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You must trust this person, and do whatever that must be done to live!

{Reaction} Trying to get Monsta X’s attention when they’re on their phones

Hello can i please request a monsta x reaction when their girlfriend is talking but they are paying attention because they are on their phones so she mentions another member and how they won’t do this to see if they will listen now. You don’t have to do this btw i just thought of this if you don’t want to. Please have a great day tho.

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Lee Minhyuk

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{y/n}: “I bet if I talked to Shownu he would listen to me. You know what, maybe I should call him so we can go to the gym together-”

Minhyuk: “What was that Jagi, I was reading fan comments” 

{y/n}: “Unbelievable” 

Yoo Kihyun

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{y/n}: “I wonder if I should go and see Changkyun. I mean, he has written that song for me and all-”

Kihyun: “Excuse me, he wrote a song for you?”

{y/n}: “Really? Of everything I just said, that’s the only thing you pick up on?”

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “Yeah” *Monotone - clearly not listening*

{y/n}: “Oh yeah, I should probably let you know that I’m carrying Jooheon’s baby.” 

Wonho: “Yeah- wait, what did you just say?”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu 

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{y/n}: “I never have this problem with Kihyun, you know. He listens to me. Here’s an idea, why don’t you listen to me too? what a concept.”

Shownu: “I am listening to you, Jagi.” 

{y/n}: “Then what did I just say?”

Shownu: “Uh…”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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{y/n}: “You said replying to texts would take three secs, you know what, I should just go and see Minhyuk instead.”

Changkyun: “Wait, you had sex with Minhyuk?”

{y/n}: “Listen to me”

Chae Hyungwon

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{y/n}: “I’m going to go and see Wonho instead.” 

Hyungwon: *Looks up* “Wait, no, it’s okay. I’m done now.” *Tosses his phone to the side and pulls you onto his lap.*

Lee Jooheon

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{y/n}: “I’m bored, I’m going to go and have fun with Hyungwon inste-”

Jooheon: *Drops his phone on the sofa then pushes you against the wall.* “I don’t think that he’ll be necessary, Jagi.” 


Me coming to the abrupt realization that Johnny Seo is the most caring, corniest and loving man out there and therefore the Best Man Alive™ and I can’t BELIEVE I exist on this planet at the same time as him


in reality, he

Dazai and Atsushi (Bungou Stray Dogs) cheebs I drew a week or two back because I haven’t drawn a lot lately :‘3c

Calling It Quits. - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - Another Angsty one, unfortunately not so happy endings here. But I do enjoy Angst requests considering I find it my weakest spot. Thanks for the request @the-craziestone - I hope you enjoy it! Any requests or ideas you may have please feel free to comment or PM me.

Bucky x Reader - You know where he’s been. You know the smell of that perfume, the kiss marks he’s forgotten to hide on his neck. You have pretended for too long now. You’ve had enough.

Warnings: Just sad angst really.

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John Sheppard, #2 spacedad, because this actually happened

I just love that he actually calls his team members kids, it’s hilarious :D

it’s been ages since I so much as touched the tablet, and it shows…

Comission info :)

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The San Jose prospects are not toddlers and it's very wrong to call them that

No, it’s actually not very wrong to call them that.  I’ve seen this weird argument springing up in hockey fandom over the last few months, that calling a hockey player a child/infant/toddler/son is somehow infantilization and is therefore wrong and bad.  Listen, don’t come at me, an actual grown adult women who has studied this bullshit, about infantilization.  Instead of “woman,” most of society still likes to refer to me as “girl” and I’m at an age where people are starting to wonder when I’ll find a nice man to take care of me because, in some circles, women are still viewed as too child-like and immature to handle shit for themselves.  Women are pressured to remain as young as they possibly can for as long as they possibly can in order to even be seen as desirable by society.  As women age, they’re less likely to see themselves reflected back to them by the world around them; try finding a book, television show, or movie that depicts the story of a middle-aged woman rather than one who is much younger and therefore, by society’s standards, more worthy.  Women are praised for not looking their age and, when older women actually do see themselves depicted in advertisements, it’s usually for anti-aging products.  I won’t even get into how the infantilization of adult women also sexualizes young girls and may influence child pornography, but know that that’s all out there, too.

