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CSSV Fic: Happenstance (full version)

A/N: For @killiarious. Thank you for your patience, love! Here is the full version of your gift. Again, it was lovely chatting and please feel free to swing by to chat more any time you like! Thanks also to @tnlph and @mryddinwilt for providing the initial inspiration for this story from this convo a year ago.  

Summary: He was just trying to escape everything. She wasn’t part of his plan.

Words: 3400 | Rating: M | ao3


He should thank Liam, he knew it. He wouldn’t need to leave the flat, minus the initial trip to the market, for days. There were enough books, along with wine and rum, to last him for weeks. And the view, Killian still wasn’t sure there were words.

Good god, brother. The pictures you sent weren’t enough.

I know. Don’t skulk your entire stay. The city is better up close.

Killian rolled his eyes. He was almost grateful when he found out his brother would be out of town when he sent his plea for a place to crash. He needed to be away from Tink, away from town, their apartment. From everything, really. And while he hadn’t seen Liam since his transfer to Istanbul, the prospect of the judgement in his eyes, even as he would welcome him in, was more than Killian thought he could bear.

Liam sent him instructions on where he could pick up a set of keys and a warning that he promised a friend a place to stay later in the week while she was in town for a job.

And stay as long as you like, little brother. I’m due home in a couple weeks.

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Can’t Strip It Away

A fun little One Shot inspired by a prompt from @bleebug

Modern CS au where Emma works at a beauty salon, Killian comes in to get his chest waxed for the first time at the urging of some friends who want to set him up with another woman  

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you like, please reblog and tag your friends ;o)


“So, are we taking bets on whether or not he actually shows this time?”

Her colleague’s inquiry roused Emma from her sleep deprived trance, causing her to take another sip of the coffee that was so far failing her this morning.

Peaking over the rim of her mug Emma attempted to engage with Ruby and Elsa, her fellow stylists and estheticians at the Enchanted Salon and Spa, and asked, “bets on whether or not who shows?”

“K. Jones.” Elsa informed her. “He’s scheduled and cancelled a body waxing twice. If he shows today it’ll be third time’s the charm.” Her cool demeanor was all Emma needed to know that Elsa had been the one he’d cancelled on. She’d be surprised if Elsa agreed to take his appointment again.

K. Jones. The name didn’t seem to familiar to Emma, but she was still pretty new. She had gotten to know most of the regulars and had built herself a respectable clientele in the short time she had been at Enchanted, but she was still low man on the totem pole. Which is why Ruby’s next statement didn’t come as much of a surprise.

“He’s all yours, Em. I’ve put him down as your four-thirty, that way if he does cancel you’ll at least get to leave early.”

She supposed that was a bit of a consulation. Best case scenario, the guy showed and she’d get a little extra cash in her pocket and a potential new client. Worst case, she’d get to clock out early and catch up on some sleep. She’d been burning the candle at both ends with her night job bartending at the local watering hole on top of her job at the salon. It was only temporary, though. Once she built up a strong base of repeat and steady salon customers, she wouldn’t need the bartending gig any longer.

Besides, hard work and long hours were nothing new to Emma Swan. It was simply the life of a single parent. Besides, her son was worth a little sleep deprivation.

Ruby finished going over the day’s schedule with Emma and Elsa before they all went off to their own stations to prepare for the day’s clients. Emma was pleased that she had a full line-up, with K. Jones being the only wild card. She’d even had the opportunity to take on two new clients. She was just cleaning up from her second to last customer of the day when she heard Ruby and Elsa speculating by the front windows.

“That has to be him.” Elsa stated, as she stood with her arms crossed over her chest. Poor K. Jones was already on her bad side. Elsa didn’t take kindly to cancellations, especially twice over.

“If it is him, then I’m bummed I didn’t schedule him for myself.” Ruby mused, tossing her hair back over her shoulder and adjusting her barely there dress to perfectly highlight all her assets. Not one to ever miss out on a flirting opportunity, Ruby turned to check her makeup in the nearby mirror as she called out for Emma.

