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Shaking Hands With The Devil (1)

Supernatural AU

Genre: Incubi(incubus) Yoongi

Warnings: it might mention sex, but nothing further than that… for now

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“My sin was not specifically this or that
But consisted of having shaken hands with the devil
The devil held me in his clutches
The enemy was behind me” Demien - Hermann Hesse

Part 2, Part 3, Drabble 


Of course existed a reason for some boy like Min Yoongi be so interested on you. Sister Marry told you that existed a reason for you to be what you are. Min Yoongi wanted you because you were a member of the he Huntress, and he… he was a fucking demon.

“Why are you running away now, sweetheart?” You heard his voice, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“How come I be the one who’s running away when you’re the one hiding in the shadows?” You hissed, trying to fade the fears.

“Already missing me, princess?” His voice was near this time and you got yourself ready. “So here I am” he whispered against your ear. And in a quick movement you went for his face, but he was quicker, and now you were pressed against the wall, he on your back.

“Why are you like this now? You’ve always been such a good girl, what changed, Y/N?”

“Fuck you!”

“Cursing now are we? Tsc… Tsc… You need a lesson, baby…”

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Imagine being from Alexandria and meeting Dwight only to later falling for one another (smut)

(So I hope i got this request right and it makes sense and you all like it :D I know this wasn’t supposed to have smut but I felt like adding it after everyone seemed to want some Dwight action XD PS. I tried my best for the smutty part :D Gif not mine/Found it on google/ Credit to the original owner.)

After a long day of scavenging for food cans and other missing necessities on your own, you walked your way back home through the woods.

However, feeling in the mood to take a walk, you decided to stray from the usual path and took a longer route.

It was warm and sunny enough for you to feel comfortable staying out for so long and even the few walkers didn’t stop you from enjoy the day.

As you walked, you decided to check your bag and count down the items you found, one more time. For some time you had noticed someone following and couldn’t help but be uncomfortable.

While you did, you suddenly heard some leaves rustle and made a quick move to turn to see what it was.

You saw a figure hide behind some of the trees and realized it was someone.

You pulled out your gun and in a stern voice said “Who are you?! Drop your weapon and show yourself slowly now…with your hands in the air…or i’ll shoot you…”

You saw some blonde hair stick out and slowly the man rising to stand up. He did just as you ask him and got out from behind the few trees.

He kept his gaze on you and seemed to inspect you from head to toe, not wanting to look away.

Still pointing your gun at him you asked, “Why were you following me?”

His eyes shot up to yours and a smirk curled to his lips.

“I just wanted give you back the few cans you had dropped…”

He looked behind towards the trees and slowly pointed over to the cans.

You walked over to them while keeping your eyes on him. You quickly grabbed and shoved them in your bag and said “Thank you…”

He nodded and continued “Also…I just felt like it…”

His voice suddenly made you nervous while his comment somehow made your heart skip a beat and you tightened your grip around your gun.

“Felt like it? Why? What do you want?!”

He chuckled hearing your voice suddenly getting weaker and shrugged his shoulders.

“I wanted to see more of you and what you were about…and now I know…you’re a pretty confident one…and little clumsy too but I like that…What’s your name?”

You didn’t know what took you but as you opened your mouth, you told him exactly what he wanted.

It made him smile even more and as he nodded, he presented himself to you.

“Y/N…That’s a nice name…I’m Dwight…or you can call me D…Whichever you like…”

He looked at you so much, you didn’t know what to say and felt yourself getting smaller. You nodded at him and embarrassed, you backed away, only to quickly run back home.

It surprised him and suddenly he raised his voice.

“Y/N! Why are you running away?! Don’t you want to get to know me?! I wanted to know more about you! See you next time then! Same place!”


As you got back home, you spent the evening and night thinking about him and couldn’t help but wonder more.

Not able to keep your mind off him, every moment since you’ve met, you decided to go back to where you first saw him.

