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voltron characters + chess pieces

tbh u know what i hate: the whole idea that you can’t really be a fan of a celebrity if you call them out on stuff. like, if anything, i think it makes you just as much of a fan as everyone else because you’re recognizing them as a normal, human being who does dumb/shitty things like every other person in the world. & while its DAMN hard to admit that someone you admire isn’t perfect, its super important to be able to humanize them too.

Sa oide nasai odori nasai…

I can’t stop listening to this song and at some point this happened. And well, since we have reached fanart levels, I think it is safe to say this guy is currently my fav of the show.

Let’s see what happens later on.


sit on my face ( jun drabble )

“Okay, but what if like, I suffocate you?” You asked, ass propped upwards as you lowered your head in thought, Jun’s eyeroll almost audible beneath you.

“I’d be hurt if you didn’t”

“Be serious, Jun.”

He breathed out his nose, already over your apprehension as his hands tried to bulge you forward.

“Fuck, why are you so sturdy?” Jun mumbled, angry as you looked down at him with amusement.

“You calling me fat?”

“Not you, maybe your ass though.”

You slapped at Jun again, his giggling making you rock above him as you laughed along. But the laughter died out quickly as Jun’s sights zeroed back in on your form straddled atop him.

You looked down at him, biting your lip as Jun grappled at your ass tighter.

“It’s okay, babygirl. My face is your own personal seat.”

You wanted to laugh as Jun grinned cheekily beneath you, but you felt too zoned out as your body began to lower itself on its own accord.

Jun’s grin disappeared rather quickly as he watched you, a wolffish look overtaking his features.

You drifted down to him, until you could feel his breath playing inside of your lips as you felt yourself stretched out above him, and Jun was beginning to strain against you helplessly.

“Y/n, please, sit on my fucking face.”

You weren’t one to deny Jun often, and so as you finally gathered the courage to lower yourself down, you were overcome with an insane amount of pleasure the second his hands gripped your ass and moved you flatly across his tongue, and you felt yourself push forward in pleasure, almost losing your balance if not for jun.

“Fuck.” He tried to mumble, under the weight of your heat on him, his eyes closed as he began to lap viciously at everything he could, lewd slurping noises erasing your thoughts as you couldn’t focus on anything else.

You looked down at him, his eyes still closed as his fingers held you tight enough to leave bruises as you whined, his large pink tongue leaving traces across your pussy that had you shaking uncontrollably.

His moans were vibrating through you, and his tongue had you quickly reaching for the headboard as you began to breathe out heavier by the second.

Jun’s tongue was playing around your clit, nipping at you and sucking on your lips as you struggled to hold yourself up, unsure if you could prop yourself up any longer.

“J-Jun, I don’t…” You tried telling him, feeling yourself grow weaker as his nose began to nudge at your clit as his tongue dipped inside of your wet entrance.

Jun’s grip only tightened, gluing you to his mouth as you yelled in surprise, your insides rumbling as Jun moaned again, his eyes still shut as he lapped at you like you were quenching his thirst, his swallows turning you on even more.

Your muscles were sore and straining as you felt your orgasm fast approach, Jun’s grip for sure leaving bruises as you began to feel him rock you against his lips and tongue, the friction and wetness bringing you closer and closer to your climax.

“Fuck, Jun I’m gonna-oh God.” You let out one drawn out moan as you started to shake against your own will, squeezing the headboard as you vibrated atop of Jun’s mouth, riding out your orgasm.

But quickly after, your oversensitivity took over.

“Jun-ah, there-” you tried, batting your hands at Jun’s that were clamped around your hips as he moaned into you, still eating you out beneath you as you shivered.

“Jun-that’s enough.” You tried, moving further away from him as he drank you in, his mouth following your pussy as you tried lifting yourself up, and you wanted to scream.

“J-Jun, no more, I’m-fuck.” Unwillingly, another orgasm hit you, one you didn’t even see coming, and you felt yourself fall against the headboard, smashing your nose against it, and you cried out in slight pain.

“Y/n? Oh fuck.” Jun removed himself finally as he looked up, watching you rub your forehead in slight annoyance and confusion, and you felt him remove himself from under you.

“Are you okay?” He asked, coming up close as you felt your butt connect with bed sheets rather than Jun’s mouth, and you looked up at him, genuine concern on his face, that turned into confusion as you began to laugh.

“Y/n, did you hit your head too hard?” He mumbled, touching your forehead as you tried to stop your giggling, watching as he looked on in confusion.

“No, but-” you started, reaching a finger out and swiping at Jun’s lips, watching as he furrowed his eyebrows. “You have uh, a little something on your face.”

With realization slowly getting him, he rolled his eyes, moving in to kiss you as you shied away from him quickly.

“Ew, gross.” You mumbled, laughing as Jun began to wipe his face.

“Delicious.” He wiggled his brows, popping a finger in his mouth as you scrunched your eyebrows up.

“Feel like going again?” He smirked at you, hands already making for your ass as you moved away from, getting up and making your way towards the bathroom as you looked back towards his slightly confused face.

“Meet me in the bathroom.” You mumbled, watching in amusement as he shot off the bed, grabbing at you and throwing you over his shoulder easily, his feet hurrying towards the room.