Against that backdrop, no, calling a group of prospects “toddlers” can’t even hold a candle to the infantilization that women face constantly.  And here’s why: calling an 18 year old dude who is 6′2″, 195 pounds, and who looks like he could rip the world apart with his bare hands an “infant” is being done because it’s funny.  It’s not being said to demean him, to patronize him, or to insinuate that he shouldn’t be taken seriously by society.  It’s not being said to make him believe he should act younger than his age if he wants to be respected and accepted by society.  It’s not being used to influence the way he behaves, dresses, or presents himself to the world.  It’s being said because, of course he’s not an “infant,” no infant could possibly look like that, and that’s the joke.  Not only that, but a group of prospects is never going to hear someone call them “toddlers” to their face (in any sort of negative way or otherwise), while actual groups of adult women, in higher education courses and workplaces all across the globe (and in restaurants, bars, homes, stores, etc., etc., etc.), will likely still be called “girls” when another adult wants their attention.  So no, I don’t agree that calling an 18 year old prospect a “toddler” is wrong, because there are no real, actual consequences attached to it and it sure as hell isn’t going to influence how that prospect, or any other prospect after him, engages with and participates in society, and it has no impact on how society values that prospect.

We’re watching a sport filled with grown, adult men who can take care of themselves, we’re all aware of that.  The players are also aware of that.  My calling one of them an “infant” isn’t going to change that and I’m not doing it in hopes that I will change it in any capacity.  So I will continue to call grown adult men “toddlers” as a joke because it’s a damn miracle I still have any sense of humor left after being actually infantilized by society for more than two decades.

4. Masturbation

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Word Count: 1,722
A/N: For prompt 4: masturbation, I thought how often Bucky would be stuck listening to Tony and Steve butt heads at a meeting. When I pictured him running late and missing an anniversary dinner with the reader, I thought, “Now what would be a good punishment?” And well, that was the inspiration here… Lol. Do I even need to say it? Smut.
Written by: @dragonsrequiem

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His first clue as to how much trouble he was in for missing your anniversary was when you told him he wasn’t allowed to touch you. “Aw, but doll… Steve and Tony kept bickering over the best protocol on the upcoming mission!”

“Bucky, how old are you?” You asked in an arch tone, and his bottom lip went out in a little sulk. “Physically or in actual years?” He tried, hoping to hit your sympathetic side and get a little reprieve.

“Pick one.”

Oh shit, yup. He was in trouble. He began to approach you with his hands up in an apologetic gesture, but you poked that broad, sexy chest of his and pushed him back towards the chair you kept in the corner for reading. He knew he could easily grab the hand and kiss you until you forgot just how mad you were, but he also knew that sometimes it was best to just admit it when he messed up. And since he had missed your much planned and anticipated anniversary dinner by 9 hours without a call, he would be an idiot to think he hadn’t messed up.

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Happy Trans Day of Visibility!!!
It’s been a wild ride, and my two year anniversary of being trans was just about a week ago. My situation hasn’t changed much: I still am in Christian therapy to ‘fix’ me, my binders are still taken away, and I’m still berated by my family if I dress masculinely.
But, there are some upsides! I’ve found some names I’m comfortable with that I connect with, and at school I actively am going by one of them in all of my classes (not correct pronouns however, one step at a time.) and it’s been great. My friends are so supportive and have been my lifeline even when my parents are especially harsh, and I am forever thankful for them.
I’m about to finish my junior year, which means only one more school year left until I can leave this house and start my transition! Next year is full of unknowns, but I’m definitely feeling cautiously optimistic!



Sa oide nasai odori nasai…

I can’t stop listening to this song and at some point this happened. And well, since we have reached fanart levels, I think it is safe to say this guy is currently my fav of the show.

Let’s see what happens later on.