To your surprise, he was there just as he had said and was always welcoming you with a smile.

Slowly, you started to have feelings for him and found yourself coming with any excuse to go out and meet him.

And so did he. He managed to get away from his camp on his own and made time to see you almost everyday.

He told you everything about him and you ended up doing the same. He revealed to you how he got his scar and how he lived his life up until now.


One day, as you both sat next to one another on the grass, laughing and remembering the first time you met, he suddenly turned to look over at you and whispered “Y/N…I like you a lot, you know…“

You got flustered and shyly smiled at him.

"Really? That’s good to know…because i’m starting to like you too…”

He smiled and staring at your features and slowly his eyes landed on your lips for a while.

He inched closer to you and you knew what was going to happen. You followed his lead and moved closer to him.

Your lips both touched and instantly he kissed you with a passion and grabbed you tightly to him.

You held onto his shoulders and didn’t hesitate to kiss him back. He slowly pushed you to lay on the ground, making sure not to hurt you.

As you laid down, he stayed on top of you and parted your legs to set himself comfortably.

He kissed you and slowly started to trail away from your lips to mark you on your neck.

He groped and fondled your body as much as he could and you couldn’t help but let out sighs and quiet moans to feel his hands, his lips and his tongue all over.

You enjoyed every instant of it and reached your hand down to undo his belt.

He chuckled feeling your hands slide down but suddenly came to a stop.

He heard familiar voices coming from behind and knew instantly who it was.

He looked to check behind and back at you and in an worried tone, said, “Y/N…I really want to do this with you…but my people are coming over to get me…and if they see us…they’ll…”

You kissed him, cutting his train of thought and went to hold his hand. You then immediately you got up, saying “I get it…then how about my place…”

He was speechless and ended up going along with you.

You both ran and hid in the woods, getting away from his people as much before actually getting to Alexandria.

Not wanting to cause a scene, you decided to climb on the walls to get in and you helped him over.


You made a quick move to your house and discretely managed to get in your room.

As you closed the door, you were both out of breath and you couldn’t help but chuckle at the situation.

The adrenaline had rushed into the both of you in that moment and you couldn’t wait to go on.

He looked back at you, smirking and got closer to you to grab your waist. He pulled you over and managed to get you on the bed.

He kissed you over and over again and straddled you to start removing his clothes. As you noticed him, you offered him help and removed his belt.

It made him chuckle and said, “I guess you’re the more desperate one here…”

You looked up at him in disbelief and decided to back away from him, to let him remove his clothes on his own.

In an alluring yet mocking tone, you whispered “Me, desperate? Please…If anything Dwight, this all started because of you…”

You ended up bumping into your pillows and started to remove your clothing, and waited to see what he’d do next.

He scoffed and got up to make a quick move of his pants before getting back on the bed.

He crawled over to you, in between your legs and gave you a quick taste of his tongue before backing away.

He chuckled seeing your surprised reaction and went to grab a hold of both of your thighs to part them even more.

“Wh-what are you doing?” You asked him, in a quiet tone.

Biting his lip, he smirked and whispered “Showing you how desperate I am for you…”

He pulled you a little closer towards his arousal and slowly grinded against you. He kept his gaze on you and felt amused seeing you trying to get your panties off.

You let out a whimper as he teased you and suddenly felt one of his hand over yours. He managed to remove your panties quickly and went back to grabbing you by your thighs and grinding against your entrance teasingly.

He loved feeling your wetness and looking at you desperately clinging onto the sheets to control yourself.

“Dwight…please…just…just fuck me…”

He let out a throaty chuckle and said “Oh, so you admit you want me just as badly…”

Seeing him smile, you collected yourself and decided to make him understand your intentions. You grabbed his cock to slowly tease and rub him.

He gasp and as you went on, he was surprised by how you touched him perfectly the way he liked and nearly forgot about what else to do.

He closed his eyes to feel your hand rubbing him and himself grinding against your entrance more.