“Let’s just hope we don’t slip in there.”

“No promises, babe.”

romano’s name

before i go to bed i wanna talk about my personal name for romano, since i’ve had it on my about page but haven’t officially stated anything

so my personal headcanon name isn’t lovino vargas; i don’t quite like that name, i’m okay with lovino (it’s not an actual name but i still like how it sounds rip), but vargas is a spanish surname so i don’t use it :v

mine is lorenzo riccio, my personal headcanon so please don’t use it out of context of my specific romano qq;; 

however cause i know a lot of people aren’t used to that name i still usually call him romano on this blog since this blog is more fandom involved, as opposed to my rp blog where i solely call him lorenzo

romano is still a nickname i use for him regardless cause i’ve got a lot of meaning i’ve put behind it!!

but ya you can call him romano or lorenzo :> you’ll notice a few of my closer friends probably call him lorenzo so i just wanted to affirm that

i might sound kinda mean when I say this but… I know half the fandom says Judal the other says Judar but when you’re RPing with one of them it’s the easiest thing in the world just to hover over their blog and see which one they call him… I always figured that was common courtesy, you don’t even have to click on their blog and see what they call him… Judar or Judal.  

i dunno, maybe no one minds but ehhhh…. If it’s just commentary or talking about the muse without a certain blog attached then cool, call him what you like.  But if it’s directly for one of said Ju blogs then well… there’s really no excuse.  ((SORRY IF I SOUND AWFUL))

I think it’d be funny if those who fought at NGL had like a get together and, of course, now that time has passed they can talk about the incident a little more light heartedly and Killua becoming a trending topic. How jealous would Gon be if Ikalgo brought up, “Hey Killua, remember that time you almost died and I carried you to the hospital?” and Palm says her, “And poor Killua broke down in front of me, crying, asking me to help Gon.” And everyone who saw Killua staring at Gon through the hospital window for hours, never  moving. 

{NaruSasu AU} The Demon and the Vampire, Part I

…let it be known that this is the second fic I’ve started against my will (*glares at letsusura*)

The Demon and the Vampire (working title)

It had taken him six months to track Sasuke down, and another six months to convince the Corps to sell him to Orochimaru as ‘private security’. Naruto had used up all the favours and influence he’d had to get himself sold. And so now, after more than a year, he was finally living under the same roof as his friend again. But to say that Sasuke hadn’t been happy to see him would be an understatement. They’d barely spoken since Naruto had arrived.

Naruto had watched him though, constantly, obsessively. He’d had plenty of contact with vampires, though it felt strange to be in the same room as them without them trying to kill him, or vice-versa; indeed, it was now his job to keep the dozen vamps in Orochimaru’s establishment safe. To keep Sasuke safe. At night during business hours he and the other guards manned the entrance, kept an eye on the salon and bar, and trawled the hallways, ready for problems. He’d already had to forcibly evict several troublesome clients.

On this night he was stationed in the plush, candle-lit salon, and he’d known even before any clients arrived that they were in for trouble. Sasuke was back on rotation, after more than two weeks “off duty”. There he was, lounging in the shadowy corner of the roped-off salon, wearing the same detached, disinterested expression he’d always had. 

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I just found out that the nicknames for the wrestler Scott Steiner are “Big Poppa Pump”, and “The Big Bad Booty Daddy”.

I’m not sure what to do with this information, but what I am sure of is that now that I possess it, it would be wrong of me not to share it.

and he’s asking me what’s wrong and how do i explain without losing the love game? how do i explain that i worry that he’s keeping me a secret or that he doesn’t act like he could ever love me? how do i explain that i just want him to call me his and maybe one day bring me flowers. how do i explain that i feel like one day i’m going to be sitting in the wreckage of my life and crying at 3am and he won’t come. he’ll tell me to try and sleep and i’ll still be alone. how do i explain that i’m worried that one day i’ll be in love with him, but i’ll still be alone?
—  and if you can’t love me, please just tell me now. 

im goin by ken now and he/him pronouns btw

so on a happier note I have this headcanon that even though Qui-Gon can’t become a proper Force ghost, he still sometimes appears to people like golden sparkles (like he does to Yoda in the last tcw arc). My idea is that Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin all go “beyond the veil” or whatever because they all had very hard lives they need to heal from, but Qui-Gon’s life was comparatively pretty great and so, golden sparkles. He doesn’t do it often - and as time passes less and less - but even centuries later, occasionally, some Jedi having a particularly hard time, meditating alone somewhere - the forests of Yavin IV, the clean hard desert of Tatooine - will feel this strange but comforting presence…

and of course he came to Obi-Wan as often as he could, though at first Obi-Wan’s inability to believe that Qui-Gon could really come back got in the way (see: the Mortis arc)

but one night while he was meditating in the desert, feeling more alone than he thought possible, feeling like the only hope in the galaxy was a couple of little kids who might someday have to kill their own father….and like that hardly counted as hope at all… and fighting as always to remember how to be a jedi and let go and he sits there for like 3 days straight and finally at the end, empty of everything, there’s this one thread left and he follows it and it’s Qui-Gon who was somehow, against all hope, there all along…