“Ems, get out here a check out your potential four-thirty!”

Emma approached the front windows with a smirk on her lips directed at the two women who had zero chill, only to find herself gaping out the window at the gentleman in question.

He was pacing along the sidewalk across the narrow street out front. Stopping every once in awhile, he gave a tentative glance over to the salon as he scratched nervously behind his ear. He was clearly warring with himself. He was also clearly gorgeous.

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CSBB: Part of the Narrative (11/17)

Emma Swan just wants to write the follow-up to her bestselling debut novel, that’s all. But when she gets off to a rough start with her new editor, Killian Jones, she knows it’s not going according to plan. Then, an unexpected figure from Emma’s past reappears and life begins to mirror the crime thriller she’s penning. Suspicion and secrets abound–but love might too. A writer/editor AU with a thriller twist.

Rated E. Includes sexual content, kidnapping, some gore, mild violence, and minor character death–not to mention salty language! On Ao3 here.

Chapter warnings: Confrontations, one main character striking another, corporate espionage.

THINGS ARE HAPPENING, FRIENDS. So thank you so much to all of you who have been reading and commenting and waiting for things to get here, and to all of you who helped me get here. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies at @captainswanbigbang for all you’ve done to make this possible, and all the support you’ve given. Sophie @shady-swan-jones made the delightful banner and another photoset that I adore. Kayla @bleebug did some incredible art for the first and sixth chapters, which you can check out here and here. And all the love and thanks to Kris @sambethe for beta-ing this and making it a ton better. Like seriously, she’s the best.

[Ch. 1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Chapter 11

Emma goes to Killian, and he has to deal with the fall-out of her discovering his subterfuge. That’s not the only thing that goes pear-shaped in his life as things heat up at Mills & Booth.


Killian hadn’t precisely slept well the night before, but it hadn’t been the worst night’s sleep. He and Emma had argued, but he was willing to chalk it up to strong personalities and the adjustment period that tended to happen early in relationships.

He’d been restless all day as a result, and trying not to sit beside his phone and wait for a text or call from her. He was convinced, though, that she’d call as soon as he walked away from the infernal thing.

But morning had come and gone, as had the afternoon. It was early in the evening by the time he finally accepted he’d have to do something to feed his growling stomach, and that he and Emma likely wouldn’t be making up just yet.

Maybe she just needed a little more time to cool off.

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All those old!Belle pictures and all I can think about is “at least she and Rumple look the same age now…”

Seven Encounters (Modern Royalty AU)

This is a little story I have been working on for a while until I can get through my writers block on my other story. I hope you guys like it. A couple events in the story are based of the TV show, The West Wing, I claim no credit there. The story is told through significant events in Killian and Emma’s lives. Please let me know what you think!

summary: It took seven times for Emma Nolan to realize she loved His Royal Highness Prince Killian, but it only took him two times to realize he would chase her to the ends of this earth.


The First Encounter 

Emma slips out of the cocktail hour because frankly she cannot stand any more small talk. She doesn’t even know why she is here. Even on the campaign trail she only went to a few functions because she was finishing her senior year of college then. Now she’s applying to master’s programs. A year off seemed a good idea at the time now she’s regretting it because she is being dragged to every function her parents go to.

She finds a small patio where she can get some fresh air. The palace is truly beautiful, she never thought she would get to see this. The details and art are beautiful. It’s what caught her attention when they came in. Sure, meeting the Royal Family was nice, but it’s very unlikely she’ll see any of them after tonight. She won’t deny the Princes were handsome, but after this trip she’s returning to her normal life, one free of diplomats and royalty.

“Well well looks like I’m not the only one who cannot stand these functions,” a charming, accented voice rings out behind her. She turns to see none other than Prince Killian.

