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Pictures of yourself ?:))

Oshiete waddup tho! Sure totally. Since today made 408 followers( You guys fucking rock my socks man!) it’s time for you guys to meet your admin, I got nothing to hide :D 

Man do I look different with and without makeup and why don’t I ever smile? Oh well xD.  Anyway, Tis is I your admin Onyx Lunasea (Government name: Najwa Torres). Nice to meet you all! Please, call me Onyx :D Also I bought the Axent Cat Ear Headphones in Purple a year ago and I love em! Money worth spending

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If the three of you learned to get along and realize Karlheinz is just using you, you could totally pull a "John Tucker Must Die" on him! Payback for all his bs!

Mun: I didn’t know what that was so I looked it up. Defo gonna out it on my to watch list! Looks funny!


Beatrix: As flattering as your proposal is, I refuse to work with, her, Christa is just tolerable. But her, I cannot stand her.

Cordelia: Who says that you’re a pleasure to be around with?! I’d rather be with the ghost  than you!

Christa: That’s not very nice to call me a ghost Cordelia… And I’d rather if I stayed to myself and not cause trouble. I’m already bothersome as it is.

George Harrison at rehearsals for Another Beatles Christmas Show, Hammersmith Odeon, London, 21 December 1964.

Photos: The Beatles Book

“Hello. I’d like to send a request to somebody who I used to go to school with too, and he used to play bass in the group: Paul McCartney.
And if yer listening, Paul, at work, it was great going to school with you and we had a nice time, and I’d like to play a nice one called ‘Love Me Do.’” - George Harrison in an interview with Chris Denning during the Another Beatles Christmas Show run, Radio Luxembourg, 1964 [x]

* * *

“What are the Beatles really like? This is the question everybody asks me (as well as asking me to get their autographs!). It’s also the most difficult question to answer. I suppose, basically the boys are more or less like their public images; Ringo the quiet one; Paul the tactful one - the diplomat; John the witty one (often the slightly sarcastic one too!); and George the handsome, funny one.” - Chris Denning, The Beatles Book, August 1965 [x]

(1/6) “I grew up in a household where you were beaten for small things. Like breaking a dish. Or asking for food. My mom was very religious, so she’d take us to church and we’d listen to the pastor talk about love. Then she’d still take us to the back room and beat us. I ran away when I was thirteen. I lived in group homes and foster homes in every borough. When I met him, I was working at the supermarket. I was sixteen. He was sixteen years older than me. He had a car. He was handsome. He’d do little things to make me laugh. He’d wait in a long line just to buy a stick of gum from my register. He gave me compliments. I’d never been complimented in my entire life. He called me smart. And pretty. And nice. He brought me flowers. I’d never experienced anything like that before. I felt so alone at the time. I was living at the group home. I didn’t have anyone to teach me about life. I wanted a family. I wanted a protector.”

Support the artists!

Let me introduce something I’d like to call The be nice to nice project.

I’m pretty sure some of you have seen the hate going around artists in this fandom lately, and I hope all of you agree that it’s not okay. I know personally how little it takes to upset somebody and make them unsure about their work, so I wanted to do something in order to spread some positivity.

Now this might not be the best and well planned project, but it was very spontaneous and I am open for new ideas to make it even better! Any help from more experienced people or generally just ideas are more than welcome to make this even better:)

Every single artist out there is important and deserves some nice feedback. I know that you can always give artists critics, but this is all about spreading the positive energy. Most of the fanart we see is done by people for free, and having people just hate on something that is made with love and has taken a lot of time and energy is generally upsetting. So, I want to create something that will allow everybody to get some nice - and nice only - feedback on their hard work.

On this blog, I want to create a list of artists, and each week, an “artist of the week” will be selected. The artist will first be introduced briefly in a post where we point out things we like about them and their style, etc, and throughout the week keep reblogging their work and try to get you all to interact in ways like send in messages to together give some love attention to the artist.

Each week, a new artist will be chosen, and some weeks will be more “open” to instead of focusing on one, focus on everybody in general. If you get featured once on the list however, it does not mean you won’t be again. I’ll make my best to show everybody love more than once! It all depends on how many artists I manage to get on the list.

All the posts will be tagged so each artist will be featured on a page where you can find all the reblogged works and be directed to artists blogs as well.

(All the rude comments will be deleted and not even paid attention to, this is a project for bring the talented people some love.)

A brief summary of how this will work:

  1. In order for us to get a steady schedule, I want to give everybody a chance to suggest an artist they think deserves to receive some love. You can also as an artist yourself ask to be a part, and don’t be shy about it! Asking others will be a way to let people suggest artists so nobody gets left out/forgotten.(I will however contact every suggested person to make sure they really want to be a part of this.)
  2. Once I have a couple of artists, I will set a date (most likely a monday to keep it nice and even) when the first artist will be featured and appreciated throughout the week. The rest is pretty straight forward.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to message me here or over on my main blog here. I could use a lot of ideas/tips, so talk to me!

I would love if a few other people would like to run the blog with me, so send me a message over on my main blog! :)

I hope this is something that can bring a little love back to all the people who’ve had to deal with terribly rude comments and hate, and just everybody overall!!

Lots of love, harryflowerchild .xx