After a few instants, you just had to whisper to him in your alluring voice and said, “Yeah…I want you badly, Dwight…I want you now…please…”

He opened his eyes to look into yours and nodded, smirking to you.

Suddenly, you felt him remove your hand from his cock and thrust into you.

You yelped loudly in surprise but your cry was met by his two fingers. He shoved them into your mouth and whispered 
"Y/N…You don’t want your friends to hear us, right? So let’s make sure to keep you quiet…“

He groaned feeling himself inside of you but still taunted you by hiking up your thighs over his shoulders and moving increasingly more wildly.

You felt him even deeper inside and couldn’t help but stifle your moans by sucking even harder onto his fingers.

He chuckled seeing you struggle and got closer to your ear and managed to whisper his dirty thoughts about you.

"You like me fucking you like this don’t you, Y/N…Yeah you do…You’re such slut for me, aren’t you…Fuck, you’re so tight…”

You didn’t deny any of his words and just let him ramble on about how good you felt.


After a few more rough thrust he felt your walls slowly tightening around him and as he pulled his fingers out, his words changed.

“Y/N…I love you…I love you alright…”

You nodded and wrapped your arms around his shoulders to hold him and reassure him that you felt the same.

“I-I love you too…”

As he listened to you, he managed to make you release your orgasm and found himself enjoying looking at you in such ecstasy.

As you did, he thrusted into you even more to get himself on the edge before actually pulling out and releasing on your stomach.

He was out of breath and was about to fall near you but reached over for the nearest piece of clothing to help you wipe off his cum.

He threw the cloth across the room and went to lay next to you, pulling over the blanket. He pulled you closely to cuddle and made you rest your head against his chest.

You held onto him and planting kisses here and there on his chest, you whispered “I really love you, Dwight…”

He chuckled and started to stroke your hair and said “And I love you…I’m glad we did this at your place…Hey, you wouldn’t mind me…Staying here with you from now on, right?

You looked up at him and smiled at him.

"No, I wouldn’t mind at all…It’d be ideal!”

He smiled back at you but as you fell asleep, his worries washed over and wondered if what he was doing and planned on doing with you was right.

So the only person who’s been calling me “Madeline” since… like… year 2003 is my mother. Everyone else knows me as “Maddie” (either German or English pronunciation), even my father, my aunt and her family, my bosses…

The reason I stopped introducing myself as “Madeline” is that nobody in this country seems to be able to pronounce or spell it correctly and when an elementary school friend started calling me “Maddie” I just ran with it and eventually my actual name kinda “died out”.

Don’t get me wrong - I really do like my nickname. It ~is my ~name. I think of myself as Maddie and I’d be more than bewildered if anyone except my mom would suddenly call me “Madeline” out of the blue.

But recently I thought about what a pity it is that I hardly ever get to hear my actual name because it’s beautiful and thought “it’d be nice if Hubert would call me Madeline instead of Maddie”. But I kinda forgot about it again and didn’t tell him that.

Yesterday we were talking on the phone and he told me he finally has a new mobile (he lost his old one, which is a very Hubert Story™ for another time) and that he saved my number under “Madeline” now instead of “Maddie” like in his old phone…. and proceeded to say that he really loves my name and if it were okay if he started calling me that.

And I’m like…. I am Blessed™ with this man.

2O Questions
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Name: Sasha Jude
Nickname: so many, but like just call me sasha or jude or both, that’d be nice
Zodiac sign: capricorn
Orientation: asexual
Ethnicity: white caucasic
Favourite fruit: aaa i love em all, but maybe peaches?? Also apricots??
Favourite book series: harry potter
Favourite smell: guilty by gucci
Favourite season: winter
Favourite flower: i prefer plants
Favourite animals: cows!!
Favourite colors: pink
Coffee, tea, cocoa: can’t choose btw coffee and tea.
Average sleep hours: 7
Favourite fictional characters: Mark Renton, Willem Ragnarsson, Ted Mosby, Gregory House, James Wilson, Wolfgang Bugdanov and least but not last Jesse Pinkman.
Number of blankets you sleep with: one rn
Dream trip: basically everywhere, rn Edinburgh and Amsterdam.
Blog created: oh boi like two mounths ago but I used to have another (in another fandom)
Number of followers: im not tumblr famous :(

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hi anon :D I won’t post your ask, cause you called me names and thats not nice D: And I don’t want that tone for my blog. I sound like a grandma….oh gosh.