“I can’t, but I didn’t grow up going to them,” she says with an all to knowing smirk. He smiles and she can see a twinkle in his blue eyes. Oh I can see why all the women love him.

“Fair enough, but I am sure that’s not true. Your mother is a politician, so I am sure you’ve been to enough fundraisers and things of that nature,” he says moving a few steps closer.

“I made a lot of appearances, but school was always put first in the Nolan household,” she says taking a sip of the whiskey she made sure to bring with her.

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CS AU + Coffee Shop (Poke’s and Cream)

A coffee shop au that happened whether you wanted it or not.

Killian Jones found himself walking into a small Café where a young blonde, sparked quite a bit of interest. Including a coffee over how he walked in because he was only following to find out where a Pokémon was, turned out it was on her shoulder and didn’t seemed pleased that it was caught causing laughter from the man.

Which soon turned into a daily visit after trying to know her name, of course it also had a lot of to do with a certain blonde the Pokémon he caught sat upon.

And pretty soon a date with the amazing café owner. What happens next that’s all for you to  figure out. ;)

Angsty/Suggestive One-Liners and Who Says Them; Anti-OUAT Style
  1. “why do you always have to be such an asshole? Emma Swan To Killian Jones, laying down some truth finally.
  2. “if you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, i can think of a few ways to make you shut up.” Killian Jones to Emma Swan, and it isn’t received well. Like it merits a punch to the face.
  3. “is there any reason as to why you’re getting drunk on a tuesday afternoon?” Emma Swan to Killian Jones, because alcoholism is HILARIOUS, kids.
  4. “i just don’t want to think for a while.” Sheriff Grahm to Emma Swan, before mindless makeout.
  5. “say it again.” Mr. Gold to Belle French, when she tells him she loves him…or in the sack. Fluff or Smut.
  6. “don’t lie to me.” Emma Swan to Killian Jones, because he is a lying son-ov-a sandwich.
  7. “i’m sick of being treated like this.” Emma Swan to Regina Mills, about Killian. Speaks for itself.
  8. “i didn’t mean it like that, and you know it!” Killian Jones to Emma Swan, because blaming her for his foot-in-mouth moment seems like something he would do.
  9. “so this is it?” Killian Jones to Emma Swan, unable to say anything else intelligent.
  10. “i don’t want to go to bed angry.” Mr. Gold to Belle French, angry sex is the most powerful magic of all.
  11. “don’t touch me.” Emma Swan to Killian Jones, because he keeps grabbing her with that murder hook for an appendage and it’s NOT COOL.
  12. “i’m pretty good at providing distractions.” Emma Swan to Neal Cassidy, before they rob a gas station for burritos, donuts, and gummy bears.
  13. “i’m not saying i want a threesome- but i wouldn’t be opposed to it.” Ruby Lucas to Dorothy Gale, about Ruby/Dorothy/Victor threesome… and then Victor wakes up from this sexy sexy dream…
  14. “just sit down and let me take care of you.” Neal Cassidy to Emma Swan, when she comes back from a battle hurt.
  15. “is that- blood?” Neal Cassidy to Emma Swan, when the reality of her savior status settles in. He gets light headed when he sees her blood.
  16. “i just want to help you relax.” Prince David to Snow White, who is brooding (as ever) over Regina’s next attack on the kingdom.
  17. “does that feel good?” Emma Swan to Neal Cassidy, their first time.
  18. “i don’t love you anymore.” Emma Swan to Killian Jones, trying to free herself of his draining presence in her life.
  19. “i loved you. past tense.” Killian Jones to Emma Swan, because he has literally said this to her. Dark Swan Saga.
  20. “stop lying!” Emma Swan to Killian Jones, because he lies like a rug.
  21. “jealousy isn’t cute on you.” Emma Swan to Killian Jones, when he wants to murder August for just saying hi to Emma.
