s brain that tells them “danger, run” never really developed in you. Sure, you would run. But it would always be towards the danger rather than away. The three most powerful and horrible men in Gotham would be your bosses and coworker. How exciting is that?

     Apparently the appropriate answer is ‘not at all’ if the glares from your best friend are any indication. You wake up, she glares. Go to work, she glares. Retell a riddle Mr. Nygma made you figure out, she glares. Show her the way Zsasz brushed against you in the hallway, she glares. The only time she isn’t completely disgusted by your job is when you talk about the mayor. She quickly becomes attentive and responsive. It would be adorable if it wasn’t so annoying. Sometimes you wonder if you should hint to Oswald he’s garnered a lot of female attention. A lot of positive female attention. Even if he doesn’t want to pursue any of them romantically he can always find a way to work the predicament to his advantage.

     You think about it all day at work, tapping your pencil against your desk while your mind wanders to how exactly you would approach the subject. Mayor Cobblepot is a very… temperamental man. You don’t want to lose your job for suggesting something he takes the wrong way.

     A loud thud pulls you from your thoughts. Ed is standing in front of your desk, arms crossed, tired expression on his face. He gestures to the files he lovingly and gently threw down in front of you, saying, “Have all of this reviewed by the end of the day.”

     “What? There’s no way!” And there really isn’t. The stack of papers are thicker than your thighs.

     “This isn’t an option. Oswald needs it by tomorrow.” Ed starts to walk away, tossing one last comment over his shoulder with what seems like practiced ease. “If you’re unable to perform the task satisfactorily there will be consequences.”

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Talk about an awkward moment!

I went to a new dentist today because my old one knew me as a man, and since he was out of town anyway, I figured I would try a new place and be the lovely lady I am!

I was filling out the paperwork and it asked for my preferred name and how I wish to be addressed (pronouns).
For the first time in my life, I found the courage to put down my preferred name and pronouns instead of my birth name and pronouns.

I was so nervous! But I did it!
I was very frustrated when the secretary, dental assistant and dentist ignored what I wrote down.
In fact, I watched them refuse to enter it into their computer after they all looked at my papers.
They all proceeded to call me Sir, Mr., etc. over and over. Like, an unusual amount of times.

It was very frustrating, but after a few minutes, I remembered one important fact: I know who I am, and I don’t need a dentist to refer to me as a woman to maintain my identity.

This was my first “negative” interaction as a woman, and I can honestly say, I feel great! I did something I’ve never done before, and I feel stronger as a person.

General population of St. Brendan’s, it is entirely your pleasure to meet me. I seem to have arrived at a somewhat sad time but I’m sure that’ll all pass soon enough. My name is Cooper Anderson; the better looking Anderson here at St. B’s. You can call me Sir, or Mr. Anderson; I’m not too fussy. I’ll be teaching Business and Management and I hope you’re all ready to work hard. I’d like introductions from each and every one of you; your name, your designation, whether you’re taking my class or not and something interesting about yourself. Let’s get to know one another.

PSA: If your name is Blaine Anderson, I expect to see your adorable little face in person ASAP.