1. I don’t want Robert and Aaron to break-up… Their marriage should mean something to them and I hope the show will let them WORK through their issues in all this… and like ED promised… let them come out stronger at the end.

2. With Robert falling in love with woman did I NEVER mean Rebecca, that ship has sailed… or better, was never there? That was the whole point of the last months? She is not a thread, she is not even really a part of her own pregnancy, which is insulting for her as a character, but that’s a different post -_- // BUT Robert is bi and it’s just that… he loved Katie, Chrissie and now Aaron. The possibility of him falling for a woman doesn’t take away from his love for Aaron. 

3. Robert is in love with Aaron, he fights for their relationship and I think that is actually the point of this Storyline. The whole baby thing- pushing them to talk and not ignoring their issues, like they did since they got back together. “Leave it Aaron, it’s in the past, it’s over!” - was Roberts motto, hopefully that will change and they might start to deal with some stuff. 

“Nice to meet you, they call me D–”

“Power Bottom!“ Freddy interjects gleefully, moving past Daps to grab two beers from the fridge and open them with deft hands. He slaps his coworker on the ass on his way back past the younger bartender.

“Screw you!“ Daps snaps, eyebrows stitching together.

“Wouldn’t you love to.” Freddy winks and continues to take orders.

Daps returns his attention to the person he was helping. “I’m sorry, he’s obnoxious. As I was saying, they call me Daps. What can I get started for you?”

Niall Horan Imagine for brokengirl98


You and Niall had been dating for over a year now and he still hadn’t met your parents. You had met his and they loved you. Niall was very nervous to meet your parents. He kept asking “What if they don’t like me? “. You reassured him that they’d love him just like his parents loved you. On the trip home Niall was still jittery.  When you arrived at home you quickly gave Niall a kiss to calm him down before knocking on the front door. You mom answered and pulled Niall into a hug before even say hi. “You must be Niall! Y/N never shuts up about you every time we talk. I can see why she likes you , you’re a cutie.” 

“ Mooooom” You groaned

She waved her to you and ushered you both inside.  You brought Niall to your old room to drop your bags then went to the living to meet you dad.

“ Hello, Sir.” Niall said

“ No, call me Y/D/N ! It’s so nice to finally meet you. “

Niall and your parents discussed everything from Ireland to One Direction. You could really tell they liked him. Just like you said.   Niall still had to impress one less thing.

“Mom? Where’s Y/d/N (dog)?”  You asked 

“Outside. “ She said pointing to to the back door. 

Y/d/N was a tough critic. She/He never liked any of your previous boyfriends so, this was the moment of truth for Niall.  You let Him/Her in and she jumped on you.  You pet her but once she/saw Niall she darted towards him. Thinking she was going to attack you went after her but she did the opposite. She/he licked him. For the rest of the night Y/d/N stuck to Niall like glue. You were starting to think that she/he liked him more than you.  You were glad your parents and your dog loved Niall. 


( * &. ━  ✧ starter for @darkokiid

     ❝ Do you have some kind of sexist things
against who can be crazy and who can’t ?? 
That’s pretty funny of you, mister … ‘Course
I could just show ya just how crazy i can be . . 
but that’d be mean !! nice to meet’cha  ━
call me Tasha.  ❞
    Her accent hung strong in her chirpy dialogue, 
yet she was so far from amused. Natasha didn’t
make friends, especially with strangers that 
pointed out something negative about her odd
sadistic behavior.