  22. “don’t call me ‘princess,’ asshole.” Emma Swan to Killian Jones, because it’s too late to score points with her now..
  23. “i deserve better.” Emma Swan to Regina Mills, about Killian.
  24. “you deserve better.” Regina Mills to Emma Swan, about Killian…because she has straight up told Emma this.
  25. “you make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.” Emma Swan to Regina Mills, in a moment of bi-curiousity.
  26. “you left your underwear back at my place.” Neal Cassidy to Emma Swan, so thankful that Henry was too preoccupied to hear him.
  27. “you just broke the last bit of trust i had in you.” Emma Swan to Killian Jones, because he tried to send her whole family and town to Hell.
  28. “i hope you’re happy.” Neal Cassidy to Emma Swan, because its the kind of self-sacrificing thing that Bae does ALL THE FREAKING TIME.
  29. “does that line ever work?” Emma Swan to Neal Cassidy, and yes… the line IS working. Because he’s a dork.
  30. “you’re the best i’ve ever had.” Killian Jones to Milah, which is as close to a loving compliment he can give.
  31. “is that all you’ve got?” Milah to Killian Jones, because she’s his equal.
  32. “hit me!” Milah to Killian Jones, because we’ve seen her dark side…it be pitch af.
  33. “tell me this is a dream.” Snow White to Prince David, when they are finally married and experiencing marital bliss. Fluffikins.
  34. “let’s keep this between the two of us.” Prince David to Snow White, when he finds out she’s not as vanilla as expected.
  35. “is that my shirt?” Emma Swan to Neal Cassidy, because he wasn’t paying attention when he scrambled to grab clothing off the floor.
  36. “why do you even care?” Emma Swan to Regina Mills, because she loves you… dummy.
  37. “i’m sick of being ‘the other girl/guy.’” Neal Cassidy to Emma Swan, when he finally gives her the ultimatum.
  38. “you love her/him.” Regina Mills/Neal Cassidy to Emma Swan, because she/he is good for Emma.
  39. “can you take it?” Mr. Gold to Belle French… just use your imaginations.
  40. “i’m not going to break.” Emma Swan to Neal Cassidy, because he’s worried for her.
  41. “we’re not just friends. you know that.” Regina Mills/Neal Cassidy to Killian Jones, because it’s time that the man-child got over himself.
  42. “friends don’t get each other off.” Killian Jones to Emma Swan, because he’s a jealous mother trucker.
  43. “it’s over- and it’s for real this time.” Emma Swan to Killian Jones, after some shameful backsliding and then betrayal.
  44. “i’m not that flexible!” Belle French to Mr. Gold, because YES.
  45. “you don’t scare me.” Emma Swan to Dark Killian Jones, because that much leather and eyeliner is just hilarious.
  46. “it’s okay, i’m here.” Neal Cassidy to Emma Swan, cause she just needs someone to hold her. Without agenda. Without a thought to themselves.
  47. “you’re not alone. you never were.” Regina Mills to Emma Swan, because she was right in front of you the WHOLE TIME.
  48. “i’m in love with you but i don’t want you to hurt me.” Emma Swan to Neal Cassidy, because what he did was hurtful and forgiveness takes time.
  49. “it’s complicated.” Neal Cassidy about Emma Swan, because he has literally said this to Mulan.
  50. “you’re the only one.” Snow White to Prince David. Fluffikins.
Treasure Hunt

Happy Birthday @chrissascorner​! I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends. Love you sweetheart! :) Here’s a little thing I wrote for you.

Initial inspiration for this fic came from this article


Summary: While tracking a missing yacht, Emma Swan, PI is forced to work with a team she’d never imagine working with in the first place. 

Rated: T

(A huge thanks to my beta, @amagicalship)

Treasure Hunt

“Let me get this straight. You need me to track down a yacht belonging to the mayor of the town you are Sheriff for?” Emma reclined back in the chair, fingers drumming on the surface of the desk as she gave her old partner a smug smile.

