call me killian emma

If it turns out to be Hook wanting Emma to call him Killian...we are all gonna die!

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  And I love the idea of Emma not being a fan of it at first…it will only make Killian more determined to prove to her that he is no longer Hook when it comes to her.  And maybe…just maybe…Killian will do something heroic…like…save her father’s life maybe?  And then the episode will end with her looking at him and saying, “Thank you…Killian.”

And then he’ll smile and she’ll smile and then we’ll all die of FEEEELLLLLSSSS!!!!!!

CS AU + Coffee Shop (Poke’s and Cream)

A coffee shop au that happened whether you wanted it or not.

Killian Jones found himself walking into a small Café where a young blonde, sparked quite a bit of interest. Including a coffee over how he walked in because he was only following to find out where a Pokémon was, turned out it was on her shoulder and didn’t seemed pleased that it was caught causing laughter from the man.

Which soon turned into a daily visit after trying to know her name, of course it also had a lot of to do with a certain blonde the Pokémon he caught sat upon.

And pretty soon a date with the amazing café owner. What happens next that’s all for you to  figure out. ;)

Captain Raptor AU: Police detectives Owen Grady and Killian Jones were sent undercover as priests to the tight-knit town of Storybrooke Maine. They meet Sheriff Emma Swan who isn’t thrilled to see them. {requested by @darkkillianjones}