David sighed. “I know exactly how this sounds, Emma. But there are reasons why she wants a P.I. handling this and not the local authorities.”

“You’re going to have to give me more than that, Nolan. And you know it.”

“Regina Mills is a powerful woman, but she has a weak spot. Her son Henry has been threatened. And as much as she trusts her former FBI agent now turned into local sheriff, aka me, she also knows the person we are dealing with has connections in all the agencies.”

“Who do you suspect took the yacht?”

Gold.” David paused, giving Emma a moment to digest the information. They both knew about Gold’s involvement in several underhanded activities in the NorthEast area and the possibility of bribed personnel in all the agencies. It was one of the many reasons why taking him down while working for the FBI had been impossible.

Emma cracked her neck, the tension of the busy day getting to her. “Why would he take her yacht?”

“He has history with her mother. And it’s a win-win situation for him. He can use it to conduct his dirty affairs and if it gets caught, it will splatter her reputation.”

“He’s the same sneaky bastard he always was, gotta give him credit for that.” Emma cocked an eyebrow. “So, what’s the plan? Me and Ruby track him down and retrieve the yacht?”

“No. You just track the yacht down. Someone else is in charge of the retrieve. This is a joint effort.” David shifted in his seat uncomfortably and Emma sat up straight in her chair.

“I don’t play well with others, David. You know that.” She raised an eyebrow knowingly at him. He should know by now that she didn’t trust easily.

“Emma, you can’t retrieve a yacht of this magnitude and Regina is not taking any chances with the authorities. She wants this to be fast and she’s willing to cut some corners - within reason - to get there.”

“Who’s going to do the extraction then?”

Jones Marine Risk Management and Vessel Extraction.” David cleared his throat.

“You’re hiring fucking modern pirates?!?”

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piratesails  asked:

Hi Sophie! I've been terribly behind on fics lately, would you do me the honour of recommending some recent fluffy AU fics? <3

Hello sunshine! here’s all the fluff you need and more

Hooked Up by @artandteaandstuff  season 2 where emma visits hook in the hospital but the heart monitor plays games on him

it’s a date of sorts by @emmasbutt   Late 4th of July fluff. i’ve read so many 4th of july fics i feel american

Happy Birthday, Killian by @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable it’s a crazy mixture of fluff and angst

The Twelve Days of Lillies: A Flower Shop AU by @loving-cs-fanfiction​ yes, she can write fluff too with the same quality as the heartbreaking angst

She’s A Marvel by @laschatzi​ you can’t go wrong with sandra

Better Place by @itwastruelove 

Whispers by  @ilovemesomekillianjones

this gift shop drabble-masterpiece  by @mossandmushroom it’s so endearing your heart will melt and the distant point of naration makes it even sweeter

Mutual decision by @lucylovetgif cute pregnancy fic

Pot, Kettle by @unfolded73

almost everything by @losttalongthewayy but especially this cuteness welcome home duckling

Every Dog Has Its Day by @oubliette14

the one with david’s wedding by @mermaidswans​  and everything else she’s written is glitter and koala hugs

speaking of : Koala Slippers by @captain-emmajones

remember this moment with me by @cutieodonoghue beware, this is as fluffy as it is angsty. the domestic life is full of moments of pure bliss as well as problems

A touch of the lips by @saviourspirate older but still cute!

and because after the fluff overdose you’ll want awesome multichapters to read, i highly recommend

These Nights Never Seem To Go Το Plan by @stophookingatmeswan​ police AU. hot

Dance With Demons by @slimacwrites​ where killian is a rockstar struggling with alcoholism and emma is his badass angel/saviour

The Path of Lost Souls by @curiousthingdarkness

the importance of being idle by @captainjayharkness another rockstar!killian who is constantly outwitted by photogreapher!emma

Call Me by @mayquita 

and of course  Scar Tissue by @pocket-anon . emma’s title is Captain Swan. this is reason enough

last  A Thought Unchained which was just completed by @athenascarlet which features emma and killian both cursed

I’m incapable of writing small lists. i have no chill. enjoy

anonymous asked:

Congrats on the follower milestone! :DDDD Can I get this prompt? "“hey new neighbor it appears that your dog likes me a thousand times better than she likes your partner and they’re really jealous and i’m sorry but not really because hellloooooo there”"

Hello, love! Sorry for taking a bit to get to this. It’s such a cute prompt and as usual, it got away with me!

title: monkeys and dogs don’t mix. 

rating: t

a/n - because who can resist monkey jokes amirite. 

also on ao3

She gets a dog because it’s one of the few childhood comforts she’s wanted to recreate as an adult. The husband and wife duo (Mr. and Mrs. Krysinski) had been an elderly couple who took in foster kids partly because they needed the money and helping hands, but also partly because they had never had children. And she’d been relatively happy in their home (alongside a boy named Ken and a girl named Shaniqua) and their labrador, Dash. 

Then Mr. Krysinski died rather unexpectedly, and Mrs. Krysinski simply couldn’t - and so back to the system they’d gone. She’d kept only Dash, and Emma had missed the dog more than she ever missed anything. 

A dog is the (real) reason she puts down her roots in Maine, paying the modest downpayment for the even more modest landed property (the house is really small, two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen, but it’s home).

She’s only been dating Walsh for 3 weeks when she brings him home for the first time, and Bailey, her usually sweet-natured Labrador-mutt, growls the moment he steps into the house. 

Walsh laughs it off, saying Bailey is being protective because she’s worried that he’s going to steal her attention (he’s not exactly wrong). She doesn’t think much of it, in all honesty, and she’s so busy the following month that Emma forgets how Walsh hardly ever comes over anymore or how when he does, he sits as far from her dog as possible. 

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See this? This is kinda big.

She’s calling him Killian. And this is something I realized earlier today actually, but this isn’t actually the first time. I mean, obviously, but let me explain myself a little.

Emma started calling him Killian in NYCS because of Henry, and in fact everyone’s been doing that around the kid since getting back to Storybrooke. Outside of his earshot he’s still been Hook mostly, if referred to by name. There’s only one exception, and it’s debatable maybe, but it stands out to me.

At the end of The Jolly Roger, Emma stops Hook at the door as he’s leaving. She says:

“And Killian - whatever happened this past year, whatever you’re not telling me? I don’t care. I’m tired of living in the past.”

So Henry was still in the room, but he was way over at the counter, talking with the others, and Emma and Hook were speaking pretty quietly anyway. Like I said, you could argue the contrary but to me this looks like Emma is calling him Killian without Henry being a consideration at all.

And this happens as soon as she decides to finally move on.

She’s letting herself move on, forget about the past - he’s not Captain Hook the villain anymore, she’s looking at the man in front of her and calling him Killian because that’s who he’s become, that’s who he is. Killian Jones, the man of honor.

And so now in this episode she calls him Killian again. Even as she’s interrogating him about his involvement with Zelena, and feeling betrayed and angry and telling him she doesn’t trust him anymore, she STILL CALLS HIM KILLIAN, she still is seeing him for who he is. No matter what she says, she does trust him deep down, she’s just feeling betrayed and hurt but if you watch her face when he’s shouting about getting the message you can see she doesn’t want to push him away, she wants to believe him. She’s just not sure she can at this moment.

But she’s still calling him Killian. It’s become his Emma - he calls her Swan except in very personal important situations usually, and now that she isn’t calling him by first name for Henry’s sake, she’ll probably call him Hook except in moments like this. And that’s lovely actually, in my opinion

Baking in Space

This fic was born from @initiala posting that she didn’t know why AUs got shit on so much. I loved @nfbagelperson ‘s response - something about how she used to hate AUs but once she started reading good ones she warmed up to the idea, and now she could read about these two BAKING IN SPACE if it was well written and they were in character. And ever since i saw that I knew I had to write about these two BAKING IN SPACE. 

Disclaimer - I know nothing about the Mars program, Space, baking, or pretty much anything else discussed below. Suspend disbelief and just enjoy, please?

Days and nights flowed together. There was no concept of the passing of time.

Everything was boring

It’s not exactly the life she’d imagined when she signed up for the Mars program. But what did she have to leave behind besides the slowly dying Japanese Peace Lily her landlord had insisted on gifting her when she moved in.

But for the first time in her life, amongst a group of people who all felt as though Earth held nothing more for them, Emma felt like she was home. They were a motley group of misfits, some running for various and sundry reasons, some with lofty visions of helping to build a better life for future generations. Emma Swan definitely fell into the former category. No job hassles. No worrying over the next paycheck. No wondering if every young boy she saw was the right age to be her child.

No, here everything was set. You had your work duties, and the rest of your time was your own. And the kindred spirits aboard the vessel currently careening through space were cut from the same cloth. The “keep to yourself and we’re all going to get along just fine” cloth.

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CS ff: “Claws Out” (au)

A/N: Happy belated Christmas @colinodonorgasm!! I saw your post that you’ll be out of town until Wednesday, so I hope this finds you well at that point in time. Sorry for the delay in this gift, but life happened and I lost a couple days, there. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!! It was a joy swapping messages with you! Given an extra year, this could’ve been a multi-chap mini-series rather than a one-shot.

Summary: Christmas is, by far, his least favorite time of the year for two reasons. One is the inquiries on adoption. The second is the inquiries on return. In which Killian is a the owner and operator of a cat sanctuary, and Emma happens to be a mother to make an inquiry on adopting a cat for her son.

Rating: PG-13 for language

On November 30, Killian Jones prepares himself for the onslaught of phone calls he will inevitably receive for the next several weeks. It is, by far, his least favorite time of the year for two reasons. One is the inquiries on adoption. The second is the inquiries on return.

By December 1, his little cat sanctuary has already received so many calls that he understandably has a bit of an edge to his voice as he picks up yet another call. Being the only such establishment for miles means he caters to several counties. He tries, he really does, to cut that edge off his voice when he answers the phone, but he still says hello much harsher than he normally would.

It’s the same story he’s gotten call after call and Killian is at the end of his rope. A mother calling about getting her son a cat for the holidays, and he can’t help it. He cuts her off before she can continue what he’s sure is coming next.

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Hook and Emma + Socks

Completely chosen at random. Little to do with socks – lots to do with fluff.  

Remember to leave your Hook/Emma/Hook and Emma + __________ prompts in my ask box. I will be answering one a day from now until the premiere of 3b.

The room is still dark when she hears the door creak open, the muted sound of small feet against the hardwood her only warning before a small body is carefully climbing over her and into the bed. She peeks open one eye as he snuggles into the small space between her and Killian, stuffed ship gripped tight in his tiny hand. Killian murmurs in his sleep and rolls over, hand finding Liam’s messy mop of hair, tucking the small boy into his body with a contented sigh. Emma smiles and fingers one wayward blonde curl, letting her eyes drift closed on a sigh.


She wakes to another body falling into the bed, pushed up tight against her back. She groans when a bony elbow makes contact with the base of her spine and snuggles down further into the pillow. Cold feet press against her leg and she stills.




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If it turns out to be Hook wanting Emma to call him Killian...we are all gonna die!

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  And I love the idea of Emma not being a fan of it at first…it will only make Killian more determined to prove to her that he is no longer Hook when it comes to her.  And maybe…just maybe…Killian will do something heroic…like…save her father’s life maybe?  And then the episode will end with her looking at him and saying, “Thank you…Killian.”

And then he’ll smile and she’ll smile and then we’ll all die of FEEEELLLLLSSSS!!!!!!


3.20 | 4.19 

From My happiness is none of your concern to I have you to live for  (◕‿◕✿)